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Review #51, by arabian muslim CHAPTER NINE

20th June 2011:
i think your racist bout some things

Author's Response: I am really sorry that you feel that way but i can assure you i have no issues with race, culture or religion.

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Review #52, by Proud to be a muslim CHAPTER NINE

19th June 2011:
thanx for the story, but could you please not talk about muslims as if they all are evil people and terorists. REAL muslims are the best of people. and I'm sorry if u can't see that. It's forbidden in islam to hurt people or kill them, except if at war and of course for the right cause.
thanx again and no offence

Author's Response: Hi and thanks for the review
I'm sorry if anything I wrote here caused you offence - I actually think Islam is a beautiful religion and a deeply spiritual way to live. The character of Areli just appeared to me as a twisted human being - that I made him a muslim was coincidence and not meant to cause offence at all. I have nothing against muslims at all and i'm sorry that you feel that way. Areli was at war, in his head. He was a damaged human being and I did not mean him in any way to be a representation of muslims. I actually downplayed his religion to be sensitive to that. He could have been anything though - Christian, catholic etc. his religion was not an important part of his characterisation.
I teach history and geography and always, always make a point of telling my kids that not all muslims are terrorists and not all terrorists are muslims. I have deep respect for different cultures and faiths but in this modern climate of fear I can understood your reasoning as well.
thank you for reading and thank you for being honest.

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Review #53, by Rick CHAPTER SIXTEEN

17th June 2011:
Great story and well written!

Author's Response: thank you. I am really pleased you enjoyed it.

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Review #54, by Dallas CHAPTER SIXTEEN

14th June 2011:
I found this the other day and read the first chapter, but when I went to the second chapter the archive was down. And I went through hours of hell refreshing and waiting for it all to come back up. I went onto google and I managed to find the next two chapters on your LiveJournal. Which was good because I read some other Rose/Scorpius pieces while I was there. Finally I woke up yesterday and it was back and I spent all yesterday reading this fic pretending I was studying. This is the first fanfic I've read for this pairing that isn't a one-shot, I've only just started in this pairing and reading Next Generation fics.

This is really quite amazing and I'm going to be recommending it to my friends even if they do 't read NextGen because it's a great read and it has a really strong message. It sticks to what Harry Potter is all about and it's written so well. I don't normally read reviews but this really hit me. I'm in love with this fanfic. Thank you so much for writing this.

Author's Response: oh yes, the archive! glad you found a little on my LJ - I've not finished posting it there - it's a big job!

wow thank you so very much. i am really pleased you enjoyed it and i am glad you understood and recognised the message. thank you for your kind words. i really appreciate them.

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Review #55, by HP0247 CHAPTER SEVEN

8th June 2011:
The banners are really wonderful - an added treat for the readers - thanks!

Author's Response: thank you so much! glad you like them

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Review #56, by HP0247 CHAPTER ONE

7th June 2011:
All right, first chapter read. I thought it was a really good lead in chapter. I'm rather glad they aren't kids or even young adults here. It should prove to be interesting as they have more life experience and hopefully long over any hang-on 'school' drama.

In you A/N at the end, you expressed concern since it's a new territory for you - well, I can't imagine you NOT writing a great story, new territory or no. Any reader of your stories would agree with me.

Author's Response: hey there!
thank you - I am glad you are enjoying it so far and i agree completely. they had to be older for this story to work fully.
*blush* thank you!

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Review #57, by Ashley CHAPTER SIXTEEN

30th May 2011:
I did enjoy this story, for a few reasons.
1. The grammar was mostly accurate, and non-distracting from the storyline.
2. Great usage of vocabulary and the alternation of sentence structure to enhance the imagery
3. It had a clearly defined plot, as well as character growth and development. Many of the responses were realistic - such as Scorpius before he accepts his affection for Rose, and Rose's apprehension to move in with him. They were true to the characters.
HOWEVER- I do feel that a few things could have been better. While most of the character development seemed to be realistic for each character's personality, it appears to me that Cassandra's character wasn't very well thought out. I enjoy the message you're trying to get across by having her concede in the end, but I do not feel that a woman who killed her child for being a wizard would have given up her hatred so quickly. That was an extraordinarily idealistic perspective which, I have found, has little basis in reality. People build up thick barriers to protect themselves from guilt and blame. In fact, most criminals cannot be convinced that they have done anything wrong. It is a basic human response to want to avoid blame - especially in a situation where Cassandra would have to face the fact that she had killed her own child as a result of her "mistake."
Even if you truly feel that she would have given in, which is your right as the author, at least consider giving her more defense mechanisms to accurately portray the depth of her hatred. You did do some of that, but her sadness has twisted itself into anger and hatred... not been disguised by it. That hatred runs deeper than any other emotion. Pride gets involved, their sense of self and of reality. Perceptions such as that cannot be changed so easily.

