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Review #26, by AC_rulesJust Rose: Family

21st December 2012:
So considering I've been dragged kicking and screaming into my family home and forced to socialise with my own family - very reluctantly and with a lot of whining after the first ten minutes minutes, if we're honest - this is making me feel a bit bad about the whole thing.

Now, I'm going to be up all night thinking about how I love my family really and it's most unfair of your Marina. But this was, as per, a lovely chapter and I like the fact that you didn't go into too many details about the Matthew date thing... because, well, it's nice that that isn't what this story is all about really.

So crazy that I'm nearly completely caught up! And then it's on to the sequel ;)

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Review #27, by AC_rulesLife As We Know It: chapter eleven

21st December 2012:
Wow, so this is like the first real bit of proper Dramione action that we've seen and I've got to say I really like it! I hadn't read any Dramione for a really long time before I'd read this one, and none quite like this set in Hogwarts (and not the sixth year) and I've got to say that I really enjoyed this chapter!

The growing friendship between the two of them is lovely. Although I think maybe you could build on the fact that part of the reason Hermione feels so lonely is because Harry and Ron are a bit dumb and dense about girls (particularly at this age) so they don't really understand all her conflicting feelings and what not? I think that would be another nice touch that gave this more grounding in canon.

But yes, this was another lovely chapter. My favourite bit was probably them running into each other in Hogsmeade and just walking back (and when Draco paid for her stuff) because that was lovveerrllly, but yes yes! Sorry this review swap took so long to get back to you - my life got a bit hectic :)


Author's Response: Helen this review has just blown me away! I'm so glad that you like how its coming along and that you liked the dramione moment that I finally threw in! Its taken a long time to get to this point of actually having something dramione like and i'm just so thrilled with the reaction that it has been getting! I'm hoping sometime to go back through and look at all my reviews and suggestions that have been given and (hopefully) go back in through my chapters and add in some of them. Thank you so much for the swap! Honestly your reviews are really huge for me because I do look up to you as an author so I know I can improve by having people like you reading my stuff! Thank you so much for this wonderful review!


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Review #28, by AC_rulesBefore They Fall: Hogwarts Express

20th December 2012:
Hey there JChrissy!

Sorry this review took longer than the others to swap it's way back to you. Since the last review I've packed up bags and moved back home for christmas (oh dear) and been back at work and everythings just been really hectic but ack, it's lovely to come back to this story!

I think this chapter, out of all the ones I've read of yours thus far, definitely showed off your talent the best. I'm not sure what it was about it, but I think it was the smoothness and how easy it was to read combined with really latching onto poor Lily's emotions. It's the sort of thing that made me want to stay on the computer and write myself and really put me in a position of wondering how loose and... cut off I'd feel if I was in Lily's position.

And I love the beginning of the Lily/James dynamic that you have here. So often Lily/James relationships are so electric and full of drama there's no room for me to actually believe there's enough time and love there - beyond the drama - for them to get married and have a child at such a young age. I know that a lot of it was probably down to the war, but given how little time they were actually together and how Lily used to 'hate' him, I've always thought it had to something really meaningful to bring them together. Queue James helping Lily after she's just been orphaned.

Really, this was a lovely chapter and it was good to be back. Plus, the next chapter of NJAB is nearly written and I'm going to PM it to you as soon as it's done - probably before Christmas.

Thanks for writing!


Author's Response: Now it's my turn to apologize for taking ages to respond! I'm visiting my family in Idaho and it's been super crazy.. but this review was so awesome to read again because it made me all warm fuzzy ♥

I think Lily and James are such an amazing dynamic, that I feel, like you, something would have really had to happen to show one another who the other actually is. If that makes sense. You have no idea what a big compliment it is that you think this one showed off my talent. I always feel like I'm not adding enough description or too much dialogue or blah, and this review really just made my day ♥ thank you!

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Review #29, by AC_rulesThe Human Factor : The One With The Quidditch Match

11th December 2012:
I'm actually surprised and kind of relieved that I'm only three chapters behind in reviewing this story, because I really thought the situation was a lot ore dire than it currently is so that's always nice to know i'm not as far behind as I thought I was.

So, the Quidditch match was really interesting. Poor Pippa having a complete change of mind about what she was doing half way through everything. Although, this has to be one of my favourite quotes This game is really dangerous. like. it's nice for someone to acknowledge that it's a ridiculously dangerous game ahaa.

