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Review #1, by Valarie7505Letters to Mum: Letters to Mum

2nd June 2010:
That was beautiful and breathtaking. I even have to say I cried a bit. Wonderful job. =)

Author's Response: thank you so much!

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Review #2, by Valarie7505I Was Meant To Go Home In Summer...: I ran

1st June 2010:
I think it would be amazing if this was made into a short story. This one shot was really good! =D

Keep writing!! =)

Author's Response: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!
I've written more and I think I'll continue it... but I need to actually work out where I'm going with it and also I quite like this section as a one shot...

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Review #3, by Valarie7505ROCKSTAR: You Disgust me Potter

12th June 2008:
nice chapter.
cant wait for the update!

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #4, by Valarie7505:

12th June 2008:
That was an awesome chapter!
If i saw Ron after him being dead for years, i would cry my eyes out. If i saw any of them i would. lol
Nice Job! Can't wait for an update!

Author's Response: wow, glad i pleased you :)
thanks so much for the review, and the third chapter should be up shortly

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Review #5, by Valarie7505Harry Potter and the Four Elements: The First Battle

11th June 2008:
are you serious!
i really hate these cliff-hangers!
Poor Regulas- that's really sad.
Clare! - she's dead! Why did you kill them!
Nagini is dead--thank god! i really hated that dang snake!

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Review #6, by Valarie7505George's Attempt: George's Attempt

23rd April 2008:
10-10. That was the best, i actually cried while reading this. I was really sad when Fred died in the book. Great Job!

Author's Response: OMG! Thank you! I loved writing this, cuz it gave me closure about Fred. Remember that this is only a chapter preveiw of my full length story. Check back often to see if i put up more ch.s. but thanks so much!

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Review #7, by Valarie7505Harry Potter and the Four Elements: Ravenclaw's Brooch

12th April 2008:
Ah man! i hate you and your cliffhangers! Im just joking although i do hate the cliffhanger! Well, i can say that this is a really well written story. I can not wait to read the next one! Well Done mate! 10-10

Author's Response: Ha Ha, I understand. I think I've been stabbed/beaten up (virtually, of course) about 100 times by a couple of the reviewers here... ;).

I will honestly try my best to get the next chapter up asap, I know I'm not doing a very good job at the moment, but I am writing whenever I can, I can promise you that =).

Thanks for the wonderful review!

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Review #8, by Valarie7505Harry Potter and the Four Elements: The Two Plumbers

10th April 2008:
i like your story. i added it as one of my favorites :D
Oh and when is that a real school name? That would be cool considering thats my last name haha.
D.Sewell lol Nice story. Can't wait till read the next one, which should be like any minute lol

Author's Response: Really, that's your last name? Jeez, what a coincedence. It isn't a real school name, I made sure I didn't pick the name of a real school - I don't know where I go the name Sewell from, I truly can't remember.

Anyway, thank you for the review, I'm flattered to hear you added me to your favourites, I hope to hear from you again!

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Review #9, by Valarie7505The Road Home: A Shift in Magic

6th April 2008:
Wow. That was intense.
I like how Nyah saved Hugo.
This magic thing is brillant when he said that i laughed.
The scene where the "men in cloaks" came was really well described.
I think personally that this was one of the best chapters in this story. And did she just meet her mom?
Can not wait for the next chapter. I check for one everytime i come on. : )

Author's Response:

Hi Valarie!

I'm thrilled you liked the chapter! :D

"Men in cloaks" - LOL - Sounds like the 'men in black'! (Now I'll have that song stuck in my head all day!)

The next chapter should be up within a day or so... let me know what you think!

Oh, and you'll get the answer to your question about her mom at the beginning of the chapter! :D

Thanks so much for leaving a review! I really appreciate it! :D

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Review #10, by Valarie7505Too Little Too Late: Too Little Too Late

30th March 2008:
I really don't like reading krm/hermione shippers but i read this one and i liked it.
Im not a professional writter or something but this was nicly written and i enjoyed it. If any of my words are mispelled sorry, im doing this with my hands in braces so... its a little messy. Nice song to the story as well it fit perfectly.


Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. I'm not really a krm/hermione person either. That's why I made him a bad guy, lol.

