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Review #26, by goodbyetoyou one

19th July 2011:
i'm so glad you stumbled upon my review page! i think its fantastic! you are such a great writer, its so smooth and has such great details, but doesn't over due it to the point that im bored. i think your scorpius is a really great character, and interesting. i find the paragraph length refreshing too, not all broken up with every other line being dialogue. this is definitely interesting, and i cannot wait to go onto the next chapter ^_^

Author's Response: wow thank you so much for the lovely comments. i am really pleased you are enjoying it and that you like my scorpius. i hope you continue to read! thanks so much!

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Review #27, by WeasleyTwins nine

1st July 2011:
Hi :]]]

I should have left a review a bit sooner, but I got caught up. This, this piece is wonderful. Excellent style, description, dialogue, characterizations. I could go on and on. Fantastic read, and I can't wait for more!


Author's Response: hey darling!
thank you - i am really pleased you are enjoying this and thanks so much for a lovely review!!

Kate xx

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Review #28, by the_edge_of_love nine

28th June 2011:
Amazing story! How haven't I seen it before?
I believe you're a great author with amazing ideas: this one is really original but somehow can fit into canon.
I like the characterizations very much, and the dialogue in this last chapter. Also, I really like how Scorpius is honest with everyone and how he isn't the kind of person interested in other people's lives.
And, although, I'm all about RoseScorpius, I was really sad when she and Frank broke up: a very well-written scene.
Finally, I think that Will's existance is a lovely touch and the whole LilyRose antagonism is perfect!

Author's Response: thank you for such a lovely review hun. i am really pleased you are enjoying it and that you like the characters. i took a little risk with rose and scorpius in this one and i am pleased it is working out!
i love frank. i didn't want to break them up but i love ScoRose more, lol!
thank you once again!!

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Review #29, by SunSation Gal 07 nine

23rd June 2011:
ooh, sexual tension in the bathroom there :P hehe. and that spell was cool, well until it all went to pot that is and they had to get out of their lest the die. but it sure was pretty exciting. and about damn time those two kissed! been waiting for that ;) anyway, awesome story this and I definitely look forward to when you update!

Author's Response: god i am sorry its taken me so long to answer these! please forgive me!!

i am really happy you're enjoying this darling. hahahaa i love writing these two in this. they are both so...clueless and annoying!


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Review #30, by SunSation Gal 07 eight

23rd June 2011:
wow, their relationship lasted long. and why did I just know that something was going to happen to him shortly after they broke up? my gut told me something would happen to him and it was right. but at least he isn't dead and Scorpius was able to contain it. and Lily is finally leaving! thank the lord! that girl does not belong in a jungle.

Author's Response: hahahah poor rose and frank are well-practiced in the breaking up! yeah it all happened in this chapter! i hoped it wasn't too much you know, but i guess it can happen like that in real life - everything at once!


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Review #31, by SunSation Gal 07 seven

23rd June 2011:
oh good lord. Lily just needs to leave. I really want to smack her. and yet she has Scorpius around her finger since he came back and apologized when I believe he shouldn't have. yay! they finally got something clean! good for them! and Frank and Rose are back together. that sure didn't last long. ooh, and Scorpius wished Lily was someone else. ooh. ;)

Author's Response: hahahahhaa she does, she does. she makes me groan. yep, all these tangled relationships are starting to fall apart.

thank you so much darling!

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Review #32, by SunSation Gal 07 six

23rd June 2011:
oh jeeze. Lily is now there and I can see that causing all sorts of problems to come. and look! there they are! Rose is already on edge and WTH?! She has a son? Wow, so did not see that one coming. and Scorpius really needs to stop whatever he has going on with Lily. Nothing in common and I find her annoying. And now Frank and Rose have ended their.whatever it is they have. :P anyway, onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: it is so amusing to imagine lily there. hahahaha i love seeing people's reactions to lily and her relationship with scorpius. they are very unevenly matched. frank and rose, on the other hand, really are suited to one another. just not what the other needs right now.

thanks darling!

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Review #33, by SunSation Gal 07 five

23rd June 2011:
ooh, I knew it was going to be exciting and it sure didn't disappoint! gah, it was just epic! and then Scorpius walks in to see Frank and Rose is with him, extremely awkward by very funny. and now, onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks lee, i am so happy you're enjoying this!! i had fun writing that little scene!

