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Review #1, by Proud HufflepuffSaving a Rose: Six

29th September 2009:
i have nothing but praise for this story! it's one of the most beautiful i've read on this site in a long time; it's definitely going into my favorites. i do hope you update soon!


Author's Response: Thank you for reading and for reviewing. An update will be coming in the next few days, but I'm not sure when the next one will come after that. It depends on how much I get written in the next few days

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Review #2, by Proud HufflepuffHope: The Return Of Hope.

16th July 2009:
you brought tears to my poor, exhausted eyeballs. we need to have a talk about you and doing that to me, k? P:

Author's Response: uh oh D@


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Review #3, by Proud HufflepuffHope: Missing Pieces.

15th July 2009:
it took you long enough, woman! this is just as amazing -- if not more -- than the last version. i will be stalking this and you know it. 8D


Author's Response: omg hai carrie :D

thaaank you! :D you freak me out with your stalking :3


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Review #4, by Proud HufflepuffSitting in the Orange Tree: In Between

3rd February 2009:
To start off, I just want to say that I'm really sorry, but I'm only going to be able to review the first chapter for now. I'll probably come back later and finish off, though. ^.^

This is probably the most creative idea for a story I've seen. It's got this raw sense of emotion that very few authors have captured on this site. You feel exactly what Aurelia is feeling - her confusion, her heartache, and he desires. In all honesty, there is very little in this story to critique. It's truly beautiful. Everything flows well, and thus far, I think Aurelia is a very interesting character that I'd love to find out more about. As much as I'd love to say more, I really can't! This is such a unique story, and very interesting. :]

Author's Response: that's not a problem at all! I'm just so grateful for this feedback :) One of my main concerns is whether Aurelia is enough of a character, as I feel I sometimes neglect her characterisation. But, I'm gald you find her interesting! Again, the feelings are a main concern. I can picture her emotions so well in my mind, but getting them down on paper is a lot harder!

thank you so much for the feedback!

- Marina

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Review #5, by Proud HufflepuffSerpent In Hero's Clothing : Serpent In Hero's Clothing

26th January 2009:
Since your main concerns were Dumbledore's characterization and your description, I'll start out with those. I thought your characterization of Dumbledore was spot on, especially in his 'earlier' years, I'd imagine he would be a bit more the way you've portrayed him. Of course, we all see canon characters differently, but agree on many points. As far as your description went, I thought it was lovely, though you didn't have to say it was 'very late now', as the reader can likely assume this.

While I do think this is a beautifully crafted piece, my main concern with it was the fact that I didn't feel the first lines drew me in that well. I can only speak for myself and not others with this, but I felt like while it did put one in the story, it didn't catch. Does that make sense? The first few sentences are very important in drawing the reader into the story, and I didn't feel they did this story much justice.

All in all, I did enjoy the story, but there are parts I felt could be better. Good job!

Author's Response: First of all, I'm sorry if the first lines didn't draw you in too well. This was a kind of spur of the moment story. One afternoon I was just hit with it, and I went and wrote it in the space of about three hours, so maybe that's one of the reasons ^_^

From this review, and others, I can see that I might be being a little paranoid about Dumbledore's characterisation, and it's good to see you thought I kept him canon.

Thanks for the review :)

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Review #6, by Proud HufflepuffThe Wasteland Chronicles III : Severance: I: Beyond

21st January 2009:
I'd like to start with saying that this is a really interesting concept! The way you've written it leaves the reader with just enough information for them to understand the characters, and ever so slightly, what the story has to offer. You've left out enough so that the reader will want to keep reading. As far as your OCs go, you can only do so much in one chapter to introduce them, but I think you've laid out a good base for each of them so that the reader gets a good feel for what they're like. We might not know much about them yet, but we do understand their personalities to a small extent. I thought you kept it flowing nicely in general, but maybe when you switch point of views, you could put a horizontal bar between them so that it's easier understood that the POV has, in fact, changed. It didn't confuse me in the least bit, but it could another reader.

All in all, I really enjoyed it! I didn't spot any mistakes, so kudos on that!

Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked the story! I think a large part of your thanks goes out to Frank Herbert, because the politics in Dune really inspired the way I think in writing this fic! I can only hope that I did his ideas justice.

As for my elusive writing, I tried to say as little as possible and as intriguingly as possible to entrance an audience and keep them reading. Plus, I think it will make for an interesting ride, when you keep finding things out about the world of Wasteland, but at the same time, you keep wondering how it all turned out this way and how things will turn out in the end.

I'm also glad you liked the OCs! I always am insecure about them, since it's kind of daunting when they stand in the shadow of JK's amazing characters. I can only hope they can hold their own next to the canon.

Once again, thank you so much for reviewing and I hope you keep on reading! *hugs*

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Review #7, by Proud HufflepuffWild Flower: Wild Flower

6th October 2008:
First off, I'd like to say that I think the idea and the concept of this is truly beautiful. Your descriptions are amazing, but your sentences are very repetitive and choppy. It's not necessary to keep saying 'Aberforth' and 'Ariana'. It would really help break up some of the repetitiveness of the sentences. Other than that, I'd just suggest reading through it again, revising a little. I noticed that at the beginning, the third and fourth blocks of text, I think, could be molded into one paragraph and it would definitely help the flow a bit better. With a few tweaks, I really do think this could be perfection, but it really is fantastic as is.

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review. I appreciate the feedback very much.

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Review #8, by Proud HufflepuffLove Isn't Pretty.: Distinct.

5th March 2008:

Author's Response: xD.
a LITTLE. (:


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Review #9, by Proud HufflepuffDaddy Returned: Home

7th February 2008:
-twitches more-

Author's Response: xD.
i think the question is, what is HARRY hiding?

ily. ^_^


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Review #10, by Proud HufflepuffLove Isn't Pretty.: Mystery.

11th January 2008:
I love you, Mary, but you already knew that. (:
-waits impatiently for the next chapter-

Author's Response: XD.
silly woman.
and yes. yes i did ^_^
i'll get it up when i can! (:


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Review #11, by Proud HufflepuffFaded Constellation: The Bitter End

6th January 2008:
This has to be one of the most - if not the most - beautiful, strong, well-written stories I have ever read. Each chapter brought emotion to my heart and some tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry to see this end and that I haven't reviewed in so long. (: I'm so so sorry about that. Life got in the way, I suppose. Again, this is such a beautiful story that I'll definitely want to reread quite a few times. Thanks for sharing your talent and this beautiful story with us. (:


Author's Response: Wow, I'm not sure what to say. I understand that life got in the way. It always does, so no problem. I know the feeling. But I'm still happy that you've returned to this and that you let me know your thoughts. Well, still speechless - a thank you is not that inspiring, I s'pose, but I mean it. - Steph

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Review #12, by Proud HufflepuffSunday Best: Sunday Best

5th January 2008:
you said i wouldn't need a tissue box! -takes the tissue box and places each and every tissue on her eyes-
i like this a lot. (: it's a nice, easy - albeit depressing - read. love ya!


Author's Response: haha, well, I guess to me I don't think you do because I'm used to it.
I'm glad you like it even if it is depressing!!
I love you toooo

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Review #13, by Proud HufflepuffDaddy Returned: Christmas

26th December 2007:



Author's Response: XD.


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Review #14, by Proud HufflepuffLike Angels in the Falling Snow: Like Angels in the Falling Snow

22nd December 2007:
This was absolutely stunning. I have tears in my eyes, yet my heart is warmed by it. This was truly and amazing piece. My only suggestion would be adding more description in the flashbacks.


Author's Response: Thanks so much Carrie!! I'm so happy that you liked it :) :) Thank you for the suggestion, I know it could have used a lot more description but I kept it a little simple, short and sweet. I'll keep that in mind! :D Happy holidays!

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Review #15, by Proud HufflepuffMr. Weasley and the Doughnuts: Mr. Weasley and the Doughnuts

22nd December 2007:
I thought this was very, very cute. (: You don't need to keep saying "Mr. Weasley" all the time. We know who you're talking about. ;)


Author's Response: Oh, haha I didn't realize I did that! Thanks for pointing that out!

