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Review #26, by witch_in_trainingThe Final Battle: A Different Sort of Task

14th August 2010:
It must've been so awful for Dennis, waiting to see if this brother was going to come back and realizing he never would. In this fic, he seems to know Colin won't be coming home like he promised, and I don't know which way is more sad.

This was well-written and kept Colin and Dennis about as in-character as you can make two minor characters in the midst of battle. I maybe would have expected a little playfulness between them, one of them trying to lighten the mood, but then it is a grave situation they're in. We're not used to seeing Colin and Dennis stuck in the middle of such serious moments, so who knows how they'd act?

Lovely perspective on their own part of the Final Battle. :)


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Review #27, by witch_in_trainingThe Final Battle: Evil Angel

14th August 2010:
Tonks and Bellatrix's banter was really clever and believeable the whole through, I thought, so good job on that. Bellatrix was hauntingly in-character, both condescending and maniacal at the same time. You also brought up an interesting topic: Death Eaters forcing the Order members to torture and kill each other using the Imperius. It's frightening to think that they could do that, and that the danger wasn't necessarily directly from the Death Eaters all the time.

Another thing, I hadn't realized it was canon that Bellatrix killed Tonks. I always thought Dolohov killed both Remus and Tonks, but I just looked it up, and you have it right. I suppose I should thank you for correcting me. :)

And now I need to go have a good cry, because this was a Tonks death fic, and it still kills me inside every time I realize she (and a lot of other characters that died in Deathly Hallows) is gone.


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Review #28, by witch_in_trainingThe Final Battle: The Dark Hufflepuff

14th August 2010:
Ha! I have a soft spot for evil Hufflepuffs -- perfect disguise, no? -- but it's funny that no one takes your main charachter seriously. And it's definitely canon for Malfoy to have a low view of Hufflepuffs; that was a good bit to put in there.

It's definitely funny to think that she probably would have stood a better chance if she was on the Order's side, yet she was so proud to be a Hufflepuff in favor of the Dark Lord. And it didn't do her a bit of good when it came to facing a Death Eater.

Clever idea! I wouldn't have thought to end it like that, and I certainly wasn't expecting it in the story. But it was a good spin on the "Dark Hufflepuff" thought.

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Review #29, by witch_in_trainingThe Final Battle: Until The World Stopped

14th August 2010:
Nice idea to throw out there that maybe the Killing Curse isn't so painless. No one would ever know, would they? All the victims, save Harry, aren't exactly able to talk about it, and he was a baby the first time he felt it. Both times it did hit him, though, we saw that he had an injury as a result -- first a scar, then his chest was aching.

I like how the title appears in the text, followed by the words "For me." Also, it's kind of sweet that she couldn't bring herself to blame him for killing her in the spirit of the battle. I wonder if some of the characters did feel that way, like it was inevitable and whoever cast the final curse was just doing what they had to.

This was a nice little piece, I'm glad I read it. :)

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Review #30, by witch_in_trainingThe Final Battle: Good on the Wrong Side

14th August 2010:
I love reading this kind of story, where you know how it all turns out but the narrator doesn't. This gives a little more perspective into how Crabbe felt about what he was doing

I liked Malfoy's little plan, and the fact that he came up with it; that's a good way to show that even though Crabbe can do Dark magic pretty well, he's still the not-too-bright character we know from the books.

This was a neat little one-shot that adds that little bit of humanity to a minor character. What he's doing is still wrong, but it gives a reason for why he thinks it's right.

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Review #31, by witch_in_trainingAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: Epilogue

5th August 2010:
If I wasn't such a procrastinator, I'd have reviewed this chapter the day it came out. My excuse is that I had to let it sink in that it's OVER. Although of course, there's that huge opening at the end that leaves tons of room for a sequel. Or, you know, a seven-story series detailing the different years of Al and Score's Hogwarts friendship.

Not that I'm suggesting anything. Just throwing that out there casually with no meaning whatsoever.

