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Review #1, by Long Lost FriendsAcceptance: Acceptance

29th April 2007:
Hey Allsion, this is quite the cute little one-shot. [FYI, this is Lindsey aka LMW on another penname.] Well considering, you are one of my favorite reviewers, I thougt I'd send a little clue to maybe check out a joint story written by me and a_shooting_star. I think you'd like it and I'd love you forever more if you checked out [time permitting of course].
Lindsey xoxox

Author's Response: Hey you! Yeah, I read about that in one of your stories and I was definitely gonna check it out :) Thanks for reminding me though, because I am an awfully forgetful person. In fact I think I'm gonna head over there right now. I'm sure it'll be awesome :) You and Steff are amazing writers! Thanks bunches for the review! -Allison
*blushes* me a favorite reviewer? Aww. You're too sweet.

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Review #2, by Long Lost FriendsWords Unspoken: Words Unspoken

29th April 2007:
I love this song. It's one of my favoritest, just like you. Before you go freaking out like I'm some stalker, it's Lindsey aka LMW, on another pen name. Actually, on this pen name, I have a joint story with my friend that I would love you forever if you read and reviewed. Sadly, I'm begging for reviews, but I really actually do think you'd enjoy the story. It's in the Maraduer time and just go on and check it out-if you have time of course.
Lindsey xoxo

Author's Response: hello, lindsey! i'll check that story of yours & your friends as soon as i can-- which might be a while. :( i'm stage managing my grade's spring musical, and the performances are this friday and saturday! so i don't have a lot of free time this week. but i'll get there, never fear! awww, shucks. *blushes* thanks so much.



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Review #3, by Long Lost FriendsStarlit Warning, Midnight Mourning: Angel Face

29th April 2007:
Just as good the second time. Hi, it's Lindsey [LovelyMioneWeasley]. Actually, my friend and I have a joint story on this pen name and I was wondering if you'd check it out ;]. If you have time of course, if not, it's totally understandable. I just love this and I can't wait for you to update it. Keep up the sweet work, Jenna!

Author's Response: Lindsay!
Thanks for another review!
I will, of course, take a look at your story. It's probably just as wonderful as your others.

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