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Review #26, by rosie_sirius93 Chapter 8 - Potters, Presents and Peeping Toms

13th January 2009:
ahahahahahaha! The bit with Sirius and James watching her dance with Liam was so funny! I like your Mrs Potter, you have characterized her really well! Great chapter!

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Review #27, by rosie_sirius93 Chapter 7 - Serious Pranks and Seasons Greetings

13th January 2009:
ahahahahaha. Nice work!
So didn't see that coming at all! Another great chapter! I like your Liam, he seems funny!

Author's Response: thanks, i like liam too. he's my favourite non-main character.

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Review #28, by rosie_sirius93 Godrics Hollow and Giving Black The Run Around

13th January 2009:
Naw. She was so mean to Sirius.
I think you've done a fantastic job of portraying the Marauders! And lily and James' relationship!

Author's Response: thanks, the marauders are by far my favourite era to write. i think it's more that you know what they grow up to be like and you have a glipse at what they were like in the book but you pretty much have free reign over the whole thing. the trio are hard to writee because JK's already written them, if that makes sense, and all of their development and such is already there and everyone's already read it so it makes it hard to change what type of person they are because everyone already knows. thankyou for all of the reviews.

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Review #29, by rosie_sirius93 Close Calls and Closet Mistakes

13th January 2009:
Funny disclaimer!
I LOVE your writing! Its great! I think you did a great job of writing the Quidditch match and Sirius did the knight-in-shining-armour thingo! *sigh*
So didn't see the kiss coming and the fun in the closet. So hope she stays...!!!
(of course!)

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Review #30, by rosie_sirius93 Tricks or Treats and Tryouts

13th January 2009:
That was great! I really like your Faith, she is my favourite invented HPFF character ever! I think it's really clever how you have her past included in there. So sad! And I love how she keeps punching Sirius, he will never learn! Also thought the Quidditch trials were great!

Author's Response: well i can't take all of the credit for faith, she's based on the Joss Whedon character of the same name from the Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. She's obviously been transformed to be more like how i want her to be but the foundations of her past and such were laid by the ever so talented mr whedon.

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Review #31, by rosie_sirius93 Detentions, Dares and Drawings

11th January 2009:
I LOVED IT! lol.
A truth or dare game is always funny, and yours was no exception! I loved the part when Sirius was Padfoot by the lake, so sweet! I think you've done a fantastic job of portraying James and Lily's relationship and kept it very funny at the same time!

Author's Response: thanks, james and lily are hard because you don't want to be too over the top with the whole he loves her she hates him thing, you need to make it realistic but then humorous as well.

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Review #32, by rosie_sirius93 Sorting Hats and Second Attempts

11th January 2009:
Another great chapter! I love your style of writing, it is very funny! (the story not your actual writing, if that makes any sense...)
I love your character of Faith, very original! It was very funny how Sirius spoke to Proffesor Mcgongall!

Author's Response: thankyou, :]

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Review #33, by rosie_sirius93 Half-bloods, Hellos and The Hogwarts Express

11th January 2009:
Brilliant first chapter! I think you introduced all the characters really well and I like your Sirius. He seems very funny and realistic!

Author's Response: thanks, i'm glad you think so.

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Review #34, by lala25525 Chapter 25 - Goodbye

8th October 2008:
wow. that sux, but JKR made the sirius blamed thing so i cant b mad :) i luved this story!! it had so much drama! except i think it was a little bit rushed or empty. but other than that, it was great!! :)

Author's Response: yaeah the entire story is a little empty.

i'm actually re-writing it. not changing anything, everything that happens still happens it's just a little better written and all.

not sure how long it will take, i'm only just halfway through.

thankyou for the love, be sure to read the sequel.

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Review #35, by TheLadleQueen Chapter 10 - Relapse, Resist and Regret

17th May 2008:
Amazing chappie, but the poem is what really inspired me to review!!

A work of pure genius if ever there was one!!

Ficcie tis great so far, and the rest is probably the same!!

Toodley pip!!


Author's Response: hehehehe. it's been ages since i wrote that poem and i must say you are very nice fro saying thatit is any good because frankly it sucks somewhat.

thankyou for the review, i hope you like the rest of the story.

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Review #36, by KatastropheKerz Chapter 25 - Goodbye

13th May 2008:
Noo why did u end like that?
That was kinda evil!!! =(
I love this story though cuz it has a good mix of drama and comedy so i'm definately gonna read the sequel like.
Twas awesome =]

Author's Response: hehehe. *evil grin*

well you should definately read the sequel because it is awesome (i'm so modest) :o)

thanks for the review.

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Review #37, by sammieoxox Chapter 25 - Goodbye

14th March 2008:
=O no i knew it was comming up ..and now this! wow thast really bad NO NO NO NO NO/..i am so checking out the sequal riight NOW

Author's Response: hehehe.

well. yes.

you must read the sequel.

hope you liked it.

