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Review #26, by underwater The Highest Point

16th April 2010:
OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD finallly! where have you been?? its seriously not nice of all you good authors to just forget bout your readers and story!! cant wait till the next chap!!! you said end of the month...should be there!! :-D

Author's Response: I'm so sorry!!! :( I haven't forgotten my readers and story, just kept pushing it off and that's still just as horrible, I know...I'm really pushing for it! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #27, by Melissa Ambiguous

14th April 2010:
so I have come to the end of the undated/ edited Chapters. I have to say that I love your new writing style. its the same, but in a way different. It seems that you have matured in your style. there is alot more detail in the chapters to make you feel what that characters are feeling. I do have a fav. can you continue to mark each chapter as re- edited as you go on, so that I know if a chapter has been updated? That way I don't trick myself into thinking its new ( haven't reread the story in a while) :D I will patiently wait for the last re-edits before I start bugging you for a new Chapter ;P 10/10 as always!

Author's Response: Haha thanks! I feel like every year I develop a stronger, more mature voice and I want people to see the differences, ya know? Thank you so much, Melissa! The first chapter has been re-editted as of last week, if you hadn't seen that already :)

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Review #28, by Kirsty Weasley The Highest Point

13th April 2010:
oh. my. god.

AH!!! That was so frickin amazing!!! Really, I mean I so wasnt expecting that to happen. Its kinda good that people finally know about their marrige and I hope that Estelle will stop pushing Oliver away! Hes so damn sweet!!!

Please update soon! Pretty please! -Kirsty xxx

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! That chapter actually hasn't been updated to meet my new style, but I'm very happy to know you liked it! Keep checking back for edits and updates; I'll post the dates! :)

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Review #29, by Melissa The Highest Point

29th January 2010:
how's life treating you? I miss your writing and this poor story has left me hanging for a year now *cries* I want to know what happens :( keep writing girl, don't give it up, your fantastic!

Author's Response: I am so sorry, Melissa!! I really can't say how sorry I am for putting my work off like this!! It's totally unacceptable and I just want to thank you for being such a loyal reader for dang...over a year, is it now? I'm actually re-editting DATSOT right now (tweaks in my style and all) but I'll try to shoot out another installment! Again, I'm so sorry!!!

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Review #30, by rawr The Highest Point

14th September 2009:
its been so long since ur last update i check this story once a week but nothing =[ PLEASE DONT SAY U ABANDONED THIS STORY =[

Author's Response: No, no!!! No abandoning here! I just had to take a long hiatus to take care of personal stuff but I shall slowly be creeping back into writing. No worries!!!

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Review #31, by Melissa The Highest Point

5th November 2008:
Come back please!! I miss reading your stories. Why have you left me why. come back

Author's Response: Oh Melissa! Faithful reviewer, thanks so much for sticking by me for so long! I'm so sorry I totally lost it all for so long but I'm really going to try and stick it through! New updates will come out, slowly but surely!

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Review #32, by Hunky Dory He Doesn't Deserve Me

8th June 2008:
soft black pebble. That's not possible. It's a good story.

Author's Response: lol thanks for pointing that out! I'll eventually change it!

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Review #33, by Nene The Highest Point

5th March 2008:
OMg...please update is so good

Author's Response: Aw, well thanks! I really love this story but it's so hard to find time to write and to even come up with new chapters due to my lack of pre-organizing but I'll try to get back on it! Thanks for the review!

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Review #34, by Elizabeth R Austin The Highest Point

20th February 2008:
I have no idea if I've already reviewed this or not, btu oh well compliments should be repeated anyway.

Your origional character is amazing. I absolutely adore her. She's so different from what I see most of the time. The story itself is also very interesting. I'm rather addicted to your plot line.

I can't wait to read what comes next.


Author's Response: Oh, well thank you, Elizabeth! I'll try to get another chapter out there soon! Thanks for the review!

