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Review #1, by wazlibsgrlMagic Under My Skin: Can't Get You Out of My Head

8th November 2008:
this is really good so far, and i love how you named like half of your characters after twilight characters :D

i'm gonna keep reading now!

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Review #2, by wazlibsgrlSaving Ana: Epilogue: Not an Ending, but Happy

7th June 2008:
This story was truly inspiring! I loved it.

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Review #3, by wazlibsgrl:

29th March 2008:
That was wonderful! It was so heartfelt. Ginny is one of my favorite characters and I wish there had been more of her in Deathly Hallows. It was nice to read your take on what was going on in her head throughout book seven. Nice job!


Author's Response: Thank you! I like Ginny a lot too, I wish we'd seen more of her in DH.

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Review #4, by wazlibsgrlLight in Her Eyes: Light in Her Eyes

27th March 2008:
This wasn't bad, but I think that if you went back and edited it some it could be a lot better. A lot of your sentances seemed really short and choppy. I think that if you wrote more complex sentances the flow of your fic could be much smoother. I could tell that you were trying to write this fic with a lot of emotion, but it didn't all come across very well. I think if you put in more imagery it might help with that.

I really liked the idea for this story. It was very original and I enjoyed reading it. I haven't really read many fanfics with Dean as the main character, so I'm glad you wrote this.

Good Job!



Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #5, by wazlibsgrlA Little Secret: Mouth Shut

12th March 2008:
I actually thought that was really good. I would keep it at this though and not write the second chapter. The way you ended it was perfect.



Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #6, by wazlibsgrlMaggie: Who Said Detention Wasn't Dangerous?

8th March 2008:
oh wow!

why did you have to leave me with a cliffie?!?!?

i can't wait to find out what happens next!

Update as soon as you can!

Author's Response: if i didn't have a cliffie, it would be no fun.

there you go.

i like making you suffer.

not really, lol lol sorry

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Review #7, by wazlibsgrlPushing the brink of insanity.: From Yesterday

22nd February 2008:
great chapter. I love how you added in the twist with the prophecy! I can't wait to find out what that's all about!!


Author's Response: Thanks! And thanks for reviewing!

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Review #8, by wazlibsgrlSummer of Uninvisibility: Shirtless Boys, Castle Making Toys, and Hallway Showdowns

19th February 2008:
great chapter!!! I can't wait to read more!!

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Review #9, by wazlibsgrlThe Staircase: I've Become So Numb

18th February 2008:
That was amazing.



Author's Response: Thank you very much, wazlibsgrl!

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Review #10, by wazlibsgrlGame On: The Beginning of everything...

18th February 2008:
This seems like a very interesting plot. Some of it seemed very confusing and rushed, but I have a feeling you probably meant for it to since the reader doesn't really know what is going on.

One mistake I did notice was this:


Fred and George are actually 2 years older than Harry so if it was the end of harry's third year, it would have been the end of the twins 5th.

This seems very interesting, I'm going to keep reading!


Author's Response: I had it in their fourth, but I had to change it at the last minute, so they're in their 4th in my story. Sorry.

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Review #11, by wazlibsgrlMaggie: I Like Floors. I think.

18th February 2008:
i love the new banner

it is amazing


p.s. please update soon

Author's Response: thanks it is by fredthefrog252, my best friend, who does all my banners and chapter images and is totally AMAZING

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Review #12, by wazlibsgrlA Night Around The Kitchen Table: A small trip down memory lane...

8th February 2008:
that was cute!

i loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you:)

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Review #13, by wazlibsgrlMaggie: That's Like, Totally Magmatronic

8th February 2008:
kind've short and uneventful, but it was still funny!

can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: good i'm glad you thought it was funny

sorry not much happened, it was more of a filler

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Review #14, by wazlibsgrlSummer of Uninvisibility: What Must Become

7th February 2008:
good chapter...kind've short though :(

i can't wait to read the rest! update soon!!!

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Review #15, by wazlibsgrlPushing the brink of insanity.: Oh! Gravity.

4th February 2008:
This chapter was great, I can't wait for the next.



Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by wazlibsgrlNew York's Secret: Change of Scenery

1st February 2008:
NIce twist!! This is getting really good! I can't wait to read the rest!


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Review #17, by wazlibsgrlBitten: Out of Control

19th January 2008:
This chapter was really good! I really liked how you made Malfoy point out how Hermionie shouldn't be pitying herself so much and that there were people worse off than her. I also like how you're not making Malfoy an extremely nice and completley come over to the good side. A lot of times fanfics change his character completley, but I like how you still have him making snide remarks and being rude to Hermionie. Great job! Update as soon as you can!!


