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Review #26, by Serena CHAPTER ONE

23rd November 2011:
I swear i thought you were J. K. Rowling herself. You have very well rounded characters!

Author's Response: O.o
thank you for your kind words!

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Review #27, by Iloenchen CHAPTER SIXTEEN

17th November 2011:
Hello there!

I came back from Marrakech last weekend and I just had to read your story again. I'm still amazed at how wonderfully you portray the city, everything is so accurate and when reading this, I almost felt like I was back in the Djemaa el-Fna, listening to the storytellers speak in a language I didn't understand.

The only two things I noticed were the mint tea, which is definitely not refreshing because it's too sweet and the fact that Rose and Scorpius took a long time to visit the market. That's almost impossible if you spend your days walking through the souqs, sooner or later you'll land there. But it's such a different place during the day compared to the evening that it doesn't make a difference to the story if they caught a glimpse of the almost empty square during the day before.

Anyway, I'm left speechless at your amazing ability to tell this story. I need to have been in a place to understand it and even then I have problems describing the story. After having seen Marrakech with my own eyes, this is now definitely my favourite story on HPFF and I'll come back here to read it again when I want to be reminded of my holiday!

Author's Response: I love mint tea - I always drink it when I need a fresh-up lol
Thanks for your kind words - I really appreciate your review

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Review #28, by B Wood CHAPTER SIXTEEN

31st October 2011:
loooved it! will there be a sequel? xx

Author's Response: not a sequel but a companion piece.
Thanks for the review

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Review #29, by sarah CHAPTER SIXTEEN

17th October 2011:
Great idea for a short story. I read this over and over again. Very creative. I commend your story telling skills and creativity. This is one of the best Rose/Scorpius fanfictions that I have read and trust me I have read a lot.

Author's Response: thank you - I'm really pleased you liked it

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Review #30, by priyam CHAPTER SEVEN

10th October 2011:
I dont really understand if this is a HP fanfiction. They are not muggle spies!!! they are aurors. They dont need to blend in to get information. They can easily put an imperior curse and make them do whatever they want. They can control them and thus the whole organization!!! They can even oblivate them and make forget about magic altogather. No muggle is a match for a wizard especially if he is a trained auror. Why on earth would Scorpius have to go to egypt! He can easily confund them in a blink of an eye. I cant help but wonder are you even a HP fan?

Author's Response: what a strange ending question! I can understand what you are saying but this is the world I have created - this story is about power and fear and doing what is right. i don't believe for a second that, in this new world, post-voldemort, that wizards would just up and use mind-control on their enemies! the thing is, they are thinking of the future - thinking of how things will be with the two worlds combined and having wizards do what you are suggesting would not make a very good start for relationships between muggles and wizards. perhaps you have never thought of these things, i don't know, but there are politics at play here. the point is that wizards are striving to NOT be like muggles and just throw down and use their abilities to make muggles fear them even more. perhaps you missed the point of this story?

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Review #31, by tydemans CHAPTER SIXTEEN

4th October 2011:
Kate this was a great read! You did a phenomenal job - the setting, the characters, the action - I'm glad I read it after completion because it deserved that momentum.

Confession: I don't think Maria is your baddest bad guy. Yes, she's pure evil, a shadow of all that is bad looming over everything, but in this story, Cass is your fully-fledged villain. I think you do a great job with her. I like the ambiguity at the end - did she really mean it? Without that ambiguity the wrap-up would have been too clean. I personally believe she is cutting her losses rather than truly converted. I see her emerged from suicidal to survivalist but her arc isn't complete in this story (and it doesn't need to be). There's enough humanity somewhere deep in there to hope for a change, but she's done too much for it to be an easy reverse.

The battle is over (not won) but the conflict continues. I'm glad you are doing a companion piece. I won't be so late with that one.

Take care!
~ Ty

Author's Response: Ty, thank you so much darling. i am really pleased you enjoyed it!!! *hugs*

oh no. maria is not the baddest bad guy. she is evil but she is more...misguided in her evilness. cass is evil - she is the villain. i am really stoked you liked her. i don't know where she came from - she worries me a little, lol. i agree with you - she has cut her losses, like joe basically suggested she do. i don't see her as converted in any way - just doing what she needs to do to survive. i am really happy you see that too!!

thank you darling!!! This review has made my day!

