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Review #1, by chiQs09My Sister's Fiancé: Chapter Nineteen: The Circumstances Change

23rd February 2011:
Aw... how could you forget about this story? I only started reading this last Christmas, and when I reached the last chapter a few weeks ago, I went like crazy, complaining about authors abandoning their stories... *ehem* Anyway, I'll definitely review from here on. hehe I was so happy when I saw the update. I can't believe Hayes and Dominique slept with each other despite her condition. That's so weird, and I know it's normal, but still. hehe Love the interaction between Dom and Vic, especially their huge argument a few chapters back. Hope you update again soon. :)

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Review #2, by chiQs09Alone: Alone

9th February 2011:
Hello! :) So, I love returning reviews, and since you've got a Draco/Pansy story, I had to check it out. I love this pairing! :)

Writing style:
I feel almost horrible for letting you read my awfully written fiction and endure my bad grammar, because after reading this, I realized now how an angsty story should be written. ;) You captured Draco's emotions and feelings really well, just spot-on, without throwing off the POV when you changed scenes. You can write so beautifully, your description of his fears and worries, his surroundings, his feelings for Pansy, etc. was another plus, making this story one of the best Draco/Pansy stories I've ever read.

I think this is just how I've imagined Draco after the war. He's matured emotionally; he owns Potter (of all people) this kind of life he thinks he doesn't deserve at all, even though he's free now. He still feels this immense guilt for the things he's done in the past. As if this wasn't already enough and was wrecking his soul, he has feelings for someone who means the world to him, has been supporting him all this time, and yet he has abandoned somehow. I must say, I had tears in my eyes while reading this. Though I would've loved them to be together; base on this one-shot, I can even see them stay together and I didn't see any reason why they can't work it out. Dark past or not, "tainted" or not, I think if Pansy loves him just as much as she hates him for abandoning her, love can be their guide through this hard time. ehem... And it shall work. :) In the last scene, Draco doesn't even seem to me that he wants it to be over. It's like there was no real closure. Or maybe it's just me because I love this pairing (aside Draco/Hermione of course.)

Anyway, that's it. I did have a couple of CCs but it would only ruin my own review, so nevermind. :) If you write another Dransy story, please feel free to PM me via the forums. I'd love to read it. :D

Take care, ciao!

Author's Response: What a lovely and unexpected review!

Oh God, do not feel horrible at all! Your writing is fantastic, we just have different styles. I loved reading your work too, so your compliments are very much appreciated.

I'm so glad you meantioned that you could see them staying together, I thought this too. I know canon dictates otherwise, but I envisioned they would go on long after my one-shot ended in a very unsatisfying relationship until she could take no more and leave. I thought her leaving would jolt him back to life thus he found Astoria and settled, but he would always remember Pansy, she would have been the one that got away. I actually planned on writing that part into the plot but then I felt that others may disagree. I think it's up to the reader whether they feel she would have followed up on the love or the hatred she felt for him.

I also love this pairing though so I think that's why I secretly wanted them to work despite how angsty I had written this!

Well Draco/Pansy is one of my favourite pairings to write so expect a PM soon!

Thank you again :)

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Review #3, by chiQs09Super Sweet and Sealed with a Kiss: Sealed with a Kiss

11th October 2010:
Aww. How sweet. Never imagined this pairing before. ^_^ Luna was a bit straightforward with the kiss, eh? But I'm glad it cheered up a brokenhearted Astoria. Well done. :)


Author's Response: Thank you! I think I like writing FemmeSlash better

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Review #4, by chiQs09Darkness Falls: Unexpected

19th August 2010:
I hope Draco will help her through this crisis! Can't wait what will happen next. :)

Author's Response: Yet another review from one of my favorite writers. Thanks so much and yes, please stay tuned

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Review #5, by chiQs09Darkness Falls: Draco's Return

19th August 2010:
Oh gosh, attempted suicide? Hopefully not because of what Ron did to her!

Author's Response: Hmmm. We shall see

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Review #6, by chiQs09Darkness Falls: Betrayal

19th August 2010:
Oh, too bad the chapter was so short, but I guess it's kind of like a prologue? :)
I like it, though. It's intriguing, and now I'm wondering why she received an invitation from the mother of the very man who cheated on her.

Author's Response: Yay! You responded. And yes, that is an interesting question. Shall it be answered?

