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Review #1, by Chelsea_BlackTrapped: One Strange Detention

15th February 2009:
OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY! its amazing i can't wait until chapter 9!

Author's Response: thanx so much!

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Review #2, by Chelsea_BlackWith or Without You: Bright Ideas

15th February 2009:
OMFG!! I just read Wilde and Wood and this story all at once!!! Yes it took me sooo much time and i still have my term paper to finish BUT i absolutly love this story, i really do hope you pick it up again, as i see the recent update hasnt been recent haha but PLEASE! I love everytime my stomach gets this drop when something else comes into the picture, i absolutely LOVE IT!!

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Review #3, by Chelsea_BlackHypnotic Avocation: Unexpected Gifts

14th February 2009:
Oh my gosh! haha i absolutely LOVE this story so fricken much! It's so hard to find a Oliver wood story and this one is actually a good Oliver Wood story! haha i absolutely LOVE it! I can't wait until Charis and Oliver realize that they were friends and i'm hopeing that once she finds her necklace, which i hope she does, he realizes it. I absolutly HATE this Sorrel girl, i mean who does she think she is, whenever Charis has a guy she is happy with and who make her happy Sorrel goes and takes him away from her. Again I absolutely LOVE this story and CANNOT wait until chapter 12!

Author's Response: Oh my god you have no idea what a happy little girl you have made me. Seriously! This is such a huge compliment, I can't get over it. Thank you! Exactly! Cheers for people who can see directly through Sorrel. I'll most definitely try to update as soon as possible! Please keep coming back and checking. Thanks again for the incredibly sweet review!

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Review #4, by Chelsea_BlackSiriusly In Love: Confession and Heartbreak

8th November 2008:
awww this such a cute story i love it!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #5, by Chelsea_BlackThe Child: Decisions

28th April 2008:
ahhh!!! i love this story! Ths chapter must be my ultime favorite though. It made my stomach turn at the first paragraph, no other author has done that befpre! haha amzing story i love it!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it so muhc. Makes me happy. I hope your feeling okay - lol - stomachs should stay where they are. *Joking* Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #6, by Chelsea_BlackIt's Always Been You: Epilogue

8th April 2008:
hey! I just finished reading this amazing story and i absolutly loved it! i love how you kept Ernie in it through out the entire story and not just up until ginny and harry made up, which some writers do. Anyway thanks alot for making this amazing story and i loved reading every single word to it!

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Review #7, by Chelsea_BlackA Trick of Time: Perspective

4th April 2008:
Dear Jeannie This story has to be my ULTIME favorite story. It was written beautifully and the plot was amazing. I loved how everything tied into one another and it just was the best James/Lily story that i have ever read and will ever read. The authors note at the end was what struck me a lot. It was very meaning full and full of wisdom. I'm only 14 and i will deffinetly remember what you have written in that note. And it's so true, people can change and things may happen the way that you didn't want it too. Even though Lily knew that Gwen would die there was no way of Lily saving her. I liked how Gwen actually did die and not magically come back to life. You made a plot and stuck to it the entire story and i loved it. I admire you very much and your writting, i can not wait to read more of it.

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Review #8, by Chelsea_BlackThe Fine Line Between Love and Hate: The Perfect Boyfriend

11th February 2008:
Awww that was an AMAZING! chapter i really did enjoy it. Also i was just wondering who is the actor in your banner that plays James. I just saw a movie with him in it and i totally forgot which movie and who he is lol again amazing story

Author's Response: Dear Chelsea Black,
Thanks so much! The guy that is James on the lovely banner is Jonathan Bennett from Mean Girls :)
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #9, by Chelsea_BlackSo I Thought: Goodbye

3rd November 2007:
i am crying so bad rite now. I thought Sirius's speech was amazing but really, really sad. There is one line that you put in the story and i don't know it just really drew me in, "Death did not pick and choose; it just stole whatever, whomever, it could get its hands on." I just really think tht is an amazing line to put in Siriu's thoughts at the time.

I am really sorry about boy in your Performing Arts class and it is really strange how people die just like that, out of anyone's ability to save them, and it's scary too because i'm fourteen too and i just don't think of anyone in my grade or around my age dying. There is line from one of Jesse McCartney's songs that is so true, "Who thinks about leaving when you're livin'" the song is called Invincible, its really sad when you know what everything means and it is based on a true story so you might not want to check it out at the moment but its there. I'm really sorry and if you need anyone to talk to, i'm here. But amazing story and again it is amazingly well written, there aren't that many stories that i've found that hare this well written. 10/10

Author's Response: Eee, really glad you liked that part! And I'm happy you think it's well written. -dances-
Yeah. It's just ... weird. And sad.
Thank you =)

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Review #10, by Chelsea_BlackSo I Thought: Always Later

31st October 2007:
Hey! I started to read your story but only read the first chapter and got intrested but this is really good. Not only the plot but the writing is AMAZING and trust me not that many peoples writing is AMAZING. I really enjoy this story and i cannot wait until the next chapter, i love it!

