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Review #1, by harrypotterwizz_kidGinerva's Revenge: Parts 1-3

1st March 2008:
hi im harrypotterwiz_kids friend, i love this fic, it rocks.

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Review #2, by harrypotterwizz_kidHer Sacrifice: Her Sacrifice

18th December 2007:
OMG!!! this story is really moving! I kept fighting back tears. you have got a great sroy line here! I know it's a one-shot but I think it would be really great if you were able to come up with a sequel with Harry's journey to get Hermione back. I don't know, just a sugestion. great story!

Author's Response: I don't know if Harry WOULD get Hermione back. I might do one with Harry explaining to Ron and that lot what happened and then have Bill (or someone) explain how "right" Harry was that Hermione was the only one who could. You know, "The person who sacrificed their life had to love you as much or more than the person you want back."

Thanks for the great review!!

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Review #3, by harrypotterwizz_kidHe Was Her Guardian Angel: he was her guardian angel

4th December 2007:
wow this story is really cute but i'm not sure what harry did at the end? he didn't die did he?! what did hermione do? did she leave him alone or did she go after him? did they get togeher? have you thought about doing a second story in hermiones point of view or a story to say what happend next?

Author's Response: thanx, umm... im trying very hard 2 write a story in Hermione's P.O.V nd in tht it should say wat happened next may b a while b4 its postd but i'll try 2 do it as quickly as possible

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Review #4, by harrypotterwizz_kidVoldie's Annoying Christmas: Day four

3rd September 2007:
Hi K2 Vet, you know I knew I would love the story after you read a bit out in the summer. I had so meny giggels aspesialy at Voldie sucking his thumb. you know I am amazed at how Snape is still alive after doing all that to 'his darkness'. speak to you soon. hpwizzy xxx

Author's Response: hehe lol. Glad you liked it!!! I might try and update it at some point!!! C u soon


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Review #5, by harrypotterwizz_kidWhat Ifs?: Dreams Can Be Deadly

1st September 2007:
This story is AMAZING!!! omg! you have put some fantastic ideas into this story, I got so into it I cride when you put in the disision she will have to make! I cant wait till the next chapter comes. Wow!!!

Author's Response: wow...i didn't think this story was all that great...but u just proved me wrong...i just added the next chapter a little bit ago...keep watching for it!!

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Review #6, by harrypotterwizz_kid:

1st September 2007:
WOW!!! I thought this was amazing!!! I knew this was gonna be good, all your stories are exelent!!! I only wish my story would be as good as yours. I read 'Why Us?' and then I created an account so I could try write a fanfic, so I would like to tell you that you are my insperation for writing and I would be honered if you would conside R&R my story. Great story again !!!

Author's Response: omgomgomgomgomg, I INSPIRED U?! u bet i'll r/r ur story!!! just look out!!

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Review #7, by harrypotterwizz_kidA Broken Hallelujah: A Broken Halellujah

1st August 2007:
This was a fantastic story!!! I realy want to know what happens next. Have you considerd doing a seqel. I realy hope you do. great story again!!! (I nealy cride)

Author's Response: Thank you! And no, I haven't considered writing a sequel. Right now it's a stand alone. I'll keep what you said in mind, though. Thanks again for reviewing! :-)

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Review #8, by harrypotterwizz_kidParenting 101: Dinner

31st July 2007:
This is a great story we cant wait for the next chapter! it would be great if Harry and Hermione could get their own back on Ginny woudent it! as I say cant wait for the next chapter. keep it going!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! And don't worry, I'll keep it going for quite a while! :)

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Review #9, by harrypotterwizz_kidBooks Aren't Just for Reading: Books Aren't Just for Reading

20th July 2007:
OOH MY GOSH that scene was BEAUTIFUL I loved it so much I cride dont you think that harry and hermione should so get togethr in the next book. I read caught in the act aswell and i so hope you do another storyt there fantastic! PLEZ! do a sequelcos i'll check every day for it best of luck with eny stories you may be doing now or in the future

Author's Response: Aww. Thanks. I think it's Ron and Hermione all the way ... I don't get my thing with H/Hr right now. LoL. Thanks for the review.

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