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Review #1, by x3myheartbeatKindred Spirits: Not A Killer (Prologue)

20th April 2008:
you work at circle k right? because this is jenny, you gave me your user name. i just want to make sure its the right person.

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Review #2, by x3myheartbeatA Gamble of Fate: Notes of Tears

24th June 2007:
heyy its jenny. story is cute.

Author's Response: Hehe thanks! i'm on the phone with you now *teen giggle* . Thanks ! Lemme know if you want me to update ;)

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Review #3, by x3myheartbeatIntoxicating Obsession: Memories

6th June 2007:
okay so this storie was def. amazing haha =] you should do a sequel or somthing =D

Author's Response: Thanks!! :)

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Review #4, by x3myheartbeatThe Dangers of Mistletoe: Chapter 24 Epilogue

5th June 2007:
ok so this story was pretty amazing. when i saw the pairing i was like... err. im use to ready hermione and draco stories and blaise and ginny or harry and ginny. but it was different and i liked it. so kudos to you =D

Author's Response: Thank you. I love putting the opposite people together. There is just so much opportunity for snark.

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Review #5, by x3myheartbeatLove and Let Love: Confronting The Devil

21st May 2007:
eeek. plz update

Author's Response: =P

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Review #6, by x3myheartbeatSugar Quills and I Love Yous': Sugar Quills and I Love Yous'

12th March 2007:
cute haha

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #7, by x3myheartbeatThe Photo: The Photo

12th March 2007:
that was cute. u should continue it and say what hermione does for revenge.. =]

Author's Response: thanks! ive started the sequel, ive done 2 chapters and I just have to wait for this one to revalidate (coz i redid it) and then it will be posted. its called sweet revenge (yea i know, totally not imaginative but wotev. deal with it!) so check it out!!

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