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Review #26, by hp4eva786 Chapter 6: Realizations and Detentions.

30th July 2007:
this chapter was really interesting. update soon

Author's Response: I have the next chapter waiting to be validated I believe. thanks for the review:)

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Review #27, by hp4eva786 Funny Running into You Here.

30th July 2007:
i wonder what the slytherins will do to her if she says no!

Author's Response: hmm.. good question what would they do?

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Review #28, by flor Funny Running into You Here.

26th July 2007:
first review... we
well, what can i say?
i luv it
about the side, i think she should go for voldie, and when she truly sees what he's like... she just will want to be out of that 'club' as you so nicely put it
and maybe there will be her saviour... "saviour" (too corny, isn't it? well, deal with it ( ; )
her saviour being sirius black... and there could be a fight between the two brothers... and she could be the one that makes regulus realize that he chose the wrong side... and that's why he makes the decision of breaking the horocrux...
and maybe put some characters in between...
people want love
= D
waiting for some regulus/vampire or sirius/vampire stuff, or maybe both of them
great fan fic
keep on writting
will be waiting

Author's Response: Wow long are exactly the kind of person I write for!

side thing: Well i'm not going to tie myself down and make my self admit that was was what I was planning on, but it was defiantly a possibility that was rolling through my head.I have written several endings 2 this story.
Oh don't worry there will be a lot of Regulus/ Scarlet Sirius/Scarlet to come. I'm writing chapter 7 right now the update should be quick for chapter 6. (Oh and about the corniness I love that stuff....blame it on my lack of an actual life all I do is hang out with my sister and her firneds (man I butchered that word, friends) and my friends who come over sometimes, then we role play corny plots)

keep reviewing:)

oddy out....never doing that again....I think I've said that before....owell
hope I didn't scare all the reviewers away now.

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Review #29, by harry&ginny4ever A New Kind of Club

22nd July 2007:

Author's Response: thanx! I hope you enjoy(ed) the 7th book :)

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Review #30, by SmexyVampire A New Kind of Club

20th July 2007:
This is looking like one amazing story!
I do hope you update soon.
This is so good!

Author's Response: I'm sooooo glad you like it soo much, your review defiantly made me feel good, plus I think it motivated me to write more! woot I'm going to start writing right now.Thank you so much for the review and as I wish every one I hope you have fun reading the 7th book:)

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Review #31, by hp4eva786 A New Kind of Club

19th July 2007:
she has noidea what shes doing. update soon

Author's Response: nope she doesn't ah to be oblivious to the obvious. I will try but as you probably know the que is down but I'm writing it:)

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Review #32, by Aligiah A New Kind of Club

18th July 2007:
NO! Thanks BAD! :[ lollers! Update soon, hope she makes the right decision for herself! :] There were a lot of mistakes in this one, Like Narcissist, her name is Narcissa. :]

Author's Response: SO sorry about the mistakes!!!! oops is all I have to say and blame spell check thats about all I can do for myself. so sorry! and you'll just have to see what she says I am an evil writer, you never know what I'll have happen.

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Review #33, by hp4eva786 No good, Vanglet.

24th June 2007:
i was waiting for the marauders to turn up. this story is really cool. 100/10 from me. please update soon. cant wait. -zadi

Author's Response: woot I really like that. I'm trying to update I promise but my sister has been hogging the comp to write a birthday present story for one of her friends. she barely lets me on.... i need to get my own computer. (now all I have to do is get straight A's.. that should only take me about I don't know a year.)

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Review #34, by hp4eva786 A life size game of Shoots and ladders

24th June 2007:
love it. how come we can change the font for ur chapters. that is so cool

Author's Response: I think it's the whole website now.... well that's sure cool i didn't even notice it until i read that in your review. I read it was like 'really?' so i went and looked sure enough I can. wow thats so fun I think I spent like twenty minutes playing with it.... yea I'm easily amused.

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Review #35, by hp4eva786 The court has spoken.

24th June 2007:
i really like this story. im gonna put it in my favourites - zadi

Author's Response: wootness I love that place that other people have! hehehe glad you like so much by the first chapter :)

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Review #36, by the_spladle_of_doom No good, Vanglet.