AND PROPER ALBUS/PIPPA ACTION. I really feel for Pippa though, because she reminds me of some of the darkest moments of my life and I kind of hope that in this story she begins to heal and... like Albus said, learn to fight her demons. Because aare all fightable :)

Plus, my insomnia's totally kicked up a knotch lately so I'm really feeling her wondering around semi conscious not really alive but just existing. Have you ever had insomnia problems? It just seemed pretty accurate.

Anyway, it's really nice to be caught up again! Happy the 11th of December :)


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Review #30, by AC_rulesAnyone: Anyone

11th December 2012:
Heeyy there Keira!

So it's been a long time since I've reviewed any of your stuff, so I thought I'd stop by this one shot. The entries for this challenge always really intrigue me as I always figured I'd be incapable of doing anything with so few words, and then after I managed to write my own entry it's still so intriguing to see what someone can achieve with so few words.

And this one is really good and interesting and has that special quality of making me think about things. I often do think about this in terms of life - how we grow old, fall in love, have children, die and then that's the end and you're just a distant benefactor of genes who doesn't really exist to us... and I think you captured that really well and I'm really glad I took a read of this.

I liked the last full paragraph especially - particuarlly the details about how I spent my birthdays etc, because it's true. I very much doubt my grandchildren or great grandchildren will care about what I did now, or that I wrote fanfiction or any of the rest.

So, yeah, this was really interesting. THanks for writing!


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Review #31, by AC_rulesBefore They Fall: Sirius Black

11th December 2012:
Okay wow, you just got me right in the feels here.

So the thing I love about the Marauders is their spirit (I'm including Lily in this), because despite everything they still keep on living and trying and you know... not giving up. Because Sirius's parents hated him, his brother hated him, and Remus was a werewolf, and both Lily and James - at some point - lose every relative that they've ever had and... well along with another bunch of head canon stuff that I was writing about last night (hence why this has made me so feely, though)... and yet they still join the order and fight and get married and have children and build lives and that's amazing.

So, this chapter was mean because... well, it's got so much of the Marauder angst just under the current of it all wrapped up in this lovely family feel and oh, poor Lily and poor Sirius and well... not poor James, so much, because he as just about everything he could ever want but it's still... you know, really really sad.

But yes, this was a lovely chapter. I'm not like entirely sure of the time scale and how old any of them are at this point, but I'm assuming we'll find out a lot more about that in the next chapter so I'm not too fussed about that. Lovely!

(oh and the title is really nice too, perfect for the Marauders)

Thanks for writing!


Author's Response: Hi :)! So first of all, I can't read Marauders while I write them. It messes with my own ideas sometimes and then I end up getting frustrated and ya. SO if you want to continue swapping and you're similar to me as in you don't love reading about what you're writing about, you are more than welcome to chose any other one shot I have! But I can't tell you how happy I was to see this review on my baby. These people... I feel the same way as you. So many terrible things, so much they suffered and it's NOT FAIR that JKR too them all away. Not one Marauder survived. And it's just not fair. I turn into a sad ball of feels when I think too much about how this eventually will end. And bah.

Yes! The next chapter does make it clear what year they are entering. But right now everyone is 17. Sirius has lived with the Potters for a year, since last summer, and he turns 18 Nov 5th (I stretched canon JUST a tiny bit and decided he was 'almost 22' when he went to Azkaban instead of 22 :P) So that's the current timeline :). Because, you know, clearly I decided that you can't wait until the next chapter to know :P

Okay. I'm super rambly tonight. I have to do laundry, so I must be avoiding that :P Thank you so much for stopping by ♥ you have no idea how happy this review made me!

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Review #32, by AC_rulesPercy Weasley is a Vampire: A New Lead

11th December 2012:
Oh dear, I've been wanting to read this every time I saw it appear on your page because it just looked so delectably good that I couldn't resist the pull of it: I mean, who could say no so a possibly slightly nutty and a bit of Percy? Percy/Audrey actually has to be one of my favourite pairings ever, just because they gleam of something marvelous because well... it's got to be a hell of a woman to pull back a really quite damaged Percy Weasley and want to marry him. Ack, I just love it.

So this was a wonderful quote Stable! Ha! Stable was for horses. as was the majority of it all. Oh Audrey, with her tendency to break the statute of secrecy (easily done, I'm sure) and get banned from work for an 'enforced holiday.' Ha. I actually kind of hope that Percy is a vampire, because that would be such a great lot twist baahh.

But this chapter was every bit as good as I thought it was going to be and I genuinely don't think I can wait to read on. Six chapters? But that's so short. I just want lots of Percy!Vampire and Audrey!nutter but wel... I'm sure you'll make it perfect.

