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Review #1, by CatGryffindorDancing With Delilah: Come Back to Me

16th December 2011:
one of the best sex scenes. nice.

and so sweet.

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Review #2, by CatGryffindorHow to Smile: The one who lived

3rd December 2011:
much better. prefer third person.

there are a few mis-words but an interesting chapter.

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Review #3, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Rescuing

30th November 2011:
always love it when Pansy has a fit or acts sloppy. it's so fitting for the character.

not exactly an evil cliffhanger but still can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: I'm glad you think I've got Pansy right! I'm not overly familiar with her character.

Thanks so much for reading! I'm going to try to have the next chapter up in under a month or two!

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Review #4, by CatGryffindorDancing With Delilah: Interrogation

22nd November 2011:
longer ones. it's better to wait for a chapter that reads through instead of regular blinks.

looking forward to the next chapter.

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Review #5, by CatGryffindorDancing With Delilah: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

18th November 2011:
nice twist! chapter was a little on the short side but good, hope the next is longer though.

ps glad it won't be like the movie. and great new banner.

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Review #6, by CatGryffindorDancing With Delilah: Welcome to Burlesque

29th October 2011:
admire the idea and love the writing style, look forward to the next chapter.

but please say that it's not going to be a scene-by-scene of the movie.

Author's Response: Thanks for your feedback, but don't worry, it will be nothing like the movie :)

I hope you enjoy the next few upcoming chapters!

~ DS

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Review #7, by CatGryffindorIn Her Place: In Her Place

25th October 2011:
funny with a sweet ending. the who-wants-some bit was a little too much but all in all a nice.

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Review #8, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Planning

19th July 2011:
*snaps fingers* knew it! knew lucius would something bad!

love this chapter, the spell is genius. wish it could have been canon but that would have made the story too easy..

thank you for having lucius still loyal to the dark lord. the movie and book made it too easy for the malfoys to walk away from it all, unpunished. if bill had to be tainted by fenrir and fred die, lucius should have been punished by voldemort or a fellow death eater.

looking forward to the next chapter.
and the bit about hermione being faster than harry was brilliant. emma and dan did interviews relating to how she is honestly faster but willing to race, thanks for putting that in.

Author's Response: Of course Lucius would be up to something bad! Can't forget daddy dearest.

I'm glad you loved the chapter and that you approve of the spell! It took me a bit to come up with it, to be honest, which is one of the reasons this chapter took a month to get up. The translation from latin actually means "Love Shield" :) And you're right. It would have made the real HP far too easy.

You are welcome! I never really bought that Lucius just decided to switch sides and never got any kind of punishment for it. that just seemed foolish to me. No way he just dropped his prejudices.

YES! I saw that interview and was really happy that I could work it in. I knew that there would be a few people who understood where it came from and would love it. Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #9, by CatGryffindorThe Hidden Garden: Chapter Three

7th July 2011:
interesting.. nicely paced and the mature rating means there will be more to the clothing, yes?

update soon.

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Review #10, by CatGryffindorThe Hidden Garden: Chapter One

6th July 2011:
love the twelve dancing princesses story, looking forward to a harry potter twist.

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Review #11, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Proposing

18th June 2011:
*sinks in chair* no ring.. a genius break through should never come before a ring.

looking forward to the following chapters and a Marauder tale! haven't read one in years.

Author's Response: *hides* sorry!! Hope you were entertained anyway!

Glad you're looking forward to the rest! I was super worried about you reading this. This thing is like, my baby. If you hadn't liked it, I would have been sad.

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Review #12, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Living

11th June 2011:
southern food, bless you. no one understands country gravy is made, not poured from a can. best when thick and lumpy too.

sniffle.blink.scroll.panic.scroll further.sniffle.blink blink.sniff.
poor Narcissa, was sorta fond of her.

guessing Lucius is going to come into play soon..

Author's Response: Who doesn't love southern food?? Does gravy even come in cans? And I agree! Thick and lumpy is the best.

I've always loved Narcissa too. I think she's a highly undervalued character and she was so strong!

As far as Lucius goes... DO NOT SPOIL MY STORY.

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Review #13, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Partying

11th June 2011:
glad to see someone else cracking down on that "Mia" business. personally shorten names so 'Mione has never been a tough one but the Mia is so very *ugh*.

love the end of this chapter. glad to see some heat between the two.