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Review #11, by Valarie7505The Road Home: First Magic

29th March 2008:
i love this story. its great.
i've been really busy latley, so when i came on and found three new chapters...
this story is coming up higher on my list of favs.
harry the father? i thought that it would either be harry and ginny or lily and james. But then common sense came into play and i realize that nyah would have to be way older to be lily and james's kid.
Im really liking how this story is turning out.
Can not wait till the next chapter!



Author's Response:

Hi Valarie!

Glad you made it back and thanks so much for a lovely review! :D

Yeah - this is next generation, so way past J/L.

Very, very glad you're enjoying the story! The next chapter will be submitted as soon as the queue reopens.


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Review #12, by Valarie7505The Road Home: The Fury Within

11th February 2008:
nicely written again looking foward to the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks Valarie! The next chapter should be up very, very soon!!! Keep watching! :)

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Review #13, by Valarie7505Teardrops on My Guitar: Teardrops On My Guitar

30th January 2008:
9-10 that was a good story and it goes with one of my favorite songs... I loved the flashbacks!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #14, by Valarie7505I Miss You: I Miss You

30th January 2008:
wow i listened to the song while i read it and i loved it. It was in order and... one of my favorites lol 10-10

Author's Response: Thanks! I actually got inspired to write this story when I heard the song on YouTube. I'm glad you like it!

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Review #15, by Valarie7505Good bye, love... / I don't know why...: Good bye, love... / I don't know why...

6th January 2008:
those were good 9-10 and you don't suck at all lol i think you should keep up with the poems have you heard of quizilla its were you can post your stories and poems. i think you would be good there as well. nicely written

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Review #16, by Valarie7505Henry Fischer's Enchanted Mailbox: The Electric Bill

6th January 2008:
that was good especially how you used the muggles perspective of things. I also loved when Henry found out about Mris. and mrs. weasley that he says Ron sends his love.
9-10. Hope there is more to the henry readings.

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Review #17, by Valarie7505Harry Potter and the Strength to Fight: Epilogue

6th January 2008:
this is by far one of my favorite fan fics on this site! Your story did keep me in suspense quite a few times i loved it! 9-10/10 on every chapter!!

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Review #18, by Valarie7505Seasons of Love: The Sappy Prologue

1st January 2008:
i love the first paragraph its so good... And the rest of the chapter is good as well dont get me wrong lol its good 10-10 can't wait till chapter 3 lol

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Review #19, by Valarie7505Seasons of Love: I'm THIS much!

1st January 2008:
aw thats cute... 9-10

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Review #20, by Valarie7505Harry Potter and The Power Within: The New World

1st January 2008:
i didn't like harry/hermione fics but i diecided to give it a try and now i don't care what kind of ?/? there is thanks lol this was one of my favorite stories CONGRATS now im gonna see if you have the sequel out and read it lol
oh and 10/10 on all chapters really

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Review #21, by Valarie7505Bathrooms and Christmas carols: Bathrooms and Christmas carols

29th December 2007:
haha nicely written i loved it 10-10!!!

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Review #22, by Valarie7505Prism: Prism

28th December 2007:
10-10 thats was good sad and good

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you thought so!

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Review #23, by Valarie7505hermiones loss: Hermiones loss

17th December 2007:
im sorry about your mom... it was a good short story though 10+10

Author's Response: Thank you

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Review #24, by Valarie7505The Rise of the Dark Mark: The Jailer of Azkaban

15th December 2007:
is the goblet a horucux? oh well i'll have to keep reading to find out i guess.
Good Story Love it... v10`-10

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Review #25, by Valarie7505Harry Potter and the Final Countdown: Overture or Obituary

8th November 2007:
10-10! i loved the entire story both of them and now i can not wait to read Harry Potter and the Heart of Eternity. the only thing i didn't like is harry dying but it was still one of my absolute favorites!

Author's Response: Not many people liked Harry dying. If I tried to truly explain why I did that it could take almost another chapter in and of itself. One of these days I might write the ending the way it could have turned out to show everyone why I felt it was better this way. I'm glad you liked the stories. I'm going to have to put heart of eternity up soon, its just a very busy time for me. Writing is a very slow thing for me around this time.

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