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Review #26, by hermione_weasley_angel Finches

13th February 2011:
I really like this. I must say it's something original, and Sirius is a completely different character in this, but I like it, it's refreshing. I really hope you decide to update soon though! 10/10

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Review #27, by distantgalaxy Finches

13th February 2011:
This story is unbelievable. Just so good, i cant even tell you how disappointed i am not to have any more to read right now. The amazing way you have written Sirius and even the marauders is so incredibly refreshing and new and well written that I am jealous I cant do that with my characters. I really hope you do update soon, it would be such a shame to let an amazing story with such a new and creative plot that is simple and doesnt seem to be trying too hard to be unique (but still is in every way imaginable) to just wither away. I'll definitely be checking back to see if theres any more posted. Congrats on an amazing story.

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Review #28, by distantgalaxy Prologue: Mockingbird

13th February 2011:
theres a slight spelling mistake at the end him* instead of his as pretty boy :)

love the start though!

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Review #29, by V Finches

10th February 2011:
Wow, I love this story! It's so different! I would love an update soon, even with the killer semester, please? I desperately want to know what happens next... :D

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Review #30, by Duran Duran Finches

31st January 2011:
Love this story . Your plot and your style of writing is amazing , in fact , it ' s one of the best and non - cliched Sirius /Oc fic I ' ve read in a while . Keep up the good work and update soon : )

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Review #31, by Padfoot_Prongs Finches

29th January 2011:
This is my reaction to this being the last chapter you've put up.
Now onto reading it...

Hey, James.
Love your entrance.
So you.
I really do adore him.
And, dear, you've pinned him PERFECTLY.
He is so absolutely James Potter. Bravo on being wonderful, :)
Also, this relationship between Leah and Sirius is so wonderful. The fact that he's never dumped a girl and she wants him to. I just. I love it. It's so, so, so great.
I love your description of the Go Fish game. It's just one of those eye-opener moments where you can really see into Sirius, see who he is, see what his closest friends do to him.
I just love it.
Those quick two sentences about Sirius just open up an entirely new world.
You are so good at this, obviously.
Sorry, that last line just made me jump around wildly in a crazed excitement.
See what you do to me?

In response to your AN: I'm really, really happy to see you back, if only for a chapter or two. I've always enjoyed reading your writing, and I probably always will. You're a fantastic author, and you create such marvelous stories and plotlines and characters and wow.
I do admire you.
I won't lie.
I know how you feel, though.
I abandoned this place for, like, almost two years, and then just one day decided, ah, what the hell, here we go.
I'm still calling it taboo. It scares me, haha.
I like this chapter. A lot.
I also think there's some really good characterization in there, but, hey, you can disagree, :D
There are A LOT of I's there. Apologies.
I'm looking forward to another chapter. If not, then, well, I've really enjoyed reading these past five.
Thank you.

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Review #32, by Padfoot_Prongs Silence

29th January 2011:
Oh, those girls, :D
I was laughing instantly.
Thank you for that.
Okay, so, also, I really, really love Sirius' past love life. It is just so amusing and so Sirius-like to me.
I feel like, the girls giving her all this advice on what NOT to do, she's totally just going to do the opposite just to see for herself.
That seems very Leah-ish.
Roman god, :D
I'm grinning now.
I totally agree. Bahah, oops.
"and saw James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew all sitting in a booth by the window and watching them. When they caught her gaze they all lifted menus to obscure their faces."
The fact that Leah invited them to play Go Fish (the guys, I mean), I think she's winning just a little. This is so excellent. I'm totally on the edge of my seat.
And this chapter, of course, :D
Your writing is so brilliant.
As for Leah, I think she's just lovely, and I adore her, and, well, just for you, she really is "smashing." Seriously, she is. I like her A LOT.
I'm so excited to go read the next chapter, so, well, I'm gonna go do that!

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Review #33, by Padfoot_Prongs Human?

29th January 2011:
Gahd, I love Hogwarts, and the just lovely students that go there.
I love awkward first years in awkward empty classrooms at awkward times!
I'm not even being sarcastic, I promise. I do it ALL the time, just that really strange moment when you realize there's a first year in the room and you just totally ignore him/her. It always makes my day, haha.
I totally agree with Gina! Honestly, I'm pretty sure Sirius is just a god.
He's THAT handsome.
First, before I reprimand you for not liking this chapter, I'm so envious. This is such an incredible concept. I really wish I'd come up with it, haha.
I'm totally serious, though.
Like, I've seen Sirius portrayed like this but never really carried through that far.
I know you won't upset, though.
Cos, well, you're you, and you're pretty much the greatest, :D
Filler, :P
I loved this. I really did.
Why? Because it's very well written. Exceptionally, actually. There's a lot of character development here, and the friendship between Leah and Gina is clearly shown and understood. That's why this is good. Because it's a really excellent piece of writing. Yea, it's filler. It's also moving the story along, :)
10/10, darling.