Author's Response: Aww, thanks for the nice review! =)

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Review #11, by Chelsea_BlackThe Fine Line Between Love and Hate: Enticing the Enemy

31st October 2007:
AH! AMAZING CHAPTER! lol i absolutly love this story, i actually just watched sweet home alabama the like three weekends ago so the movie is fresh in my mind. I also liked how you said you are basing it upon the movie yet it isn't axactly word-from-word type of thing because you may be surprised but there are some stories out there like it lol amazing sotry!

Author's Response: Dear Chelsea Black,
Thank you sooo much!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #12, by Chelsea_BlackBeautiful Mistake: A Coward

28th October 2007:
hey, by the way this is my 300th review lol, anyway AMAZING chapter. It seems to me that Sirius still likes Chloe but is mad at her and will not show that he likes her. I really like the story so far and can not wait for chapter 8

Author's Response: Lol. Definitly something to be proud of. I have no idea how many reviews I've given... anyhow... Glad you thought it was AMAZING. I wasn't sure if people would get that so much; that Sirius still likes Chloe. Though, I guess I made it rather obvious since he is off snogging every girl in Hogwarts. I cannot wait chapter 8 either ;) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #13, by Chelsea_BlackI Am Morgan.: Flashbacks

4th October 2007:
awww this chapter is so cute i really love this story 'never on morgan' awww lol that was so cute

Author's Response: Thank you
I thought of that line like last mintute
glad you like it

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Review #14, by Chelsea_BlackThe American Lupin: Marauders go to Town

3rd October 2007:
Hey i really enjoy these first few chapters, not mcuh to say so far since its basically the beginning but i cannot wait until the next update, the story is really good

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Review #15, by Chelsea_BlackHow To Save A Life: Chapter 25:Epilogue.

23rd September 2007:
AH! I am so extreamly sad, my eyes are watering right now! I absolutly love this story, it is my favorite on hpff, when my computer didn't work and i only had time to read one story i made sure that it was this one. I absolutly LOVED this ending chapter. I loved how you wrote what everyone did as a job and i was thiking ' wow this epilouge is better then J.K. R's' and no i'm not just saying it b/c even though no one can top JKR you are very very close. You did not leave any unopened questiions for the reader to question about.

Throughout the entire story i've been wondering who saved who's live (i knew it would be an emotional saving)n in the beginning i spent alot of time on and looking up these lyrics and reading ppl's posts and i still couldn't figure out who the 2 ppl wre, but now i know and i think it made alot of sense 4 Rory to be saving Jamie's life, i can't believe i didn't reaize it but it was always there in front of me, jamie always had said something like Rory is always w/ me. Anyway, i'm suppose 2b doin homework so i gotta go ttyl and i will most deffinetly check out LIar Liar

Author's Response: Me too. ahh that means so much to me. It was hard for me to write this chapter, but I had to.

Yes it was Rory and Jamie all along. I knew that people thought that I chose the name because of chapter twenty.Well thank you so much Chelsa, because I always would look forward to your review. I hope to see you in Liar, Liar


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Review #16, by Chelsea_BlackHow To Save A Life: Chapter 24: Father and Daughter

4th September 2007:
EK!I was SO happy to read this, tomorrow i start school and i was so depressed but then i saw your update and it made me happy lol. AMAzing chaapter, i can not wait for the next and i can not wait until the next of Liar, Liar (awsome story so far) I lloved how things turned out and i am absolutly glad that you wan't be doing a sequeal at first i was sure i would like one but now knowing more of the ending i agree, its better off with out it.

Author's Response: thaks! haha I know! YAY YOU READ LIAR, LIAR!!!!!! Haha thanks!

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Review #17, by Chelsea_BlackI Am Morgan.: A Bet

13th August 2007:
Hey! i loved this chapter and i absolutly loved when lily said that morgan joined in more pranks then peter, i know how Peter's relationship was with the others but it showed me how close they really were, awsome job!

Author's Response: Thank you
I'm updating fast yippie!!
Please check out my other story =)

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Review #18, by Chelsea_BlackStrictly Forbidden: Chapter Twenty Two

13th August 2007:
AW! lol the ending was sooo cute! I love the way that you made Lily give James a back massage, that was very unique. I can not wait until ch.23!

Author's Response: hehe thankyou! well i wanted to do something different and i thought that being james at the moment would make him very tense lol. hmmm... so do i cause i havent finished writing it yet lol

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Review #19, by Chelsea_Black:

12th August 2007:
Hey! I found this story under the Ron/OC page and i was SO excited to read it, once i clicked the first chapter i read the others note and realized that this was a seqeal and i was like "omega now i have to read ANOTHER story just to read this one?" So i went back and read the first chapter of 'Invisible' and i thought, 'wow this ain't bad, Ami sounds pretty cool' and so i was addicted, I stayed up ontil 1:30 in the morning and i still had three more chapters to go so i stopped there, still on the edge of my seat, and went to bed. I woke up and immediatly finished the story. I'll start with comments with Invisible (if i remember everything i wanted to say lol)

Okay number one, Terry was a COMPLEATE! Jackass and i can't believe that he would cheat on his BEST FRIEND. two, i loved how Ami came upon the trio, the trick was so really funny. Three, i absolutly loved that Neil Thompson was Regulus Black that was really cool thinking and last but certinetly not least the best part of the story that i was cracking up SO much (and long) over. "...Our name SAYS Ravenclaw, but our aminal is an eagle!" I raised my eyebrows and nodded at him.

that is in the the chapter when she gets drunk, it was just so funny lol.

