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Review #1, by Elle WintersMy Sister's Fianc: Chapter Twenty: Maternal Instincts

21st August 2011:
Really good, thanks for updating :)

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Review #2, by Elle WintersMy Sister's Fianc: Chapter Nineteen: The Circumstances Change

27th February 2011:
Great stuff! 10/10 well done!

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Review #3, by Elle WintersStill Delicate: Return To Hogwarts

22nd July 2010:
Absolutely lovely and very romantic:)

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Review #4, by Elle WintersAn Epilogue: Story Text

13th June 2009:
Think the last review was very rude. You've at least explained how it came about. Good work:)

Author's Response: Haha, thanks much. XD Well, everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion... :)

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Review #5, by Elle WintersStill Delicate: Compromise

9th June 2009:
I honestly think you're being a little harsh on yourself - this was a good chapter. If your 'bad' chapters are all like this then you've nothing to worry about:P

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Review #6, by Elle WintersMy Sister's Fianc: Chapter Five: Torn

20th March 2009:
I checked to see if this was updated earlier and was sad to see it wasn't and then I just looked again now and was like, wow! Yay! Good chapter, can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: haha yay! haha thanks! =]

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Review #7, by Elle WintersStill Delicate: O Come Let Us Abhor Him

4th February 2009:
Aw, I love Daddy Scorpius:P Very good, don't worry about the wait - it's always worth it!

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Review #8, by Elle WintersWorld War III: The Bathroom

1st February 2009:
Oooh, finally!! Love (or should I say lust?) is in the air!

Author's Response: yes! finally!

lol, yes. right now i think its got a bit more lust then love in the air! =] but were getting there!

thanks so much for the review! =D very much appreciated!

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Review #9, by Elle WintersWorld War III: Trouble Switch: On

12th January 2009:
Short but sweet. Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: yeah... it was only after i put the chapter in for validation that i realised how short the chapter was. i normally write longer chapters...

so to make up for it, im making the next chapter super long! =D well hopefully not too long, but yeah! its long!

thanks so much for the review! =]

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Review #10, by Elle WintersWorld War III: Buckets of Spiders

10th January 2009:
Oh, I want more! It's really funny, lol!

Author's Response: excellent! thats my aim - to get ppl hooked! =D

do not worry, the next chapter is in the validation queue, so you won't hve to wait too long, i hope. because the queue justkeeps getting longer, i hope it validates soon!

thanks so much for the review! =D

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Review #11, by Elle WintersWorld War III: Christmas Preperations

10th January 2009:
There a slightly odd bit in this chapter where you start talking in first person, lol. Good chapter though!

Author's Response: =O i never noticed! no other review has pointed that out, so i will go in and check that (of course)

the thing is at the time i ws writing my other story (which ive abandoned) and thats in first person. so i mustve just gotten a little confused with the writing style =S

thanks so much for the review! =D

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Review #12, by Elle WintersWorld War III: McGonagall's Had Enough

10th January 2009:
Lol. This made me smile. I shall keep going, I think:P
By the way, there's a new chapter of The Potter and The Weasley Kids Do Hogwarts, just in case your interested. Your review, along with a few others, made me decide to have another go, so thank you:)

Author's Response: awesome! for two reasons: another reader and another chapter of Potter and Weasley kids do Hogwarts! =]

i hope you continue with that story! =]

thanks so much for the review! =]

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Review #13, by Elle WintersStill Delicate: Welcome To My World

9th January 2009:
Absolutely fab. Keep up the great work#!

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Review #14, by Elle WintersMy Sister's Fianc: Chapter Two: Emotions

23rd December 2008:
Hey, I just wanted to add something about chapter four that I thought of to make the ending a bit more dramatic.
Instead of saying 'our' baby maybe Dominique could say 'your' baby?
Just an idea but obviously it's your story and you might've written the next chapter based on that line, so best not to change it:P
Brilliant story though! Eagerly awaiting the next chapter!!

Author's Response: ohh. yeah. thanks! i might actually do that!

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Review #15, by Elle WintersMy Sister's Fianc: Chapter Three: Explosions

22nd December 2008:
This is a really good story - I'm glad I found it!
What a horrid situation to be in - mainly because, either way, Teddy, Victoire and Dominique's relationships can never be the same again!!

Author's Response: yay! thanks!! =]

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Review #16, by Elle WintersDelicate: Call Me Mum

17th December 2008:
Aw - what a lovely ending!
The BEST fanfiction story I think I've ever read on ANY site!
And well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D

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Review #17, by Elle WintersA Run In With Ursa Major: A Run In With Ursa Major

11th December 2007:
Ron grinned. “But she always ends up letting me.”


After Hermione refused to lend Ron her notes, he trudged scowling out to the grounds.

^^^Genius, lol!
Totally cute, too:)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I loved putting those two lines back-to-back since Ron was so sure that she'd let him, but alas, she didn't. ; )

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by Elle WintersThe Wedding: He doesn't love you Lily...

11th December 2007:
Poor poor Sev:(
Nice one-shot, well done:)

Author's Response: Thank you for your review!

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Review #19, by Elle WintersFoolish...or not?: Tea and sympathy

9th December 2007:
"Ron grabbed her hand, leaned in from behind and whispered in her ear so that only she could hear, “You are anything but foolish.”

So totally cute.
Glad these two FINALLY got it together!
Awesome one-shot, well done:)

Author's Response: Thank you so much, that's my favorite line in the story...the line the whole story revolves around. I'm glad you it meant something to you. Thanks for reviewing! :o)

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Review #20, by Elle WintersForesaken: The End

8th December 2007:
[continuing response from below review - I clicked the wrong button lol:P]

I'd NEVER let Ron die - I love his character far too much!
Thanks for reviewing!:)

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Review #21, by Elle WintersTutoring James Potter: Wafts and Thestral Drool

26th October 2007:
That was really funny!
But James being cold towards Lily? That's a turn up for the books!
I did get confused early on when you used 'I', as though there were an extra person with the Marauders, but I assume it was just James' thoughts.
Very good though!

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Review #22, by Elle WintersMy Daughter's Father's Fiancee: Epilogue

26th October 2007:
Aw, such a nice ending!
Loved the newspaper clippings at the end!
Nice job:)

Author's Response: thanks! =]

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Review #23, by Elle WintersGrey Clouds: For What I Once Was

25th October 2007:
Just finished reading it (obviously)!
I found this in my favourite stories and thought, 'hmmm, I sholud read this', so I did!
When I was reading chapter 25, something didn't feel right - not because Ginny chose Harry, but because of the way it was written - you could tell something had changed in Ginny, and that was very good.
I'll definitely be looking out for the epilogue.
Nice story:)

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Review #24, by Elle WintersOnly Her: Only Her (Default)

28th September 2007:
And the best quotes are:
“I’m not going.”
“What?” The other Marauders wheeled around, Peter almost whacking an unsuspecting first year with his trunk.
“I just don’t feel like it.”
“But James,” Peter squeaked, “It’s your house!”

He cleared his throat and bellowed after James “Just lay off the fire-whiskey, mate” earning disapproving looks from all the teachers.

You could have knocked James over with a feather.

Loved it:)

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Review #25, by Elle WintersMum & Ron: Mum & Ron: Part One of Two

28th September 2007:
Oh, awesome!
Absolutely love it!!

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