Loved it :D


Author's Response: I've pretty disappointed with the portrayal of Audrey/Percy on the archive overall, since Audrey tends to be an even bigger stick in the mud than Percy and they are made out to be the least-fun couple of all time existing only to make George, Ginny, and Ron look like the fun adults of next gen in comparison. That was a long sentence. Anyway I just got an itch to write an Audrey who marched to the beat of her own crazy drum, dragging Percy along after her, and I'm happy with what's come out of it. Sometimes it's nice to write something totally non-serious.

Thank you for reading!

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Review #33, by AC_rulesThe Blossoming: Hermione's Hideaway

10th December 2012:
Hello there!

Hope you don't mind me coming back to leave you another review. Between the fact that the review you left me had me grinning for several hours and that this fic is so goey and lovely that I just want to absorb all the feels from it, I couldn't really think of any reason to stay away any longer. So here I am.

This chapter was just as lovely as the other, I think, although there was a lot more catching up and stuff in this one about Hermione's career, which I just loved all over. I mean, sometimes that much background information can be a bit overwhelming, but the whole thing just made me grin like Crooky with cream (see what I did there? ;) ) especially as you threw in some absolute gems like this.

"some human witch was fighting their corner that there were now many baby house-elves named 'Hermione' or at least, some variation on the name; 'Moany' and 'Ninny' being unfortunately most prevalent. Hermione found this very embarrassing; Ron and Harry found it hilarious." Oh dear, that literally just slayed me. Honestly, so funny and beautiful and bittersweet.

So, Hermione and Ron aren't married yet? Huh, maybe that's one of the announcements. I'm second guessing you here. Then again, she's not feeling too great so maybe she's pregnant. And Ron was precious! Oh dear, I just love everything about this and a so excited about reading onwards and finding out more about my favourite gathering of Weasleys.

Thanks for writing!


Author's Response: Hi hi! I'm so sorry this reply is hideously late!

Aw, well I'm glad I had you grinning! And that this chapter then made you all gooey - I hope that's a good thing :P

Yeah, I didn't really like doing all of that 'catching-up' stuff, but it needed to be done and I hope I've made it as natural as possible. Teehee, I love that bit about the house-elve too.

Hmm, yes indeed, Ron likes it but has not put a ring on it! I like that you're guessing... read on, you may find answers ;)

Thanks for your review!
Athene xo

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Review #34, by AC_rulesOver The Edge: Chapter One: Prologue: The Man In The Suit

10th December 2012:
Hulloo there!

Okay, so everyone else was reading this story and I wasn't sure I could resist the urge to come and hit this up too.

I've hardly read any of your work, I don't think, so first I have to say that your style is every bit as lovely as I was expecting it to be. This was so easy to read and smooth and nice that I feel like I could happily read this whole story in one stint, but I was expecting that.

I've seen this story around quite a bit in the recently added and stuff, and I've got to say that the most interesting bit about it was the idea of a washed up Viktor. I think it's because he was thrust into the limelight as such a young age, it's hard to map out a course of his life after an early career and the war and the chip that he quite obviously carries on his shoulder without seeing it end in some sort of inane mess. And the relationship with Rose... gah, I just really want to know how that's going to pan out and what everyone has to say about it. I know it's bad, but it just smacks of so much drama and - oddly - you already have me slightly behind it through this first chapter. I think it probably is because of Krum's reaction to Rose being mentioned, and... welll, I really just want to be a fly on the walll and watch it all transpire and crumble.

Anyway, this was definitely an intriguing first chapter that leaves me really wanting to read the rest of this, so I suspect I shall be returning to this story every shortly :)


Author's Response: I won't lie, it was such a nice treat to see that you'd tagged me for the review swap. Clearly, you're a bit of a writing bigwig around here (congrats on reaching #10, by the way), and I'm actually a little embarrassed that this was the chapter you read. I really don't think it's my best by any stretch, though I'm really glad there were some bits and pieces that caught your eye.

What you said about Krum was exactly what I was thinking when I started plotting this story. All that fame and pressure at such a young age. Once his playing days are over, there's real potential for collapse, and what has he got to fall back on? And I'm so glad that even with the pairing being odd, there was enough in this chapter to give you pause in thinking that it *might* actually work. It's meant to be shocking, but only to everyone else. To them, it's just love... sort of.

Thanks so much for taking a look and leaving such a nice review :)

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Review #35, by AC_rulesdisMAY: Once upon a time...

10th December 2012:
Hulllo there Sally!

