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Review #1, by durotarShades of Black: Part V: He Laughed

17th March 2008:
Oh, that last line just about killed me!

It's strange -- no matter how many times I read this scene in fics (and I must say, you do write it beautifully!), it upsets me every time.

This was a beautiful section, and I really am looking forward to more. You're such a wonderful writer and I really do admire your way with words.


Author's Response: Oh, thank you so very, very much, durotar! I'm so glad to hear that you liked this part, and like I mention in the reply to Tor Petty's review of this part, that last line was my favourite - and this part's sole reason for being posted. I just couldn't let that line end up stuck only on my computer!

This scene, no matter how many times I write it OR read it, upsets me. Writing the Halloween night is one thing, but this is the scene and confrontation that really does it for Sirius.

Oh, your comments are starting to make me blush! Thank you so much, once again!


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Review #2, by durotarThe Virgin Count: Muffliato

26th November 2007:
Ahaha! This is so funny, and so well-written! I can't wait for an update. :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Shouldn't be so long now ^_^ HURRAH!

Thankyou for reading and reviewing!

Lv Wizardora

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Review #3, by durotarKingdom of Bees: Distance

21st November 2007:
Oh, this is so amazing! It's so original and just really, really good. I love how you repeat yourself so much, and yet it never gets boring. I really like Sirius-in-Azkaban fics, and I have to say this is probably one of the best I've seen. I'm favouriting. :)

(by the way... I'm probably way off, but is your username from a Bright Eyes song? they're one of my favourite bands, heh)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. And I'm so glad the repition wasn't too much, I tried to incorporate new thoughts into the redundancy of it all. :) Why yes, 'tis a Bright Eyes song. They're one of my favorite bands too - and I love finding out someone else is a fan as well, it just makes my day, as do wonderful reviews! Thank you!

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Review #4, by durotarGo Ahead: Go Ahead

6th October 2007:
This is brilliant! I love how Malfoy is completely composed throughout, and Harry is out of control. It's certainly..passionate, as well, and this site has a serious lack of good slash. (or slash in general)

Loved it! :)

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Review #5, by durotarShades of Black: Part IV: Recognition

6th October 2007:
Oh gosh, I love it. Regulus is one of my favourite characters in the Harry Potter universe, so I'm extremely pleased to see his return. However, I also think you've demonstrated a cliff hanger perfectly - I really want to know what happens next.


Author's Response: Thanks, durotar, I'm glad you enjoyed this part. Yeah, writing Regulus in there was fun, and the prologue for the sequel to this part should be up soon. I just have to actually write it and come up with a permanent title.

But thanks again for the review.


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Review #6, by durotarNever Say Goodbye: Chapter 6

25th September 2007:
This is really good! :D

I want Harry/Cho, all the way. :P

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Review #7, by durotarShades of Black: Part III: Success?

28th August 2007:
Absolutely brilliant, as usual.

I'm finding myself falling in love with Sirius's character even more with this fic, and though Peter was endearing with young, it aches to think of how it all ended, and why. A lot of fics make Sirius and James ignore Peter, or kick him out of the story entirely, or just make him an evil, whiny person. You've really given him depth here, especially when he was younger.

Anyway, I loved it. :)

Author's Response: Oh, you're making me blush, durotar. "Brilliant", really?

Thanks much for the review, and I'm very glad that you're enjoying it. I have a great deal of enjoyment writing Sirius (and he is also glad to hear you're liking his story), so I'm happy that this story is working well.

As for Peter, as much as I hate him for what he does in the end, it's a pet peeve of mine when he's just completely ignored or treated so poorly in fics. Such doesn't make sense, really, with James's and Sirius's personalities, in my opinion. I mean, if Peter was as horrible as many fan fic writers make him out to be, WHY would Sirius have even thought of him as a Secret Keeper idea? It just makes absolutely NO sense, and besides, with the characters of James and Sirius that we know while they were in school, there would have been no way that they'd put up with Peter if he was as bad as people say. ...

Oh, so sorry, I went off on a rant there. *Apologises profusely to durotar* I am very glad to receive your review, my friend, and I thank you very much.

~Megan, who's shutting up now.