Now for I'm still here (i hope your still here,reading) Anyway AMAZING sequeal, at first when i found out that Ami got pregnant and she was married i was like 'UG NOOO! What about Ron?' and now i'm still pretty upset now she's 'dating?' her boss. but i trust 100% with this story, i also loved how Kisten (which i've messed up so many times and call him Kristen by accident lol) met 'the dragon man.' this is any AMAZING series and your an awsome writer, i'm still laughing about my favorite part lo. anyway ttyl!


Author's Response: O__O Oh wow... You stayed up that late just to read my story? WOW! I always criticize my writing, but then, every once in a while, I get a review like yours and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, ESPECIALLY this one. You read all of Invisible and what I have for I'm Still Here and I want to thank you SO much! And, hahaha, you just happened to pick my personal favorite part from the chapter I absolutely had the most fun writing with my co-writer. (I also liked her poem, which is from that same chapter.) Don't worry about Kisten's name. It was actually a name I had read in a book about Vampires and I thought it said Kristen, too, until I saw the 'he' and the 'man' which forced me to reread what I though I read.

I'm glad you're enjoying my story and I hope you continue to love it like I love writing it. Hope to hear from you soon! (And never be afraid to write a long review, I always read all of my reviews AND I read them all the way through, no matter what the length.) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #20, by Chelsea_BlackRevealing Too Much: All These Things

11th August 2007:
UGGG! AWFUL STORY I WANT TO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE IF YOU CONTINUE IT! PLEASE STOP!!...just kidding. Amazing story, i can't wait for the rest! I also loved your summary it was really catchy

Author's Response: Hahahahah thank you so much!

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Review #21, by Chelsea_BlackOliver's Girl: Nothing

10th August 2007:
AWWW! This is an amazing chapter, i absolutly loved it! I loved how they said 'i love you' and i loved Olivers confession. Wow, alot of 'love' in that review lol. Anyway, i can't wait for chapter 13 and it was funny because you posted today and i was wondering when the next post to this story would be.

Author's Response: I've had it in line for over a week. meaning its over due. Normally I post the next chapter on the same day the one before it was validated so they get out quicker. thanks for the review


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Review #22, by Chelsea_BlackThe Fine Line Between Love and Hate: Hating James

10th August 2007:
Hey! I was looking under the Sirius/OC catagory (on purpose) but i was really looking for a James/Lily story lol. Anyway i found this story and I thought the summary was so cool and i loved Sweet Home Alabama so i was like, 'this should be good there only 7 chaoters and there is 92 reviews,pretty good' so i checked it out and now i am on the edge of my seat, i absolutly LOVE this story and i love the originalality of the story. I absoulutly loved the fact that she is friends with Sirius, i absolutly loved the way you wrote that one sentence (i don't rememeber exactly) but it was like once she was leaving Sirius realized that Lily was his closest friend that was a girl. I really feel sad toward James, yes he was stupid when he was eleven but i liked it because that is really how an eleven year old guy would probaly do when stuck in that situation. I am extreamly sorry if you mentioned this in your story but i was wondering what year they are in, again i am so sorry. This story is AMAZING! and i can not wait until chapter 8! 10/10

Author's Response: Dear Chelsea Black,
Wow, what a kind review! I very glad that you enjoy the story! As for the year, they are now in year 5. Thank you so much and I am really happy that you found this story by chance=)
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #23, by Chelsea_BlackPen Pals for Life: Torture and Staged Fights

9th August 2007:
hey! I just started to read this story and it is AMAZING! i absolutly LOVE it and i can not wait for more!

Author's Response: Wow!!! I'm glad you liked it!


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Review #24, by Chelsea_BlackLove Hurts: Youíre Not Alone

8th August 2007:
Hey! awsome chapter, i'm so glad that you updated but thats all right, i kind of did forget the story so i had to re-read things but thats all right, amazing story and i want her to be with sirius!!! lol can't wait for 22

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Review #25, by Chelsea_BlackResentment: The End

8th August 2007:
hey, wow. that was an extreamly sad ending, you probaly have heard this before but it seemed that the ending was kind of cut off and you just wanted to end it but it was an amazing story and i loved every chapter, i hope you wrote another story (not a sequeal but of something else because you are an awsome writer)

Author's Response: yeah, i was going for whole 'sad ending' thing... but in some ways it was happy, if you look a bit deeper into their words... :)
i have started a new story!... dangerously in love... new situations, new characters.... hope you enjoy!
thanks for your review,

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