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Reading Reviews for The Price We Pay
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Review #26, by reader What Hurts The Most

24th February 2008:
great story plz update soon

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Review #27, by penname What Hurts The Most

3rd February 2008:
please update as soon as possible! or ASAP! I want to know what was so bad!!!

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Review #28, by Christy86 What Hurts The Most

13th December 2007:
update soon i really like this chapter update update please

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Review #29, by flute_babe89 An Encounter with Ms. Granger

10th August 2007:
Me gusto mucho! (I really liked it!!)

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Review #30, by falling_angel55 An Encounter with Ms. Granger

4th July 2007:
Awwe I hope theres more chapters to this story I have tears in my eyes
I hope that the next chapters will be better. 10/10

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Review #31, by apple An Encounter with Ms. Granger

11th June 2007:
Interesting story so far. I have mixed feelings about the story so far, I really like it but I don't like some of it at the same time.

I'm looking forward to another update though so I can find out what happens next and see if I like certain parts better after the story has progressed. Incase you are wondering, the part I'm not a fan of is when we find out about why hermione left... but once there is more story I may like that part better.

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Review #32, by Zhi Nai Su An Encounter with Ms. Granger

2nd June 2007:
Whoa. I don't get it, why did Hermione say that she and Draco were miserable? What problems did they have? Whoa. I'm curious now. :)

Waiting forward for an update! :)


-- J.

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Review #33, by deathlyhallows09 An Encounter with Ms. Granger

1st June 2007:

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Review #34, by malfoysgirl7 An Encounter with Ms. Granger

31st May 2007:
its a bit wierd but ok

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Review #35, by Zhi Nai Su Unexpected News

19th May 2007:
Wow. I loved this chapter. And I love the name Riley. :D It's my all time favourite name. :] Waiting forward for an update! :]

-- J.

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Review #36, by hermione_roxx Unexpected News

26th January 2007:
amazing. cant wait to read more

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Review #37, by Queen Shamama Unexpected News

6th January 2007:
aha! the plot thickens.. cool story youv'e got my curiousity peaked :)

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Review #38, by Queen Shamama The Reason

6th January 2007:
intriguing.. i'll read on.

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Review #39, by dragon_lyoness2022 Unexpected News

21st December 2006:
good please update soon

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Review #40, by naberrie21 Unexpected News

21st December 2006:
Good story, can't wait to see what happens. Update soon!

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Review #41, by don't have 1 Unexpected News

21st December 2006:

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Review #42, by dracosgoddess123 Unexpected News

21st December 2006:
aw! poor draco, searching for her all these yrs then she just turns up!!! wow! what a shock to the system! this is wonderfully written and plz update soon i wanna know what happens next!!!

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Review #43, by hellsangel_xx Unexpected News

21st December 2006:
nice, i like the pairings :P
keep writing, i want to know what happens when draco finds hermione!!


Author's Response: Well he won't find her soon enough as every would like to:P don't worry I got plans for this one, it just takes time to get it all down on paper or computer:P
p.s. thanks for the review!

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Review #44, by claireabella Unexpected News

21st December 2006:
This story is beautiful so emotional and different.

Keep up the good job. I wish you didn't give it away so quickly. that they had found Hermione

Update Soon

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Review #45, by hermione_roxx The Reason

6th December 2006:
that was so good, re u goin to update soon?

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Review #46, by PrincessDanusia The Reason

26th November 2006:
;O Interesting, I'd love to read more. Update?

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Review #47, by swimchick09 The Reason

18th November 2006:
i like the story so far! Update soon!

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Review #48, by Mistydiamond The Reason

15th November 2006:
Aw, that is SO sweet!!! luv it! 10/10~

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