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Review #34, by Padfoot_Prongs Curious

29th January 2011:
Leah is such a pretty name, :)
"Nah, he didn't get slapped this time."
I giggled. Out loud.
You've got me so hooked, once again, as always.
Bravo, :D


I love Leah. Already. And I love your Sirius.
He is just so wonderful. Like, wonderful in the sense that he's really complicated and, therefore, of course, I want to figure him out, find him out. I AM SO INTRIGUED.
As per usual, your writing is something to be admired, something to be adored. You're an amazing author, dear, :)

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Review #35, by Padfoot_Prongs Prologue: Mockingbird

29th January 2011:
You're back?
Well, I mean tentative, but STILL!
I hope you still remember me... Back in the days of your "Once Again" and my "Broken", lol.
I, technically, have also been back for a little while, though I'm calling it taboo just in case saying it makes it real and then I get scared and leave again, haha.
I don't know what made me click on your name, but I did, and here I am.

"Never get so close to someone that he became vulnerable and wounded once he felt their disapproval."
Oh dear, :D
This is why I adore your writing.
Because you just take what is so true and you morph it into these beautiful descriptions and eloquent words.
God, I missed this.
And, I'll tell you, I've been searching for a good Sirius story for a little while, so the fact that you've come back (tentative, I know!) and are writing one. Well. I'm in love, :)
With the story, of course, haha.
But you know how I am.
This was magnificent.
I'm off to read the next!

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Review #36, by Undercover Blonde Finches

25th January 2011:
oh my god its gonna rain, no hail! NO STORM! for Ink Laden Quill has finally updated! lol i found this story nearly a century ago and for some reason every time i came on the sight i would check it, low and behold there is a new chapter! I am so happy you have decided to keep writing! I really like this story and am curious to see how the characters play out. But don't worry no pressure! I am a law student so i know exactly how you feel. Good luck!

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Review #37, by SB Finches

24th January 2011:
Wow! That was deep! Please update soon!

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Review #38, by JSB 073 Finches

22nd January 2011:
Hey Layla! It's Jessica from VTM, just in case you forgot. It's been a while... :) And I've got to say, I'm so happy you came back to writing, if only for this chapter. And if this is only one chapter, I'm happy to see it.

You know how long I've been a fan, ever since You'll Fall for Me, and what's great about being a fan for this long is to see how your writing has grown. You'll Fall for Me is one of my favorite stories to go back to to see the evolution of writing through one author. And if anything, your writing has certainly grown maturely, with you and your now collegiate life.

I definitely see characterization here, I'm not quite sure about previous chapters because they're a bit fuzzy and Iím too lazy to go back and reread those. :D But I like what you've done. You've made Leah determined to show something, and going as far as dating someone she's not particularly interested in but in her idea of what she's trying to show. You've made Sirius nearly rock-solid, and I really enjoy seeing this different side of him that you're writing. Fanfic readers never see this sort of display in character of Sirius and it's interesting and different, but still enjoyable. It's not predictable with what he's doing or how long he and Leah will last if at all. Or who will ďbreak,Ē in a sense (or does that make sense??), first or who will fall first or even who could get hurt first. Because I see in the way you're writing that something nearly monumental will happen to affect their relationship, positively or negatively, only you know and I want to find out! Or... I could just be all wrong, who knows?

Overall, the way you came back to this piece is with a bang, not by the events but by your writing style. If youíve been writing other works, I would just love to see them, somehow, if we could work that out. But if youíre not comfortable with that, thatís fine, Iíve just always really enjoyed your writing and wish I had the motivation to write sometimes. If anything, itís you who inspired me to write my first piece over on VTM, but I havenít gone back to thatÖ

By the way, I love James. Heís awesome as the best friend attempting to befriend the new girlfriend but offhandedly not caring too much, just being friendly. And your attention to detail in the scenes is still great.

One mention, Trelawney wasnít at Hogwarts at this time. And I donít think I have any other criticisms because Iím just biased on how excited I am to see you updated. And a note on Deception, I was upset you abandoned, just it makes sense why. Iím not sure how I feel about knowing how it was to end, but I feel content knowing that I wonít ever be second guessing.

