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Review #26, by Odence1 Lover's Link

23rd November 2007:
HAHA when Romilda said, "Kill her my pet!" followed by, "No, Montrose!" i just started laughing! That is so classic of an evil villain lol..still a bit to formal when G/H and R/H talk but oh well..its your story..and your writing is quite good Odence

Author's Response: *bows* Thank you, thank you.

I guess that villain part was a bit cliche', but it was fun to write.

Working on the loosening of the vocabulary in my latest work.

Thanks for the review, I am glad you are enjoying the story.

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Review #27, by Odence1 Daddy's Little Girl

22nd November 2007:
I really like your idea with Ginny and Harry. However your writing still seems much to formal. For example, “Please tell her I am fine, I just cannot seem to get my body to function just yet. Forgive me dearest.” It just seems much to stiff if you ask me. Dispite that, your writing really is wonderful, and i find that i am able to get over the stiffness. Excellent story line and thanks for writing it! 9/10 Odence

Author's Response: Thank you for the critique. Again, in hindsight, I may have put words in the dialogue that are not on par with teenagers. But as long as it flows, I am not complaining too much. I will remember to keep it looser in further writings.

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Review #28, by Odence1 The Room of Requirement

22nd November 2007:
Excellent writing however it is far to formal. For example, "Forgive my quietness, but I couldn’t help being in awe of how all of you have grown up so much in so short a time.” is a little bit to much. However, it is your story. 9/10 Odence

Author's Response: Madame Hooch is a hard character to write, as there is so little to go on. McGonagall is quite formal, but Hooch I just didn't know. She is only mentioned in book one and not much at that. *shrugs*

Thank you for the review and the rating.

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Review #29, by Odence1 The New Headmistress

22nd November 2007:
I don't really like Harry losing control so easily however it is your story. The writing is excellent and other than Harrys outburst it was a wonderful chapter 9/10 Odence

Author's Response: Well, Umbridge did just threaten Ginny with a horrible "punishment" for no reason. Harry is not the happy guy he once was, and seeing Umbridge like that pushed him a wee bit over the edge. Would we have reacted any different?

Thanks for the review...I am glad you enjoyed the chapter.

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Review #30, by Odence1 First Day of the New Term

22nd November 2007:
Sounds like someone with the name Umbridge is going to be headmistress..i think Harry will have some "fun" with her! By the way..i don't think that Harry would ever do that to another student even a slytherin..and Proffesor McGonagall definatly would have stopped Harry before he even got there..however it is your story and you can change the characters all you want. You are doing an excellent job of writing this story! Keep up the good work! 10/10 Odence

Author's Response: McGonagall might have prevented it if she had had any warning. She did have Harry put him down. The main point here was to establish that Harry was indeed stronger than anyone realized and that he wasn't going to just listen to deriding comments about anyone he cared about.

Besides, picking on smart-aleked Slytherins is fun.

I am glad you liked the chapter, and thanks for the review

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Review #31, by Odence1 Ron and Hermione's Harrowing Tale

22nd November 2007:
I agree with Elan in saying that you put in too much of "My love", "My darling" and "Dearest". However it is your story and it is really excellent! Wonderful writing and so far a good plot! 10/10 Odence

Author's Response: Yeah, a lot of people have said I may have gone overboard with the mushy talk. I was trying to show how lovestruck with each other they were. In hindsight, maybe I overused the words.

Thanks for the review, I am glad you liked the story.

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Review #32, by Odence1 Bill & Fleur's Wedding

22nd November 2007:
Interesting wedding cerimony..different from all of the ones i have read but it was good..can't wait to hear Dumbledore's will, thanks for writing this! 10/10 Odence

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I put a lot of thought into writing the wedding. I even had it copyrighted and that was not easy to do. Glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #33, by Odence1 Four Privet Drive - One Last Time

21st November 2007:
So far so good! i like your description of the monster laughing. i must say that your mechanics are excellent and the writing is good as well. we will see what the plot has in store! 10/10 Odence

Author's Response: Well thank you...I am glad you enjoyed the chapter.

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Review #34, by lucifer Epilogue

28th October 2007:
ummm really sorry mate...but i didnt like it one bit...too phony...the required focus wasnt there...harry acting out of his boots...didnt read it all./..read the first 6 chapters...skimmed through the rest...

okay that was the bad part...

it takes a lot to pen a story...and not much to criticise it...so kudos to you for the effort...whether anyone likes it or not...in no way belittles the effort you put into it...

Author's Response: Sorry you didn't like it...can't please everybody.

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Review #35, by Silver_Pheonix The New Headmistress

23rd October 2007:
normally i dont have a problem with books that are off canon, but yours is to out there.

Author's Response: This story was written before book 7 came out, aka pre-DH canon. I figured I would get some of it wrong, but hey it was a fun book to write anyway.

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Review #36, by poelives Epilogue

12th October 2007:
it was really good until you killed harry. there is always a way around that.

Author's Response: Nah, it was one of the possible answers that could have happened. I finished this before the real book 7 came out. I a way, it matches what JK Rowling did except that she had him brought back to life whereas I didn't.

I am glad you enjoyed the story, and thanks for hte review.

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Review #37, by hanoverpretz01 Epilogue

29th September 2007:
really, really moving.
jayson is definitely not my fav tho
overall great!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I am glad you liked the story overall.

