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Review #1, by XharrysdarlingXAcceptance: Exchanging Glances

14th August 2013:
I enjoyed the first two chapters. The story is nicely written so far and I wouldn't worry about making them too out of character as the war would naturally change people a little bit.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Well I am glad that you have enjoyed the story so far! ^_^ And I'm also glad that you've pointed that out, seeing as they will become increasingly out of character as the story progresses (though I hope it comes mostly from Draco).

Anyway, thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by XharrysdarlingXMerry Christmas, Draco Malfoy: Draco & Luna

14th August 2013:
I really enjoyed it.Very nicely written and beautiful banner by the way.

Author's Response: Thank you and thank you. I had a lot of fun writing the story & making the banner :P

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Review #3, by XharrysdarlingXA Series of Uncomfortable Events: Care Of Magical Creatures- Fifth year

10th March 2012:
Good start and really good job with both Draco and Luna in this first chapter. keep up the good work.

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Review #4, by XharrysdarlingXChristmas in Prison: Christmas in Prison

10th March 2012:
This was wonderful, I loved it!! brilliantly written.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :D ♥

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Review #5, by XharrysdarlingXLegos: Legos

25th February 2012:
ha! Draco having to deal with lego, love it! Genius thought and slightly evil ha ha.
Cute and fluffly little one shot. I enjoyed it.

Author's Response: lol.. I could picture his bitter sulking about the evil of Legos. :p Thanks for reading, and for leaving a review :)

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Review #6, by XharrysdarlingXTattoos: The Promise

7th September 2011:
Lovely fluffy, sappy Draco/Luna goodness!

Author's Response: XD Glad you love fluffy, sappy Draco/Luna goodness!

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Review #7, by XharrysdarlingXLike Being With A Friend: Words of Advice

29th June 2011:
I really like Harry/Luna and felt that they did have a nice little friendship connection in the books. It was a shame we didn't see more of it, but JK certainly knew what she was doing writing the books lol.

I thought you did a good job with Luna, I would say that she would indeed hide any feelings she might have for Harry in order to be a good friend to both him and Ginny, friends have always been important to Luna and I think she would put them first, which is what makes her a great character.

Good job, I enjoyed reading it.

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Review #8, by XharrysdarlingXHeal Me: Chapter 5

22nd June 2011:
Interesting turn of events. I'm looking forward to the next chapter for all the reactions.
Keep up the good work.

Author's Response: Unexpected, yeah? More drama coming up in later chapters. Which I actually have to write :D I'm glad you like it, and I hope to finish this story sometime during this summer.

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Review #9, by XharrysdarlingXHeal Me: Chapter 4

22nd June 2011:
Aw, that was a lovely sweet chapter. Glad they finally managed to kiss.

Author's Response: Always in chapter 4 :D And thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #10, by XharrysdarlingX...nargles?: ...nargles?

12th March 2011:
They're just too cute!! lol

Author's Response: I'm glad you like :D

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Review #11, by XharrysdarlingXThe Mirror Of Erised: The Mirror Of Erised

12th March 2011:
Nice little one shot. Good job

Author's Response: Thanks :D And (completely unrelated) seeing as how you're obviously a Harry fan, I think I should just tell you that Dan is a FANTASTIC singer and dancer :D I just saw him yesterday in his new musical and he got a standing ovation. He is also endearingly short :D I had second row seats. You should check it out!

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Review #12, by XharrysdarlingXHeal Me: Chapter 3

12th March 2011:
Nice interaction between Draco & luna with beleivable circumstances. The plot thickens!!

Author's Response: Thanks :D I'm glad you have stayed with the story :D Chapter 4 is... sadly... still in the works and kind of on hold... it might be a while before I'm done. But thanks!

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Review #13, by XharrysdarlingXHeal Me: Chapter 2

12th March 2011:
As a huge Draco fan, I'm loving this new exploration of his character. He's not far off the older Draco I would imagine (minus the problems of course). I'm really liking the dry acceptance of his problems, its different to seeing the main characters ranting and raving, not willing to accept help etc.

Another good chapter showing lots of potential for future chapters.

Author's Response: Thanks again for the fantastic review :D I'm glad you still like it.

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Review #14, by XharrysdarlingXHeal Me: Chapter 1

12th March 2011:
Great start to what promises to be a good story. I really loved Draco here, he was different but also kinda the same, almost a resigned version of HBP Draco when he's so desperate. He came across as much more mature which you don't always see in post Hogwarts fics.

Author's Response: FINALLY!! Someone who understands my point of view :D :D :D :D I'm glad you liked it. Thanks!

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Review #15, by XharrysdarlingXA Light In The Dark: Back To Hogwarts

3rd January 2011:
Wonderful ending to a wonderful story.

Keep writing!

Author's Response: glad you liked it!! = )

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Review #16, by XharrysdarlingXThe Murderer: Candy from a stranger

3rd January 2011:
Go Snape! lol. Lovely use of language and description in this chapter. I wonder where Sirius is? & i'm really looking forward to more.

