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Review #1, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: Lord Grindelwald

28th March 2009:
good god! too much info to
bring on the next one :D

Author's Response: Thanks for reading :p.

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Review #2, by adireadyLEGACIES: Brothers In Blood: First Lesson In Magic

28th March 2009:
thank god you are back on writing BIB!
Bring it on Ned! I am waiting for the next chapter.
(and is there anyway i can contact you? I need your assistance)

aditya [dot] doshi [at] ymail [dot] com

Author's Response: yeah u could contact me at masterbandit(at)hotmail

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Review #3, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: Hogwarts Restarted and the New Apprentice

4th May 2008:
What are your plans for Grindie ? harry's gonna kill hima nd Draco ? Draco dobule(x)crossed him..hmm it would be exciting if harry come's to know about their plan but he acts as if he knows nothing about it and secretly (and very very wisely) he and Albus stop them everytime and then they finish them :D.this time albus and grindie face to face :P

i'lll be waiting for the next chappie


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and obviously, I cannot answer your questions without ruining the plot! However, I like to see that you're thinking about what could come in the story.

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Review #4, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: Released into Civilisation

25th February 2008:
I enjoyed this chapter...and I am lookign forward for the next story... I am reallly curious on how you grow Grindelwarld's character as he is the least mentioned of all the charcters in the BOOKS...



Author's Response: Thanks for reading. I wanted to know more of Grindelwald in the books, hence why I decided to create my own image of him, since we don't actually have one from the books. Hope you continue to read.

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Review #5, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: An Escape Planned.

2nd February 2008:
Really a nice chapter and very appropriately carried.
I would like to consel you on not skipping too many years. Instead have the adventures and Quests of the next generation togahter with the current one. I know you have a plan in your mind but as you are the creator you also have the mind to mould it to make it better. I hope that you have understood my point. :)

You friend and reviewer

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. Not skipping the years will make a plot almost impossible to do. However, I might instead do a year each chapter and explain it in detail what happens in that year. Rather than jump all those years in one go.

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Review #6, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: A Change before A Duel.

11th December 2007:
Hiya mate !

Its been a long time since i checdked your stories...i liked the last two chapters but this chapter could have ended in a better way the end it seemed like fast forward..everything was happening too fsat compared to the rest of the chapter(s).

after every chapter the plot is becoming complex-er :D ...and thats the way i like it...

The tittle is Harry Potter and the Rise of the New Lords well we now have one official Lord - Lord Potter :P
Good job mate keep it up.


PS : giving you 10 for " Lord Potter ".

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. The end of this chapter was sort of rushed. Because I've not been able to dedicate any time to it, so I've just been chipping away and wanted it done. With my stories, I try to add something new in each chapter. And yes, Lord Potter is one of them. ;)

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Review #7, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: Potter's Reborn.

2nd October 2007:
I agree with you this is not as impressive as other chapters or maybe i was expecting much more than you gave in this can always re-write the parts or the whole chapter and there were some minor spelling errors i am too lazy to find them but check it out.and you could have done much more to this chapter...and written this in a more brilliant way.but i still loved the wedding :)..


and for this chater i will give6/10 and more too in the next reviews i am going to write...:)

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. I never intended it to be a good chapter. It was more like tying up loose ends.

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Review #8, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: Lust.

19th September 2007:
harry wont be left with three mothers...coz hermione id pregnent with the 1st heir. so harry has to bring back 2 lives.i liked the chapter and ginny :). i felt that the part with ginny was kinda fast paced but still it was 'intersting'.

After Hermione comes back , I am sure she will come back, if not i will not read this story.anyways back to my point..can you do something ? Can you make Hermione's child's birth a month earlier than the other 3heirs which mean that Hermione's child's birth will be a premature child completely healty and "normal" at birth but will be the most powerfull out of the four.
When I read the part where Harry says the with Cho and Samantha it was calm and with Ginny it was kinda 'rough' and 'lusty' and the similar kind of thing happened with can you make Hermione and Ginny give birth to Male childs while Cho and Sam give birth to Female child, it just suits like that. Have you decided any names yet ? I have a few names in mind which are quite "Potter Like" and also suit the personality of the childeren.

Does Dumbeldore get a feeling that something good or bad is going to happen ? coz he alerted harry before he left : use it carefully (immortality power.).was this just a co-incidence in the story or you did it can use this thing in the future to make this story or its sequel interesting.

how did the DE entered the castle where the sequrity is supposed to be maximum and the guys with blades were also there as Harry had assigned them their position.

when is the next chapter going to come out real soon i hope. keep it up with the writting work...and DONT DARE KILL HERMIONE !!

10/10 .

Author's Response: Another big review? ;P Thanks. Right ... Glad to see you're thinking about the Hermione situation. With Ginny, it was supposed to be sort of fast paced to highlight the lust for each other and I had to be careful in case it got rejected, like it did at first.

One word to support the next bit, WOW. You've really thought it through and you have already picked off my plans for the births. You've sort of got the idea, but also slightly wrong. I won't spoil it, but you'll be pleased to know it works out similar to that. I haven't got names yet.