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Review #8, by durotarAlone: Alone

23rd August 2007:
Oh, this was amazing. I got a bit teary-eyed reading it, I must admit, and I think you've got such a powerful way of writing that you convey his grief really well. I, too, had to stop reading once Fred died. It was the worst death for me, with Snape right behind. I would've mourned more for Remus if he'd got a death scene, I think. :P

Anyway, off the topic now, haha. Yes, I loved this and am favouriting. :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you soooooooo much! I've been told I'm good at conveying grief before, so this was actually quite easy for me. Oh, I bawled when Remus died. Not a bit when Severus did, but a little afterward when I figured it all out.

Thank you a million!

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Review #9, by durotarStand Still, Look Pretty: The most beautiful girl in the world

22nd August 2007:
Whilst I actually love Narcissa/Lucius (I really am Slytherin at heart :P), it's refreshing to see an original fic like this. I love your portrayal of Narcissa, a little different to the ones I usually see, and even though Lucius isn't how I usually like him, it works absolutely perfect in this. I think you've done a splendid job writing this tragic one-shot. :)

Author's Response: Thanks a ton! :) I feel terrible for portraying Lucius like this, but it had to be done xD

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Review #10, by durotarShades of Black: Part II: Nightmares

10th August 2007:
This was really soft, and lovely. I thought you made the child Sirius very realistic, and his relationship with his father very much so as well.

Well done. :)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks for the review, durotar. I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for saying you felt the character portrayals worked. That was the main thing worrying me while writing.


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Review #11, by durotarLullaby: Lullaby

2nd August 2007:
This really intruiged me, I loved it. Your description is really beautiful, and your choice of words are perfect. I also love The Cure, so well done for the brilliant song choice too! :D I'm favouriting.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much. As I noted it was very satisfying to write something this dark, so I'm glad you think it worked. I really appreciate it.
The Cure, what a back catalogue! I'll be dipping my toes in this again :)

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Review #12, by durotarNever All Together: Where Life is a Dream

2nd August 2007:
Oh, that was absolutely perfect! I found myself smiling at the end, it was beautiful. I'm in love with this story. :D

Author's Response: Weee! I'm pleased I made you smile. :) Hope you stay in love with this story! ;)

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Review #13, by durotarShades of Black: Part I: Didn't Do It

30th July 2007:
This was amazing! I loved the way you wrote the Black children and the dynamics between them; it was extremely believable. The last part was so saddening, but so brilliantly written. I'm favouriting and can't wait for more! ^^

Author's Response: Thanks, durotar. I'm very glad that you liked it. The Black Family is a lot of fun to play with, I have to say.

Oh, thanks for favouriting, I'm honoured. The next part should be coming soon. (I just don't want to post too much ahead of my beta.)


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Review #14, by durotarPansy Verses Draco: The Library And The Lake

30th July 2007:
This is a really interesting story! I'm beginning to love Draco/Luna now, something I'd not really considered before. I can't wait to see where this goes. I'm favouriting. ^^

Author's Response: I love Draco/Luna I think they'd mesh really well together.

I'm flattered that your putting my fic as a fav. Hope you continue you enjoy.

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Review #15, by durotarAn Eye For An Eye: The Epitome of Evil

26th July 2007:
Have you read Deathly Hallows yet, out of interest?

I loved this! It was really different to the usual story you find on here, and I really enjoyed writing this. You give characters I usually give no real thought to (i.e. Crabbe) lives and emotions, and for that I applaud you!

Author's Response: Yep. Flipping awesome. I cried a bundle for Snape in the end.

Thanks so much! I always thought Crabbe was overlooked too often, so with the help of a challenge; SHZAM! The story was born.

I shouldn't even be on here -guilty look- I'm about 50% done with a chapter for the ultimate sacrifice - BACK TO THE NOTEPAD!

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Review #16, by durotar:

7th July 2007:
I think this was really, really well done. Your wording was always perfectly chosen, and the characters were very well portrayed. I had never considered this pairing before, nor would I have really entertained the idea of it - but you made it very believable and I didn't have a second thought or doubt about the believeabilty. I loved this, and am favouriting. :)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks so very much! I really enjoyed writing this, so I'm so glad you enjoyed it. ~Lindsey :)

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Review #17, by durotarSirius' Marauders: Sirius' Marauders

6th July 2007:
That was absolutely beautiful. Especially the last bit.