13th June 2007:
LEMME AT 'EM LEMME AT 'EM!! *struggles* >,<
Dumbledor kill zem all! DIEZ! *hugs scarlet*

Dangit, why'd you have to make everyone so mean? >_< *grumbles* ah.. now it makes me want to read more to see who's nice!

Author's Response: Sirius ain't mean James is though cause you know hes like that. so yea........

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Review #37, by Accio Brain No good, Vanglet.

10th June 2007:
Wheres Peter?!

This story is really funny but you need to set the scene a little more and not rush things.

Other than that it is a really good story!

(Heheh, Vanglet)

Love, Voldemortia xx

Author's Response: ah yea I should take things slower in my stories. Well I'm slow at updating? does that count? lol jk.... well not really. thanx for reviewing

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Review #38, by Aligiah No good, Vanglet.

18th May 2007:
And so the Vampire meets the Werewolf.

I'm sad that she had to get picked on though.. just makes me want to go in the story and knock everyone out... trust me, I can. I loved the part that went like so: "Always forgive your enemies, never forget their names." I cracked up laughing. Great job on this! I sent your banner to you via e-mail. Let me know about revisions.

Author's Response: yes so they met. I'm pretty much sad about makeing them pick on her too. but it had to be so. That quote is from napoliean I think but not sure. I know i didn't make it up though.
thank you so much for the banner it looks fantastic!

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Review #39, by MoonlitTwilight A life size game of Shoots and ladders

14th May 2007:
The chapters should be longer and what is the main pairing relationship in this story? Just wondering.

Author's Response: I'm trying to make them longer let me assure you on that. The main paring? well I guess you'll just have to read on to find out won't you?

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Review #40, by MoonlitTwilight The court has spoken.

14th May 2007:
Loved it! Very original! Onto the next chapter...

Author's Response: Thanx I was hopeing for it not to be cliched

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Review #41, by Aligiah A life size game of Shoots and ladders

14th May 2007:
Scarlett is awsome, shes really funny, and I couldn't believe it. I love the Vampire concept, truely I do. I started to write a Vampire fic myself, but never got around to finnishing it. Anyways, I like this fic so far. Wonerful secound chapter, maybe you should space out the paragraphs a little more {secound chapter mainly} so that it doesn't look cluttered. Anyways, keep up the great work. Hope to see an update.

And by the way, If you wanted I could make you a banner, for an example you could go check out my current fic banner, made by me. Or if you use the-dark-arts{dot}net my penname is shadowed if you wanted to look at my gallery (I am a member artist.)

Author's Response: Yea I would totaly love a banner, my sister loves to make them for everyone but me. SO yea! I love Vampires too!!! I will try to space them better thanx for the imput:)
Oddy out

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Review #42, by the_real_diamond The court has spoken.

7th May 2007:
Oo... cliffy, grrr. oh well. i heart

yeah, it was cool.

Author's Response: Awww shucks thanx

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Review #43, by freya poison The court has spoken.

6th May 2007:
love the vampire theme. it sounds like an awesome plot line. VAMPIRES RULE!

Author's Response: i must agree vampires rocknext two chapters waiting to be validated

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Review #44, by the_spladle_of_doom The court has spoken.

5th May 2007:
nani...? NANI??? *dies* T_T
can I see more, pweese? I'm excited. I wonder what she'll do as a slytherin...

can't really think now, you're still TALKING TO ME. wow. I'm sad for your spagetti not being aldente. gome. T_T 10/10

Author's Response: she will breathe eat and possiabley sleep as a slytherin and my spagetti is totaly and uterly( haha uter) your fault!

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Review #45, by iamme14 The court has spoken.

5th May 2007:
this is very interesting. i hope you can update soon!
can't wait to read more. :-)

Author's Response: I am working on the next chapter and Im glad u liked it.

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Review #46, by Leoanna The court has spoken.

4th May 2007:
good first chapter! keep going!
I like the idea and i like vampires but thats just for the record...
well anyways update asap!
ta~ta leoanna

Author's Response: Thanx I love Vamps as well the rock!! thanx for reviewing and I'll try to update soon

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