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Review #1, by Psi_PowersThe Granger's Family Secret: Chapter 17 - Valentine's Day

24th February 2008:
if you need a beta reader to look over your stories, i would be happy to do it. i noticed quite a few grammatical errors, mainly dealing with commas. if you would like my help, please e-mail me at

Author's Response: Thanks! I will keep you in mind. Sometimes my other beta doesn't even get the chance to look over them because I have no time to send them. hehe It's my fault.

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Review #2, by Psi_PowersShampoo: Chapter Four - Hermione's Chart

10th November 2007:
omg! this is absolutely hilarious! how on earth did you come up with this? it's fantastic!

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Review #3, by Psi_PowersSnape's lost child: Chapter 8

12th June 2007:
umm, just so you know... if Snape was a pureblood, Hermione would only be half-blooded because her mother was a muggle.

Author's Response: Well, grr.*Blows rasberry*

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Review #4, by Psi_PowersSnape's lost child: Chapter 1

12th June 2007:
lol, the whole hermione being snape's daughter thing reminds me of a very strange story i once read where snape was hermione's father and remus was her mother. ?.?

lets just say it was all a bad dream of hers, which it was and then she went insane.

heh, nice intro!! you have me all interested so i shall continue to read it!

Author's Response: (Blank Stare) OK. That sounds like a very weird story.

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Review #5, by Psi_PowersBehind Closed Doors: Home Again

23rd April 2007:
That is so sad. I have a friend whose dad used to be an angry drunk. Now he only talks to his dad when he's forced to. I bet if his father still lived in the U.S. he wouldn't see anything of his son.

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