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Review #7, by chiQs09Motivation: Chapter Two - Pansy Abandoned

23rd July 2010:
It's me again for the second review. I'm enjoying it very much so far, your characters seem so 3-dimensional, which I think is really great and well done. Not all writers can do that, well, at least not me... DX lol

You know what, this story could've really been a great comedy if it weren't for the serious parts, I mean the drama and mystery. Blaise' sarcastic comments regarding Draco are funny. hehe :) This is meant as a compliment, though, please don't get me wrong. Your story is very entertaining to read, and did I already mention that I love it? :)

Pansy, abandoned by her father in her childhood, feeling rejected and unwanted. I somehow can understand why she has this close bond with Draco (except for the obvious reason that they grew up together), since he has been there when her father has left them. And now suddenly she receives a letter from him. After all these years... where could he have gone to? And what were his motives for leaving in the first place? Fell out of love with his wife? Hmm...

Yeah, and Draco is acting weird. I wonder what happened...

Author's Response: Don't worry, I am happy you liked the comedy :] I think if I set out to write comedy I would veer off into some very strange direction, but as long as I sneak it in, it doesn't get scary :]

It's easy to look at Draco and see him as overbearing and rude and uncaring in this story, as it is from Pansy's perspective and he can treat her very poorly sometimes. But that is exactly what should be kept in mind; Pansy has these bonds with Draco that transcend his current behavior. Regardless of how she feels about him romantically, as best friends, they balance and support one another perfectly.

Thank you for the reviews, you're very generous and kind to offer them and its just a big extra bonus that you really enjoyed my story!

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Review #8, by chiQs09Motivation: Chapter One - The Girl Who Had Everything

23rd July 2010:
Hi, it's chiQs09 from the forums.

I really love Pansy-centred stories, and I'm glad you've requested a review for this one from me. =D

This story was a nice trip back to the 18th century era kinda stuff. hehe :) Arranged marriages, not believing in "love" but that it's just a nice, well, extra if you marry a man your parents have chosen for you, girls being raised as "ladies", having tea parties with their mothers, etc I love it! This is how I imagined our aristocratic, pure-blooded HP characters, Pansy, Draco, etc. :)

Poor Pansy. So much pressure on her. Must be quite tiring if you have everything in life, and yet your life seem empty. I enjoyed reading her witty retorts when she was with Draco, and of course, I as a huge fan of this guy, couldn't help but fall in love with his character. He wasn't just the arrogant prat as we know him from the books, he was so much more. Love it! :)

Author's Response: Yay! I love finding people who enjoy reading Pansy, because she is very often used as a bit of a throwaway character.

I think in the magical world in particular, aristocratic society would be very much concerned with tradition and honor. They take their blood so seriously that I imagine they would take social graces etc. very seriously as well, because they are well versed in family history. But, like any social class, there are exceptions- for example, Tracey's family wants their very smart daughter to run the family business, which at first seems forward thinking of them, until you realize its sort of the same old, you will do as I tell you mentality. But Pansy's mother in particular is very much in the marry for opportunity camp; having had such a disastrous marriage herself.

I love that you say that! One of the major points I try to stress is that Pansy has a lot of pressure on her, and she really does sort of try to satisfy everyone. Draco is just Draco and we love him that way :]

Thank you so much, I really appreciate that you offer your time out and I'm really glad you liked this!

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Review #9, by chiQs09The All-American Rejects: Gives You Hell

22nd July 2010:
It's me again for the second review. I give 2 reviews per story, feel free to re-request, though. :)

So far, I like it. Though I was a bit confused regarding the AU warning; maybe you meant AR for Alternate Reality? Because the Marauders and HP teachers are all Muggles and live in a modern Muggle world. ^^ But anyway...

This story got all the cliches I find quite interesting. ^^
Two hearthrobs and Basketball players James and Sirius.
LoserBoy Peter, even in an AR story, he's still the same canon loser, tagging along James and Sirius, doing their bidding.
Remus is probably the AU-version of Severus, hehe with him being Lily's childhood friend, a genius, somewhat outsider, likes Lily, dispised by James.
Sirius, the stereotypical popular athlete but fails his school subjects, thus, needs tutorial classes from the smart boy, Remus.
Regulus...he's so into Remus, and will probably gets his heart broken when Remus ends up with Sirius...
Silbing rivalry. etc. etc.

So far, I like your characterisation of them, and I like what you've done with this story. I've never read an AR story before, and I can't complain. ;)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you. :D

I thought that AU stood for "Alternate Universe". Is that not what it means? I'll find out and switch it if I'm wrong. Thank you.