I don't know quite what else I can say except I'm favouriting.

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Was my first story so I was a bit nervous about it!

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Review #18, by durotarDog Years: Chapter 12

6th July 2007:
I've just read through the entirety of this, and I have to say that it's brilliant. The fast paced storyline and the descriptions are wonderful, there's a perfect balance of romance, humour and darkness. I love it.

I'm adding it to my favourites. :)

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Review #19, by durotarHitler...resurrected?!: The woes of Remus Lupin

5th July 2007:

*and laughs*

*and laughs some more*

I must have laughed about fifty times out loud at this story. The kitten on my knee is looking quite alarmed. I just think it's most likely the most random, funniest thing I've read on this site so far. Geesh, I wish my therapist was like that. XD

Author's Response: LMAO, thanks a ton! If I ever become one, I aim to be that crazy :O

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Review #20, by durotarShe's In Love With The Rat: Peter's Betrayal

30th June 2007:
I don't think I've ever reviewed this before, but I have to for this chapter!

It was amazing! I thought for a second or two that Katie would manage to tell the Ministry it was Peter, Sirius would be free and all would be happy. But then I realised that you were most likely following cannon (which actually makes it better, I'm sure you had to resist the temptation to make it all different and happy in the end :P)

I can't believe she's dead... it was written so well. I feel all teary eyed now about it, everytime I think about the end of the Marauders it gets me upset!

Just one tiny thing, I would've liked to seen more about how Katie felt about Lily and James being dead. Then again, she was most likely in shock. :)

Anyway..amazing story, amazing chapter and I'm looking forward to that last! (even though I'll most likely cry xD)

Author's Response: You're not alone I cried writing this chapter as well as the was a hard ending but I feel it had to be this way. I agree about the Lily/James thing. I did rush a little at the end I feel. So much was happening and she was in shock so it was really hard to convey. But I agree, it needed something else. I am so thankful for your review! Thanks!

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Review #21, by durotarInside the Pensieve: Inside the Pensieve

18th June 2007:
This was really good! I think that they're both pretty believable, I've never properly contemplated Snape being in love with Lily but I guess it does make sense. You got his character perfectly, and Dumbledore's. Well done! Favouriting. :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked them!

Actually, to tell the truth, I didn't think about that either. I mean, I had once, and I was like, "No way." But I read the Snape section of the Mugglenet book, and I was like, "OH MY GOSH, YES!" So, yeah... I like the one-sided pairing.

Thanks a bunch. I was a little worried about Dumbledore's character. I've never been very good at writing him. I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much!

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Review #22, by durotarThe Turn of the Tide: Responsibility

10th June 2007:
This sounds interesting, I've never read a fic that's dealt with Dumbledore setting up the order. Keep writing! :)

Author's Response: I thought it was also different! Thanks for reviewing, and I am glad that you liked it!

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Review #23, by durotarNever All Together: Whatsername

7th June 2007:
Great chapter! I can't wait to see how they all react to the fact she's been lying about her name... :D

Author's Response: Thanks... but uh... Haha. Okay, I'm not going to say anything yet. That will come later still in the story, I'm afraid. Anyway, thanks for the review! :)

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Review #24, by durotarWitches Don't Know Karate: The Tournament: Part II

28th May 2007:
This is one of the best fics I've read on this site. I love Ruri, she's a wonderful and original character. Unlike with most OCs, I find myself interested in her family. Ohh, I hope she ends up with Remus! Well done so far. :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much. It makes me really happy that you feel my story is interesting, and that my character is original. Thank you thank you thank you! =^.^=

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Review #25, by durotarTongue Tied: Anatomy of a Hufflepuff

24th May 2007:
I love your descriptions of Hufflepuff! It's nice to see an OC that isn't in Gryffindor. Calliope seems nice, and much more realistic than the majority of girls written about on this site. Well done so far!

Author's Response: Hufflepuff is a curious place to me, since no one seems to say anything paticularly interesting about it. I thought it would be fun to experiment.

I'm so glad you like the story and I really appreciate you reviewing. Thanks!


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