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Review #26, by Charlize Chapter 22

5th February 2012:

I've been meaning to write, but I have jus been so caught up in the story!
I actually was on the verrge of tears while reading Jonathan last. That is saying alot for you, seeing as stories don't often make me cry, and I've read alot of sad stories. Hmm.

Vous avez demandez que vos lecteurs vous informent de leur origines, well I have belge and Irish roots, though I was born in London.

Love, Always,


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Review #27, by lumosnight88 Epilogue

31st January 2012:
i loved this story (: i spent a day reading it and i absolutely loved it B)

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Review #28, by lumosnight88 Chapter 5

30th January 2012:
Bloody brilliant!!!(:

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Review #29, by Kate Epilogue

27th January 2012:
Ha, I know it's spelled differently, but Damien was the name of the devil child in the Omen. I'm guessing that's where you got it from, and it fits perfectly because it's a Malfoy afterall.

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Review #30, by sindyblack Epilogue

8th January 2012:
i've read this story quite a few times.. and i totally love it.. it seems so realistic.. the emotions re just right.. ur fantastic.. keep writing..

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Review #31, by real_imperio Chapter 1

7th January 2012:
Hey, well first off I do like the plot, and I'm positive that this will turn out a good story. But if you had made it a bit longer in the sense that Draco had to ask her many times a day for multiple days, it would have made more sense that she would have even considered marrying him. This is too unrealistic, it doesn't seem like Hermione would just take the jewelry box home on the first day he asked her, I mean, he is Draco Malfoy after all. I think it was way too fast, but other than that it sounds like a good plot. :)

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Review #32, by Lunalover Epilogue

25th December 2011:
I love this story! It's so sweet and I was immediately pulled into the plot and couldn't stop readin :)

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Review #33, by Bridget Jones Epilogue

21st December 2011:
Lovely story - I liked how it developed. And especially that Draco didn't have a secret love for her from the beginning :-)

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Review #34, by JennaLee1684 Chapter 1

12th December 2011:
love the chapter cant wait to read the rest!

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Review #35, by Emily Epilogue

25th November 2011:
It's very good and a whole lot more realistic, feelings/emotion wise, wonderful.

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Review #36, by Bhavya Singhi Epilogue

16th November 2011:
I would have loved if the story went on longer. That way I would be spared from studying for my exam tomorrow.. :P
Anyways.nice story.. :)

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Review #37, by MagicalMelody Epilogue

9th November 2011:
A very beautiful story, I really like that neither had to really change for the other to love them.

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Review #38, by Black Buttafly Epilogue

6th November 2011:
It only took me a day to finish this story (one of the reader lol) U did a fantastic job! The story was beauiflly written. Keep writing u are a GREAT writer! :-)

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Review #39, by Black Buttafly Chapter 17

6th November 2011:
I say its about time! It was bond to happen. Good for them. But now they have to deal with the other halves. This is great! I haven't been able to put it down yet. :-)

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Review #40, by Black Buttafly Chapter 3

5th November 2011:
I have a feeling that their last terms are going to change. I mean really, a open marriage? One of them is going to get jealous right...? This is great by the way!!! :-)

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Review #41, by Black Buttafly Chapter 1

5th November 2011:
Wow. That was bunt. lol Just coming right and saying it. No... ''Hi, how u doing Hermione?...'' Just... '' Will you marry me?" Who does that?!?! But thank for just getting right into the story. You got me wanting the continue. : ) Great Job!

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Review #42, by z Chapter 2

28th October 2011:
so far this story is pretty good its one of the few were there reason for getting to know each other seems somewhat legit looking foward to reading the rest :)

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Review #43, by we_r_slytherins Epilogue

26th October 2011:
I just have to say I LOVE this Fanfiction! I have always wanted to find a Dramione fanfiction that involves a loveless marrife between them. It's everything I wanted. :)

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Review #44, by romance4ever  Epilogue

23rd October 2011:
love everything about this story it simply capitvated me :) well done :) xxx

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Review #45, by AKA Epilogue

17th September 2011:
great story :) I really enjoyed reading it

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Review #46, by DontBeSilly Chapter 3

16th September 2011:
Haha. I love when Draco said, "Should we like...celebrate?" That was awesome. :P

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Review #47, by DontBeSilly Chapter 2

16th September 2011:
Harry's advice surprised me. It was not the answer I was expecting.

I liked how Hermione was literally up all night debating on whether or not she should accept. It seemed like a very real reaction.

Good chapter! I'm off to read the next one to find out what her reply is! :)

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Review #48, by DontBeSilly Chapter 1

16th September 2011:
It's only the first chapter, but I am already so excited about this story!!!

I can't wait to see if she puts on the ring. I've gotta read the next chapter.

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Review #49, by Bonnie Johnson Epilogue

8th September 2011:
I have to say that of all the Draco

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Review #50, by camz Epilogue

29th August 2011:
i think i told you i loved you a few chapters back... but i love you!! and this story!! it is epic!!! i love love love love.

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