Do you believe you could convert a lifetime KKK member in one day?

People make lots of excuses. "They're just sucking up and playing nice until they get what they want." "They'll hurt us the second we trust them." "As long as they live, there will always be reason to hate." Remember, paranoia is often coupled with hatred. How do you dispose of those cognitions in someone so intentionally deluded? You don't. Their whole perspective of life depends upon it. and delusion, by definition, cannot be combated with reasoning.
I feel it would have been both more interesting to the plot line and better representative of Cassandra's cunning character to have her pretend to cooperate, only to tell her followers to attack during the press conference. She knew that she had followers all over the world, she knew the wizards would not kill her, and she knew that her people were watching. She would also know that this would discredit the efforts of the wizarding community and encourage a loss of faith in their abilities. She killed her child for this cause. How could she not keep fighting?
Overall, good story. But I feel like you got lazy towards the end in your attempt to let the good guys win. I think I would have given your idealistic perspective more credit if you had truly given the antagonists a fighting chance and recognized that not everyone can be converted to "good" (this term used very, very loosely).

Author's Response: Thank you Ashely for your honesty. You are entitled to your opinion and I am not going to tell you not to think what you want. However, I think you may have misunderstood Cass a little.

First, she did not kill her child for the cause - the cause arose from her guilt for killing her baby, not the other way around. She already had a misconception about magic based on what happened to her brother - perhaps I did not explain that well enough. I don't know, but her baby's death and her attempted suicide came from fear. it was not at that stage in cass' life hatred for wizards that drove her but fear. the hatred came later, when she could not deal with her guilt.

second, who says she did repent? that she said she did and that she denounced For Humanity in public does not mean that she no longer hated wizards and that she no longer still held to her beliefs. people lie, and that was left open for the reader to interpret. me, i like to think that she took the only available option left open to her - she was backed into a corner and in the end, i believe self preservation is stronger than the desire to see others hurt. she is a terrorist yes, but she is not going to sign her own death warrant. i don't believe for a second that she gave up her hatred, but she acted in the only way she could under the circumstances. yes she could have made a call to arms etc etc but what would that have served? she is cunning and malicious but she is also intelligent. she is the sort of person who would wait - serve her time, accept her punishment and then, who knows? and i like to believe that there was something redeemable in her; that perhaps someone like cass can make a human decision and think beyond the hatred that she has allowed to fester inside herself.

she is not by any means a converted or even redeemed character. i don't think the good guys 'won' in any case - who wins in a war? every one suffers. there are no winners. and this story, or this ending, focused one moment in the culmination of what has the potential to be a very large scale and enduring conflict. someone says - i think it was ron or harry - that they are about to enter the hardest stage of this war - the possible end. we know from reality that things linger and i don't believe that this war ended here. i had to though, end the story.

thank you for your review. I do appreciate the feedback.

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Review #58, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER SIXTEEN

29th May 2011:
Wow. It's over. This was such an amazing story, and your message was definitely clear. It reminded me of the holocaust, and of the genocides still going on today. I love how it was set in Africa, rather than the UK or US and I loved the plot, but most importantly, the theme. I really enjoyed reading this, and I feel kinda empty now that it's over. An excellent story, really. Loved everything about it. Just, wow.

Author's Response: thank you for all your wonderful reviews hun. i really really appreciate the feedback and i am so glad you enjoyed it. setting was important - this would not have worked politically in the UK or the US and yes, the theme was important, possibly more so than anything else in the story. I'm really pleased you said that!
thank you so very much! xx

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Review #59, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER FIFTEEN

29th May 2011:
Gah, that was so good! I was going to give you a review last chapter, but it was too much of a cliffie. I love that little bit of foreshadowing! Of course, I didn't reconginze it at the time, but now that it's here, I love it! So exicted to read the last chapter!