Author's Response: GAH! The only place where Hermione's name is ever shortened is when Grawp calls her "Hermy" and even that made me cringe. it was just... bleh.

Glad you liked the end! That was entertaining to write. :P

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Review #14, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Revealing

11th June 2011:
*raises index finger* there seems to be something missing..

well that bit was left to imagination but why didn't Ron cry? there should have been some sort of whimper or petty whine.

Author's Response: Hmmm... You mean where there's silence throughout the great hall when Draco reveals that they're dating? I could probably add something in there with Ron making a noise. Ginny could glare at him...

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Review #15, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Dancing

11th June 2011:
Hex Girls are awesome in all their Scooby appearances. and Tim Curry made that movie epic-awesome.
have to disagree though, Zombie Island is the best SD movie. Witch's Ghost second and Abracadabra-Doo a good third.

was wating for the Pansy painting to come into play..

Author's Response: We're just going to have to agree to disagree. I don't think I've seen abracadabra-doo. I'll have to check it out.

And yes, the pansy painting does come into play!

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Review #16, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Valentining

11th June 2011:
interesting for sure. a certain something different from nearly all mature stories.

love the snake finger wrap, better reminder than a string around the index.

Author's Response: I just think that at this point, Hermione would be rushing into things far too quickly. She needs more time to weigh the pros and cons and such.

Glad you like the snake part! I'm actually fond of the little guy.

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Review #17, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Dueling

11th June 2011:
*ack* why Luna? she's such a nice character and Lavender is the tramp. yes you kept the theme with her box of "mature" knowledge but poor Luna..

and your Blaise is rather addictive, pity Hermione couldn't dabble between the two..

Author's Response: I chose Luna because I think she's the least character emotionally attached to the other Gryffindors. And she would be detached from the experience emotionally, seeing it as just doing Ron a favor or consoling him. I also think she's least likely to understand emotional repercussions that would accompany such a betrayal.

And yes, I love Blaise. :D

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Review #18, by CatGryffindorAll they want for Christmas...: Admiring

11th June 2011:
*happy squeal* love it!

glad someone else sees ron as a total twit.

Author's Response: Yes!! I was worried because I pegged you for a Ron lover.

I just... I don't know. I never thought he was good enough.

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Review #19, by CatGryffindorSuck it Up: First Dates Bite

25th April 2011:
interesting. pity it's in first person *hinthint*

curious about the next chapter.

Author's Response: I apologize if you dislike the first person pov. I, however, write better when I write in first person pov, or I at least feel more connected with my characters. Anyhoot, thanks for the review((:

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Review #20, by CatGryffindorStuck In The Closet Until School Starts: No Way Out

8th April 2011:
interesting.. the name, and your penname, got this a read.

looking forward to the following chapters.

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Review #21, by CatGryffindorThe lollipop that turned Draco on...: The lollipop that turned Draco on..

27th March 2011:
seriously, seriously, seriously love it.

not just because that works either. fond memories..


Author's Response: you're the first to review *Does a happy dance* :D we...thansk for reading and reviewing!
its actually based on something my neighbour TRIED to do to me...but it didnt turn me on xD haha

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Review #22, by CatGryffindorWitches & Wizards Protection Program: +Chapter Two

20th January 2011:
Episkey is the healing spell, Repairo is for inanimate objects.

just a thing you may want to fix, it throws off the line.

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Review #23, by CatGryffindorWitches & Wizards Protection Program: +Chapter One

20th January 2011:
love how hermione worried about the one bed and draco feared the fields.

looking forward to reading the next chapters..

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Review #24, by CatGryffindorLady Malfoy: In a Bed of Needles

17th January 2011:
omg was eli the horcrux?!

looking forward to the final chapter, it's been a long wait.

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Review #25, by CatGryffindorWilliam Austen: William

5th January 2011:
very interesting.. just one question, will there be slash because hermione is in male form? or will nothing turn physical until she's herself again.

for a banner jared padalecki or jensen ackles [aka supernatural hunnies] could be good canidates. strong, brunette, developed but not bulky.

looking forward to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Well, by physical, do you mean mature?
To be honest, I'm not really comfortable yet writing mature stuff, so probably not. Probably not... Sorry if you wanted one.

Thank you for your suggestions! I was considering Jared Padalecki thanks to you, but I couldn't really find photos that fit the mood I was looking for. Thank you so much though! I really appreciate it :)

Hope you continue reading!

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