Dumbledore does have a slight worry and something Harry asks him in the next chapter makes it worse. You'll see. And about what Dumbledore said, it was deliberate. Dumbledore knows what can happen with the power of immortality.

The Death-Eaters didn't enter the castle. They entered Harry's home. The security was Harry's but when Hermione used her wand, it gave the Ministry full access. There is more about Harry's Hunters.

Thanks for reading and the next chapter will come when I can get around to finishing it.

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Review #9, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: Love.

11th September 2007:
well okay you can coz you wrote it.i "loved" was very "interesting"...this was a quite a quick update so it is good to hope that the next chapter is coming up real soon ??

Is Ginny next ?? And i hope Because of Hormones Hermione doesnt go into depression or maddnes or something of that sort...or you could make King say the truth to Hermione through Harry so she doesnt think that harry has made up somehting though she loves and trusts Him a proper proof is a good thing to be on the "safer" side...i hope you got my point

and 10/10 for the "love" you show to this story and us reviewers by reply super fast and writing such beautiful that was quite weird to say anyways .enjoy.


Author's Response: lol, nice thoughts you have.

Thanks for reading and I hope you did like it. The next chapter is currently waiting to be validated, so yes, soon.

Read on to see who is next. The readers are thinking that it is either Ginny or Luna. I am dedicating quite a bit to Hermione's reaction.

Anyone who spends the time to review my story, will receive my time in a reply. =). A lil respect.

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Review #10, by adireadyWhy Us?: Cumpulsive Confessions

11th September 2007:
This is the Fas Up[date i i am very happy :)...the chapter was pretty good too...but how did the Death Eaters come to Hogwards ? And where is Neville,ginny and other people ?? why dint they go with Harry and all to attack ? you need to use other characters also and now you need to work on increasing the description :)..



Author's Response: ron and the other ppl's didnt come with b/c it was hermione that they wanted...and harry and hermione needed to find a place to hide out.

the description does need some work. its been a problem ive bwwn trying to fix 4 a while now.

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Review #11, by adireadyWhy Us?: True Love's Agony

9th September 2007:
ShArDaE kEeP iT uP yOu ArE dOiNg GrEaT. i WiLl ChEcKoUt ThE wEbSiTe AnD mEeT tHe AuThOuR PaGe ToDay.

ThIs UpDaTe WaS nOt ThE QuIcKeSt BuT yOu CoUlD dO fAsTeR.

8 oN 10.


Author's Response: thanx so much :) it is much appriciated that ur actually looking at the links...ur prolly the first who is :)

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Review #12, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: The Return of A King

7th September 2007:
Can i sue you for SUCH A HUGE CLIFFHANGER !
okay i drop the idea coz i want to read have my mind racing like a ferrari !! Do me a favor : dont put SUCH LARGE CLIFFHANGERS .. i have nothing to say at the moment or the next..

10 out of 10 is what you get for writting this... if i would not be a libran i would have given u 1 for this cliffy !


Author's Response: lol, thanks for reading. I'm afraid you cannot sue me under those circumstances, lol. I've got to break it to you, I've been trying to leave little cliff hangers on every chapter. So sorry ... more to come. Glad you liked it though.

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Review #13, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: Death to Immortals.

28th August 2007:
O the new king of souls ! the prince is now crowned as the king ! the EMPEROR ! well i was thinking that u should make him go back to the castle and ask dumbledore to find a new headquaters for a first ! Draco + Devil + Slytherin = GOOD? i doubt that i guess this is the mistake harry is making...but i guess u are going to give a shocker in the next chapter...and one more thing dont tll the nxt chapter's name it gives away the fun...but u can always give aways hints abt the nxt chapter :P


Author's Response: Harry isn't the King of Souls. The King of Souls has come to Harry. Harry is still the Prince of Souls. The King of Souls is a god. There is more about Draco obviously. I can reveal the next chapter title and not ruin what is to come, as it doesn't hold what is in the chapter. I hope you read on.

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Review #14, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: The Take Over

17th August 2007:
keep it up :).the vamps are goin down dawg! going down !!!

Author's Response: Thanks, lol. Hope you read on.

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Review #15, by adireadyWhy Us?: Impulsive Instincts

11th August 2007:
good dialoges !
how come harry dint notice ron's reaction ?
how come harry can actully sit and read stuff the whole day ! he should be a pain in the ass for everybody ... he and hermione have that power so he should be able to go directly to her when he loves her soo much. this hearing this is very common i hope u dont make them converse only through minds. try to make it as rare as possible.
Ron now is a death eater and he should atleast do something to show that he is not one of them. He is a good actor where has it gone ? Where are the other characters? try having more just seems that the onlyy ones in the story are Mcgonagal,tonks,harry,hermione,ginny,ron,and a bunch of deatheater with voldie...i am saying just to make the story more intresting.
there is a fair amount of developement in the plot but the last few chapters seriously lacks description of mood,enviorment and setting. try writting the next chapter, or the one after as u have done the half of 19th
, in discriptive.
i hope this review helps you and my next review is more of praise & less of advice :P
Some action please.