Author's Response: thank you once again for another lovely review darling. i am really pleased you're enjoying this and that everything is working.

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Review #60, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER THIRTEEN

29th May 2011:
Ha, I knew that everything wasn't going to be perfect! I'm so so glad that you put this in! It shows that the war hasn't been won yet! And I'm praying that Lily will survive. I would give you a longer review, but I must read on!

Author's Response: oh no, this war is far from over, lol. thanks hun and i'm glad you're still enjoying it! xx

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Review #61, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER ELEVEN

29th May 2011:
I have to admit that I'm shocked. I didn't think that it would be resolved so fast. Most of me thinks there's still something big yet to come, but it all seems so perfect. I'm thinking, and also hoping, that I'm in a false sense of security right now. In any case, I hope this isn't the end of the action, so I'm excited to keep reading. Oh, and I dont think I ever mentioned the pregnancy, so I'll just say right now that it was a brilliant twist. Yay, time to read on!

Author's Response: resolved? who said? ^_^ hahahaa
thank you again for another lovely review. i am pleased you liked the pregnancy twist - i was unsure of how that would go down with readers but it's been positive so far.
thank you!

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Review #62, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER NINE

29th May 2011:
It flowed beautifully. Yes, a lot went on, but it all worked so well! Must keep reading! This is much too great! And I still can't find anything I don't like!

Author's Response: thank you so much hun!!!

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Review #63, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER EIGHT

29th May 2011:
This was such an interesting plot twist! I'm really glad that the mission wasn't perfectly successful! It added a lot of drama to the story, and made it way more believeble! I'm so excited to keep reading!

Author's Response: thank you. they had to get caught at some stage and they had to reveal themselves so yeah, i thought this situation was the best choice for that plot point.
so happy you're enjoying it! xx

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Review #64, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER SIX

29th May 2011:
Gah, this is so amazing! And I'm sorry for being away for so long too...

This is the perfect blend of romance, action, suspense, drama, and mystery. I am in love with this story. You're doing such a great job, and I can find no flaws whatsoever.

Author's Response: hey hun
thank you so much for another lovely review! i am really pleased you are enjoying it!

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Review #65, by missdagane CHAPTER SIXTEEN

25th May 2011:
I lved the end. It was a really amazing fic, one of the best I ever read. I love it because it was not alone romance, it was a lot more, and sometines I was on the edge of my seat. You described everything so well: I copuld feel the warmth, the angst, the feelings, everything. I'm so sad it's over. And I wonder if you would write something mor elike an epilogue, just to know a litlle more about them in the near future. Anyway, that was a wonderful fic and thank you a lot for that!

Author's Response: thank you so much darling, for all your lovely reviews and your support throughout this fic. i am really happy you enjoyed it!! I dont know what else to say other than thank you!!!

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Review #66, by Crescent Moon  CHAPTER SIXTEEN

24th May 2011:
I love this story!! You are an amazing writer, you should definitely think about going professional!! XD

Author's Response: oh, i think about it ALL the time, lol! thank you darling - really pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for the lovely compliment!

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Review #67, by loopyluna CHAPTER SIXTEEN

22nd May 2011:
I can't believe it's taken me this long to get around to leaving a review! I just have to say it; this is honestly my favourite story on this site! It's so unique, I have never read anything like it before, and your characterisations are so real!
In my opinion, you ended it absolutely perfectly! :D
Thank you for writing this wonderful story!

Author's Response: thank you sweetie, for all your lovely reviews throughout this fic. i am really pleased you enjoyed it and thank you for all the wonderful compliments. thank you for reading!

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Review #68, by Emma CHAPTER SIXTEEN

22nd May 2011:
I really enjoyed this story it was different in a good way. I loved your detail of all of the places in Africa and I swear i thought you had actually been to those places with the level of detail you had. Once again loved reading it and hoping there will be a second story!

Author's Response: thank you so much. i am really pleased you enjoyed it and i don't know about a second story but if i am as insane as i think i am, i will possibly write something more. thank you!

