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Review #1, by tmh4536Along Came Sirius: Chapter Twenty-Two: Little Things

25th October 2008:
lovely as always keep it up i can't wait for the next one

Author's Response: thanks!!! =]

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Review #2, by tmh4536Along Came Sirius: Chapter Sixteen: Oblivious to the Obvious

29th April 2008:
I'm really into this story so update soon!!!

Author's Response: thanks!!!

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Review #3, by tmh4536Along Came Sirius: Chapter Fifteen: Saving Secrets

25th April 2008:
I really really like this story so far! Keep going!

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #4, by tmh4536Revealing Too Much: Do You Know What it Feels Like

12th September 2007:
loved it!
update soon!

Author's Response: Will do, chief!

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Review #5, by tmh4536Trice: Chaos, Contempt, Confusion, Convolution...

16th June 2007:
sirius better say something good because I am about to kill him!!! I really love the way this story is written and I think you have done an amazing job so far!!! keep up the good work and update soon!!!

Author's Response: haha. sirius isn't being very nice. tsk. thank you, I'm almost finished with the fourth chapter but the queue is 7 days : (

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Review #6, by tmh4536Trice: Seriously, Sirius?

4th June 2007:
i would have slapped him if i were Lily!!! Boys can be so stupid! especially Sirius! Well awesome chapter, i really enjoyed it! update soon!

Author's Response: I think we should save the slapping for Isabelle, lol. Thank you : )

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Review #7, by tmh4536Trice: Aren't We in Quite the Predicament?

23rd May 2007:
I like it alot! Sirius is such a jerk though! I want to slap him!

This was written really well and I hope you update soon!!

Author's Response: Yes, yes, Sirius is quite the character but that's one of the reasons why we love him so much, lol. My first review, ty so much! : )

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Review #8, by tmh4536Things Change: All Good Things (Come to an End)

22nd May 2007:
hopefully the next chapter is a little happier lol! I really like it and hopefully Sirius never hits her! I don't think he will but how should I know?
update soon!

Author's Response: thank you so much for reviewing! I'll update really soon!

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Review #9, by tmh4536Burnt Black: Damsel in distress

13th May 2007:
Great story! I like that it's originial because usually Sirius is the player but this time its the girl!! I really like the idea and your writing so update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks! tehe, I always wondered where people got the idea that Sirius was a player. Thanks again :)

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Review #10, by tmh4536The Real Thing?: Chapter Five

13th May 2007:
I really liked how nervous Sirius seemed when he asked her was so cute! Keep up the great work!

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Review #11, by tmh4536Shine On: Already Gone

13th May 2007:
FINALLY!...I have been waiting for Ethan to be out of the picture so yay!! Great story and I love it and I hop you update really soon!

Author's Response: lol... it has taken a while for rachel to move on from ethan... but he will be making a few more cameo's lol.
next chapter is up and waiting for validation... should be too long :)
thanks for your review!!

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Review #12, by tmh4536Shine On: A Day With the Wizengamot

24th April 2007:
This is really good! Please update as soon as possible!

Author's Response: hey! thanks, i'm glad you're enjoying it! i've got my new chapter up and waiting for validation so hopefully it'll be up soon!
thanks again,

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Review #13, by tmh4536Forget Me Not: Bad Dreams And Cream Cheese

12th April 2007:
i really like it! keep going!

Author's Response: THANK YOU!
I'll update soon. Promise :)

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