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Review #26, by XharrysdarlingXShoe.: My Shoe, Of Course.

17th April 2010:
That was really good, Harry & Luna can be so sweet together and you did a great job with capturing Luna's character.

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #27, by XharrysdarlingXOn the Verge of Dementia: Mad and Demented

17th April 2010:
Not disburbing like I thought it was going to be when I first started reading it, but a rather touching portrayal of Draco and his feelings for someone who is out of his grasp even though she's there with him.

It might sound a bit morbid, but I really liked the ending, he had suffered along with her and then he couldn't seem to live without her, appeals to the romantic in me lol.

Good job, I really enjoyed it.

Author's Response: thank you so much! i really enjoyed writing this and liked the ending too. it added something, i think.

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Review #28, by XharrysdarlingXA Light In The Dark: Reality Hits Back (In The Form of Pansy Parkinson)

17th April 2010:
Aww!! They are so cute in this chapter lol, the Draco/Luna exchange at the end really made me smile.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, more to come (soon hopefully!) thanx for the review! = )

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Review #29, by XharrysdarlingXFrozen Moonbeams: Frozen Moonbeams

20th January 2010:
Luna is my favourtie female character so it's alwasy great to come across stories soley about her. This was a lovely one shot, I thought you catpured the essance of Luna really well, and even though the chronology was backwards and let us kow what was happening straight off, it didn't spoil the story at all and was easy to follow.

Very well written, I really enjoyed it!!

Author's Response: For Staff Challenge 5 killing off your favourite character was the aim, and I couldn't think of anyone I liked more than Luna, so it's great that you're a fan too! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it too! It also makes me so pleased that you thought the chronology worked well - it was an experiment for me and confused a few people, but I'm glad that someone out there liked it :P.

Thank you SO much for reading and reviewing. It's very much appreciated.

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Review #30, by XharrysdarlingXBetrayal: Again

18th January 2010:
So not the happy ending I was looking for lol, pure angst all the way through. You made me feel really sorry for both of them.

I'm not happy with this (only because of the way it all turned out lol), you did a good job with keeping me on the edge of my seat, wondering what Draco was really going to do.

Author's Response: lol i'm sorry! i'll write another one, with a happy ending soon! :D

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Review #31, by XharrysdarlingXPromises: Why you?

18th January 2010:
That was so sad!! I really hate it when there's not a happy ending for Draco & Luna lol.

I notice that there's a sequel up so I'll be tootling off to read that one now in the hopes that there will be happiness lol.

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Review #32, by XharrysdarlingXOn Another Hand: The Story

16th January 2010:
i love it!! Draco Malfoy with a hand fetish!! Genius lol.

Really cute one shot, I really enjoyed it!!

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Review #33, by XharrysdarlingXA Light In The Dark: A Growing Acquaintance

16th January 2010:
Luna definately has Draco down pat doesn't she? Very Luna to be able to see whatt he hides away, you've done a good job with that aspect of her character.

this is only the second chapter of your story, so I obviously have no idea where you're going with the plot, but just be careful that you don't rush the friendship/ relationship between Draco & Luna.

Nice job so far.

Author's Response: Yeah, I am trying so hard to not rush the relationship but the fluff-lover side of me is not wanting to wait. I'm working on it though! glad you like it! = )

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Review #34, by XharrysdarlingX"There Goes My Life": There Goes My Life

10th January 2010:
This was really great! i really enjoyed reading it. My favourtie was the relationship between Snape & Harry, and I think you did a great job showing Harry's different range of emotions throughout his life and the different situations a new parent can find themsevles in.

Another great story! Well done!!

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Review #35, by XharrysdarlingXA Stranger in the Dark: The astronomy tower

13th October 2009:
I really liked Luna in this first chapter. I always think of Luna as a character who has a soft bravery, (I know that sounds weird), but she's just so gentle, but so strong underneath it all and not afraid to be herself or say what she thinks/feels. I think you brought that out of her in the interactions with Draco, that's really nice to see from the off and that you didn't have her talking about creatures that wouldn't help Draco in the slightest lol.

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Review #36, by XharrysdarlingXDead Dreams, Lost Hearts: One-Shot

13th October 2009:
Even though this was short it was very effective and sad. It's probably a bit morbid of me to be happy that they were both miserable without the other lol, but it shows how much they loved each other.