Kate xx

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Review #32, by Sarah CHAPTER SIXTEEN

18th September 2011:
I have read at least 20 fanfictions on Rose and Scorpius, but this has got to be my favorite I just have to keep reading it over and over again.

Author's Response: wow thank you so much hun! i am really pleased you have enjoyed this and thank you so much for reading!!!

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Review #33, by Sarah CHAPTER FIFTEEN

18th September 2011:
How is it that everyone knows that Scorpius loves her, yet she is completely blind to it? and in the end the confession is made love and the wonders of youth.

Author's Response: hahahaha rose is not always the brightest spark, lol. thank you! i'm really pleased you liked this chapter!

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Review #34, by Sarah CHAPTER FOURTEEN

18th September 2011:
I am missing things Scorpius insisted fiercely, leaning across the table towards her. Im missing you. I want the first thing I see in the morning when I open my eyes to be you; I want to find your clothes lying all over the house because youre such a slob; I want to listen to you moan about how terrible your day was or how terrible the weather is; I want to make you dinner and hear you tell me I cant cook because I cant; and I want you next to me when I go to sleep at night. - when he said that i thought finally cause we all knew it would happen.

Author's Response: i know, so did i! but rose...doesn't see what we can so obviously see! thank you for reading hun!

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Review #35, by Sarah CHAPTER EIGHT

18th September 2011:
I wish they could just fall in love somehow sort this out get married and have children. Happy ending, but I love this story anyway.

Author's Response: that would be too easy! i don't do easy, lol. thanks hun - glad you're enjoying it so far!

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Review #36, by Loony_Scorpy CHAPTER SIXTEEN

6th September 2011:
I absolutely loved this story ♥ It is quite literally amazing! I loved the way the story built up and I was sucked in the whole time! I also loved the gradual relationship between Scorpius and Rose, it wasn't sudden and it was very realistic :) I'm pretty speechless at the moment so my review will pretty much end here :) you have written this sooo well! This story is aaahhhmazing :D ♥

Author's Response: thank you so much for such a lovely review hun. i am really pleased you enjoyed it. i don't know what else to say other than thanks for reading and for the wonderful review!


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Review #37, by nitenel CHAPTER SIXTEEN

25th August 2011:
This was an amazing story! This is always a topic that I love! Have you ever read Dragon Awakening (or something like that)? It's of a similar theme. ie the idea of Wizards reveailng themselves.

I'm currently writing The Resistance which is an AU fic that takes place after the battle of Hogwarts. It's basically England split into two sides (with muggles on both sides). I can only hoe it turns out as great as this!


Author's Response: hi there
thanks so much for the lovely review. no i've not read that story. your fic sounds interesting - if i get time I might take a look at it.
I'm really pleased you enjoyed this and again, thanks for the wonderful review.

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Review #38, by Tessa CHAPTER SIXTEEN

17th August 2011:
That was bloody brilliant. Amazing story. I will recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for sharing this.

Author's Response: thank you so much. i'm really pleased you enjoyed it and thanks for the review!

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Review #39, by Tessa CHAPTER NINE

17th August 2011:
“Happy to be of service,” Scorpius said waspishly. “Would you like your pound of flesh now, or later?”

“Cute. What’s next? Dante?”

“I don’t believe in Hell.”

“You will.” Cass smiled and shut the door on them.


Author's Response: thank you!
I had a lot of fun writing that scene!!

glad you liked it hun and thanks for reading!

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Review #40, by lolapasse CHAPTER SIXTEEN

3rd August 2011:
First of all: it is a nice piece of work, really. You write quite well.
However something disturbs me, about the fact that muggles could be a threat to wizards, since wizards are much more powerful, so the whole thing was not really credible..
Anyway , I really enjoyed your story !

Author's Response: hi thanks for reading. to clarify - what makes you think wizards would automatically win in a fight? they are outnumbered, and all their powers may count for nothing in the end. i see muggles as a total threat because muggles are so terribly human and humans are flawed and scared and terrified of difference. scared people make horrible decisions...

anyway, thank you!

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Review #41, by lolapasse CHAPTER ONE

3rd August 2011:
I don't see any racism in this chapter. People are so paranoid, it's ridiculous !
Great story by the way

Author's Response: thank you for reading. glad you are enjoying it

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Review #42, by HJ Weasley CHAPTER SIXTEEN

30th July 2011:
Easily the most engaging, possibly the best fanfic I have ever read. You really have a way with words. I don't have any complaints except for the fact that you have a few spelling errors. Other than that, this is a fabulous fic, and you've actually made me a next-gen fan... bravo.

