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Review #1, by mollyweasleyThe Art Of Match-Making: "Hermione's Dad. The Answer To Everything(Apparently)"

12th April 2008:
really good i cant fink of eny other words

Author's Response: Thanks! That was nice! Chapter 8 should be up tommorow or the day after, you guys!

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Review #2, by mollyweasleyWeasley is Our Queen: The Burrow

19th May 2007:
brill new chapter whens the next one? anyway that song of fred & gorge's is way good, not useless. No way could I have thought of one that good and are we going to see ginny crowned in this story?

PS. i can just emagine f + g in knickerbockers and ruffs, ordering people around and lounging about in a palace and what would percy be like? lol

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Review #3, by mollyweasleyDear Diary, You're Spying on Me!: Fluff and Femininity

12th May 2007:
Its quite good, I love the idea, but its all short sentaces and no complex one's. Are you planning to update? if so I'll read it (defenitly) but if not I'll probably cry because you can't leave a story like that! maybe later on you could add MORE MORE MORE embarassing stuff that Malfoy writes. (I take it back) its not quite good its great,
plz update soon,

Author's Response: Thanks! Malfoy doesn't write anything in the next chapter, but he does make an appearance. I'll try to get it done soon:)

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Review #4, by mollyweasleyWeasley is Our Queen: People to Tell

15th April 2007:
brilliant story plz update soon. I was wondering where you found the challnge maker to get ideas as im a bit stuck at the moment. thanks for a great read it was fab

Author's Response: The next chapter is in waiting and should be up in around five days :)

On the HPFF forums (the link is at the top of this page) there's a challenge section, and that's where I got my idea. It's a great place to look if you're in need of a new plot bunny :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

- Terri

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