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Review #26, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter 3 part 2

16th October 2009:
OMG!!! i loved this chapter!!! but sirius and james are so mean. they did that to her small kitty. and sirius and james have feelings for raine and would want to be her boyfriend? anyway i liked this chapter and can't wait to read more!!!

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Review #27, by roxyroxtheworld Chapter Three part 1

16th October 2009:
lol!!! awsome chapter!!! i love the quidditch tryouts. there hilarious!!! and the speaking in a different language think still kinda bugs me but i'm getting used to it so yeah.

anyway i can't wait to read more and this story is awsome!!!

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Review #28, by roxyroxtheworld Capitolo due

16th October 2009:
i loved it!!! But how come everyone speeks a defferent language on some parts? i thought only raine could speek a different language.

anyway i can't wait to read more cuz this is an awsome story!!!

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Review #29, by roxyroxtheworld Chapitre un

16th October 2009:
This is an awesome first chapter!!! and i think i might even want to read the whole thing!!! But somehting that bugged me was that the kids got whatever they wanted while shopping. but other then that this is an awesome chapter and i can't wait tor ead more!!! oh and raine knows a lot of langueges. lol!!! but it was getting quite annoying like lily or emmaline said after a while. lol!!!

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Review #30, by Rae Chapitre un

28th January 2009:
I liked the story so far it seems interesting but clearly you do not speak french.. you said that beautiful is straight maybe you should get it checked over by someone who speaks or can write the language.(by the way in french droit has two meanings right as in right and left and straight that may be when the context was lost) But other wise I LOVE the story.

Author's Response: Thank you, I can't remember if it was Italian or French I was trying to use, and I do know people who can speak and read in both languages they just won't read over it, saying I need to learn myself. Thank you and I'm glad you like it.

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Review #31, by indie-by-numbers Chapter 21 part 1

20th October 2008:
write more plz luv all the characters even through james messed up.

Author's Response: Okay I'll put another up, glad you like it.

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Review #32, by devous_girl Chapter Cinco Part 2

30th March 2008:
NICE STORY! This IS MY SECOND time reading it. it is a bit confusing because you have alot of errors. like emmeline doesn't like Remus Dorcas does. well i will try to leave lots of replies because you only have 7. update soon.

Author's Response: Maybe if you waitied for the rest of the story which I'm currently working on the sequel you would understand what is going on now.

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Review #33, by devous_girl123 Seis part 3

21st February 2008:
hi, i love this story! by the way you write alot! and i was wondering if this was the end or not. if its not can you write THE END when it is? thanx and you are a great writer!

Author's Response: Thanks and I will be sure to write it when it is, because you guys have like 50 more chapters to read and like a thousand pages.

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Review #34, by toolazytologin Chapter seis part 1

31st January 2008:
that was a really good chapter:)
and it was long!
awh, raine and gid just HAVE to get back together, they're so cute! and ugh stupid rosier!
well anyways, awesome chapter:)
and i can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Glad you like it, and sorry but you'll just have to wait and see what happens.

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Review #35, by daisyduck78 Chapter Cinco part 3

21st December 2007:
that was a good chapter:)
it was a bit of a filler though, i cant wait for the next one:)

Author's Response: Yeah, the next one is just waiting to be validated so it should be out as soon as it can be.

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Review #36, by takemeaway321 Chapter Cinco Part 2

14th December 2007:
this story is really good:)
awwe i want her and gid back together:(

Author's Response: Thanks but you'll just have to wait and see how things go.

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Review #37, by tenoutoften Chapter Cinco Part 2

2nd December 2007:
awwh this was a pretty sad chapter:(
i kind of want gid and raine to get back together!
but i want her with james too!
and then there's sirius!
haha good chapter:D
i cant wait for the next one:D

Author's Response: Ha ha thanks and sadly you'll just have to see how things go.

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Review #38, by Mbabyblue1233 Chapter 4 Part 1

23rd October 2007:
I sill love it. Even more than before. There were a few grammar mistakes but only 2 or 3. Your doing a really good job.

Author's Response: Thanks again. I know you probably don't remember my grammar mistakes but if you see any in anything I would apperiate it if you would let me know what they are, and if there seems to be a part missing from something could you let me know so I could fix it? That would be great if you could thank you so much.

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Review #39, by Mbabyblue1233 Capitolo due

23rd October 2007:
I love your story. I was was worry at the beginning the story line would be lacking in detail but this is really well written. You also are passing yourself really well. Nothing seems to be happening to quickly and the characters are really likable and fit their roles in the story well fitting both you and Jk's images. Great job.

Author's Response: Oh thanks so much for the review... sorry I did noticed until now that I had any.

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