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Review #38, by nosothewiz Rehearsal

29th September 2007:
hey, I can't believe what you put in that last chapter. Personnally it made me grossed out. But it WAS a good chapter and a good story (I just do not like slash stuff speccially With ginny and hermione)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. Sorry about the slash stuff grossing you out.

I am glad you like the overall chapter though.

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Review #39, by Thee Moony Epilogue

11th September 2007:
Sorry mate but I hated it [not the whole thing.] Not that you suck, it's totally personal preference. I thought it rocked up until you killed off Harry. But to each his[her?] own. Keep writing but remember what thing; Ginny thought, not Ginny thinks. Don't keep switching between the two. Jo (J.K.) herself used the latter, but doesn't matter how you write as long as you stick with one, which makes the story less confusing and more interesting. Rock on and keep writing[typing?] [= By the way, yes I'm a big Harry & Ginny shipper. But that little Hermione & Ginny part... wow, kinda scared me. =P

Author's Response: Yeah, I have had a few people cry when I killed off Harry. At the time it was the most logical answer. I would have never come up with the out JKR used in DH. I knew the tenses were a little mixed up. I tried to fix that, but I must have missed some.

Thanks for the review.

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Review #40, by Anonymous Epilogue

8th September 2007:
no. you kill Harry

Author's Response: Yup...me kill Harry.

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Review #41, by JoshBails Epilogue

24th August 2007:
why couldnt harry come back to life...aw well great story

Author's Response: Thank you, I am glad you liked the story. And thanks for the review, I appreciate it.

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Review #42, by JoshBails Four Privet Drive - One Last Time

23rd August 2007:
long chapter...lots of stuff.funnt...iteresting

need I say anymore?


Author's Response: Nope, no need to say any more

Thanks for the review, I am glad you liked the chapter.

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Review #43, by GlamorousGranger Epilogue

21st August 2007:
A truly amazing story! Although it took me a while to finish it, it was lovely all the same. My compliments to the author.
I, too, have an obsession with HP. Maybe you could visit my site www.hugeharrypotterfan.piczo.com and sign the Piece of Parchment. I would be delighted if you do so.

All the Best,

Sarah (a.k.a. Glamorous Granger)

Author's Response: I did visit your site and signed the piece of parchment.

I am glad you liked the story, and thanks for the review.

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Review #44, by Wingnut1974 Epilogue

19th August 2007:
Thi story was good overall but I don't like the way it ended. You just can't kill of Harry it's not right. Great writing though


Author's Response: Well, I was simply coming to the logical end based on the information I had at the time. I never imagined the "way out" of killing Harry that JKR came up with.

I am glad you like the story, and thanks for the review.

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Review #45, by richardaravenclaw Epilogue

16th August 2007:
An excellently done story. I have seen a number of other readers suggest that you do a sequel. I would certainly read it and you have a built in reason for it - Ginny killed Harry. Trelawney's third 'real' prophesy said that one would return no matter how many went. Harry was doomed as soon as Ginny joined him. If she ever realizes that she killed him she will either be consumed entirely by the guilt and grief ( and that could be a pretty good angst story), or she would become insanely obsessive about bringing Harry back. Now you have a reason to write the next one. :)

Author's Response: An interesting thought. I had toyed with the idea of ending the story with Ginny dying too, but too many people complained about that idea.

Thank you for the review, I am glad you liked the story.

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Review #46, by Roxas Epilogue

10th August 2007:
You need to write a sequel, where Harry comes back somehow. Have him captured by rouge Death Eaters or something. You're a bloody brilliant author and you are more than capable! Please, I am a HUGE Harry/Ginny fan! Read my fics and you will see just how much. HP-Heart of Hogwarts, comming soon! Directly follows Deathly Hollows.

Author's Response: I wrote a short story collection also, take a read as I think you will like it. More humor and fluff then the novel.

Thank you for the review. I am glad you liked the story.

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Review #47, by DeterminedGryfindor Four Privet Drive - One Last Time

9th August 2007:
Wow, this is really good. I cant wait to keep reading the rest.
Great Job! :)

Author's Response: Why thank you very much. I am glad you liked the story so far. Thanks for the review too.

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Review #48, by Harry and Ginny_4evr Epilogue

9th August 2007:
that entire story is absolutely, without a doubt FANTASTIC! How did u come up with the character of Jayson?

Author's Response: Jayson the character was an amalgamation of a couple of friends of mine. The role of his came from looking backwards from book one and determining who would have been important in the life of Hermione. As she was probably a bookworm before Hogwarts, I imagined that she would have few friends. Her babysitter was the one person I know would have been a companion to her and possibly a friend.

Thus I came up with the role and character of Jayson.

I am glad you liked the story, thanks for the review...

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Review #49, by Gryffindor016 Epilogue

7th August 2007:
k way to mushy Harry&Ginny nor Hermione&rin act like tht next the girl sex waz extreemly disgusting i mean im a guy but this are 2 ppl who would never do tht i mean seriously! thts about it so all in all ill give u 8/10

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I am glad you found the story overall enjoyable

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Review #50, by Gryffindor016 First Day of the New Term

6th August 2007:
im gonna quote harry o this one "wat the hell are u doing here u bitch" i have to agree with him becouse thyerre my feelings exactly

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I am glad you liked the story.

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