I love how Scorpius and Al's interactions changed in this chapter, like it WASN'T a huge struggle for them to wind up friends in the end. I also loved Harry's extreme prejudice despite how he always tells Al he's okay with his Slytherin...ness.

And the line comparing Avery to Voldemort was genius, if not completely unfair because Avery is much too lovely to be Voldemort. Even if he did become the next Dark Lord, he would somehow make it seem less evil and more logical, cause that's how he is.

Anyway, I'm rambling, so I'll just end by saying that I loved the story while it lasted and would definitely not object to more.

Author's Response: Hey, it's better to get a good review later than to get a less good one right away, right?

Oh yeah you're not suspicious at all.

Thank you very much! And yes, Harry's terrible - but he tries, the poor lamb.

AVERY: I have decided to take over the country. Ladies and gentlemen of wizarding Britain, I am now your king.

Thank you very much!

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Review #32, by witch_in_trainingLike Coming Home: Sixteen years later

20th July 2010:
First of all, I LOVE the title. It's what initially drew me to read this, and then I noticed who the author was, and that pretty much guaranteed a good read.

I really liked the way it went from Remus's perspective to Rosmerta's, and how their regrets about themselves and admiring opinions of the other were so similar. It just goes to show that you never know what the other person is thinking. :)

The whole thing was sweet and at the same time slightly... heart-breaking? Is that the word I want to use? My heart just ached a bit for the two of them, and how unfair life was for them both, and yet it also gave them a little bit of hope when they found each other again.

Beautiful piece!

Author's Response: Hi Sami!

I'm really happy you liked the title. I agonized over it for quite awhile. I think I got the idea from a line from Sleepless in Seattle, when Sam says that the first time he touched his wife's hand it was like coming home. -weeps over beautiful romantic movies- And there's also a song, I think, that has "like coming home" in the lyrics, but it's escaping me right now.

I really liked writing the twin perspectives here, and making their feelings about themselves and each other parallel. I wanted to explore this idea of undervaluing oneself, and it seemed stronger to me if I made both Remus and Rosmerta insecure like this. Even though it's a different take on Rosmerta than we see in the books, I saw a lot of potential for sadness and regret in her character.

I'm glad the feeling of hope came through. I wanted it to be slightly uplifting, just hinting at what could be. :-)

Thanks for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed this - it took me awhile to finally get it to a point where I was happy with it.


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Review #33, by witch_in_trainingStill Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

19th July 2010:
And the moment we've all been waiting for: Scorpius admits what we've known all along. ;) The broom cupboard scene was one of the most adorable things ever! My heart fluttered a little... what's not to love? Other than Daisy ruining the moment, I mean. But that had to happen, I suppose.

Wonderful update, Heather!

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Review #34, by witch_in_trainingHealing: One Step Forward...

19th July 2010:
Every bit of your writing is beautiful, but what's definitely your strongest point is character interaction. Every story you've written, the thing that jumps out to me above all else is how naturally they respond to each other, and the way relationships are portrayed to perfection.

I loved how Fred and George took it into their own hands to make sure Harry got when he needed, even though Fred's still recovering from his own trauma. And then the argument between the twins -- you never really see that in the series. We always see their easy humor and ability to complete each other's thoughts, but obviously they've got to have their fallouts at some point.

The last part was very touching; the twins going in search for Harry's broomstick is another thing I wouldn't have expected, but at the same time it seems to fit.

And even through all the deep moments, you manage to keep a lighter side going at the same time, and it never clashes or contradicts.

I absolutely love this story (and your writing in general) and I was so happy to see an update! Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: *Blushes from the praise*

Thank you so much! In my opinion, the best part of any book or story or show is watching characters interact, change, support each other, build friendships or families... I like to write stories that focus not just on one person, but on a bunch of people and how they interact. That said, it can be really hard to do that and make sure you keep everyone in character and don't favor some more than others, etc. I'm thrilled to hear you think I'm doing an okay job!