Author's Response: It is a really deceitful chapter, to tell the truth. Nothing is what it seems to be, this is the point from where the wheel really starts to turn! I hope you will like the rest! Thank you for your reviews! I'm endlessly grateful! wings

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Review #17, by XharrysdarlingXThe Murderer: This is Halloween

3rd January 2011:
Another great chapter. I loved it. Another thing I like is the animosity between Sirius and Snape, I often read stories where the dislike and bullying seems a bit over the top, we know they bullied Snape but not to hex and curse him every time they saw him, it was more of a humiliation ritual, which I feel you're emphasising with the Vampire Hunter bat, I would image that would be something that the boys would do to poor Snape. & Snape is a very sneaky character & quite smart enough to take on one maurander at a time as you have shown in this chapter rather than have himself outnumbered.

You built the mystery around Michelle some more in this chapter & i'm looking forward to finding out more about her and seeing the boys & i'm guessing Snape will end up dragged along for the ride lol, find out more about her too.

Author's Response: I see you caught the exact point on which I intend to base the story: Snape and the Marauders are really cunning enemies, who build their animosity on psychological ground rather than just stupid, rude pranks. Let the latter be Peeves playground.
As you very well noticed, they want to humiliate each other, rather than to cause physical pain. For me this revelation came when I read how furious James was, when Sirius put Snape in real danger, and how much Sirius regretted it, as well.
So in this story I want to build up this unique air of mutual animosity AND a sudden and unwanted dependence, which will slowly appear as the girl's role gets clearer in this thriller. I hope you will enjoy it! Thank you for your wonderful review!

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Review #18, by XharrysdarlingXThe Murderer: An old, battered photograph

3rd January 2011:
Hi there, I'm back to read your wonderful stories now that you're working on a non HG/DM agian lol. ( u know how much I hate that pairing lol)

First chapter was brilliant as usual, you really drew me into the story and I'm excited to see what happens next.

I doubt you meant to do it, but the character of Sirius really reminded me of the Just William character created by Ricard Compton, there were such similiarites and it's just the way I would picture Sirius rather than the sex-god I usually find him portrayed as.

I also loved the relationship & dynamics between the four friends, a lot of stories tend to leave Wormtail out or portray him as a bad or stupid character or have a Draco & Crabbe/ Goyle dynamic between him and the others which goes against everything we know of the four friends when they were at hogwarts.

On to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Hi, it's wonderful to see you back here, again!
I'm really glad that you are one of the few, who appreciate this story. I have to admit that it's far from perfect, needs some brushing up of grammar and so on, but I hope that the special atmosphere I tried to depict comes through!
I haven't thought of the Just William character, while writing the story, but now that you mention it - yes, there are some similarities. And to tell the truth, it doesn not make me feel bad at all. lol
Thank you for your precious review, dear XharrysdarlingX! Thank you!

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Review #19, by XharrysdarlingXA Light In The Dark: When Times End and Others Begin

5th November 2010:
How did I know that happiness was not waiting around the corner? Lol. Nicely done as always!

Author's Response: Haha, I love sarcasm ; ) glad you liked it!!!

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Review #20, by XharrysdarlingXA Light In The Dark: Patience

1st September 2010:
Oh poor Luna! I felt so sorry for her at the end. On to the next chapter now!

Author's Response: Yeah, Bad things come to good people but good things do sometimes as well!!...hopefully you weren't thinking that the good would come so soon as in the next chatper thou... ; )

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Review #21, by XharrysdarlingXA Light In The Dark: The Forest

27th July 2010:
They just keep getting cuter!! I'm really glad you found time to update this story.

Author's Response: More to come soon hopefully! I'm glad you like it! = )

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Review #22, by XharrysdarlingXNew Moon: New Moon

29th June 2010:
Cute little one-shot, fun to read. Luna was just right with her dreaminess.

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Review #23, by XharrysdarlingXHonestly Speaking : Honestly Speaking

29th June 2010:
Again, I really enjoyed this one shot. I especially liked the "dancing with their eyes" section, I thought that was a clever way of putting it.

Yes it was fluffy, but not pure fluff when the characters are OOC, you still managed to keep crucial elements of them in there.

I do hope you'd consider writing another Draco/Luna!!

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Review #24, by XharrysdarlingXWorth It: Worth It

29th June 2010:
I didn't realise that you wrote Draco/Luna as well! I'd have been by to read & review sooner if I had known.

I really enjoyed it, such suffering for Draco & then a happy ending, Luna was so lovely, "You're my favorite wollyprickle" - the idea of Luna saying something like that to Draco really made me laugh, I could imagine her all serious and then his face of confusion!! lol.

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Review #25, by XharrysdarlingXGrey Grace: Reality and Reverie

11th June 2010:
Enjoyed the first chapter. Looking forward to more!

Author's Response: thanks! :)

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