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Review #34, by SunSation Gal 07 four

23rd June 2011:
hehe, loved the wake up call. and your version of Rose is unlike any I've seen before. All those I've read so far having her loving to learn, but here you have it Scorpius that loves to learn. It's refreshing. And Frank wants to see someone eaten. For some reason that doesn't really surprise me. and he passed out. then again, I don't blame him. I probably would too.

Author's Response: i am so glad you like rose and scorpius - i wanted to do something a little different with them this time around. teehee frank has...issues, shall we say, lol.


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Review #35, by SunSation Gal 07 three

23rd June 2011:
hehe, I love Lorcan and Lysander. They make me laugh. And so does Frank, especially the thing about the tents. :P hehe. yes, several parts of this chapter made me smile. now, onto the next one!

Author's Response: they are so hard to write! i played with them for ages before i found their voices. they are odd, that is certain, lysander more than lorcan, though i don't know why that it, lol.

frank is my secret love. don't tell scorpius, lol.

thank you!

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Review #36, by SunSation Gal 07 two

23rd June 2011:
oh yeah, this thing is so going on my favorites list. I'm already in love with this story! so now we know why they need Scorpius and a dragon is there. I'm sure that is going to be a very entertaining scene to read ;) now, I must go on cause I want to know what happens next :P

Author's Response: wow thanks! i'm thrilled you're enjoying it hun!!

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Review #37, by SunSation Gal 07 one

23rd June 2011:
oooh, very interesting first chapter her Kate. And I really like your Scorpius in this. He's cool. though how he ended up with someone like Lily is beyond me :P but it's cool that he went to teaching at Hogwarts. anyway, now I want to get onto the next chapter!

Author's Response: hi darling, sorry its taken ages to respond to these!!

i am pleased you are enjoying this, and that you like my scorpius. he is much fun to write! hahaha lily is something else, for sure.


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Review #38, by LovelyMioneWeasley nine

20th June 2011:
Hello Kate!!

I hope all is going well for you in your life and I'm so glad to see that you are back with us updating some of your superfabulousawesome stories! :) I can't help but throw in a bit of suck up to see if you'll do more updating soon :D

As for In Ruin, I was very excited to see more chapters being added and especially since it was a Rose/Scorpius action chapter. How awesome that they finally stop tiptoeing around each other and just get right to the explosive obvious emotion and/or hormones that are affecting BOTH of them.

I'm glad you didn't leave us hanging about Frank; as a writer, we set up a pace and maybe certain goal points we want to hit in the chapter of a story and we sometimes leaving subplots or sides hanging off and it confuses the reader when we forget to mention them or acknowledge them at all especially when we had such huge drama with him last chapter.

Now, I actually have found one small issue I have with the story but I've justified how you portrayed the character in my mind as well so I'm all admist conflict. Internal conflict of course. I sympathise for Lily because we have only been viewed at her through the eyes of Scorpius who has been manipulated by her and Rose who obviously has issues with her. I find it unfair for a character to villanized--in all aspects. I think everyone has likeable qualities and I actually believe that you probably think that the same about Lily, but because the way you set up the narrator for the story, we are only privy to the thoughts of two people who don't necessairly like her. I admire you for sticking with the way you write, but I wish I could feel more sympathy for her or find a character that does because I don't think she is all bad.

I think I've rambled far more than approriate so I'll bid you adieu until next time. I love you and hope all is going good for you, my love.

xx Lindsey

Author's Response: hello darling!!!

yes all is well - been very busy but im on holidays now so hopefully, more writing time!! which means once the queue opens there will be updates!

hahahahaa yes. they are an interesting match. it shall be fun, lol.

frank will be back. i love him too much to leave him out, so he will reappear at some point in the story.

oh yes, lily will get her moment in the sun. rose hates her, and when you find out the reason, you will most likely be able to see it from both sides. i don't like to victimise either but yes, as rose and scor are the narrators lily has not had the chance to have a voice yet, but she will. i won't leave her without that. she is not all bad no, and she will show that.

thank you love!! i really appreciate all your fabulous reviews!

Kate xx

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Review #39, by Eirinita nine

20th June 2011:
yes, another chapter! And a really good one as well! Especially because Rose and Scorpius got together, if only for the night. So what happens next?

Author's Response: thank you hun - glad you liked it! hopefully the next chapter won't be too long away!

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Review #40, by sarahmadison nine

19th June 2011:
First off, congratulations on finishing Morocco. It was a wonderful read. I haven't had the chance the review since I'm traveling and moving. I do however make the time to read your stories. raven's Ring was excellent as well, I loved your take on it. As for In ruins, wonderful chapter. Finally some action, I wasn't expecting it at all. I really loved Longbottom though and sad to see him go for now. I wasn't much a fan of chapter 8, it seemed a bit rushed and wasn't as in depth as your other chapters if that makes sense. Anywho, can't wait for the next chapter. Also enjoying stop the presses.