This is a really interesting start and i'm kind of wondering whether you're going to stick with the quasi-fairytale start for the rest of this story. I thinnk it worked pretty well in this chapter and added quite a lot to the basis of the story, I kind of thinl that if it was written like this for an extended period it would be difficult to follow. This chapter though, I really liked.

I really like the name Ivy. I know that's sort of irrelevant, but I do really like it.

Anyways! This is a really interesting start to a story and I'm really intrigued to see where you're going to go with it, so maybe I'll be checking for another chapter soon enough :)


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Review #36, by AC_rulesBubbles: Bath time

10th December 2012:
Hullo there Val!

So this was so cute that I nearly died. Honestly, washing cats in cupboards and being a bottle and a really young Louis was just cute cute cute cute cute.

I thought you sustained his young narration really way throughout and I could well believe the age you had down for him, especially as pudding for a motivation and Victoire as the piece's villainous siblings (there's always one). I've always thought that Dom/Louis would get on much better than the other pair, so this was almost entirely in line with my head canon.

There was one mistake here What tan I do to help you now, Domi? . Just a little typo, but I thought I'd point it out so you can fix it up :)

Lovely little one shot and I really really enjoyed it! Thanks for writing something so sugary sweet and lovely :D


Author's Response: I had a complete fangirl moment when I saw your review on this story -- the embarrassing, ohmygodTHEacrulesreviewedmystory kind of moment, but anyway.

Thank you for this review, it means much more than you can imagine! :)

As for the mistake, it was actually voluntary, seeing as Louis is only 3, so I'm not sure if I'll leave it there or not, but in any case thanks for pointing it out!

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Review #37, by AC_rulesBreak The Night: One

10th December 2012:
Hulllo there! Here to return your christmas review swap :)

For a start, the bit about Audrey giving a drink to that guy... well, I don't think I'm going to be getting over how brilliant that was for a really really long time. Honestly, as soon as I realised what she'd done I was genuinely laughing and... ah, she has a great sense of humour and seems like a great chapter!

I love good ol' Percy (such an underrated character!) and it was hard to see him seem so... down and insecure about everything. Although I missed some of the pompous elements of his character that I would have liked to see at some point, in the interest of keeping him in keeping with the version of Percy we saw last.

Really nice first chapter! Enjoyed it :)


Author's Response: Hi!

Awww! Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! That probably is my favourite bit in the chapter, besides the end of course, but thank you! I'm glad you found it funny!

I actually wrote him to purposely be quite depressed in this first chapter, because I want to show the readers how low he starts, in comparison to how he finishes in the end. And don't worry, usual pompous Percy will surface. I just wanted to show to readers a different side of his personality before I let him go back to how everyone is used to seeing him as.

But thank you for the lovely review! It made my day, and gee, what a day it has been.

- Abhi

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Review #38, by AC_rulesAnd Capers Ensue: The Art of Hanging Over

8th December 2012:
So, one of the main woes for a unreliable fanfiction reader is that moment when you look back at a story and go WHERE THE HELL WAS I??!? And it takes you a could ten minutes of reading the beginning of chapters to find out the bit you actually need to read to be caught up. And to find that I'm... still 5 chapters behind was quite alarming.

New years resolution: keep up with reading stories.

SO. QUOTES. Because it's you.

Where it was kind of weird before, it was definitely weird now, as if pointing it out turned the weirdness into a real-life embodiment of weird that attached to them like a third wheel. Oh gosh, this this this is something that I want to say in real life whenever things get a bit... well... weird . So good.

"whether wands were legal cue sticks "

Gina you are a GENIUS. Seriously seriously seriously seriously, lovvve ittt.

"Kinda feels like I fell on my face."


Anyways, it's really really good to be back for the heists on sugar, and I'm excited about this love turn that's allegedly coming into play (no idea who and why I'm shipping at this point, I'm going to stay emotional unattached and just watch it all HAPPEN. Pretty sure i'm pro Fred/Anjali though). ALSO I love you and everything you write. Additionally, even thinking about this story and the stuff about buiscuits lead to me deciding it was time to eat more food so there you go. RL effect of capers. Indead.

Happy December 8th!



When you can start /feeling/ the weird, that's when you know it's bad. It's actually sitting on the sidelines laughing at you, that's what it's doing. An adjective is laughing at you.

You have to wonder about all the awesome muggle games that wizards can't play because everyone would cheat.

LURVE BREAKS OUT IN THE THIRD QUARTER. Omg Capers must be a nutritional nightmare, I am told it causes sugar rushes and now it causes you to eat more food. I should warn people on diets or something /don't read my fic/. This is now a legitimate concern.