Author's Response: dont worry. i thought it lact characters too. but there will be more action and surprize guests in the next chapter :)

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Review #16, by adireadyWhy Us?: Impeccable Realizations

3rd August 2007:
nice chapter dont delay any longer and ya i read DH a long time back and it rocked...


Author's Response: thanx, and i read was an excellent final enstllment...but the pairings sucked. ;)

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Review #17, by adireadyThe Bottom of the Lake: Epilogue

20th July 2007:
i like to read t read it..i like to read it read it...
th story and all the chapters ingeneral have be extremely extraordinaryly written. i loved the story and your writting you are my favorite author and you will always will be...thank you for writting such a great story for all harry potter fans. thank you also to give us entertainment like no other. i hope i dont start thinking that JK has written a fan fic and you have written a real one :D..
keep it up G. if u dont write harry potter thn it will be a huge disappointment but if u ever write anything dont fergt to tellus..i would love to read anything from you...



Author's Response: Well, thanks so much adi, I really appreciate all of your positive encouragement. I do plan to keep writing something, and if anything ever develops from it, I'll be sure to let everyone know. Now we can all sit down and (hopefully) enjoy Deathly Hallows. G.

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Review #18, by adireadyThe Bottom of the Lake: This May Be It for Me

16th July 2007:
bloody bliemy what a chapter ! ohhh maann the lil vacation gave us a brand new energetic chapter.i guess u need this break.ohh abay when u posting next .and YOU ARE GETTING BETTER AND BETTER WITH THE CHAPTER CLOSING...10/10 without doubt ? y cant cho help if she dies in the process thn i guess thats the best way to get rid of her !!!eerr... where is ginny ?

Author's Response: Actually I wrote this chapter a couple of weeks ago, but I spiced it up a little when I went over it last night. Ginny is around, but did not go in the lake. I'm conveniently ignoring her. LOL. G.

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Review #19, by adireadyThe Bottom of the Lake: Be Prepared, Harry Potter

10th July 2007:


Author's Response: Settle down now. Looks like I got you a little worked up. Next chapter will be up tomorrow, so you don't have to wait long. Thanks for the enthusiasm. G.

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Review #20, by adireadyThe Bottom of the Lake: You Two Are Evil

8th July 2007:
Spendid work done in this chapter. This chapter was funny,informative (very), and very enjoyable !! where do you get these ideas for the last few lines ???

the Harry Potter Movie is comin out and bloody hell i m sooo exited !!!

I am doble excited bcoz the realse of the book is alsooo veryyy near.!!!



Author's Response: I'm not so excited about the book because I have to finish my story first! Couldn't they delay it a week or two?

I usually try to put a little hook at the end of each chapter to keep you readers coming back. LOL. Next chapter will be posted Monday evening. G.

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Review #21, by adireadyThe Bottom of the Lake: I Like to Swim

6th July 2007:
really exiting.The scene of the 'GLOWING EYES' was i guess the most humorous till now...i guess voldemort should have come to know abt the senatours coz he is VOLDEMORT!!!...Dumbledore , Voldemort or smone btn them...that line rocked>!.!>!>! Harry's character is sooo cool and so is the new Voldemort's..the last show down is gonne be kewl but what about draco???\

10/10...keep it up..

Author's Response: What about Draco? Any suggestions? That's the one significant line of the story that I haven't figured out yet.

I thought everyone would enjoy the glowing eyes scene, everyone but Hermione and Ginny. LOL.

Thanks for the 10. Check back in a day or so. G.

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Review #22, by adireadyHarry Potter and The Rise of The New Lords.: A Request Between Lovers

2nd July 2007:
woohoo...i dint like the ending coz i was thinking of sm serious ahem! actions...;).other thn that i loved the chapter...its sure gonna make it for the delay...whn the nxt chappie cmin ?

Author's Response: Thanks for reading. I purposely blocked it off, lol. I thought it was funny. Anyway, next chapter should be added shortly, then it needs to be validated. So, it will be up once that is sorted. Patience ...

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Review #23, by adireadyWhy Us?: Sinister Epidemics

2nd July 2007:
welcome back.and heavens watz a come back ! i m very happy and this CRASH is as confusing as other cliffs.good u havnt changed in ur writing style even after such a big break...ron is so dead...hermione is pregnent ???update faster now...

Author's Response: wait...did i say hermione was pregnent? i dont think i did...all i can think to say to u is: wow.

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Review #24, by adireadyThe Bottom of the Lake: The Bowels of North Tower

2nd July 2007:
holy cow.this ought to be the best chapter ever.i read it 3 times on ma pc and 2 times on my cell when i was in school ohh man u rocked the party !.

Author's Response: You sure are helping by reads count. LOL. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Check back for the next chapter soon. I'll be post basically every other day now. G.

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Review #25, by adireadyThe Bottom of the Lake: I Cannot Rest Long

29th June 2007:
bloody brilliant.having hagrid was really an exellent idea and u potrayed him extremely job with the chappie...waiting fer 22nd...


Author's Response: I didn't have Hagrid in my last story, so it was fun to write him here. Thanks for the 9. G.

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