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Review #38, by SaHuHe Close Calls and Closet Mistakes

4th February 2008:
Haha, Cordy and Xander much? Though, gotta love that scene... in fact, i feel compelled to go watch that episode again...

Author's Response: yes it is rather cordy-xander-esque but that was the inspiration for the scene and i think it is fair to say cordy and xander didn't go quite this far.

fab episode.

thanks for the review.

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Review #39, by crazybibliophile Half-bloods, Hellos and The Hogwarts Express

25th January 2008:
eep my middle name is Faith...anyway GO BtVS!!!

Author's Response: hehehe. i do love the buffster. she is great. as is faith, especially towards the later seasons where she is less evil.

thanks for the review.

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Review #40, by PixiePower Chapter 7 - Serious Pranks and Seasons Greetings

10th January 2008:
Liam, huh? Reminds me of a certain vampire with a soul's name before he was turned...good story, I'm still reading the rest but I just had to say that. :D

Author's Response: hehehe. iactually didn't think of that until after i posted it.

my sister pointed it out and i was like.... damn.

hehehe. but i don't care.

david boreanaz rocks my socks.

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Review #41, by writers_block_94 Half-bloods, Hellos and The Hogwarts Express

8th January 2008:
i love it
i love faith
in a perfectly fan ficish way
lol no joke i love this story you have to update soon!

Author's Response: hunny, sorry to point out the obvious but well, the story is kind of finished.



so you can read the remaining 24 chapters at your leisure.

glad you liked it.

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Review #42, by dalllas Chapter 17 - Georgia, Jesse and Just Go To Sleep

30th December 2007:
omg that was so funny i was laughing my head off.

Author's Response: hehehe. glad you thought so. keep reading you're almost to the end!

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Review #43, by amy_rhine Chapter 25 - Goodbye

21st December 2007:
positively outstanding or what? I never read a version of HP story like THIS one. It's just so totally superb and so darn funny! I couldn't stop myself from smiling like a goon after i read the chapters. I sure as heck am going to read the sequel.

Author's Response: awww. your so sweet. thankyou.

i'm so glad you liked it. thankyou!

shucks, i've gone bright red.

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Review #44, by illuminatia Sorting Hats and Second Attempts

3rd December 2007:
wow brilliant keep them comin plz!
i was laughing all theway so plz dont stop

Author's Response: ok.

no problemo.

make sure that when you finish this one you take a squiz at the sequel.

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Review #45, by lava lue Half-bloods, Hellos and The Hogwarts Express

1st December 2007:
Oh...this seems to be a winner. Can't wait to continue. ;)

Author's Response: awww thankyou. i really hop you like the rest of it.

it gets a little angsty towards the end but there is much in the way of light-hearted-ness before that.

thanks for the review.

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Review #46, by love _Conquers_ All Chapter 10 - Relapse, Resist and Regret

29th November 2007:
nice rhyme keep up the good wook :D

Author's Response: you don't have to be nice about my lame poem, we all know it kind of sucked.

but hopefully my story-telling skills don't suck.

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Review #47, by random person Chapter 20 – Bad News and Breakdowns

8th November 2007:
hello!!! hopeless buffy nerd her saying that the thing at the very end was from that one episonde on angel where. okay. shutting up now it was a rather deppressing chapter, but good nevertheless

Author's Response: hehe. ok so i'm maybe a little bit of a buffy nerd. *cough* all 7 seasons on dvd *cough*

thanks. though, glad you like it.

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Review #48, by random person Chapter 15 – Pranks, Pride and Proud Mary

7th November 2007:
okay, that was really funny. and... that thing at the top, th "i'm prettier than you" etc. was totally Pricipal Wood. yes i am a hopeless buffy nerd. but really nice chappie!!

Author's Response: YAY! another hopeless nerd. woot. "it's the computer age, nerds are in."


i need help.

thanks for the review.

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Review #49, by Ravenclawchik6 Chapter 17 - Georgia, Jesse and Just Go To Sleep

3rd November 2007:
the spanish is a bit off
just puttin it out there but i love the story
it uses alot of wrong verb noun agreements and some wrong tenses...
but siriusly
i love this story :]

Author's Response: yeah well i got it off of google translate so i'm not expecting it to be perfect.

thanks though.


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Review #50, by slytherin_goddess_24 Chapter 25 - Goodbye

28th October 2007:
Sniff. Poor Faith - her bezzie is dead, and she thinks that her ex has betrayed them!

Oh, and she's pregnant! Ahh!

Sorry for being such an annoying serial reviewer. I go hyper on Harry Potter! (Especially Draco and Sirius!)

Luv ya!


Author's Response: it's ok. i went to my review inbox thingy (whatever you call it) and there was like 35 reviews. all from you. and i love it. it means someone cares enough to review every chapter as they read them as compered to reading the whole thing and reviewing at the end.

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