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Review #26, by AshHa Shut Your Eyes

17th September 2010:
Oh, this should be fun! I can't wait to see how they react to working together!

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Review #27, by AshHa Gives You Hell

17th September 2010:
She is good. I would've liked to see her hurt him though...

Author's Response: That's not sexist.It's ...just right! We go through more!

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Review #28, by AshHa A Rush of Blood to the Head

17th September 2010:
I love Mim. The insight about Regulus was interesting. I love the flashbacks... they are so mysterious!

Author's Response: I'm glad because i wanted to make her a lovable bitch. You know?

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Review #29, by AshHa There Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

17th September 2010:
Aww those two poor people. Hopefully they will reconcile!!

Author's Response: You never know!!! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #30, by AshHa You Can't Be Missed If You Never Go Away

17th September 2010:
Sirius hit Lerenzo! What a mean self-absorbed poor heart broken bloke. I wonder how this working together is gonna turn out...

Author's Response: Isn't it interesting how things turn out?

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Review #31, by AshHa (Bang, Bang) My Baby Shot Me Down

17th September 2010:
Yup I had good reason to feel sorry for her. How perceptive Lerenzo is. I strangely like him, while I find him annoying. Great chapter!

Author's Response: How can you like him AND find him annoying? This interests me greatly! Thank you for reviewing again!

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Review #32, by AshHa You

17th September 2010:
So this is Siruis' side of the story. Apparently he is in as much pain as she is. I feel more sorry for the girl though. Is that sexist or what?

Author's Response: That's not sexist.It's ...just right! We go through more!

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Review #33, by AshHa For a Pessimist, I'm Pretty Optimistic

17th September 2010:
I love the cover they had to do. Bickering couple, how fun! I just hope she doesn't kill Sirius. Although, I would like to know what happened with those two...

Author's Response: Oh it comes up. Believe me. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #34, by AshHa Take It or Leave It

17th September 2010:
Of course she is in! I like this character already and I barely know her. Ahhh, now I understand what is happening and I like it.

Author's Response: Good! I hoped it would make sense! I'm glad you like it and i hope you keep reading!

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Review #35, by AshHa Somebody Told Me

17th September 2010:
Very interesting beginning. I hope some of this will be explained in the next chapter, but I do love a mystery!

Author's Response: Well it's finished so you can keep reading and find out missy! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #36, by Bear Atonement

13th September 2010:
oh i loved it a really gud story cant wait 2 read more about Lexi:D

Author's Response: Thank you! I truly appreciate that! I just posted the next chapter for Lexi so hopefully it would be validated! So you can continue the story!

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Review #37, by Tammy Atonement

12th September 2010:
Hey, I just spent the last god knows how many hours reading this story, or should I say finish reading this story. I remember reading the first few chapters back when you first started it, but didn't really keep up with ff during the uni year, and hence forgot what it was called. But I came across it yesterday and I remembered it immediately. Even though the chapters that I had previously read didn't reveal that many of the amazing twists that you have created I was really intrigued by the characterisation of Juliette and the teasing flashbacks and therefore wanted to find out more. And it definitely didin't disappoint!

It was a refreshing Sirius/OC story to read just simply because this is the type of girl that I would imagine Sirius going for and I can see the pureblooded issues being a problem especially during the wartimes they were living in. I really enjoyed the surprises that you had and you kept the readers guessing and wondering where it was going through out the story. I loved the way you used the flashbacks, you told two stories in one and it made what they went through more real than if everything was revealed in chrononlogical order, as well as keeping the mystery. All in all, it was a great read and although I'm sorry I didn't read the story as you updated it, I'm very happy that I stumbled across this story again in its completed form!

Author's Response: AAAW! Thank you! I'm glad you came back to finish it! I really appreciate this review I always enjoy reading reviews from happy readers. THANK YOU! Everything you said was exactly what I was going for and i can't even tell you how happy that makes me! I want to add that this story has a sequel called Caught in the Fire. So the story continues. THANK YOU AGAIN!

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Review #38, by krdelain_pottersworld Atonement

2nd August 2010:
I loved this story!
I can't wait to read Lexi's story!

Author's Response: Trying to write it now actually! Thank you!