Spelling errors I found: 'recooperating' - recuperating.
'Years of experience has taught'
'beneath. He mouth' - his.

So this is a really long review, but I hope youíre doing well and having a blast as a science major, Iíll be going into that too!

Best of luck!

Author's Response: Of course I remember you! Jesus - it has been a long time, hasn't it? I had actually forgotten about VTM until Vicki left me a review for this story. Funny, isn't it? You and her were the only ones to catch my Trelawney goof. (Guess we know where the real fans are from..)

I want to start off by saying that it has been great having you as a fan - as a supporter and critic, if you will. And it's interesting to read that you noticed my writing change. I guess I'm doing something right, yeah? I also notice a change in yours. This review is very well written. I guess age has done us well. Haha.

In regards to my current works. Honestly, I'm not doing anything. I have these WIPs that I started well over a year ago that I still like and fiddle with sometimes, but don't get anywhere with. For a while (week) I put some stuff on figment, but the layout of the site kind of bothered me so I stopped. What actually happened was I got into journalism while in high school and that's what has effected my writing. I spent three years with that and really spent time developing opinion and perspective pieces - so that's what I was going instead of writing fiction. Now - pfft - study of the sciences is enveloping my life. Hopefully I'll get back to writing eventually.

As far as Deception goes - I'm bummed too. I just couldn't make it work in my head. It was kind of a stupid idea. When it originated I was going through this "I hate boys" phase because I was really quite young and didn't actually KNOW know many boys. Obviously this changed later and I began to realize the premise was ridiculous and I couldn't bring myself to go on with it. So, I'm sorry - especially if the faux ending wasn't what you wanted.

As for THIS story (haha, it's taken me a while to get here, huh?), I'm really happy that you like it so far. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I don't know where I'm going with it yet so your predictions are as good as mine. I'll think about it. Right now I'm a little worried about the believability of this, but the whole situation is so ridiculous I might as well not consider that, haha.

Thanks for the spelling stuff. I'll try to fix those soon. Good luck with your own writing and school as well!


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Review #39, by Rumbleroar goes roar Finches

22nd January 2011:
Yey this is really good! I'm glad you found time to write something :) And I'm sure everyone understands how busy you are. You're such a great writer and I'm loving this story so keep up the good work ^.^

Author's Response: In my opinion, you guys are far too understanding. Haha. If it were I'd be screaming for them to get on with it. =]

Thank you, nevertheless. I appreciate the encouragement.

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Review #40, by still_fly Finches

20th January 2011:
This story is great! I love how you made Sirius and James-- it's like you got them down perfect :)
Update soon, please!!

Author's Response: Well, Sirius is a little funky. I definitely don't think he was REALLY like that, but it's interesting to change things up, yeah?

Thanks for the review!

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Review #41, by Kenzie Black Finches

18th January 2011:
I love this story. Your a good writter. (: Looking forward to reading the next chapter when you get a chance to post it. (:

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #42, by asyoulikeit Finches

17th January 2011:
Glad you're back, this was always one of the stories I wanted more of. It's a brilliant idea, I can't wait to see how it pans out.

Author's Response: I'm glad you stuck around! Thanks for the review!

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Review #43, by angiedotdotla Finches

16th January 2011:
Damn. I want to see this play out. Im intrigued :]

Author's Response: Haha, hopefully you'll like where it goes. =]

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Review #44, by Nat Finches

16th January 2011:
I like your story a lot, hope youll continue writing

Author's Response: I hope I keep writing too. Thanks for the review!

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Review #45, by Sara Human?

16th January 2011:
Hi I really like your storie, its a bit different and I like how you make Sirius not perfect like he is in so many fanfictions.
Best of luck with the storie!

Author's Response: Thanks bunches! Yeah, I think this Sirius is different. It'll be interesting to see where this goes.

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Review #46, by shaketramp Finches

15th January 2011:
this story is amazing! I love it so much. It's really original

Author's Response: Ahaha, thanks a bunch!

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Review #47, by xo_draco_xo Finches

15th January 2011:
wow. that was a great chapter, i especially loved the last line. i love how Leah seems to be getting under Sirius' skin. so far your story is amazing, and definitely has a promising plot, i cant wait for your next update ! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Sirius is feeling a bit..peeved I guess. Should be interesting..

Thank you for the review!!!

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Review #48, by Groundswell Finches

15th January 2011:
Hello! I'm glad to see you back! Vicki here, from the VTM forums, if you remember me... Definitely one of your oldest fans, huh? :P And I still do like your work. Very much.