Author's Response: hey hun
thank you so much, i am really pleased you liked this chapter (and the other fics too - cheers darling!!). i love frank too but i need to pave the way for some ScoRose action, lol. he is not gone for good though, don't fret!
yeah i agree on chapter 8. it was a hard one - the hump in the road of this fic, but hopefully the rest will work out just fine!
thanks darling!

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Review #41, by Leela nine

18th June 2011:
I like this story a lot.
I like how real it sounds. Your characters, their vulnerability, faults, strenghts, joys, actions,... everything.
Rose and Scorpius are coming along nicely. I like the way they get closer to each other.
The way you write them is so refreshing! I love it.
The thing about the mask, the curse, etc. was surprising and great.
I wonder how long it will take Scorpius to act upon his feelings. Now that he doesn't only know, but has admitted to himself that Lily's no good for him and that he actually likes working in the jungle in South America... will he break it off with her? I'm sure there's more to come, though (:
You're a terrific writer. The plot, story, characters, your style.. it's all pretty much amazing. Thanks.

Author's Response: thank you so very much hun. i am sorry it has taken forever for me to respond to this but i really do appreciate all your reviews and your support for my fics.

i am pleased you are enjoying this, and happier still that you are enjoying the characters as they are really interesting people to write about.

thank you - your comments mean a lot to me. i'm really pleased you're reading this.


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Review #42, by Giola nine

18th June 2011:
Wonderful chapter as always :)
Something FINALLY happened between them. Phew. That's been a long wait. Well, not really, it just feels like it :P
Lovely insight into Scorpius there, and Lily. I love how Rose can see straight through her cousin, and hopefully Scorpius grasps all that soon.
I'm really wondering what's going on with that mask. Obviously it's dangerous, I'm thinking that they released the curse into the cave, as the latin said 'be it now undone'...which could just mean release it, not necessarily reverse it. In my mind, anyway! As for your so called terrible latin, I have no knowledge of latin at all, so I can't tell the difference :P

Lovely long chapter too :D I was so excited when I saw this had updated. As I am for pretty much anything you write, as you well know by now!


Author's Response: hahaha yeah, a little while, but we had all that annoying frank and lily business in there, lol.

i am so pleased you're still enjoying this hun. thank you for all your lovely reviews. i wish i had more to say here.

cheers julia!
Kate xx

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Review #43, by DarkLadyofSlytherin nine

17th June 2011:
Ahh! Scorpius you're such a dolt. Honestly, how could he ruin such a perfect moment thinking about such an annoying girl? Rose is so much better for him. Honestly, I'd like to smack him one until it all makes sense to him.

That being said, I'm rather glad he is a bit of a dunce, because it makes him so different from all the other Scorpius's out there. It's a breath of fresh air, really. I love his characterizations. In fact, I love Rose's too. She's not all about the books, she's not a splitting image of her mother. In fact, she reminds me more of Bill than she does of any of the other Weasleys. Something, I think people forget. Not all children are exactly like their parents.

What I really enjoyed though, was the fact that Rose let it be known that both Ron and Harry had forgiven Draco and his family for any past misgivings. It was nice to see. Something, I think people tend to also neglect. Granted the animosity between the three families is still evident in the epilogue of DH, but by the time the children are finished school, one would hope it would pass. Time does heal almost all wounds, including bitter old rivalries.

Great job, Kate (I even ignored your latin, though mine is just as bad).

Can't wait to read the next chapter,

Author's Response: scorpius is such an idiot, lol.

LEN FORGIVE ME for taking so long to answer this! i am horrid. real life stole me :(

i love writing him like this - he is so different from my scorpius in Morocco and different to Scorpius in Broken and different to Scorpius in Raven's Ring. i really do love playing with his characterisation! Rose as well. i like writing her this way - a little...rough, lol.

that is one of the reasons i love writing the next gen characters as adults - enough time has passed and i think people would have forgiven well and truly by then and anyway, wiht the characters as adults they can make their own choices.

thank you darling!!
Kate xx

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Review #44, by missdagane eight

31st May 2011:
I loved it, things ar going into place... Glad Scorpius is showing some authority...

Author's Response: yes indeed! he needs to toughen up a bit, lol. thanks hun for another review!