I love cliches and I was happy to find a review thread that welcomed them. :D Remus is "Severusish" with being Lily's friend and having the home life that Severus had. Though I imagined that Remus would have a tough time as a youngster since he never mentioned his parents in a good way. You're spot on with everything except the Regulus prediction. :D If you read on, you'll see. I will probably fill out the form again. Thank you for that. :D I never imagined writing one until I was listening to AAR while working on another Remus/Sirius fic and it just left me wondering weird things like "Would Sirius like AAR?" and thus this was born. I really did try to pull as many cliches (the ones I like) and give them a bit of a "spin". There are canon linings as well as some modern day things that I've worked in. I hope that you like the rest. *off to re-request* :D

Thank you for your time. --Jenna

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Review #10, by chiQs09The All-American Rejects: Real World

22nd July 2010:
Hi, it's chiQs09 from the forums.
There've only been a few stories that I've read about this ship, and I'm not really a great fan of the Marauders. ^^' So I hope that this review will be...okay.

I like how you established the settings first, what Remus thinks of his surrounding when he arrives at Grimmauld Place, what the people are like at that somewhat forlorn place, those rich upper-class people, before introducing Remus' character. He's just quite the guy I've imagined him to be--a genius, good-looking with a toned body, hard-working. And I wonder who gets him first, Sirius or Regulus. ;) But hey, Regulus saw him first, didn't he? :) Doesn't he go to the same school like his brother?

Let's see how the 'slash' stuff's going to unfold in your story. I always thought it was harder to write a good male slash story, especially if both boys seem to be straight at first...

Author's Response: Thank you for dropping by. :D
Well, they aren't your typical Marauders, as I've adapted their personalities to the way they would end up being raised in America, in today's time, without the Boarding School sense of togetherness. Yeah, Sirius and Regulus go to the same school. Well...they aren't both straight, but that'll be more evident when Remus has actual interaction with Sirius and Regulus.

Again, thank you for coming by and taking the time to review. :D --Jenna

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Review #11, by chiQs09Affairs and the Heart: THe Dirty's Duty

28th January 2010:
You practically described each of Lisa's movements in detail, even her thoughts. Was it all really relevant to the story? At least not to this chapter, that much I can tell. I'd like to see some actions later. I'm looking forward to reading more. :)

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Review #12, by chiQs09Resistance: Resistance

11th October 2009:
This was really interesting, I mean now I'm wondering if Rowena can keep that promise to her father. Yeah, a stepparent is always the evil in stories, and sometimes even in real life. I've experienced it myself. LOL ^__^ Though I can understand the stepmother here, she wants to secure her position and Rowena is her only threat. Great story. I'm looking forward to reading the last one-shot with Salazar.

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Review #13, by chiQs09Quadrivium: The Tale of the Black Rose

11th September 2009:
Ah all my questions from my previous review were answered here. LOL I love it! So THAT'S the dragon's secret! I'd never have guessed that he was a half-man/half-dragon and Merlin's son! WOW!!! And his mother's a black rose! Serves the greedy woman right!

Aw, and the scene with Godric! His poor wife! :( Awesome scene! Now he lost both--his dear wife and his sword! I hate this worm Cynric!!!

Hope you update soon! :)

Author's Response: You always ask the best and most pertinent questions! You're a great reader and always pick up on what I'm trying to say :)

I'm glad you see the significance of the dragon now! I bet you were wondering why I was so insistent on having you put one on my story banner and now you know :D He'll be extremely important to the story since he is the one who gave Helena the quest in my one-shot about Godric.

I will try my very best to update soon! So glad that you like the story so far, Mitchy dear! :) :) Thanks for both your amazing reviews!

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Review #14, by chiQs09Quadrivium: The Sword and the Dragon

11th September 2009:
I'm still awed about your writing, Jules. This was a great chapter. :)
What kind of helmet does Helena wear that her brothers didn't recogize her face? Is it one that covers the whole head/face? Just wondering...
I found her brothers really amusing when they neared the dragon. :) Helena seemed braver than them, and she's a girl!

I could picture the dragon very perfectly. So it understands the human language? Or does Helena have a certain gift? Seeing that the dragon was drawn to her I would guess that she's something special. Or maybe it was just because of her blonde hair... Is this the dragon with the secret that Helena will discover later in the story?

So Godric's now banned and his sword has been taken away... I'm wondering what's this Cynric up to...

I'm excited to read more. Love this story! ^_^

Author's Response: Mitchy! It's so awesome to hear from you, you have no idea :)

Yes, the helmet covers her entire face. I pictured one of those knight helmets that has a kind of grating over the nose and mouth and a small opening for the eyes. And her brothers are all talk ;)

The dragon does understand the human language and it will be explained as to why it was drawn to her and Gideon.

