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Review #1, by cosmopiltan411It's A Twisted World: He'll do what it takes

19th May 2010:
so huge huge humungo fan and i was just curious whether you post anywhere in addition to here?

Author's Response: I'm re posting my stories to fan fiction . net but other than attempting to publish books not so much

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Review #2, by cosmopiltan411It's A Twisted World: Probably

2nd March 2010:
ah! love rereading this story... and am super excited about the sequel, but where is it???

Author's Response: I had to remove it, don't worry it will be back, it just needs some editing

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Review #3, by cosmopiltan411Make You Feel My Love: Making you Feel my Love

8th January 2010:
HI! so i finally got your review for in retrospect (and left you a two-page, typed, review that was somehow TOTALLY cut off after submission and is now forever lost :( :'()

but i DID write that i would comment and i have to say that this was a nice little piece. i really enjoyed it, it set a perfect scene/mood that you played out fantastically. you truly have the makings of soemthign great here. my one comment, however, is that when rereading it it felt a bit... cut off. everyhting towards the end was a tad bit rushed, ruining the effect of an otherwise truly ACE story.

still wonderful, still love it!


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Review #4, by cosmopiltan411The Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: Hostility is Saved For the Opposing Team, Not Your Fellow Teammate

29th September 2009:
i pologize to write this here, but idk where else to: WHERE HAS LILY EVANS DISAPPEARED TO?! tht story is my favorite on this site (and probably fav L/J EVER) so i'd hate to see it inompleted. please, consider reposting it! please, what happened?

thanks, and sorry for the nuisance :)

Author's Response: Dear cosmopiltan411,
Hahaa, you are no nuisance at all! Thank you so much for still caring about the story even though it's disappeared, it really means a lot. It's definitely reposted on a different site, which will be found on my author's page on my blog. But to make a long story short, it violated ToS (which I didn't know since I've been writing it for about 30 chapters freely and no one has said anything!), and so the site hid it. But now worries, I've been reposting it on another site, so hopefully you can find that one ;) Thank you so much!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #5, by cosmopiltan411Are You Really Ever To Late?: Jealous

25th July 2009:
oh lord, i miss this story, i hope you coem back to it.

Author's Response: I am going to try! Life has been busy

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Review #6, by cosmopiltan411Legacy: Legacy

16th April 2009:
it's the quite sort of genius really... the kind that creeps up upon you. kudos on this piece, it is truly wondrous. I especially enjoyed how you took this challenge/quote in a literal and metaphorical sense, showing how he's etched into both the stone and their past.

thank you for this delightful little read.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review and the challenge. I enjoyed writing this little piece.

I'm glad that you saw it that way, I was a little worried that maybe I came off in the wrong direction with it.

Once again thank you so much for the review.

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Review #7, by cosmopiltan411The Perfect Couple: Unexpected

23rd March 2009:
you're never going to finish this one, are you?

Author's Response: I will definitely try. Maybe within the next year lol when no ones cares anymore

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Review #8, by cosmopiltan411Are You Really Ever To Late?: Don't Walk Away

27th January 2009:
this is truly a fantastic piece--and i must admit that i do hope Hr asks H if he's still with that woman she saw him with and when he says yes she dishes it out for him by making him realize that if he's still with another woman then w/e love he claims to have for her must be absolutely false.

he wont even take a risk on it for her, how pathetically weak, really.

anyway, looking forward to more asap!

Author's Response: thanks for the review. i should have something up soon

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Review #9, by cosmopiltan411Need Is Not Always Enough: Double Date Trouble

13th June 2008:
short on tiem so i'll make this fast as i'd feel horrible if i didnt leave aa review:

amazing chapter!

but oooh... but what happens to ron now?

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Review #10, by cosmopiltan411Empty: Empty...

12th June 2008:
wow... i'm speechless

totqally speechlesss.. deff. wasnt expectign that one

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Review #11, by cosmopiltan411Need Is Not Always Enough: A Reunion to Remember

9th June 2008:
agh, god i miss this fic, having fun re-reading it now actually

STILL HATE SHELL BTW, stupid name anyway... or, well, maybe i woudlnt htink thaat had i knwon a shell, but for now i'll make myself feel better by ridiculign her for the fact that she's named after an innatimate object lol

Author's Response: You won't be missing it for much longer, the next chapter is definitely on its way, and it's a big one!!!

Just to let you know her real name isn't Shell, it's actually a nickname from Michelle, the character is aptly named after a girl who pretended to be a good friend of mine while spreading rumours behind my back, so I don't really like Shell either, but I'm venting I guess ;-)!

Look out for the next chapter at the min it says three days!!!


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Review #12, by cosmopiltan411Paint Me Malice: Regret

9th June 2008:
hm, i'm intrigued, esp if this is a DHr fic seeing as i so adore that pairing

Author's Response: Thanks, and yeah it probably will be. xox

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Review #13, by cosmopiltan411:

5th June 2008:
please tell me this is a joke... PLEASE!!!

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Review #14, by cosmopiltan411Bones: Chapter 5

25th May 2008:
ugh, god, i just wish it was like that in the show, lol! but you truly did a fantastic job in incorporating the HHr with the Bones details, twisting it but still not losing some of the appeal of the show, fantastic job there!

as for draco i say good so long as he doesnt hook up with ginny (i've always hated her, ginny!bashing is always an amazing thing in my books lol)

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Review #15, by cosmopiltan411Need Is Not Always Enough: Surprise

20th May 2008:
aw harry just cant ever seem to get it right, can he? lol, poor guy, really is the typical iddiotic and blind bloke, isnt he? it's almost endearing... you know, if it wasnt so pathetic

anyway, so glad that shell is a b***h in the next chap, never liked her much so her unravellign should be esp. fun YAY! lol

Author's Response: I cannot wait for you to read the next chapter!!! Look out for it cos it is a big one!!!