But I completely get your feeling about not finding the time for writing anymore, or inspiration. It just doesn't come as easy as it used to. But really, it's all about writing when you can, not because you have to, and updates might not come as often, but please don't abandon this completely, because it's nice to have something to turn to once in a while.

Anyways, sorry for going all cheesy and stuff on you. About this story. I really like it, and let's face it, which story isn't overwritten and done by now? But I like your style and somehow you've always managed to make me love your stories, no matter which storyline you use.

So yeah, this is no exception, and I was really happy to see you have updated. I just have to re-read the first chapters, just to get everything.

I like your characterisation. Especially of Sirius, it's so different, and refreshing. And Leah is... well, I like the way she goes all stubborn, and doesn't care that Sirius gets annoyed. And at the same time she's like all those other girls, who thinks they can make him change, care. But if she's stubborn enough, I think she can succeed :D

The conversation between Leah and Sirius was very... it was drawing me in. I think think they have chemistry, but they just have to realise it. And I think you could write something amazing with them, because I get a feeling their conversations (when they have them) would be interesting and... just, sorry, I can't find the right words right now. But intriguing, kind of. They could learn a lot from each other, and could really give each other something to think about. Which we've already seen. They are both interesting. Have I made my point? Haha.

One thing, which annoyed me; Trelawney was not a professor at Hogwarts at this time. She was not hired before the Marauders and co had left Hogwarts, after the prophecy. Anyways, I'm just being picky now.

Okay, on Random Things I Like: James' introduction. The fact that all girls already know the answer as if he talks or not. Sirius' silence. Leah's whole attitude.

But I think the thing I love the most about this story is the absurdity of the situation is what really can keep the reader here. It's just... well, lovely. To date someone you don't really want to, just to make him show an emotion. Well, it's... I love it, truth be told.

I love your characters. It's refreshing. And even though you say there's no characterisation, I think you're wrong. It's just not overdone, and that's nice to see. People often tend to overdo their characters in the attempt to not make them Mary Sue or Gary Stu, and the style in which you write your characters here, it's very... well, Danish! Haha, sorry, you probably don't know what I'm talking about, but in Denmark we often understate or downplay our characters, and I think it's a little the same as to what you're doing. It's very different to the typical American way of making characters, and I can only say I love it.

I truly hope you plan on writing more, because I love this story, and I love the concept. It's different! - I love that word! And take your time, it doesn't matter it takes a little longer, as long as you just write as well as you do now.

Hopefully happy writing! :)

Author's Response: Of course I remember. =] Except, shoot, you didn't go by Vicki on the forums did you? Your username over there is eluding me. =[ Haha, it's funny because I remember your work and all that, just not the name...yet.

Thank you for the encouragement. I swear, this batch of reviews has been some of the nicest stuff I have ever seen - or maybe I'm forgetting. I definitely write when I can. I wouldn't want to overly rush things and turn out a crappy chapter, which I'm a little afraid is what happened with this last one, but if you guys all like it then I'll deal. =]

I'm pleased that you like the story. The thing about characterization, though, is that I want there to be a reason for Leah's behavior. Sirius has one for his - but I still want there to be more. So that's what I'm working on. I'm glad you're seeing the duality in Leah, though. I think she's like most girls - trying to be different but really wanting the same thing as everyone else - and I think that is important. That's interesting about it being "Danish." I've never studied literature in the context of examining styles by region. Now that I think about it, I bet that would be fascinating. Man, that is really cool - that idea of downplaying characters. :D Sorry, stylistic stuff like that always makes me giddy. It's super interesting.

I'm glad you see chemistry! I'm sure their conversations COULD be interesting. That's another thing I hope to develop. And yes, they both have a lot to learn. Leah's not necessarily as tactful as you'd hope. =]

I'm so embarrassed by that Trelwaney mess-up. I'm not used to making Harry Potter errors - and that's a big one. It will be purged. Haha. Thanks for letting me know.

And a big thanks for the review. The long, in-depth ones are always such a pleasure to read.

Anyway, I wish you luck with any writing and school you are currently working on. Thanks for taking the time to formulate such a lengthy review. =]


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Review #49, by Mrs Lutz Finches

15th January 2011:
Um, I don't think you should go another year without posting again. I like this story too much, it's so completely different from other Sirius/oc's. It's good! Keep it up:)

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Review #50, by The Sockpuppet Finches

14th January 2011:
YAY!! i was so excited there was a new chapter! please update again soon!

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