So glad you're loving the story! It means a ton and I appreciate your review dear *huggles*

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Review #15, by chiQs09Why Can't We Be: Kiss Goodbye

10th August 2009:
Hi Judi!
Sorry for reviewing just now, but life's gotten really nasty and all. Now that I have loads of time, I can review whenever you update. :)
I quite enjoyed the first chapter. Ginny being pregnant with Harry's child, Hermione in love with Ron, little Teddy living with the Potters. Everyone's being happy and laughing together, joking around, while anticipating the birth of the new baby. Until something bad happens to Harry. :(
I hope you update soon so that I can find out how Ginny will live with the news, how she'll handle her life now with Harry gone.
PS. Thank you for the dedication. :) I'm really flattered.

Author's Response: I'm so hlad you are enjoying the story, but I am afraid I have absolutely no idea when I wil be able to update again. I'll try to asap. Bear with me please

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Review #16, by chiQs09This Longing: Two Sides

22nd February 2009:
Hi Susan, I'm here to review. Sorry, it's taken so long... :(
It's really interesting how these two characters remind me sort of a clichéd HB-HG Dramione. LOL Both, top students, paired together, were not meant to be friends but lovers... :)
At first it seemed like Minerva was indifferent and not even bothered by Grimm's friendly teasings, though towards the end of the chapter it looked like she was. I love her retorts and that she'd actually slap him was unexpected. I assume this was the first time she realised his reaction and general behaviour towards her, that he actually noticed her secret admiration for her favourite professor, Dumbledore, that Grimm was jealous.
Great beginning and very well written, Susan! :D

Author's Response: Oh, don't worry, Mitch! I honestly forgot that I had requested you. *hides* But thank you for reviewing this, it really means a lot. ^_^

Yes, it's supposed to be a bit cliched, haha, at least at the beginning to properly set the scene and make readers think they know where the story will go. ;) I really like what you said about Minerva's gradually growing annoyance. I never thought about it that way before, but it does fit - she knows that he's there and generally annoying, but it's not until he berates her about Dumbledore that she becomes angry. That was going too far for her. Interesting, it's giving me ideas. :D

Thanks again for reviewing/reading this, Mitch! It's great that you liked the first chapter. ^_^

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Review #17, by chiQs09Stained Masquerade: Mysteries and Misery at the Ministry

22nd February 2009:
Sorry for taking so long to review.
What I liked were your detailed description of the woman (I assume it's Hermione). The 'seduction' was spot on, he was hypnotised by just her beauty, and after I've read to the end I guess it was part of her mission. Hermione smoking and being an outcast felt strange to read, but intriguing at the same. It made me wonder how she ended up like that, living in a secluded part of London, smoking, owning a gun, and killing people...

All in all, great beginning. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, and forgive my late response! I hope my next chapter managed to answer to all your answers!:)

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Review #18, by chiQs09Timeturners-Saving Cedric Diggory: Stealing the timeturners

22nd February 2009:
Isn't it that when Cedric had died, Fred, Tonks, Remus, etc. were still alive? Unless Judi and her friends had travelled to the point when the other characters died, that would have been three years after Cedric's death.
I like the idea of your plot, though. Judi seems to be a determined person, wants to help other people without question, and loves her friends unconditionally. I can't quite tell how her relationship to the trio and all the other characters are, she seems just to be there for them - a saviour to the Wizarding World. :D

Author's Response: This story is actually right after the final battle. Well, a little while after. Judi never even met Cedric because she did not meet anyone till 7th year

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Review #19, by chiQs09A Dying Legacy: Prologue

22nd February 2009:
Hi, I'm here to review. Sorry it's taken so long...
The prologue was very intriguing. I assume that the purple liquid was the disease? And why has it taken 20 years to make it? I propably have to read on to find out... :)

Author's Response: Hi chiQs09!

No prob, sorry for taking so long to reply though.

I don't want to spoil the rest if you haven't read the next chapter yet, so I won't say much about the liquid. =/
If you do keep reading and leave another review I'll respond to those questions =P

Thank you for reviewing


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Review #20, by chiQs09Bittersweet and Strange: Positively Primeval

21st February 2009:
Hi sweetheart!
After re-reading it, I remember why I've added this to my favourites long time ago. But you never updated, and I'm still waiting to read the grandmother's fairy tale. :'(
I could see the pressure that was put on Minnie - one sister was married, and the other was engaged. She doesn't want to disappoint her parents, pondering whether sacrifycing her own happiness just to make them contented is a good idea. But I think she'll never be truly happy if she lives just to please other people. Her friend, Harriet, has a point there.
Robert Wood seems to be a good guy, but unfortunately she only loves him as a brother. At least, if all else fails (like her life ambitions etc.) there is someone who's lining up to marry her. :) Btw, is he somehow related to Oliver Wood, or is it coincidence they have the same surname?