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Review #39, by AC_rulesMoving House: One

8th December 2012:
Heelllooo there!

So, I'm a big sucker for anything Marauders. Want to make me happy whilst attacking my feels? Just present me with a Jily mid war with a side dash of Sirius (who was great for the line he was in here, loved it). This made me want to reach out and give both of them a hug, poor dears, and I've always thought that that must have been one of the worst things about the phrophecy - not knowing whether or not it was your baby or your friends, and really hoping it was your friends. So I'm really glad that you brought that up and hilighted that.

And James with his father talk was just so adorbs that I haven't recovered yer (and probably won't for a reaall long time).

Thanks for writing!


Author's Response: Thank you for such a lovely review! :) Yes, James' father talk was very cute, and I had such fun writing it, because I always thought that Lily fell in love with him, because he had this secret soft side, so I tried to display this here :) Thank you again! :)

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Review #40, by AC_rulesThe Blossoming: A Cake For Freddie

8th December 2012:
Ack ack ack ack ack, this was just so lovely because its so full of Weasley goodness and it was just so goey and beautiful and I loved it to pieces! So five grandchildren at current... that would be... I'm going to guess this right, I swear. Molly (Mop is the cutest baby name ever ), Victoire, Dom, Louis, Fred and...er... maybe. Oh, I honestly have no idea. I guess I'll find our when I read on.

Characteristaion was just perfect and I'm so glad that you mentioned Fred and the bittersweetness surrounding that, and Percy being all happy now is lovely. And, for the record, this has got to be one of my favourite lines ever " except for giving the odd sermon on 'employing efficient sleeping and feeding patterns in the infant, in order to produce optimal childhood behaviour'" . LOVE IT! And I've always loved the prospect of Molly and Lucy - they're never loved enough in fanfiction.

But, two announcements? It's got to be two more pregnancies? Ack, this is exciting. I love this and it's made me feel oh so goey.

Happy writing!


Author's Response: AC, I'm so sorry it has taken me ages to respond to this lovely review! Life. Urgh. Why can't we all just stay home and HPFF all day? :(

Mm, gooey Weasley goodness! Best sort of goo. You've nearly got the grandchildren right! It's actually:
Victoire, Dom, Mop, James and Fred. But yes, read on my dear! Read on!

Fred is certainly a presence throughout this fic, and I didn't want it to be all sad whenever he's mentioned. He was such a joyful person, so he'll continue to bring people joy even in death.

Yay, you picked one of my favourite lines! Percy will always be Percy, just perhaps a bit more relaxed and happy. We can thank Audrey for that, I think.

Thanks for the review!

AG x

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Review #41, by AC_rulesLife As We Know It: chapter ten

8th December 2012:
Helllo there dear! I'm back to review chapter nine :)

I think I need to get my act together in terms of reading this story, because it's becoming difficult to keep track of where I am with reading all these little bits and pieces. So, for one I'm interest at how Hermione's going to find our anymore about our favourite bit of dark magic without access to any of the other books, and there was a little Draco in this chapter so that was nice.

I liked Harry in this chapter too. He seemed nice and in character... as did Hermione's irritation at not getting the hang of apparation very quickly. I'd be irritated too as it's clearly the most exciting bit of magic they ever learn ahhaa.

Well, this was another lovely chapter and it was good to be back here :)


Author's Response: Helen! I just love getting your reviews! I'm currently working on chapter 12, I would say that I'm about halfway done with it at the moment so I know I wont get it out before the break but i'm hoping to have it finished and to my beta soon so that i can have it up when we can post again! The fact that you think both Harry and Hermione are in character just makes my heart so happy! I'm trying so hard to keep everyone in character while still making it a dramione.. so we'll see! Thank you so much for coming back to read and review! I do hope you come back again!


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Review #42, by AC_rulesAgainst the Dying of the Light: skin

8th December 2012:
Ack, okay I love this.

I mean, she is pure evil and it's delightful. Not even in the way that people sometimes write evil characters, either, but she's just... wow. There was just something so excellent about her somewhat violent (and slightly beyond) tenancies and her just existing in Hogwarts and accckk, LWG, I realllyyy like it and I'm going to add it to my favourites. I love stuff like this that's a little bit messed up and leaves you a tad unsettled, and I don't think I've ever read such a smooth piece of writing with such a... unique main character.

The last bit, ack ack akc, that last line was just so great that I can't get my head around it. I loved the bit about the sword. Wonderful. Is she a gryffindor? How is this going to turn into a longer story? I can't wait to reaadd morreee. Love it.