Fred and George getting Harry help - yeah, I figured it was about time. Ron would usually look after that, but he's a little far away right now. I figured if anyone else could get stubborn Harry fixed up, it would be the twins.

As for the argument between the twins? This is my reasoning. As twins they are closer than most siblings ever get. They spend more time together, do everything together, know each other the best. But I'm sure there have to be times that gets old, and they get on each others' nerves. I figured when they DO fight, they're probably pretty spectacular rows. No worries though, they'll get over it.

Glad you liked the broomstick bit! Been waiting to write that part for a long time.

Thank you so much for reading and for sticking with me through such a long wait! Hopefully the next chapter will be up in a week or so!

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Review #35, by witch_in_trainingAl Potter and His Very Epic Plan: Bloody Hell, Finally

16th June 2010:
I can't even begin to explain how much I love this story. Seriously. It is easily one of the most brilliant things ever, complete with the most fantastic characterizations ever. Between Al and Faith and Score and Lia and Grim and Avery and poor Kitty... basically all the Slytherins, I think my heart may burst from my love of your characters. And I even love (in a love to hate sort of way) James and Rose and Fred and Louis.

I'm pretty sure I've wound up reading most of this story like five times, since I always have to sit and bask in the brilliance of a particular line before moving on to sunbathe in the glory of the next. [/poeticness]

Slightly obsessive remarks over my love for your writing aside, I'll just finish by saying that I'm looking forward to the next chapter! But no rush, because I'm willing to wait however long you need to make it as amazing as the rest. ;) So no pressure.

Author's Response: >I can't even begin to explain how much I love this story.

I think you've done a good job of it. Rest assured I feel very smug.

You're a Kitty fan?! I didn't think anyone liked her! (well, not especially, it's not like the hordes fighting over Avery). That's really great. :D

Wow, really? That's kind of you :) I'm two thousand words into it already, at least.

Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #36, by witch_in_trainingSimply Put: Sometimes Life Throws Conflicts

15th June 2010:
The first thing I feel obligated to say is that I was not expecting any of what happened. Your summary was enough to pull me in to this story in particular, just to see what it was about. As I'm guessing was your intention, I never came close to the thought that maybe something like the Resurrection Stone would appear anywhere in the story.

This could have been really cliché (kids randomly find Resurrection Stone, must decide what to do with it), but it wasn't. Maybe it's partly to do with the fact that even though the stone had a major part in this one-shot, it wasn't the point of it, only a means of showing the point.

I like this Lily. I love how she's the kind of person who can make that kind of decision so quickly, and how you leave knowing that she won't dramatically regret it for years and years, even though you didn't say that in the text.

Thank you for such a good piece of work. :)

Author's Response: Yes! Thank you! It took me several (and I'm talking eight or nine) tries to find a plot for this. I was planning this one shot to be about a girl who lives life simply, but couldn't find something dramatic to happen that worked! Maybe someday I'll publish my other attempted plots where Lily solved people's problems matter-of-factly, but the fact that you realized the plot was secondary is just fantastic.

Anyway, thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it; as with the plot, I struggled a bit to get Lily right. ;)

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Review #37, by witch_in_trainingGoodbye: Goodbye

12th June 2010:
I think this is a really unique take on what happens after Fred dies. You always see how George feels after it happens, but I've never seen anything like this, from the point of view of a dead Fred.

I really like this take on the afterlife, too, and what Fred, Remus, Tonks, and Sirius went through after they realized they were unable to be with the ones they loved. I think that's probably true of how someone would feel when there are people still living that they don't want to let go of.

The descriptions are very smooth, and it really makes me feel like I'm there, like I've seen this version of Heaven you designed.

You might want to ask a beta to run through this really quickly, because there's a few instances where the punctuation or lack thereof in some cases makes you have to read it again in order to fully understand the sentence, but it didn't stop me from enjoying the read. :)

Good job!