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Review #35, by Melissa Five Minutes Can Change A Person

17th February 2008:
I love the edit keep up the great work and I will look for chapter 2 re-editing soon:D

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #36, by bigfan The Highest Point

12th February 2008:
I just read your profile info...and no offense but I think you should come up with your own ideas for this story. Actually thats a compliment, because I love what you've written so far and so it should be YOU who continues to move the plot along even if that means we have to wait. This story is yours, which you should be proud of, keep it that way!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks!!!! And I totally understand what you mean, it's just really hard right now with so many things going on in my life, so I just need a little catalyst for my writers block. Thank you so much for the encouragement!

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Review #37, by linds The Highest Point

5th February 2008:
Please update soon! I know you deserve so many more reviews- but I think people shy away from arranged marriage stories because they are usually too cliche. But you handle this story well and you are a great writer so it is anything but cliche. But you do have a good amount of fans and we all cant wait to see what happens next.

Author's Response: Do you really think that's why people shy away? Huh...I never thought of that. Oh well. I'd like to think my story is good. Thank you so much for the words of ego-boosting kindnes and for this lovely review!

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Review #38, by Ayame The Highest Point

4th February 2008:
Oh I loved this chapter so much! I hope you can continue writing it soon, I can't wait for chapter 11. This chapter was so exciting in what happened that now I'm constantly checking for updates even though I know it could be a while. You're a brilliant writer and I hope you continue, even after this story is finished. It's too bad people aren't reviewing as much as they should but good luck.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! You made my day, which is something since its been hard. I'm actually stuck at this point with chapter 11 so like you said, it could be awhile...I'd love it if more people reviewed but I'm going to suck it up and just keep going for those who love it and wait so patiently (like you!). Thanks for the review!

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Review #39, by Melissa The Highest Point

27th January 2008:
NO you can't stop updating:( you know I live for the next update:( I sorry no one is reviewing, some people are just stupid... don't punish the good ones that review :) I miss reading your stories:) I will always review:D

Author's Response: Yeah, I've decided to update. If people don't review, yes I'm a little (cough-cough) disappointed but the show must go on and I'm not stopping for anyone. I love writing and personally, I think I have good ideas. Thank you so much!

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Review #40, by Melissa The Highest Point

23rd January 2008:
I re-read the chapters you had edited. Have I told you you're a great writer. I love it:D when your all done with the story I'm printing it out and saving it with all my other favorite books. I can't wait for chapter 11 update ASAP and good luck on Midterms!

Author's Response: Gosh, Melissa! I seriously feel my cheeks getting warm! Thank you so much. I'll try to get chappie 11 out but right now, I'm at a crossroad. The last chapter was so explosive and now I have no idea how to top that. But thank you for the dedication and touching words!

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Review #41, by evil little devil The Highest Point

17th January 2008:
I loved it! Absolutely brilliant! I love the twins - they're so hilarious and you write them really well. I really love this story - it's really original and well written. Keep up the good work and update as fast as you can please. Though I don't mind if you update your other story instead :)

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! That's is what every writer wants to hear! My Sirius Black story has a chapter in the queue, so you can look out for that. And maybe around next week, you can expect the 11th chapter for DATSOT. Thanks for the review!

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Review #42, by melanie The Highest Point

16th January 2008:
I know you just updated, but can you update, NOW! I am obsessed with this story!!

Author's Response: I wish I could because I'm so excited but I can't until next week. I'm studying for my midterms and my whole family is on my back right now. But thank you so much for the enthusiasm and obsession! Thanks for the review!