Author's Response: lol, thank you though! the compliments are really nice and yes. that was one of the things i wanted to make clear, that they love each other to the extent that they'd be willing to let go of each other.

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Review #37, by XharrysdarlingXThe Antidote: Death of a War Hero

7th October 2009:
Hi there, here with your review as requested.

I'm already a fan of your work, having been following Manifestation of Dreams, so I was a bit disappointed to see that you have taken that story from the site. May I ask why? & if you have posted it on any other site where I may be able to continue to read it?

I'm quite excited about the fact that Sev is dead, I'm really interested to see how Hermione plans on helping him and if Harry & Ron will feature. Especially Harry as he knows more about Sev than Hermione does.

Hermione wasn't annoying!!! That's a good thing, I tend to find her an annoying character in FF which is why I'm reluctant to read Hermione centric fics, but I do like this pairing and cant wait to see how you bring them together.

It was nice that Dumbledore popped up and I felt that Ron's reaction was spot on. I also felt sorry for Sev that his grave was off by itself in the corner, but it also sort of fits his character as he was often by himself.

Overall I enjoyed it, and can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: Yes, I have posted it at other sites... I'll message you ;) Thank you for following my story, despite me having to take it down...

Thank you so much for the very awsome review and comments! ;)

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Review #38, by XharrysdarlingXThestral: Requiring Assistance

5th October 2009:
So Draco has finally got the information he wants, now I'm curious as to what Luna plans to show him or tell him & how Draco's going to take it.

Even though Luna only appeared for a blink-and-you'll-miss -her moment, she felt like Luna to me, she is such a hard character to write, and the little snippets we have seen of her she has been well written.

Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: The next chapter is still in the works (aka, in my brain), but their encounter will shake Draco in a major way. Luna is very sage, despite her quirkiness, and her words are going to deeply affect him.
Luna has always seemed rather etheral to me, so her floating in and out of the story in an almost ghost/angel-like manner seemed pretty natural in my mind. Glad you like it :)

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Review #39, by XharrysdarlingXThestral: Seeking Knowledge and Avoiding Pansy

5th October 2009:
Now I see what you meant when you said that Pansy was going to help Draco out, that was a good way of getting him to find out the information, from the most unlikley source & someone who he would have avoided if possible.

I thought you showed Draco's cowardly side very well, taking him back to his first year when he ran from the Forbidden Forest in detention with Harry. As we know he's not a coward to that extent after everything he did in HBP, but when he can run away, then he does.

Author's Response: Yes, I really wanted Pansy to help out in a very inadvertant way because 1) it would show that Draco needs people more than he believes he does and 2) Pansy is almost as much fun to write as Luna!.
Thanks for reviewing (again!)

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Review #40, by XharrysdarlingXA Simple Test: A Simple Test

4th October 2009:
Hi there, I'm here with your review as requested.

I really enjoyed reading that & was disappointed that it was so short, that being said, it was powerful enough as it was. I thought you got right into Bella's head and gave her enough to be mulling over, finally seeing the evil side to Voldemort that everyone else sees as well.

I know you mentioned in your request that you thought there might be some OCC'ness, but I'm not sure that there was. I don't think even Bellatrix, as fanatical as she is, would hurry to drink posion to show her loyalty, it's just human nature to be cautious over something like that isn't it? & you gave Bellatrix a human side which you don't often see in FF.

All in all, I thought you did a really go job with this. Please feel free to re-request anything else in the future.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your review!

I'm glad that you enjoyed reading it and that you felt it was powerful despite its short length.

I'm glad I gave Bellatrix a human side- I think she is an amazing character, that like many dark or 'evil' characters is too easily put into one stereotyped cliche, just like Vincent Crabbe and Lord Voldemort as a child.

When I have something else I will definitly re-request because your review was awesome.

Thank you so much.

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Review #41, by XharrysdarlingXThestral: A Question of Sanity

2nd October 2009:
Luna was great! I especially loved the end line!

Draco is still coming along well, you're still keeping Draco's own feelings of status alive with his reactions to the second round of carriage. I like the fact that you aren't delving into his mind too deeply all at once and also kept his first meeting with Luna brief, it really makes me want to read more to see if she helps him in the same way she does Harry.