Author's Response: wow thank you so much, i am really thrilled that you enjoyed it and thank you for your lovely comments.

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Review #43, by HJ Weasley CHAPTER SIX

29th July 2011:
Oh my god, I am loving this fic so far. Usually I hate reading next-gen - the characters in general make me cringe and all the plots seem the same - but I came across this story by chance and have been hooked ever since. It is so original, so addicting, so realistic. This paragraph is perfection:

"She turned and floated on her back, her eyes unwillingly moving to the balcony of her suite. Scorpius was there, but he was not watching her, as she had feared, or maybe hoped. He was watching the moon. Rose lay back in the water, limbs moving languidly at her sides and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, Scorpius was gone inside and she sighed, feeling oddly rejected. The gold band resting on the ring finger of her left hand felt heavy, and she was suddenly more aware of its presence than before. Absently, she reached across her body, twisting it. It would slip off without effort; another reminder that this was a lie. She wondered why it bothered her."

I just can't stop reading. I have to go to bed now unfortunately, cause I have a lot to do tomorrow, but you are so talented. Can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: thank you. i am really thrilled you are enjoying this and thank you for all your lovely comments.

i don't know what else to say, only i am glad you stumbled onto this fic and that you are finding it a little different.


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Review #44, by Fred's Spirit CHAPTER SIXTEEN

15th July 2011:
Incredible story! You captured the human emotions so well, and I loved all the detail you put into it!! Wonderful!

Author's Response: wow thank you so much, i really appreciate that. glad you enjoyed the story and cheers for reading.

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Review #45, by New Man CHAPTER SIXTEEN

11th July 2011:
I think this story is actually a very decent portrayal of what would happen if wizards were exposed to the outside world.But i would like to tell that the depiction of wizards in this novel is a little too bland for my taste

Author's Response: hi and thanks for the review. i am pleased you enjoyed it on the whole.

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Review #46, by mrsphantom CHAPTER SIXTEEN

5th July 2011:
"I'm ridiculously in love with you, you know that, don't you?" GAHHH!!! So cute! :D Aww, such an awesome story! My only complaint: it ended too soon! Have you considered writing a sequel? Or have you already? I'll have to check. Anyways, great work! This is definitely going on my favorites list!

Author's Response: i LOVED writing that line!! *swoon* scorpius is so beautiful, lol. thank you for the lovely review hun and I am really happy you liked it. I have contemplated a sequel of sorts but time will tell on that.

thank you again

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Review #47, by drcjsnider CHAPTER SIXTEEN

26th June 2011:
Great story... really unusal and I loved the fighting between the Muggles and wizards. Love story between Scorpius and Rose was very well done too... enjoyed the families reactions to the pregnancy and how Rose finally realized she was in love with him and wanted to be with him and not because of the baby.

Author's Response: hey there.
thank you so much for reading and i'm really pleased you enjoyed it. i appreciate the feedback.

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Review #48, by drcjsnider CHAPTER TWO

26th June 2011:
Hah... loved this chapter and loved the annoyance that Rose and Scorpius feel for each other, although I'm really looking forward to it turning into something more than annoyance :)

Author's Response: thank you hun. i am really pleased you are enjoying it so far and i am happy you like the characters.

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Review #49, by Really?Really? CHAPTER SIXTEEN

22nd June 2011:
I've just read some reviews and I'm astounded by comments made by 'Arabian' and 'Proud to be' Muslim. Really? Really? I find their comments so strange, I had to read them twice and still can't figure out their angle.

Oh well, I loved the story and never once thought anything negative about one of the characters BECAUSE they were Muslim or Jewish or whatever.

Author's Response: thank you for reading and reviewing. i am really pleased you enjoyed it.

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Review #50, by Ellinell CHAPTER SIXTEEN

21st June 2011:
AMAZING. Honestly, this has got to be one of the best stories I've ever read. Everything--from romance, to war, to death, to happiness--was perfect. I love every part of it, and your characterizations are also kinda (REALLY) awesome too. ;D Thank you so much for writing, because it's brilliant!

Author's Response: thank you so much for such a lovely review. i am really pleased you enjoyed it!!

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