Happy writing :)



I must admit, I feel delightfully evil when I'm writing this story actually. There's something so satisfying about writing characters such as Lila - well, to me anyway. And I often have to ask myself whether I'm overdoing it a bit; I mean, it's not entirely realistic is it. :P But yes, I wanted Lila to be unique, so I just kept pushing the ToS boundaries- and will continue to do so. ;D

No she's not Gryffindor, she's in Slytherin, but I can see why you might think she's gryffindor!


-LWG :)

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Review #43, by AC_rulesEnd of an Era: End of an Era

8th December 2012:
Okay, so this was just so lovely! I started my own Minerva story before we got the extra information from Pottermore, and I'm not entirely sure I can forgive myself for the canon now being wrong especially when I look at how beautifully this turned out!

McGonagall is such an underrated character! Because you can quite clearly gleam from the pages that she absolutely loves all of her students to death, as well as being strict and just, really, the perfect teacher to everyone. This was so great and emotional - I really really liked it.

There was just this one mistake I saw here She mved to Hogwarts and the castle became home for the woman. So, if you just go back and put that O in I'm pretty sure I'll be without complaint, and that was just a typo anyway.

Thanks for writing!


Author's Response: Hello! First of all, let me just say that I'm so thrilled you read my story since I am such a big fan of yours! Now that that's out of the way...

The idea for this actually came when I was reading about Minerva online and I saw all the lovely canon info provided after the books. I just had to do it.

As for the mistakes, I keep editing and looking over but sometimes things just slip. I'll get to it.

Thank you for the feedback!

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Review #44, by AC_rulesHazardous : The Reservation

7th December 2012:
Oh hellloo there!

So, first off you said in your last review and in your authors note that you find first person difficult, but really that doesn't come across here at all! I've never read anything from Charlie's point of view before, and he's such an interesting character.

Mostly, we just see him through Harry's sort of perspective, when he's much older, so we never really get to see him truly excited about his work with dragons. And, reading this, it sort strikes me how hard it must have been for him to leave them during the war to fight for the cause, and how long he'd have stayed afterwards. also, how weird it must have been for Tonks to end up in a relationship with Remus (I mean, Charlie/Tonks is near my head cannon - it had to happen at some point, right?) but I guess that's a thought process for another time.

I could feel his passion surrounding the dragons, though, and the little details you added about the keeping of dragons and such were really interesting... so yeah, this was a really good chapter! I think I preferred the first one, but mostly because there wasn't enough Tonks/Charlie moment in it.

Anyway can't wait for an update!

Happy December the 7th :)


Author's Response: Hi Helen!! I actually never thought about these two until my friend Dan commented on how much he liked them as a pairing. Then the more I started writing the more they just worked! In my head everything ends canon, so that does make for a bit of issues in regard to Charlie's feelings about Remus and Tonks. Althouhg I think bu that point he realized all he's done is hurt her, and that they really aren't healthy for one another.

And I'm so happy you can't tell I was struggling with first person! Honesty, almost every other paragraph I accidentally start switching back into third. Haha

I'm so happy you liked this chapter! I really wanted to show just how much the reservation and the dragons mean to Charlie, because his career of course goes a long way to ripping at his relationship. Ugh, these two just never had a chance from the moment I decided to title this Hazardous, haha.

Thank you so much for this awesome review. And I'm patiently (except not) waiting for the last tree chapters of NJAB ;)


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Review #45, by AC_rulesSelf Preservation: Prologue

6th December 2012:
Hulo Wisty.

So, firstly I have a bone to pick with you. Because you never mentioned that you were this good. I mean, seriously, we've been having all these conversation and you never thought to mention that you were writing these beautiful things full of emotional depth (and maturity, by the way) and originality and just pure loveliness.

I loved the way you started, with the colours because the descriptions were just so preeettyyy and I'm a sucker for a pretty description (really I am, can't resist pretty language). And then the structure with the italics and the time changes was just spot on and perfect and worked so well that you were just slaying me with how wonderful this was.

And then, in terms of originality, I've seen the idea of self preservation been done before, but never in the same way as this with a Healer and her mixed feelings about healing and being the cause of death and healing for the wrong side was just lovely.

There was just the one line that I found a tad confusing; People who came in on the brink of death had been seen taking their leave a ghost of a smile on the curve of their lips. but other than that the whole thing was all smoothy smooth and perfect.

Ack. Adding this to my favourites, you talented little lady.


Author's Response: I honestly never know what to say when responding to these reviews. You're just so, so lovely, Helen.

