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Review #1, by devils_snareeBefore The Scar: Midnight Ride

7th December 2009:
you should consider posting this on fanfiction. net! i never use this site anymore, but i still come back to check on you and some other people's stories. I think you would be well recieved over there though! : ) great update!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I think I will do that...!! God knows I have enough time to accomplish that now that I'm on break ;) I'm glad you liked this chapter!

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Review #2, by devils_snareeIn Emerald Eyes: Letters

26th January 2009:
all your chapters are short and fluffy now : ( what happened to the stabbing, and all the climax?

Author's Response: This is primarily meant to be a lighthearted fic so it is fluffy, I do have some more dramatic chapters planned but at the moment this is about the developement of Lily and James's relationship- after all it is a romance.
I'm afraid I can't please everyone at the same time and I'm sorry you've been disappointed but for the time being this is how the plot goes. As the timeline continues it will get increasingly darker as Voldemort gains power but there can't be fights and bullying and stabbing all the time. I do hope you'll stick with it, if not I will soon be publishing an AU L/J fic which will be much more dramatic and angsty and will perhaps be more to your taste.
Thanks a lot for reading so far and I do hope you continue.

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Review #3, by devils_snareeProtection: Unleashed

22nd January 2009:
ah cliffy! I predict that all that love filled up harry so much that there wasn't enough room for all of that power in him. and the evil power was "unleashed" eh?

Author's Response: Interesting theory you have there. ;) Apologies, of course, for the cliffy. :)

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Review #4, by devils_snareeIn Emerald Eyes: Expecto Patronum

10th June 2008:
too short! : ( its going to make the wait for the next chapter that much longer.

im only upset because it was infact a great chapter. what a good idea. i loved it.

Author's Response: thanks alot, it's wonderful to hear from you and see that you're still reading- don't worry I won't keep you hanging on long =)

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Review #5, by devils_snareeProtection: Revelations

20th May 2008:
what an ending! it only made the next chapter even more anticipated.

Author's Response: thank you! :)

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Review #6, by devils_snaree:

19th May 2008:
beatrice potter eh? like the childrens story! i have a stuffed beatrice potter from london, with the bonet and apron and everything, shes a hedgehog right?

Author's Response: crap, I didn't even realize. Actually, that's going to change now lol. Thanks for pointing that out.

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Review #7, by devils_snaree:

29th April 2008:
great start, i am looking forward to your updates.

Author's Response: thank you very much :) Hope I don't let you down.

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Review #8, by devils_snareeIn Emerald Eyes: Muddled Minds

26th April 2008:
im going to go with the fact that they were in the middle of a classroom. bit tacky for a first kiss eh?

Author's Response: just a bit!
I just hope after all this build up I can do the real thing justice!
Thanks for reading.

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Review #9, by devils_snareeThe Dark Side of The Phoenix: Bumping into...

10th April 2008:
good chapter but some things didnt fit...

why did they have potions twice that day? i thought james was just going to transfiguration.
and james spoke more during there lunch than just at the end when he mentioned going to change like lily said.

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Review #10, by devils_snareeDaddy's Hands: Epilogue

8th April 2008:
this was by far the best chapter of the story!
i read in one of your authors notes earlier that you thought some of your other chapters lacked depth. some of the earlier chapters dont even compare to this one! i bet if you wanted you could go back and give them that depth you wanted. : ) good story. it made me all teary eyed!

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Review #11, by devils_snareeMove Along: Bug Bites

26th February 2008:
this is a really cool chapter about the map. i really liked it!

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

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Review #12, by devils_snareeLeave It To Fate: Upon the Astronomy Tower

25th February 2008:
i like this chapter, but it doesn't make any sense that sirius would know that they never found ailieens body considering he had only found out she died moments before. how would he know a stuffed animal was buried symbolically in her place?

Author's Response: Oops. I guess the way I formatted the chapter was pretty horrible in clarifying the situation. Heh. Sorry! But anyway, I had intended that the period of silence that was described in the first paragraph of the chapter to come after the scene where James told the rest of the Marauders what had happened to Aileen. I guess I assumed that you guys would be able to infer from the ending of the previous chapter and the beginning of this one. My bad x) I'm sorry and I hope this clears things up for you!

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Review #13, by devils_snareeLeave It To Fate: The Unmasked Reality

25th February 2008:
Lily's felt like killing him.

Author's Response: Probably, yes :)

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Review #14, by devils_snareeDestiny Redefined: 5: Homecoming

26th January 2008:
too bad harry is a play it by ear kind of guy. hes just not going to be so lucky on this adventure.

Author's Response: YES! that's exactly what Harry is. Not many people realize that he doesn't think things through, he just reacts. That's why Hermione is so important to him. She is his voice of reason. Unfortunately, he doesn't always listen to her.