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Review #39, by wolverine83 Atonement

12th July 2010:
I'm sorry for being a bother but I don't know how else to ask you this but I saw you deleted Lie to me and I just was curious as to why? Will you be bringing it back again or did you decide to scrap it? Either way, it is fine whatever you do, I just wanted to know. Sorry again for posting this review since it doesn't really tie in with this story.

Author's Response: Oh no it's fine honey! I deleted it permanently but I'm considering re-starting it and keeping Lexi. Actually i tried to make it a spin off of this story! I like her a lot I just can't seem to get much interest from it so i can't really give you an answer. You'll know by October!

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Review #40, by marauderqueen Atonement

11th June 2010:
I enjoyed it muchly!!!

I fell in love with all of the characters, I can't believe it's over!

I think I need a tissue!


Author's Response: Aw I'm glad you like it! I worked really hard on it. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #41, by sofai Atonement

2nd June 2010:
really great chapter and really great story. I can't wait to read it from Lexi's pov!

Author's Response: You will soon! Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #42, by fire witch Atonement

1st June 2010:
i love it... i absolutely love it...

Author's Response: I'm so glad! Please feel free to read the sequel! I have a few chapters in already and later on Jules and Sirius will surely make their appearances as required by law. THANK YOU FOR REVIEWING!

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Review #43, by 65ashben Atonement

27th May 2010:
Wow. The ending was amazing. I can't wait for the next story you write!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's already up. It's called Little Ashes. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #44, by ravenclawbrunette Atonement

16th May 2010:
this story is amazing. it's well written with a good plot. the characters are well developped and this story is just great all around. thank you for the updates, i can't wait to check out your other stories =)

Author's Response: Thank you! I love your review! There will be a sequel to this story so when you're not checking out my other stories watch out for that! Thank you so much! I tried really hard to make this as well thought out as i could and i'm glad you think so!

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Review #45, by inessa Atonement

16th May 2010:
I can't believe it's over.I mean it's really over right?
Loved the scene between Mim and Sirius Typical Sirius He just never gives up
I feel so sorry for all the hard work Jules had to do for Chloe's wedding - I can assure that I will never be a bridesmaid
Can't wait to read about Lexi and just want to say I loved loved this story - but I guess all good things come to an end right?
Oh and I almost forgot I love the fact that Parker is such a loyal friend

Author's Response: Parker is quite frankly the shit. He'd literally do anything for Jules and I really loved that about him. And yes it's really over. Sirius doesn't do that whole giving up thing. It's just not in him. Lexi will be up with in the week. Thank you thank you thank you so much for reviewing and reading my stories I truly loved it. THANK YOU!

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Review #46, by I am Lily Evan's What It's Like

28th April 2010:
I luv d story ewrite fast

Author's Response: Thank you i appreciate your review! I will update soon!

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Review #47, by Usgirl What It's Like

28th April 2010:
Another fun chapter. Please don't space them out more. It's great how it is. If anything I want more. I think he was a big jerk for ditching her at rehersal dinner though. I can't wait for the next chapter

Author's Response: Yeah she tried to be okay with him but then his flippant attitude speed up her anger to the point of breaking. He really shouldn't have let her go by herself he was just too pissed to go. I will update as soon as i can! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #48, by inessa What It's Like

28th April 2010:
Woman don't you dare leaving me hanging too long for an update
I really like this story and Jules and Sirius but I can't wait too long for updates - it would kill me. Do you want to be responsible for my death?
Loved this chapter and the interaction between Lilly and Jules - they are going to be great friends I'm sure
Loved the fact that Jules pranked James in hogwarts and the fact that she stood up for herself honestly? sirius is an idiot
can't wait for the next update

Author's Response: lol No...I don't want to be responsible for your death. Lily and Jules finally get each other after years of automatically hating each other. But yeah Jules was getting really annoyed with how easily Sirius was set off by something she had no power over. It wasn't her fault how Lorenzo felt about her. Though she should have noticed it earlier it wasn't her fault. Sirius IS an idiot but he's a guy he can't be great all the time. Thank you for review! I will update soon.

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Review #49, by 65ashben What It's Like

27th April 2010:
Aw. The end is coming? *tears* The chapter was excellent. I can't wait for more!!!

Author's Response: Yes sadly this story will end soon. I'm sad but where there are clouds there is a silver lining. Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #50, by 65ashben All I Wanted

21st April 2010:
Wow. The chapter was great. I can't wait for more!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I appreciate the review! I will update as soon as i can.

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