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Review #26, by evil little devil A Halloween Birthday, a Sleepover, and an Epiphany

4th January 2008:
I feel sorry for you, being back at school. I'm not going back til the 29th.

Great chapter, its funny. Where you change from Phe's birthday to a week later should have a bigger gap between the paragraphs though cos it was kind of confusing till I re read the last paragraph. Poor Remus, I feel so sorry for him. At least his friends will help him now. Go Lily! I love that you have her marauderish as well as bookwormy. Please update very, very soon.

Author's Response: Ugh! I can't believe you so back to school on the 29th! That's when I have midterms!
Anyways, yeah, I went back and read over that confusing part and I'll fix it as soon as soon as possible. But I always felt bad for Remus...I'm thinking of writing a separate story with Remus/OC. Ha! I love Lily and I really think she wasn't as innocent and responsible as some think. The next chapter is in the queue! Thanks for the review!

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Review #27, by tiffany_nichole Pointing Wands by the Willow Tree

2nd January 2008:
Hey! i can make you a banner if you'd like, and i'll send you an email rite now!

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #28, by evil little devil The Typical Christmas

30th December 2007:
You dedicated the chapter to me! Thankyou so much, oh and btw I am a girl.

I love that her middle name is Ariana, after Dumbledore's sister, right? Amazing chapter once again. Showing each of their Christmas's like that was really good, it shows you the bit of each character hey don't let other people know about much. Poor Phoenix, I definately wouldn't want her Christmas. Bye.

Author's Response: Oh, well I guess I figured you were a girl but I didn't make the wrong asumption. But yes, I did dedicate the chapter to you. Your reviews always cheer me up and give me more inspiration to write!
The middle name...it took me forever to think of it but then I read the Harry Potter Parody (which I highly reccomend) and it hit me. The Christmas thing was the only way I could see Phoenix being exposed, you know? But things get more dramatic-Phoenix style. Thanks for the wonderful review and look out for a new chapter after the holidays!

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Review #29, by Melissa The Typical Christmas

25th December 2007:
Somebody who hasn't heard of make-up, manicures, pedicures, perms, waxing, tanning, highlights

They all sound painful, whispered Peter to Remus.I hope phe doesn't do those things to show Montana up.

phe's not an idiot most of the time.

those lines are soo cute.. I love the idea you had to give indepth views of all the friends with their families.. I like phe's hers is the most intertesting. keep up the fantiastic work for this story and my fav.. DATSOT.. I look forward to reading more.. have a great rest of your x mas break:D

Author's Response: Well, thank you! I'm really sorry I haven't updated DATSOT in a while but this Sirius Black story has just been on my mind forever and I'm pretty much on a roll with it...but I shall update it! I never abandon anything! Thanks for the review and I hope you're having a good Christmas break as well!

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Review #30, by cait_hp_fan Taking Sides

11th December 2007:
“It’s not me you have to convince, Lillikins. You’re my best friend and even if you ran away and married that scary Muggle woman-slash-man singer-“

“His name is Michael Jackson.”

you, my friend, are officially my hero for creating such a character.
I usually hate when people write the marauders as preteens, but this is hyterical, maybe a bit cliche at points but i will over look that because this story is brilliant and I really want to see it finished and not abandoned...not that you said you would but so many of my favorites are abandoned these days :'(
you're a great author with a refreshing bit of originality, sharp wit and the type of style that a sarcastic person can thoroughly enjoy.
i wish there were more stories like this on HPFF.

Author's Response: If I could hug you right now, you'd be dead. I FRIGGIN LOVE YOUUUUU!!!! Today has been a crummy day (what day hasn't been?) but I came to my reviews and thank Merlin, I see this beautiful, long one that made me super duper happy! I seriously felt like crying when you said 'I wish there were more stories like this on HPFF' but seeing as I'm so happy, it won't happen.
I definitely won't ever give up on this story; there is so much potential and so much I want to do with it so don't worry. I may have hard times updating though because school is crazy and so is the rest of the world (at least my world).
I hate having cliches as much as the next person, but seeing as they can fit in every once in a while, what the heck.
Thank you so much for a wonderful review and look out for the fifth chapter sometime this week!

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Review #31, by Melissa Taking Sides

10th December 2007:
that is soo cute.. Im starting to get a good picture of who phe is.. I love her character. don't stop writing, what would I read?:D don't forget about the oliver wood story:D I can't wait! I want to read more:D keep up the great work and update both stories ASAP

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you can start seeing the characters; I'm a visual type of person so it's important for me to be able to see everything. I definitely haven't forgotten about the Oliver Wood story, don't worry! I'm really excited for it and the tenth chapter will be out right after my fifth (or is it fourth?) chapter of TDOPS gets out of validation. Thanks for being one of my most dedicated readers and reviewers!