Again, I'm looking forward reading the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Hi darling! Thank you so much for re-reading ... I know, I've been bad about updating ever since Christmas, but I'm going to concentrate on this story next so it should be updated soon. There is definitely a lot of pressure on Minnie - parents usually put a lot of pressure on us even if they don't mean to. By marrying Robert, she would be making them happy (which they need to be after all that drama with her sister) but she wouldn't be doing what she really wanted to do. She's stuck between a rock and a hard place basically. Yes, Robert Wood is related to Oliver Wood - I think he would be his grandfather. Thanks for the review my love! :)

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Review #21, by chiQs09A Clandestine Reality: Blood

21st February 2009:
Really great plot. So I've read till chapter 7, and I love it! :)
What's irking me were your dialogue and punctuation errors throughout the chapters. Sometimes it was hard to tell who said what. And it was also getting annoying if everyone was cut off in the middle of the sentence. That can happen a few times, but I think you overused it here.

However, I really do love the story. Best AU I've read so far. From Hermione being an imperfect person but who loves her daughter with every fibre of her being. Ron, who dreamt of having a big family, yet he was sterile. That made me sad. And then Draco being married to a she-devil, wasting his money on shopping. I like the idea of the curse that was cast on the Malfoy men. I like Lucius' and Narcissa's characterisations as well. After all, he loves his grandchild even though she was a half-blood. This chapter made me gasp. Ron hurting his wife...I didn't see that coming. Maybe it was just an accident, I dunno. I have to read on to find out. Thanks for sharing this story. :)


Author's Response: Thank you for your honest review, I appreciated reading it. I'm thrilled that you like what I have done so far and I hope you enjoy the upcoming chapters.

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Review #22, by chiQs09Four O' Clock in the Afternoon: Four O' Clock in the Afternoon

6th February 2009:
Hi, here is your requested review long time ago. Sorry it's taken me ages to get to your story. But here I am now. :)

This story was in many ways my firsts: first story I've read in second person; first Bellatrix/Rodolphus; first pre-DE story; first OOC Bella, being all this lovely and nice, especially to her Gryffindor cousin, Sirius. I always thought even in her younger years, she was more...disapproving of him. It's a nice change from how we know them from the books, before their Death Eater lives have started. Thanks for sharing it. :)

Author's Response: Hi, wow, those were a lot of firsts! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed this!

Thanks for reviewing,

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Review #23, by chiQs09Regretfully Yours: Facing the Past

4th January 2009:
It was a great start. And Ron is the guy who disappeared and confused and broke Hermione's heart again. I'm excited to find out where he went and why had left and vanished from Hermione's life. So the main ship is R/Hr? I'm not sure if I can read anything about Hermione ending a relationship with Draco! :( We'll see. I love your writing...

Author's Response: I thought it might be hard for you...though I havent exactly worked out the ending yet so there might still be hope? Next chapter we find out a little bit more about what happened to Ron. Although you know me and I will save the juicy bits for last.
Thanks so much for checking this fic out even though it not a ship you prefer. :)

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Review #24, by chiQs09Lips Of Desire: A Change Of Heart

4th January 2009:
Ooh... that was hot. ^_^ I never dared to write this graphical in femmeslash fictions. LOL Great job! Great description. I hope you write more and update soon.

Author's Response: Thanks for the lovely review Mitch! I think I got a bit carried away in the description. At the moment, my brain function is like none because it is holidays and I haven't done anything yet. *hugs*

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Review #25, by chiQs09One Night : One Night Can Change it All

27th November 2008:
I'm glad it's finally validated. :)
I enjoyed this story and the flow is just perfect.
That both girls have been cheated on by their boyfriends was a real coincidence and maybe a bit of luck for them to get together. ;) I think it was more hurtful to Hermione seeing Ron and Lavender in the ROR screwing each other than Ginny seeing Harry kissing another girl. Aww...
A bottle of Firewhiskey and a night together in Hermione's Head Girl room changes their anger towards their cheating boyfriends, and suddenly everything just feels so right... ^_^

Author's Response: Wow, you saw it exactly haow it is. Thank you for reading and for the long review

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