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Review #45, by Crescent Moon  eight

22nd May 2011:
Great story!! Can't wait for the next chapter XD

Author's Response: thank you! i'm glad you are enjoying it so far

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Review #46, by Giola eight

20th May 2011:
I almost had a heart attack when Frank asked her to marry him.

It was a joke. Phew.

(Or was it?)

And him being cursed...I didn't really see that coming at all. It makes perfect sense, looking back, and I'm really curious as to how Rose'll reaction.

So far, she's reacting rather like someone in love. Which she isn't (she can't be. Nuh-uh. Scorpius all the way.)...but it's intriguing me.

Or maybe she's just being moody Rose as per usual. Also quite possible.

Is it wrong that I'm glad Lily has left? I don't hate her character...all that much. She's...uh...interesting. Though I'd LOVE to know exactly what went down between her and Rose.

There has to be something there, doesn't there? (Unless you've already mentioned it and I've forgotten. That's possible).

The ending, also major love. Scorpius clearly shares my sentiments about Lily's departure :P

Lovely job yet again! 10/10

Author's Response: hahahah yeah
i am so glad you enjoyed this chapter hun. i am so sorry its taken so long for me to respond - real life kidnapped me.

rose is confused, so confused. i feel sorry for her. she doesn't want frank but then she does, cause he knows her and she is used to him etc etc. not exactly the basis for a healthy relationship though :P

hahaha no not wrong. i was glad to get rid of her for the moment too.

thank you sweetie!!

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Review #47, by Eirinita eight

19th May 2011:
Finally, Lily is leaving! Now all we need is some Rose and Scorpius action! And we got the story behind Will. Maybe it was a smart decision, but at the same time, kids should be with their parents. Rose and Frank didn't need to be a couple to raise their son together.

And I forgot to tell you how much I liked the last sentence in the previous chapter ;)

Author's Response: yes, she is going!! hahaha soon, soon. maybe, lol.
would you want rose and frank to be your parents? goodness, i wouldn't, lol. but yeah i agree. and that is the hard thing for rose - she is immensely guilty about the whole thing!

thanks hun!!!

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Review #48, by LovelyMioneWeasley eight

19th May 2011:
SHE'S GONE, OH SHE'S GONE!! Thank goodness. What a obnoxious little Potter. Grr...if only reviews weren't 12+. Oh haha ha ;)

So I feel like I've been on a Kate reviewing-palooza because you've just done so much updating between RR, Morocco, and In Ruin! It has been quite the treat for me these past few days. I am slowly running out of fantastic things to be update on though unfortunately.

I think that you are doing a brilliant job with this story; the dynamic between Frank and Rose is lovely to read about and getting more information about William was definitely lovely. Frank can be quite the reckless idiot though; I was definitely upset to see him get hurt but I'm impressed by Scorpius jumping to rescue Rose before she could do something reckless too.

And I'm very glad that you are making them both unattached--Scorpius and Rose that is because clearly, Scorpius needs someone like Rose. And maybe for Frank and Rose's sakes, Rose needs someone like Scorpius. Someone she could truly learn to love and be comfortable with. I am impressed all the same by all the dynamics you are suppling in this though.

I am curious to know more about the twins and Louis though so I guess if I had any requests, it would be a bit more dynamics with them maybe. Also I would love to know more of the Incan history. I'm loving the story, Kate, loff, as always :).

xx Lindsey

Author's Response: hahahahaha yep she gone! for the moment...

i wish i answered my reviews as quickly! i am sorry this has taken so long!!

i have so much fun with rose and frank. they are awesome, if not a little too dysfunctional, together! yeah scorpius got to play hero, even if she didn't really appreciate it.

thank you darling! i really appreciate your lovely words!


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Review #49, by emilysoxo seven

2nd May 2011:
OH MY GOD. i absolutely LOVE THIS. and in the background while reading this i had movie music. oh lord!
I think this is actually my favorite! wow. i am so impressed. this is honestly one of the best fics ive ever read.
you are a fantastic author! you should work on an original work!

Author's Response: movie music???
O.o wow thanks! that is such an awesome thing to hear!!
thank you so much - you're encouragement means a lot. i do write original work - have not long completed my first novel actually, which is rather terrifying!!

xx thank you!

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Review #50, by emilysoxo one

2nd May 2011:
and they grasped hold of everything with both hands, swallowing life and all it had to offer whole.

ah a true writer! a true writer. i love all your stories.
they're the most professional on this site :)

Author's Response: O.o
wow. thank you!! i don't know what to say!
I am pleased you are enjoying this hun!

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