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Review #16, by cosmopiltan411Empty: The New Lily.

15th May 2008:
wait... her middle name is her sister's name? that one's a bit odd...

anyway, interesting, you're turnin this into a apycho fic... honestly, not quite sure if i like that concept yet, but i've adored you so far so i'm excited to see how you manipulate that one

Author's Response: lol... I just always imagined her having her sister's name as a middle name... I dont know[i might go and change that].
I had to just completely shock you,lol. I doubt you saw that twist coming. =].
Thank you for sticking with the story so far! xxxx

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Review #17, by cosmopiltan411Empty: Decision

30th April 2008:
damn... really what do you say in response to that one?!

any chance it's null and void if sdhe signed the paper as lily potter?

p.s. still no slag, this is deff a *woot woot* moment lol

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Review #18, by cosmopiltan411Need Is Not Always Enough: Coupled Up Times Two

24th April 2008:
damn... i mean, you know me as a reviewer-- i'm extremely verbose-- nut, seomhow, you've still managed to leave me speechless


Author's Response: OMG I have managed to leave you speechless? I don't know whether that is good or bad, LOL!


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Review #19, by cosmopiltan411Empty: The Promise.

20th April 2008:
damn... well we know she's not goign to keep that promise, but still. damn... lol

anyway, have to wonder where the slag is, aw she's a crappy gf, that really rocks, got to love that one!!! YAY!!!

ah damn, short on time so i have to go, but eagrly awaitign the next installment!

Author's Response: haha, hun I got to tell you... i LOVE your reviews- i laugh so hard at them. Yea, she's not really that good at being his gf seeing that she doesnt even know where he is. =]... next chapter will probably be up in a couple of days... there wont be a whole month to wait for it... i promise. =D

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Review #20, by cosmopiltan411Bones: Chapter 4

15th April 2008:
so u actually got me addicted to bones, sicne reading ur fic i went online and watched every episode lol-- and omfg last night's new one was amazing i mean i guessed that it'd be the sister, but didnt think that it would have gone down like that with her brother

and sweets, god i'm so happy he's a regular-- even if i do dearly miss the english psychiatrist, he was fantastic! lol

onto the fic, great job with this chap you do an amazing job at matching the tone of the show while making this tyour own at the same time, it's great to see!

Author's Response: Thanx 4 the comment!!
i absolutly Luv the series!!!
I luv sweets 2 he's the best!! =D

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Review #21, by cosmopiltan411Need Is Not Always Enough: A Tale Of Fairies

15th April 2008:
aw it was dedicated to me, i feel so special-- such a nice way to come back from vacation: 2 chaps and even a dedication there, booyahs galore ;) lol

anyway, really interesting turn these past two vchaps, wast expecting it at all-- but then again, that's what's so great about them lol. i just really want to see what happens when shell finds out-- i'm feeling a bit spiteful today since i havent had my coffee and am using the fact that she cried when harry left her as indication that she thinks of hima s more than just a fling, and if so that'd be some show down lol!

told u i was feeling spiteful...

Author's Response: Yes I have just finished writing a chapter that kind of deals with this situation!!! I can't say much but she is certainly a lot quicker than Ron ;-).

Anyway look out for the next chapter it should be up soon!


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Review #22, by cosmopiltan411Bones: Chapter 3

10th March 2008:
that was a great chap, but i have to say that you're killign me with how short they are woman!!!

give me more!!! ;) lol

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Review #23, by cosmopiltan411How Dancing Helped......: Seven Kisses

10th March 2008:
hi, you reviewed for my fic and there was a bit of a controversial point that i think you should read my response to as i think you, at the very least, deserve an explanation for it

Author's Response: Listen here, for starters, when you post a comment for me, it should be about the story you just read.

Or something that has do with something I wrote. And last, your story was offenceive towards that heritage. I also I couldn't find your "hannich".

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Review #24, by cosmopiltan411Need Is Not Always Enough: A Day In Diagon Alley

6th March 2008:
i was actually referign to shell and harry-- just seems kind fo wrong when you're finally findign your footign again. at leats if they were in love, or thought it could becoem that- they both knew it was just lust...

idk... didnt have as much of a prob with hermioen and george as she'd been gone for so long that in many ways they werent even friends anymore then- but beign able ot say 'that's not how your brother did it' is a bit nasty lol ;)

as for your other note, oh i'm sure i'll enjoy the next installments as i adore this fic (only praying that the kisses are HHr and not SH-- for soem reason she bothers me... and no it's not because she's sleeping with harry, io've learned to get past that in HHr fics as it always starts like that... she just reminds me of ginny and i've always abhored ginny and her char, it's why i never accepted HG)

anyway, cantw ait for the next update!

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Review #25, by cosmopiltan411Need Is Not Always Enough: Truth or Dare?

5th March 2008:
i'm sorry but i personally just dont think that they should have slept together

i eman friend's friends are off limits for a reason, what happens when the innevitable break up occurs?

they both know it's just lust, nothing more

Author's Response: Hermione and George? or Harry and Shell? Or both? I thought this chapter may upset a few people, but I also think that at their age which is 23/24 that this iw how they would deal with relationships, they do fall in lust and are not necessarily looking for love although sometimes love has that awful habit of finding you!!!

Read on I think you will like the next few chapters, I shall tell you a little secret Chapter 11 is called 'Of Quidditch and Kisses' AND Chapter 12 is called 'A Tale Of Fairies'

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