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Review #1, by Weasley_Pigmy_PuffAs Stupid As Me: Epilogue: The Joy of Children

3rd November 2008:

absolutely loved it xDD

although, i could go with a sequel... lol

Author's Response: thanks!! haha. maybee...

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Review #2, by Weasley_Pigmy_PuffPub Love: A Magical Moment

4th June 2008:

i loev this.




nearly 1am here.
shouldm go to sleep.
over-worked. lol

it's Brilliant.
just that, BRILLIANT! XD

Author's Response: Gracias...I am happy you liked it. And...sleep is overrated...especially when there is HP fanfiction to read. Be good and thanks again. ;)

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Review #3, by Weasley_Pigmy_Puff:

4th June 2008:


sorry. it's nearly midnight and im over-hyperactive. teehee.

love the story, seems really,REALLY good! Keep writing! :DDD

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! It means a ton to me! lol. I'll try and update soon!

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Review #4, by Weasley_Pigmy_PuffFinding Fanfiction: Hermione

1st June 2008:
omfg, this is HILARIOUS.

i LOVE it.

seriously. keep. writing.
made my day.

Author's Response: Lol thanks so much!

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Review #5, by Weasley_Pigmy_PuffThis is a story of Ron and Hermione: Hermione rebuilds her home.

5th May 2008:
did I tell you I love this story?
Well, I do.
You're a really good writer, I migth say.
yay, where's the next chapter? :D

Author's Response: Heehee, thanks! The next chapter? Well, I'll post it later on today, so let's hope for a quick validation!

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Review #6, by Weasley_Pigmy_PuffSix Things I Hate About You: Rude, Long and Hard Words

16th April 2007:
hey, what's the matter with my beloved baggy jeans?
lol, im kidding, good story, i like it! ^^

Author's Response: hehehehe!! thanks a bunch!

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