Author's Response: The end line was my favorite as well! I wrote it before I wrote most of the chapter, actually...haha. I am very glad you enjoyed Draco's thoughts. He very much considers class and status in everything he does, so I wanted to keep that. Please keep reading! And thank you for reviewing!

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Review #42, by XharrysdarlingXThestral: Black Memories

2nd October 2009:
Luna & Draco are my fave characters and my ultimate ship, so I was thrilled to spot this story about them, -even if tehy aren't romantically linked :-(

Anyway, I really liked the first chapter, Pansy was little bit of light relief in the middle lol, poor Pansy. I'd just like to say to watch out that you don't make her the usual FF Pansy!

I've no complaints about the way you wrote Draco, he seems to be coming along nicely for the first chapter and looking forward to seeing where you take him.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing :) You just made my week! I will definitely keep your advice in mind concerning Pansy. She comes more into play in the third chapter and actually lends a bit of hand in Draco's search for answers. I hope she's not too cliched, however!
I hope you keep reading! Thank you again!

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Review #43, by XharrysdarlingXQuidditch Is Not Ludicrous: Bollocks

2nd October 2009:
Hi there, here with your review as requested.

I haven't read anything about Oliver Wood before, so this was a nice change for me. I thought you wrote a really nice character, anyone reading this who loves sports would probably be able to relate to his feelings about quidditch, which you wrote very well.

Some lines didn't seem to read that smoothly, so I would expect there are small grammar issues such as word misuse, but I'm not the best at picking up that kind of stuff so I maybe wrong. Maybe checking back over it once or twice would be a good idea. There's nothing major that takes away from the story.

What I liked best about this was all the research that must have gone into it to get all that background information on the game, which Oliver would know by heart. I learnt a lot about Quidditch reading that! lol.

The end line was genius by the way, really made me smile!

overall, I enjoyed this and thought you did a good job with it. Please feel free to re-request for any other stories you post, you have a nice writing style and I know you will only improve as you continue to write!

Author's Response: Oh hai there! You havent read anything about Oliver Wood? That is understandable. I would not want to read many fics that forget his fanatic obsession for Quidditch anyways. Its like nobody KNOWS him. But I would, seeing as he is my husband.

Back to reality, I agree that some lines did not run smoothly. In fact I am going back to change some lines right now. Thanks for pointing that out by the way! I am so glad you enjoyed the background information on the game the most! Some authors said it was a bit pointless but I saw that writing only ''He knew even Quidditchs history!'' would not have been as strong as how I wrote it. And wow, thanks for such a sweet and helpful review. It has really made my day. No doubt I will come back to your review thread. Hopefully, you will love seeing my annoying and demanding post again xD

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Review #44, by XharrysdarlingXInto the Gathering Storm: Fate and Failure

1st October 2009:
Here with your review as requested.

I really enjoyed it & from the clean and mature writing style I would never have guessed it was your first FF.

You have a lovely way with descriptions that made the beginning a real joy to read, and I thought you got into Draco mind, thoughts and feelings really well without over doing it.

Cissy was well represented as the Cissy we know, wanting to protect Draco. & the interaction with Draco & Bella was handled well, you didn't make Bella over the top insane as some people tend to do, but showed her as a normal (as normal as Bella can be) aunt rather bewildered, disappointed and angry with her nephew. You made her human, & we have seen from JK that Bella does have some human moments where her family are concerned.

I really enjoyed reading it and hope you request for the next part! I'm going to recommend this to my mate Tom_DracosGirl who absolutely loves the character of Draco, I know she'll love this!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

I'm so glad that my characterization came off this well - it's sometimes a challenge to accurately portray a canon figure in an abnormal situation. I mean, there is very little interaction between Draco and Bella that is actually shown, so I had to basically make that up based on knowledge of the characters and what others say.

I will be sure to request again once I have part II up and validated - I appreciate your asking! And I appreciate even more than you plan to recommend the story! Merci beaucoup! (Sorry - I lapse into French sometimes. Haha.)