Author's Response: It was really a unique fic to write. I wasn't sure what all I wanted to cover or do with it at first, but when I figured it out, I had a lot of fun writing it. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I took your suggestion and fixed the mistakes I could find, and I'm sure I've missed a bunch still.

Thank you for stopping by and review. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #38, by witch_in_trainingGoodbye Melancholia: Hideout

10th June 2010:
Hi, this is Sami from TGS. :)

I really like how the first chapter is set up. It's a nice prelude to when the real action starts, a little warning to tell you that this isn't going to be a happy story.

So far I like Arden as an OC, as well as your version of Regulus. They're likeable, but there's still a reminder that they were once devoted to the Dark Arts, and there's a realistic quality to them.

What I think is definitely your strongest point, though, is your description. I can visualize everything, without it being too much. The second paragraph, the one where you describe the basement, is just amazing.

This is definitely the beginning to a promising story!

Author's Response: Hi Sami! :)

I'm glad you like Arden and Regulus. I don't usually have as much detail for description as I do for this story so I am happy to hear that you can visualize everything. I go through different phases with writing. Maybe I should go back to this one. :D Thanks so much for the review! It made me smile.

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Review #39, by witch_in_trainingPages Recovered From The Remains Of An Exploding Basement: Log #854

4th June 2010:
Oh my gosh, I read this a week ago and loved it, but then I couldn't remember what it was! I was so sad, and then so excited when I found it again.

Hugo is absolutely perfect. I love his conversation with Rose and all the conclusions he comes to about the inferiority of the rest of humanity. He's so sure it's everyone else and not him. He's the kind of person you'd hate in real life, but love to read about.

And I also love how he thinks he's above calling his parents "mum" and "dad." Instead it's "Hermione" and full-out "Ronald." Not to mention how he refuses to refer to anything in simple terms. Prime example: This was to be my first encounter with Rose since she decided to terminate the co-habitation arrangement she had with the family unit.

Hilarious story, Rita. Will be in my favorites list forever so I never have to hunt again.

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Review #40, by witch_in_trainingGrapevine Fires: Grapevine Fires

1st February 2010:
Jane, this review has been a long time in the coming. Thank you so much for the beautiful story, it's perfect! Are you sure you've never written Snape/Lily before? The pure emotion in this fic is so angsty and wonderful and I love it. Something about it is just so right.

Best present ever!


Author's Response: Oh honestly, Sami! Don't worry about it, lol! I wasn't expecting one at all, so this was a lovely surprise ^_^. I'm SO pleased that you liked this, and I actually loved writing it too. Snape is an AMAZING character and I'm glad other people out there appreciate him.

Thank you so much for reading, reviewing and leaving me such lovely compliments.

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Review #41, by witch_in_trainingLooking For Tomorrow: Goodbye, Penny

24th December 2009:
Merry Christmas again!

I can't remember reading a fic that had Percy so... well, Percy-ish! How, pray tell, did you keep that boy in character?! Not to mention, in character and in love? I've wondered over and over about Penny and Percy's relationship, but I've never read a fanfic on them. This, however, was adorable.

And did you say you wrote this in HALF AN HOUR? Excuse me? I may have to bow down a little. In character, in love, and in half an hour. Three reasons this little fic deserve accolades.

I can hardly imagine how, after this, Percy wound up with someone else instead.



Author's Response: Having your Percy described as Percy-ish is probably one of the biggest compliments there is! And in-character?? Oh, I'm lost for words! Percy is SO hard to write because he's just so... individual. So, genuinely, I'm very flattered :)

Ahh, well I'm a bit of a Percy/Penny fan so I've read quite a few ;) Though I love Audrey, Penelope was a fellow prefect, so it's clearly a match made in heaven! How Audrey could ever compare to that is beyond me. xD

That was, and still is, the shortest time I've ever written ANYTHING in. Even my 400 word drabbles tend to take longer. I mean, I've edited bits of it now and then after posting it up here, but nothing major. (Mainly typos etc, which are the bane of my existence.)