Author's Response: Yeah, I realized when I read through the chapter before posting it that he was a little too nice, so I went back and made him a tad meaner XD Malfoy has to be mean; I totally agree with you about the Malfoy turning a good guy thing, even though that was kind of what JKR suggested towards the end of book 7...

Anywho, thank you so much for reviewing :D

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Review #18, by wazlibsgrlMaggie: Oh. Oh My.

16th January 2008:
This is so good!

I can't wait for the next chappie!!


Author's Response: thanks man x

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Review #19, by wazlibsgrlBecoming Visible: Watching the Bullies

12th January 2008:
This is getting better and better with each chapter. I really like how you threw in the twist with Nancy not being the leader of the group. I'm really intrested to see where you're going with that.

I like that you gave some back ground on all the bullies, but I think that you could've done it in a more creative way. Like if you had centered it around what they were all doing during one specific time when they were bullying someone or something. It seemed kind've like you were just listing what all of them were like and I think if you explained their characters in a more creative way that part could have a lot more flow.

I can't wait to see what happens at Quidditch practice! And please bring David back soon, I miss him already :( lol.

Great Chapter!!!


Author's Response: Hmm... you're right about the listing part, thanks. David will be coming back soon :D so don't worry. It might take a while to update though, because I'm editing the earlier chapters.

I'll try to do one edit and then on new chapter and go like that so it doesn't take fooorreeevvveerrrr.

Thank-you so much for your review!


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Review #20, by wazlibsgrlMaggie: Officer? I'm in Trouble

11th January 2008:
This is really really good, I can't wait to read the rest!! It's going on my favorites! I really like Maggie's character too. A lot of times original characters aren't as witty and funny as I like them to be, but I really like how you're portraying Maggie. Great Job!!



Author's Response: thanks darl

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Review #21, by wazlibsgrlShe's Invisible: Chapter Four: Nearly Perfect

11th January 2008:
This is really good! My computer froze yesterday while I was reading it so I had trouble finding it again today but luckily I did. I did notice a few gramatical errors in the last few chapters but nothing that was major or that really distracted from the story.

I was so surprised that Lily and Remus are going along with the bet. I thought that seemed a little out of character for them, but I'm intrested to see where you're going to go with that. This story is a lot different than I expected it to be when I first started reading, but I really like the twist you put in it, and like I said I'm really intrested to see where you're going with it.

I was kind've dissappointed that this chapter was so short but I'm glad you didn't try to add in a bunch of random details to make it longer. A lot of writers end up doing that and it just makes it worse. Anyway, I can't wait for the next chapter!! Update as soon as you can!


Author's Response: Err... Thanks... And by the way the whole Lily and Remus going a long with it will be explained... at some point.

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Review #22, by wazlibsgrlShe's Invisible: Plain Jane

10th January 2008:
This is really good so far and I like that it's really emotional. I'm going to keep this review kind've short because I want to keep reading, but I want to mention one thing really quickly. I noticed you had quite a few run on sentances, especially in the part where you were describing the marauders. For example:

He was very popular and could’ve done really well with the ladies but he only had eyes for the pretty Lily Evans that’s not to say that he didn’t date much but not as often as some of his friends.

It might help if you break some of your sentances up into smaller sentances or at least add in some commas where they can be used correctly.

Other than that this is great so far!!


Author's Response: uhh... Thanks for pointing that out! I'll try to cut down on them.

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Review #23, by wazlibsgrlPushing the brink of insanity.: Blind

2nd January 2008:
This is really really good! It really like the plot line. The only complaint I have is that it all seems to be happening really fast. This is still one of the most amazing fanfics I've ever read though!! Update soon! This is going on my favorites!


Author's Response: Thank you!!

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Review #24, by wazlibsgrlThe Joys of Potions Class: Chapter 3 - Pooh Bear Pyjamas

2nd January 2008:
This is great so far. I really like how you're developing the characters and I like the twist with the personality changes. I'll definatley be keeping an eye on this story, update soon!


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Review #25, by wazlibsgrlSummer of Uninvisibility: Interaction with the Devil

2nd January 2008:

they kissed!!!

i am seriously addicted to your story, please update soon!


Author's Response: Well, it's a good addiction. I'm addicted to the reviews!

And yes, SQUEEE!

Thanks for the review!

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