I'll be honest - I wasn't exactly sure where to slip in "Hi, Helen, I write things with beautiful emotional depth," in the conversation - let alone the fact I really don't. But you are just far too lovely. I cannot express how much I smiled when I heard that abunchofmonthsago.

I am to. It's really a weakness. Dialogue is super important but I fail at that. I like description, and I take the easy way out and describe 500 words rather than dialogue at all. She was first an auror on the good side, and she was seeing this happen, but that just wasn't working out. And I always did want to write something in between. Self Preservation really is a big thing in this, and I'm so, so, so (I'll use that word now) glad you liked it.

I really am.
Thank you

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Review #46, by AC_rulesBurning Comets: stick-on shadows

6th December 2012:
So Hanzi, my bestest forum buddy to whom I've been mst terrible to, the thing is that I've already read this and did you the injustice of not leaving you a review! I am surely the most horribleist person that ever did exist, and I am now here to rectify such a miscalculation of justice (although, it is prompted by the holiday review swap, which just goes to show what a horrible creature I am).

SO what I love about this story is that... well, for one I have no idea where you're going to go with this. Your stories are always like that though, even though I've attempted to help you out with your fair share of plots and stuff i'm never sure what's actually going to happen... and this, this... with Peter who is such a creepy figure and your repetition of 'subtle and fleeting' still stays with me. And probably will do forever.

I really like the fact that at first you didn't let on that Peter was real, instead letting home only seen by her... but then threw in that her mother saw him too and it's like WAIT WHAT and yeah. I just really like this and I cannae wait to read onwards my dearest loveliest Hanzi dear :)


Author's Response: DON'T SAY THAT BECAUSE IMAGINE HOW HORRIBLE I AM WHEN I'VE READ PRACTICALLY EVERYTHING YOU HAVE WROTE AND I HAVE STILL NOT REVIEWED IT AND NOT EVEN COME CLOSE. Promise, I am and will get there one day and lol I'm supposed to be showering you with reviews and comments and ugh this has been such a crap month I miss you.

Erm anyway.

I have this horrible habit of just giving you absolutely nothing and not giving anyone any indication of what they should expect next and I feel very sorry for anyone (including myself) who has read my first chapters and then proceeded to delete said stories, because they went into that small place in my brain to die.


I'll leave it up to you what to make of that tidbit. ;)

Love you

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Review #47, by AC_rulesSeeing Double: VII

6th December 2012:
Hey there Laura (I just had this moment when I was debating whether myself about whether it was Laura or not, I was almost entirely sure but I couldn't remember where I knew this from, but I checked so it's all fineee)!

It's funny, because today at uni we were doing the sceptical argument from dreaming and the basic idea is that we never know when we're dreaming until we're awake, and this just really reminded me of that when I started reading again. You write this so beautiful, but the premise is so sinister and I'd almost forgotten about that until this chapter when Molly has like... a slip and loses track of who she is a little bit with the business about the Slytherin table...

it's terrifying. Do you know that? The idea that a book could absorb you like that, and you package it all up in this beautifully written second person and I'm genuinely in awe. I mean, I've never read a story where second person worked for longer than a chapter or two... but your decision to have half of it in 2nd person and half in 3rd person is definitely genius and just... ack, I love everything about your characterisation of Molly and just this .

This has still got to be one of my favourite WIPs on the archives.

Anyway, lovely to be back! And I hope to return again soon. Happy writing!


Author's Response: Hey, Helen! Haha, don't worry about it - I'm so terrible at remembering people's name on here, it's all good! :P

You know, I'd never actually heard of that argument until you told me, haha, but now that I think about it, it is startlingly similar... weird. Ah, thank you so much! I'm so glad you like it - and that you picked up on the slip and it seemed sinister. I'm never sure with these things if they're too subtle and people just kinda miss them... :)

Thank you! And haha, I hope so! :P But yeah, it is kinda like losing your soul/mind/control to something inanimate. It's kinda creepy. And thank you so much! I'm so glad you like the 2nd person. It's something new for me, so I'm glad it seems to be working :)

Thank you so much for all the lovely compliments and the great review! :)

Aph xx

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Review #48, by AC_rulesOblivious to the Obvious: Boyfriends, Sisters, and Brothers

6th December 2012:
Heelooo Grimmmerz!

So, I was glancing through the reviews threads and I was like WAIT A MINUTE THERE'S BEEN AN UPDATE OF OBLIVIOUS so now I'm not up to date with reading and reviewing! And although my christmas holidays haven't quite starting, winding down isn't so much the word as being just slightly off completely stationary in terms of things I have to do. Oh, to have time!