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Review #16, by Proud HufflepuffBefore Night Falls: My Love

21st December 2007:
To be quite frank and honest, the horrible grammar completely ruined the story. You had a wonderful story, but grammar that was just as bad in addition to randomly thrown in things, such as the middle part where you tell the outcome of the war. It was simply sporadic and unneccesary. I'd recommend finding a beta on the forums to help you out with your grammar. ;)

Good luck!


Author's Response: well i do have a beta, but i'm waiting for her to get back to me with a two other chapters for my other story. i'll send them when she gets time. Thanks Carrie :)

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Review #17, by Proud HufflepuffTime and Time Again: History Repeats Itself

21st December 2007:
Though this was rather cute and well written for the most part, I need to point out that you shouldn't jump around people's minds. When you choose to write it from Albus's point of view, keep only his thoughts and opinions (when you're not using dialogue, that is). You popped the story into others' minds, which I'd avoid. (:


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Review #18, by Proud HufflepuffDaddy Returned: Christmas Preperations

18th December 2007:
*bounces around and then proceeds to prance about with george* aww! he's such a sweetie! *pinches his cheeks and snogs him*

Author's Response: XD
carrie! what about everyone you pair him with! xDDD


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Review #19, by Proud HufflepuffDaddy Returned: Christmas Charms

18th December 2007:
Aww. Lily is so pathetic. *hugs her*

Author's Response: xD. shuddup carrie. xD.


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Review #20, by Proud HufflepuffHey Jude: Hey Jude

18th December 2007:
Aww, I thought this was very, very sweet. Though I need to point out that where you said 'he looked at her beautiful' you either need to say what's beautiful or say 'he looked at her beauty'. (: I really enjoyed this; the emotions were captures flawlessly.


Author's Response: Wow thanks for pointing that out. Sometimes I just get so caught up in writing I leave out a word or two hehe!
Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #21, by Proud HufflepuffThe Conspiracy: The Conspiracy

6th December 2007:
It's so good to have this story back! It was one of my favorites and still is. (:

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Review #22, by Proud HufflepuffLovely Bones: Don't Breathe on Me

5th December 2007:
I heart you, you heart me, we're a happy family - er, I mean, I loved it; just like last time. (: I can't wait for the next chapter! *huggles* And dude. I've never been a muse before! *feels special*


Author's Response: Haha, you should feel special! I should have the next chapter out this week...hopefully. Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #23, by Proud HufflepuffFor the Sake of Victory: For the Sake of Victory

29th November 2007:
I'm just going to go through and point things out as I notice them as well as make comments. They'll be in order and then I'll give a general review. (:

-'Sir' doesn't need to be capitalized.
-I love, love, love Snape's reaction to Dumbledore's mention of Lily! Brilliant and perfect!
-The backstory of Snape's sorting is a nice little anecdote in the story. Great job with that!

The ending is a bit confusing. I personally don't understand it. Maybe I'm being thick, but that's just me. Other than the grammatical error and what I just mentioned, this is a beautifull crafted story. (:


Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing! I wanted to show a different side of Snape. One that we as the readers don't get to see in the "real" books because everything is from Harry's pov.

I wrote this as one of the many conversations Snape and DD's portrait could have had during the final book. Who know's what DD is up to or what the letter Snape is writing says. Its all speculation. I tried to write it like it was the middle of a story, we just missed the beginning of it. If that makes any sense, lol.

Thanks again for reviewing!


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Review #24, by Proud HufflepuffPower: Chapter 6 Ninny Has a Breakdown and Ron His Comeuppance

7th November 2007:
Aww, I found this very sweet. Maybe add some descritpion, though? That would make it so much more vivid and lovely!

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for taking the time to review. ~Enchanted

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Review #25, by Proud HufflepuffOnly For Her: Only For Her

22nd October 2007:
*bawls and gives snape a great big huggly wuggly*


Author's Response: xDDD.
carrie, the man is evil. yet ahmazing. yest evil. yet selfless. yet evil.



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