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Review #15, by devils_snareeDestiny Redefined: 4: The Time Traveller

25th January 2008:
This chapter begins the "edge of your seat" vibe of your story. You get sucked right in and very involved. Its like when you go see movies and you yell at the screen. I yelled at my laptop.
The thing about time travel is that when you think of it you almost always associate it with machines. At least I do. It was interesting to read what Harry experienced during time travel through potion. Puts a new perspective on the idea.
And as far as reading your updated chapters on fanfic... you will just have to wait and find out until they are posted on here. I have much to say!

Author's Response: you yelled at your laptop? really? haha. that's great. And I can wait. I'm a patient man.

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Review #16, by devils_snareeBefore The Scar: Fast Forward

24th January 2008:
Finally!!! ive been checking back to see if youve updated forever now. i almost burst with excitement when i saw that you had! i like the way youve been writing. and i cant wait until your next update!

Author's Response: OMG I'm ***so*** sorry for making you wait so long, I always hate it when people do that to me! I know I've been pretty annoying when it comes to updating. And sadly my updating habits probably won't change... But I'm so happy that you've been eagerly awaiting updates! :D I feel wanted and loved, haha. Thank you so so so much for being the first reviewer of the new chapter!!!!

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Review #17, by devils_snareeBefore The Scar: Prologue: Part Three

24th January 2008:
i found an error!
Let’s find another apartment,” they


incase you care! : )

Author's Response: Oh yes, I do care!!! Thank you for letting me know about it!!!

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Review #18, by devils_snareeDestiny Redefined: 3: Pilgrimage

24th January 2008:
“Strange enough to make up a story that I met him, rent an apartment" --- you should reword this part in the beginning. it sounds as if it is harry is the one who rented the appt.

i love the way harry and william interact. william is unlike any other characters harry has interacted with and he is very original.

Author's Response: Have you read the new chapter on FF. net?

That's what HArry was saying. He felt that Hermione was accusing him of making the story up and renting the apartment and blah blah blah.

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Review #19, by devils_snareeDestiny Redefined: 2: A Swiftly Tilting Planet

24th January 2008:
I have been following this story on a different site basically because i like it and i am impatient, but since this is the only site i am a member of i havent left any reviews. Anyways, i clicked your story today just to see how it has progressed and i was disapointed in the amount of feedback. You should have more reviews! There is so much ore to this story than meets the eye. So I am going to try my best to re read it on this site and leave you some much deserved reviews.

so... until next chapter.

Author's Response: I think it gets lost in the shuffle. So far, my chapters have been validated in early mornings or late nights. It's okay though. I'm not in it to get the most reviews. I accomplished enough feedback with "In the Words..." The fans will come eventually.

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Review #20, by devils_snareeAccidents Happen: The First Time

31st December 2007:
i like this story, but a correction on this chapter; you mention that ginny was putting off going to the doctors. but then say shes going to st mungos.

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Review #21, by devils_snareeDestiny Redefined: 1: Once Upon a Time

31st December 2007:
so im back!
i went ahead and read more of this story on a different site... ah. i couldnt help myself. you posted some ideas for a title, and before i could come to this site and tell you what i thought would be the best choice you seemed to pick it already. but destiny redefined was the best choice so i hope you stick with it. This story is so much different than your other one but, it is written just as well. I have never been a fan of time travel stories, but i like this one. i am excited for new posts!

Author's Response: Glad to see you went over there for the read. I'm trying to get the new chapter in as soon as possible.

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Review #22, by devils_snareeThe Conspiracy: Seducing

10th December 2007:
Im so happy your reposting this story! I was wondering if your re writing it, or if you had the chapters saved?
also i dont know if you have re read it at all, but you have a few word errors in this chapter as well as the first. like "I jump bending down to rub him"

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Review #23, by devils_snareeIn the Words of Ginevra Molly Potter: A Tale to Tell

6th December 2007:
I normally skip authors notes as they are normally a plea for reviews, i appreciate that you do not need to do that to recieve them. It defines you as an author.
I had many questions i was going to ask you, but you seemed to already have answered them! I previously asked you what your future plans were on writing another story, so thats for clarifying. But... i have ONE more question...

are you ginny? really. tell the truth.

its been great.

Author's Response: haha, what? No, I'm not Ginny. That's a new question I haven't heard yet. Should I put that in the FAQ?

If a story is good, there'll be no need to beg for reviews. It's just a matter of getting people to read in the first place that really matters. After that, well....

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Review #24, by devils_snareeIn the Words of Ginevra Molly Potter: Letters from the Heart

4th December 2007:
Most original, cutest, but not too cutsey harry/ginny proposal ever!!!

Your very creative! I also like that you had Neville move next to a certain someone! Or that rumors about Dumbledore being gay would be floating around the wizarding world. It was a perfect chapter.

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Review #25, by devils_snareeOnce Again: Chapter Eighteen: A day in Hogsmeade

3rd December 2007:
this was a good chapter, but there was several errors. You might want to go back and revise it. : )

Author's Response: Yeah, I am hoping to get around to all that once the story is over and I have time. Thanks for the tip!

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