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Review #69, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER FIVE

21st May 2011:
I love how you integrated romance into this! It isn't the focal point of the story, because it shouldn't be, but the way that that you wrote it added an amazing subplot and it was a nice break from all the Muggle-wizard tension. I also loved that you brought Isobelle back! I hope she'll be a bigger part of the story. And Rose and Scorpius are definitely true to their characters. Oh, also loved the backstory in here. It was horrible and depressing, but it fit Cass's character beautifully. Another excellent chapter!

Author's Response: thank you once again darling for another lovely review. i really appreciate hearing your thoughts. the romance element is very much in the passenger's seat at this time. it is a lot of fun to write though, lol.

thank you!

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Review #70, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER FOUR

21st May 2011:
This is so intruiging! I love how we're getting to see the Muggle's point of view on this whole thing, and as much as I'm kicking myself for it, I'm pitying the Muggles. So great job on your part, because that means the emotion is definitely there! Long chapters are a good thing when they're written well, and yours definitely is! I think your pace is perfect, too, giving me just enough of a plot in every chapter that I'm not bored, but it doesn't feel rushed either!

Author's Response: hey hun
thank you and WOW really? that is kind of awesome, because i was wondering whether anyone would end up pitying them, even if it was just a little bit. i feel sorry for them and i want to shake them all really hard for their nonsense and their hate!

thank you so much!!

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Review #71, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER TWO

21st May 2011:
I love Rose's character! Love it! The interaction between her and Scorpius was amazing and it added humor, which I think is great to have in a darker story to lighten up a bit!

Author's Response: thank you so much! i am really happy you're enjoying it!

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Review #72, by NaidatheRavenclaw CHAPTER ONE

21st May 2011:
Hi! Naida here with your requested review! So sorry that it's taken me this long to start it!

Since this is such a long story, I'll just point out things that I liked or didn't like from here on out, if that's okay. But I'll give you a proper review on this :)

Your plot is really original. You're exploring the darker side if Muggles found out about wizards, and I like that. Adding Morocco as a setting is going to be one of the best parts about this, I think. It makes your story original and gives it a twist. I'm also excited to see how the ScoRose plays out. Not that the advice much applies, since it's almost finished, but I hope they stay true to their characters if/when they fall for each other. I guess I can comment more on that when it actually happens.

The only one small criticism I have of this chapter is that all the long paragraphs at first got kind of monotonous. I know that this is an introduction and that you needed to explain everything, but I felt like I was bombarded with too much information and it wasn't really done in an interesting way. Not to say that you didn't write it well, because you did, but it got almost tiring just reading an account of everything that was going on. Once you got to the interaction between Scorpius and Rose, it was perfect and it flowed better too. It's pretty small, and won't really have a huge effect on how good your story is, but it's the only thing I didn't like, so I thought I'd point it out. Other than that, it was amazing!

Author's Response: I AM SUCH A HORRID PERSON! i am so sorry this has taken me so long, and after all the effort you went to.

thank you for all your comments and your constructive criticism. i really appreciate it. i hate first chapters, lol. i never quite know how much to share in one moment, and i am quite fond of rather large paragraphs.

thank you so much - i am really pleased you are enjoying it so far hun!


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Review #73, by justonemorefic CHAPTER SIXTEEN

20th May 2011:
I am going to put down my guard and hope nothing bad happens in these 9000 words.

Heee Hermione and Draco banter. Endlessly amusing. It seems someone said something to him the other night at dinner about how he has done nothing but sit around on his aristocratic arse behind the walls of his fortress as Rome burnt, while the rest of us, including his son, have been fighting for our very existence. HEEE.

Oh the press. Stirring up trouble again. BUT IT FEELS HOPEFUL NOW.

OH, SOPHIE. POOR GIRL D: BUT SHE GETS TO SEE HER FATHER NOW YAY! AND CASS IS KIND OF BETTER NOW, YAY! Oh Kate, if only you could spread world peace with your stories.

Pfft Scorpius, you can't just go around burning memos. Sigh.

Here, Potter. Are you telling me you cant manage a couple of Frenchmen? What happened to the universal translators? Haaah. Oh Draco, you grew up quite nicely.

Oh Cass. That was so much more than you needed to say. At last.