Thank you!! *huggles* xx

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Review #42, by witch_in_trainingMisfits: Misfits

24th December 2009:
Merry Christmas, Lizzie! I'm your Secret Santa ;)

My, my, this isn't the average Next Gen, is it? Fred a goody-two-shoes, Molly the devious one, James shy, absolute indifference from everyone toward Scorpius... Definitely not a combo I've seen before!

This was put together really well. I think my favorite part is:

I mean, Mrs Norris the fourth? I’ve never liked the whole concept of naming people after someone else – it shows a serious lack of imagination, don’t you think?”

“Definitely,” I agree, and together we – Molly Weasley (II), Fred Weasley (II) and James Potter (II) –

Brilliant much? Was it on purpose that the three main characters were the II's, or did it just work out that way?

Excellent one-shot, which I as a Next Gen fan shall forever admire. ;)

Author's Response: Firstly, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEWS! They're all brilliant and have put the most ridiculous grin on my face :D Secondly, a late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too :)

I tried to be a bit different with the characterisations mainly because in all my other next-gen stories all the characters are completely cliche - James is arrogant and super confident, Scorpius is sweet and misunderstood... and then I've never actually written about Fred or Molly before, but if I had he would definitely have been a troublemaker and she would have been a bookworm.

Hehe, glad you like that part ;) And actually it was a complete coincidence - it suddenly dawned on me about half way through and I knew I just had to mention it somewhere! I couldn't resist.

Aww you're too sweet! I'm blushing. Well, practically x)

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Review #43, by witch_in_trainingI Am Man, Hear Me Roar: Dominique

19th December 2009:
This. Is. Brilliant.

How else can I describe it? I think just about everyone (including me) has their heart set on Dominique being a girl, but GOD HOW I WISH SHE WAS A GUY NOW. I think we all owe Georgia something for making you post this.

Melanie, you're amazingness personified. I can't even say anything constructive because I'm too busy laughing hysterically and loving the story. Day = made.

10/10, but that pretty much goes without saying.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Sami! Glad I could make you laugh. :-)

I can't believe how positive the response to this one-shot has been so far. I think just about everyone has their heart set on Dom being a girl, so I wasn't sure how this would go over. I'm so happy to know you like it.

Thank you again for the review!


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Review #44, by witch_in_trainingForever: Forever

30th October 2009:
Hey SamSam, happy HPFFSAD!

I can easily accept this as canon. I think it's true that Ron and Hermione (especially Ron) would probably avoid this topic for quite a while. And, of course, it would be Hermione who finally brought it up again. :D I liked how she led up to it with a few examples of the things she and Ron had done together.

A sweet ending, and my favorite line didn't come until the very end:

It took one kiss for Hermione Granger to realize that Ron loved her, but it took a second kiss to realize that he was her soulmate.

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks so much!! :D I personally love that line too

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Review #45, by witch_in_trainingDeathday: Deathday

30th October 2009:
Hey Lisa, happy HPFFSAD!

This was an interesting idea for a missing moment. The interactions between Nick and Sir Patrick are wonderful. :P And the ending -- brilliant. So Harry, Ron, and Hermione missed the Feast and got framed for attacking Mrs. Norris, all for nothing!

There were several typos throughout the piece, so a quick beta wouldn't go amiss. The most noticeable ones are probably when you typed the characters' names wrong (Mick rather than Nick, Frair rather than Friar) and the dialogue (“He’s not that great anyways.” Said a red haired one.) should be "He's not that great anyways," said a red haired one."

I love the Friar's and Nick's friendship, too, by the way. I imagine it must have been difficult retaining a close relationship for several hundred years!

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Review #46, by witch_in_trainingResistance: Resistance

30th October 2009:
Hey Jules, happy HPFFSAD!