So, this chapter. Well, it just made me feel really christmassy and lovely which was nice, because I haven't even got an advent calendar so Christmas doesn't feel all that close from my end. I really enjoyed the argument between Hailey and her sister, as it definitely seems like the sort of thing siblings argue about aaal the time, and the re-arrival of Tait.

One of the things that I really like about this story is the fact that, at the beginning, I was sure that this was going to be a full blown standard Oliver/OC (and I'm still waiting for that to creep in), but you've developed this lovely and unprecedented relationship between Hailey/George that I'm really behind. So I honestly have no idea where you're going to go with the rest of this story :P

One thing, I always think that writing seems smoother when numbers are written out in word form rather than numerical form. Like two instead of 2, I've always thought that it reads better and seems less... like jarring when a number is written as a word. But that's a really small thing.

Happy writing! Can't wait for the next update :)


Author's Response: Hello Helen! I'll start this response by apologizing for the late reply. I've been a slacker when it comes to writing anything as of late but I'm here now, so I'm just gonna go with it...

I love your enthusiasm when it comes to Oblivious and it's updates. I don't do it frequently, which actually explains why being excited about updates happens...but really, it's great! It always pushes me to update again!

And this chapter, as much as I despised writing it [Oh fluff, how I hate you], was quite fun. It is really christmassy and I got to bring Tait in again and I got to write the sister's argueing...again. And really, it's not to far off from actual sisterly arguements [I have four sisters...I know all too well how those arguements go xD].

And I'm happy I've managed to throw that whole 'standard Oliver/OC' story line out the window. Not that it was really all that difficult, becuase let's face it, Hailey/George is just the cutest and greatest thing ever. But seriously, the Hailey/George thing wasn't supposed to be this big. It was planned to turn out more like the standard Oliver/OC, but Hailey had different plans and honestly, for a while I had no idea what I was going to with the rest of the story. But now I've got everything planned. I just hope it doesn't get that standard label on it...

And I really agree with that. When you're reading words, nothing messes with the flow more than a number written in the sentence...maybe I'll go through another round of editing yet...

Thanks so much for the review! Hopefully I'll be getting more updates out soon!


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Review #49, by AC_rulesJust Rose: Courage

6th December 2012:
I'm here! I'm here at last! I guess all it took was a festive mass review swap for me to come back.

But, seriously, first I want to offer apologies for taking such a long time to get to this chapter. It's just after the events of the last chapter aligning all too clearly with events of the real life variety, I didn't feel like I could face this next chapter for the longest time. And then when I did come to read it I'd written out half a review before I accidentally clicked off the page and lost everything I'd written, and I took that to mean now wasn't the right time and decided to come back to it later again. And thus, here I am.

I do feel bad though, because I'm a biggg fan of Just Rose and it was one of the only stories which I reviewed continually from start to (almost) finish, but here I am and I'm wasting your time rambling on about this.

So with you wielding the mass shovel of death around and the feels associated with that I can't get really really get excited about Matthew without some degree of guilt, but still YAY AND ROSE LIKE HAS A PROPER PROPER JOB AND EVERYTHING and life is sort of like that, right, with bad things leading to good things and things just sort of happening and spanning out and I really liked this chapter.

Especially Scorpius, he was great in this chapter. An Dom's saying sorry and everythings getting SO intense and, yup, it's good to be back. If only for...two more chapters.


Happy writing!


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Review #50, by AC_rulesMemory Dust: Living in a Lie

6th December 2012:
Hullo there! :)

So, I've seen this story floating around for a really long time and have actually been meaning to read it, because the whole thing seemed so intriguing! But for the past year I seem to have hardly read any fanfiction at all and so it just keeps slipping past my radar. But, I'm really glad that I'm here now, especially as this is a radar and one rarely finds a really good radar!

So, I really love the premise of it all. This is a very introductory chapter but as introductory chapters go it's a really interesting and well written one. For one I'm really thrilled that Ron is the one who hasn't properly moved on, as there's so much Ron bashing in fanfiction so it's nice that Hermione is well.. not portrayed badly, or anything, but that she's the one who's taken steps.

In terms of characterisation, I really liked how Hermione had obviously thought about and questioned her lack of memories a lot more than Ron had, as I can imagine something like that would have irked Hermione continually until she had some form of answers... and I really want to know more about that. I sort of want to hear more about Harry, because I find the idea of him giving up on them really really sad, but I guess... three years is a long time.

But yeah, this is a really interesting story and I'm glad to finally get a chance to read it!

Happy writing :)


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