KATE. I ADORE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS FIC. (And the fact that it's complete! PHEW! Thank Merlin; I'm so afraid to touch any other action fic) And I secretly love that you're not a bodycount person and you keep my favorite characters alive :3

It's been four and a half hours since I started reading it and I haven't left my seat and I don't regret it one bit. I hope you survived all my crazy capslocky review :D

Author's Response: GINA I AM SO SORRY!! real life has kidnapped me and i feel wretched for taking so long to respond to the rest of your killer reviews!!

forgive me??

i gotta have my dramione moment, even if it isn't a dramione moment, lol. i do love those two!

gotta love the press too - funny, i was going to be a journalist...

hahahahaa he can burn as many memos as he wants. its kind of sexy i reckon, lol.

i adore writing adult draco. he is awesome-sauce! and cass...i like to think she is redeemed but she isn't really. deep down she is still the same. it will take a while for her to change.

thank you thank you thank you for reading and leaving me such crazy/awesome reviews darling! i love you SO MUCH!!

Kate xx

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Review #74, by GubraithianFire CHAPTER SIXTEEN

20th May 2011:
I started reading this a month or so ago because I need fanfic to fill up my startlingly sizable spare time. I think I started when it only had twelve or thirteen chapters, so I was super duper excited that I wouldn't have to wait for resolution to really evil cliffhangers, but then there were still two more chapters, plus the epilogue, and oszeihdjxf. I don't have that much to say because, weirdly enough, I have too much to say, but not all of it can be made into a review since my thoughts are so jumbled. But I did want to congratulate you, obviously, for a job superbly well done on a tight-knit, unnerving, consuming novel. Your characterizations were sublime and real, your plotting tight and tense and full of brilliant moments, and the stakes in this resolved very nicely -- a little too nicely for my taste, but I suspect that's just vague jealousy stemming from my patent inability to end things satisfactorily. You managed to twist things I expected (namely, Rose getting pregnant) into plot devices that, you know, took my breath away, which is no mean feat. I do think this had echoes of a traditional "apocalyptic" action/adventure, which I'm sure you know (also, Conrad references kind of made my life), but again, excellent work with making the tropes and the suspected character/plot trajectories utterly your own. I'm so happy that you made it this far, and congratulations again on a job ridiculously, absurdly, brilliantly well done. ♥

Author's Response: GUBBY!! omg. a gubby review!!
i don't know how to respond to this. first, thank you so much for reading - i didn't know you were (that was sneaky, lol) and second, i am really pleased you liked it. you flatter me way too much hunny but thank you - i really love the characters in this. their reality took my breath away sometimes - they appeared as they were i feel like i did so little to help them onto the page - they were real in their own way with nothing from me, and that is kind of scary.

i get what you mean about the resolution. it was hard to decide where or how to end it. i had plans from the start about the resolution of some plot points ie Areli and Rose, Hugo, Rose and Scorpius, but others, like what would happen to Cass and to the state of things...i wasn't sure what i was going to do.

yay apocalyptic! i love that word, lol, and i have read way to much post-apocalyptic fiction in my time (love it love it love it) and yay for Conrad. he fit so perfectly. Heart of Darkness scares me.

thank you thank you thank you. i'm so happy you reviewing darling!!


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Review #75, by justonemorefic CHAPTER FIFTEEN

20th May 2011:
Heee. They find out. "I dont need protecting; its no wonder pregnant women suffer from mood swings, with all these men constantly telling them what to do,

Oooh I have a bad feeling about Scorpius' plan. -crosses fingers and reads faster-

I would never presume to seduce you with praise. Heh.



Omg Kate, I love you so much. One more chapter to go, but like I cannot commend you enough on the tension and the way you've drawn me into your characters. I really did think that there was a huge possibility that someone wasn't going to make it and I would've been devastated (9000 words to go, I hope there aren't more body counts then D:).


Author's Response: i had so much fun writing that scene! so much fun!! teehee

yes there was the foreshadowing from about chapter...4 i think, lol. that action was one of the only things i had completely planned from the very beginning. when i first contrived areli's character i knew she had to kill him and when he said those words, way back in chapter 4 or whatever, i knew for sure it had to happen like this.

thank you thank you thank you gina! i am so sorry its taken me so long to get to this. i am just thrilled you are enjoying it!!


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