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Review #32, by Lia Taking Sides

8th December 2007:
I think it's cool. The story that is.

Author's Response: Thanks! The next chapter should be out shortly.

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Review #33, by evil little devil Taking Sides

8th December 2007:
I love it, why do the good ones have to be crazy? Wonderful chapter. You're lucky you get snowed in, I'm an Aussie and it's only snoed twice in my lifetime. And it was so shalow that I grabbed a handful, shoved it in my mouth and realized I was eating dirt. Yummy.

I really love this story, it's got this aura of mystery about it. It's really interesting and I'm surprise your not getting more reviews. Your characterisation is really good. Keep up the good work and update really really really fast please.

Author's Response: evil_little_devil, you ROCK. If I could use bold print and change the font size right now, I totally would! You're soooooooo sweet! I really don't know what to say...I'm kinda blushing right now...seriously. I hope I get more reviews too...it's kinda bringing me down...anyway, I will update as soon as I can.
By the way, I feel sorry that you've only experienced snow two times (one of which sounds pretty sucky since you ate dirt). I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

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Review #34, by Melissa Enter, the Marauders

6th December 2007:
that is sooo great, your really don't like it? I love it.. it's like wow:D keep up the great work and I hope the unstuck comes soon.. I love reading your stories:D

Author's Response: Well...I like it but I always get mad because I don't think it's good enough. But thank you for always saying the best things at the right time. The unstuck is wearing off so you can expect another chappie within an hour! lol. Thanks for the review.

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Review #35, by SweetAndSilent21 Enter, the Marauders

5th December 2007:
*Drools* Very good, I love this story so much. I can't belive you don't like the chapter, it's smashing. Here, *give virtual chocolate chip cookie* you deserve it! Keep up the great work and get the next one out as soon as you can!

Author's Response: OMGosh, I laughed really hard when you gave me a virtual chocolate chip cookie! Thanks a lot! I'm going to blow off my homework to write the fourth chapter because the waiting queue is 19 hours. Woot! Expect another chappie soon! Thanks for the review!

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Review #36, by evil little devil Enter, the Marauders

5th December 2007:
This chapter most definately does not suck, I love it. I also like Rum for Remus, Snotter's better though. Phe and Siri are so sweet together. You have another Montana, is she going to get flashed as well? Keep up the good work, update as fast as possible.

Author's Response: Aw thanks. I contemplated for two hours last night (for a lack of homework to do) on whether changing the whole chapter or not but I suppose it could stay the way it is...I love Rum and Snotter, but I love Sirius more! Espeically him and Phe! lol, I will definitely update soon but I do have to ask what you mean by your Montana question. Anyway, thanks for the review!

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Review #37, by SweetAndSilent21 The Beginning

1st December 2007:
... I love you.

Just thought I should get that out there. I don't believe I've laughed this much while reading a fanfiction on here...

Anywhores, 10/10! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Wow, today has been sucky (not anything new) and you made me laugh! Even my mom (aka my bff) couldn't make me laugh! I love you too!!!!!!!! lol but seriously, thanks. I really appreciate it and I'm working on the third chapter today. Thanks for the review!

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Review #38, by evil little devil The Beginning

28th November 2007:
I love it, Snotter. It's funny and a really great chapter. Please write as fast as is himanely possible so I can have another beatiful chapter to read and review, I love this story.

Author's Response: Yes, Snotter. A lot of people use Hotter but Snotter just sounds better. lol I will try to write some of the third chapter today seeing as I have no homework (there's something new)! Thanks for the review!

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Review #39, by Melissa The Beginning

27th November 2007:
I like the intro to this.. this story has great potential(sp) keep up the great work .. also Im sorry your stuck on the oliver story.. I think the setting for chapter ten should be the school.. I hope that helps you become unstuck:D and update ASAP

Author's Response: Melissa...you really don't understand how bad my day has been but I found your review and I can't even remember why my day was so crappy!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!!!! As for my Oliver Wood story, I had the same thought...like they just got back and now it's awkward because no one knows they're together and they had their 'moment'...thanks for the advice and the compliments!

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Review #40, by evil little devil Pointing Wands by the Willow Tree

3rd November 2007:
Hehe, I love it. Especially, “There was a time when the only way to see you cry was when Sirius and I would tickle you until you nearly died and then Lily would make James give you CPR, remember?” Hilarious.

Please update soon, I love this story.

Author's Response: Lol thanks. I've been really down and busy lately but I'll post something eventually. I'm a tad bit stuck but I think I'll make it through. Thanks for the review!

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Review #41, by Melissa Pointing Wands by the Willow Tree

15th October 2007:
interesting. I like where this story is going, even from chapter one. Keep up the great work and don't forget to update my favorite story either. I want to find out want happens to the now mr and mrs wood:D

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I definitely will keep up DATSOT. I'm freaking excited about that too!!!!!!! Thanks for the review!

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