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Review #45, by XharrysdarlingXNursery Rhymes : 18th April

24th September 2009:
Even though it was shorter than the first chapter I really liked it. Not a huge Hermione fan so don't mind that you killed her off lol. Are you planning on killing everyone off? lol.

I'd be tempted to say Draco did it, but then that seems rather obvious, of course you could be going for obvious just to trick us all lol.

maybe you can't answer this in case it goves something away, but is it the same person who killed Hermione & Ginny?

Author's Response: thanks! yes sorry about the length! i am glad you enjoyed it though! :)

yes, i enjoyed writing her death! i already have it all planned out of whats going to happen - (but not giving anything away!) so you'll just have to wait till 3rd chapter!

thanks so much for taking the time to review! :D

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Review #46, by XharrysdarlingXSleight of Hand, Twist of Fate: Sleight of Hand, Twist of Fate

24th September 2009:
I'm here from the forum's with your review as requested.

I really enjoyed this. I thought it was very well written, and the interaction with Lily & Snape was really good, I especially liked that Lily kept calling him Severus at first, trying to distance herself from him, but couldn't in the end.

The story flowed really well from the wedding to the funeral, and you managed to keep Snape in character I thought, whcih I would think would be difficult to do considering we only know adult Snape who is full of secrets. It was nice to see him actually reveal his one big secret to Lily, although I was very sad when she told him it was too late.

I thought you did a good job with Snape's thoughts/feelings at the end, exactly how I would think he felt when Lily died.

This was really well written & I really enjoyed reading it. Please feel free to re-request another story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for this review! I'm glad you liked that, I thought it would kind of symbolise Lily's own struggle of trying not to forgive him. I can imagine it'd be difficult for her after all the time they had spent together.

Phew! It's always a relief to hear that, Snape is always my biggest worry! Thank you very much, once again, for a fantastic review!

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Review #47, by XharrysdarlingXThe Collection: Never Alone

22nd September 2009:
Hi there, I'm here with your review as requested.

I'm not sure that I could have done so well with a word like timeworn! It's a very difficult word to base a one shot around, & you did remarkably well!!

i felt you really captured the deepness of Harry's thoughts, and in a way the core of his character of just wishing to be normal. Timeworn does seem like a good word to describe him now that I've read this! Harry had been through so much by the time this little scene would have come to pass and I think you did a really good job showing that!

There were a few typos here and there, nothing major to take away from the story. The one that jumped out at me was at the end of the first paragraph-
"I appreciate your sincerely" I think you meant sincerity.

I really enjoyed reading this! Please feel free to re-request at any time!

Author's Response: Oh my gosh, my first review! Woohoo, and such a nice one as well, thank you so much!

You're very right, timeworn is an excellent word for Harry and his character did come through really well in the writing. I've never worked with him before but the one-shot developed very naturally on it's own, and I was pleased by the end result.

I will definitely amend those typo's, thanks for pointing them out!


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Review #48, by XharrysdarlingXMy Life's Not a Fairytale: My Life's Not a Fairytale

20th September 2009:
Oh poor Hermione!!! this was so sad, I felt really sorry for her which shows how well you wrote this as I'm not the biggest Hermione fan.

Author's Response: Haha thanks. I always felt so sorry for her when Ron was with Lavender. It's like you stupid git! Thanks for reading and for the review!

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Review #49, by XharrysdarlingXBroken Wings: Detentions and Dreams

20th September 2009:
Potter is so annoying no one would keep him past two hours- that was my favourite line lol, so typical of Snape!

Poor Harry though. I felt really sorry for him in this chapter.

I also think you've done a good job with Dumbledore and Snape's view of his relationship with Harry.

Author's Response: Yes that's so Severus!

harry has a long way to go before he remembers who he is!

Glad you like how I'm portraying everyone.

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Review #50, by XharrysdarlingXFade To Black: I

15th September 2009:
I love finding new stories with rare pairing's and this was definately an extremely unusual couple. I'm not a big fan of Pansy, but you really matured her in this story, and I could see them both together when reading it.

I did kinda hope that Pansy wouldn't leave, but I think the fact that she was pregnant and did leave just made the ending that much more powerful.

I really enjoyed reading it, and thought you did a great job creating a believable scenario for such a different pairing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, you don't know how much that made my day. Thanks again for reviewing :)

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