I was browsing for a story by you to read, and since I've always wanted to read your Founders story and its prequels anyway, I thought I'd start with Rowena Ravenclaw's piece -- Ravenclaw honor and all that, you know. :P

I'm more interested than ever to read Quadrivium and the other prequels. The Rowena you showed here was exactly the Rowena I've always pictured in my mind, both in appearance and personality. And how the heck do you manage to write Founders so well?! Sometimes I get bored with such accurate depictions of Founder-era times, but something about the actual plot and events made it interesting. More than interesting -- captivating.

It's also a good examples of rulers' manipulation. I feel awful for Rowena, having to put up with her father's poor choice of a wife. I just want to know how she seduced him into thinking she's worth anything...

Fantastic job, Jules!

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Review #47, by witch_in_trainingThe Hardest Of Truths: He's dead, Ginny.

30th October 2009:
I've always loved little post-war AU one-shots where Harry dies... I'm a horrible person, I guess. >.< But this was no exception! Ron's inability to tell Ginny it was Harry and Ginny's refusal to guess it was Harry were nice touches. There wasn't much description, but I think it was better short and bittersweet than long anyway. Ron's older-brotherly attitude toward his not-so-little-anymore sister was also a good thought to include. :)

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Review #48, by witch_in_trainingSimple, Sincere, Secret: Simple, Sincere, Secret

30th October 2009:
Hey Elivania, happy HPFFSAD!

I'm not much of a Harmony shipper, but aside my own preferences, it was a cute fic, and Minerva's views strongly match my own. Who needs all the flashiness of Valentine's Day? Simple things are the sweetest, especially when they're not forced upon one another because of a date on a calendar.

This was a nice, delicate romance that you don't see too often. I liked it. :)

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Review #49, by witch_in_trainingboggart.: boggart.

30th October 2009:
Hey Stag Night, happy HPFFSAD!

How dreadfully (but beautifully) sad! I often wonder how it must feel for Sirius. Would it always truly be a good thing for your dead best friend to have an almost identical son? Would it be comforting or painful to look at him?

The fact that Sirius still sees James in his dreams is also bittersweet. He tries for Harry's sake, but his thoughts are still stuck on James. I can't blame him, either.

Great one-shot!

Author's Response: Thank you! I didn't even realise there was a staff appreciation day going on until I got a few reviews from it!

I've been torn on whether or not it's good for Sirius to have somebody who looks so much like James or not. But in Sirius's case, I think it's good. I think it would be more comforting than painful, at least until Harry does or says something that makes Sirius realise that it is not, in fact, James. And then Sirius has shown that he pulls away, quite disappointed and almost surprised. But Sirius was so close with James, I still think he kind of needed to see Harry that way. He never really got to say goodbye.

Yes, he does try for Harry. I think Sirius has been walking a thin line between reality and dreaming regarding Harry and James. Thank you for reviewing :D

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Review #50, by witch_in_trainingShift: Shift

30th October 2009:
Hey Megan, happy HPFFSAD!

This was an absolutely amazing idea for a story -- I've never read anything about the many DADA teachers that were affected by the jinx on the subject!

I liked Aminta; she seemed like an intelligent woman, and an actual competent Defense teacher. All the while I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out, how the jinx would affect her -- a bite from Fenrir Greyback was the last thing I expected!

Minerva's involvement and hints about Tom Riddle made the story even more rounded, and I almost wish Aminta could have found out for sure who Minerva was talking about. I love that name, by the way. Aminta. It's pretty, and certainly unique.

Author's Response: Hi there :)

Thank you! I don't think there are a lot of stories out there about the past DADA staff. I liked Aminta's character very much, I was sad to kill her off in Unsinkable so I wanted to tell her story a bit more. Aminta's first and last names both mean "protector or defender", I was trying for a JKR-style alliterative name with allusions. I like how it turned out. Thanks so much for the review!

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