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Review #43, by quidditch77 The Highest Point

14th January 2008:
I forgot to say in my last review that I'm glad to know for sure why Oliver and Estelle got married :)
This chapter was okay, not one of the best but I still really liked it. I feel really bad for Estelle and Oliver now...but I dunno...I still just feel like though their relationship (as friends and more) has developed a lot at this point...I still wish there was more. I hope there isn't just one moment at the end of the story where they say "I love you" or soemthing, because I feel like the plot you have going is awesome and unique and you are doing a great job with it. I like that you are developing their relationship, though as I said, I wish it was a bit quicker (still without an abrupt ending..if that even makes sense). I don't know...I'm probably wrong. hehe.
But anyway...awesome chapter, I'll add this story to my favorites and hopefully you update soon :)

Author's Response: No, there will definitely be no 'I love you's soon. It'll seem to cliche to me. But I totally understand what you mean about developing with abrupt endings. I'm working on that in the next few chapters until the biggest blow ever.
And thank you soooo much for giving such thorough reviews. I really loved the constructive criticism (I can't even call it that. It's like, heavenly advice or something) and I had an ego booster moment when you said my plot is unique and that you've added it to your favs. It really means a lot to me. It's people like you I write for.
Look out for the 11th chapter towards the end of the month!

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Review #44, by quidditch77 ...And a Happy New Year!

14th January 2008:
Woah.was that her dad walking back into the forest?!?!
Anyway...awesome chapter, I love that Estelle can finally trust Oliver now, and I thought it was amazing that Estelle made Oliver able to feel again. Great chapter...I loved this line:
(“Merlin, are you happy?” “You have no idea…”)-hehe.
and this line as well:
("...But here we are, together, married, and maybe this is where our good can begin. Together.”)

Author's Response: *smirks secretively to self* the forest mystery man...muahaha! You'll have to wait!!!!
Yeah, this is just the beginning of Estelle and Oliver. There's way more drama than this. Trust me.

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Review #45, by quidditch77 We Wish You a Merry Christmas...

14th January 2008:
Ha...cute ending.
Wow...I adore the Aolani and Estelle friendship story, its absolutely perfect. Honestly..this is such a great story.
I feel like there has been minimal development between Oliver and Estelle, but then again...I guess I can kind of understand why it'd take a while.
I loved this line: (“You are glowing with purity, Estelle. No matter what’s happened to you in the past.” she said.)

Author's Response: I know there's more connection between Estelle and the wall than Oliver, but everything feels so jumbled and Aolani comes first on my list. But there will be bigger developments soon!
And thanks for the wonderful compliment ('this is such a great story')!!!

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Review #46, by quidditch77 Through Pain and Happiness

14th January 2008:
I liked how they brought Estelle forget-me-nots...that was interesting.
And I think its cool that Estelle wants to do something nice for Aolani..but I'm afraid she is going to find out that Aolani doesnt have a very good life, but maybe I'm wrong.
I loved these two lines:
(“The Weasley Twins were going around saying Marcus Flint is infertile now. There was a big fight again.” )
(“It looked somewhat better after we had our fair share. Too bad we ran out of pepper spray…I was hoping to use it on Ronniekins.” sighed George.)

Author's Response: Forget-me-nots are my favorite flowers! Woot! There will be more drama to come between Aolani and Estelle. Brace yourself. Thanks for the review!

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Review #47, by quidditch77 And Then There Was Blackness

14th January 2008:
Wow...this was by far the most impressive chapter so far. That was just...amazing. Honestly..from the memories of Estelle and her all of her confusing and angered emotions, perfect.
The way she acted out was something I didn't expect yet it was perfect. She finally needed to let her anger out and when Flint said "de ja vu" it seriously made me want to throw up. What a jerk.
Great chapter...though I'm surprised Oliver didn't want to hurt Flint (probably not because he had to get Estelle to the hospital wing).
There was so much I wanted to say in this review..but I just want to read on! hehe.
I did love the fight between Oliver and Estelle though and the fact that she told him her favorite color at the end of the chapter...and the contrast of her world going black as she said her favorite color was white.
Very cool.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! This is my favorite chapter by far. I love a good dramatic fight. And to be honest, I didn't notice the whole contrast in color. You're really good at picking these things out. Kudos to you!

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Review #48, by quidditch77 Twins, Dead Flowers, and Detentions, Oh My!

14th January 2008:
Lovely chapter. I loved the comic relief the twins provided, and the flower scene was really unique. Well done. That was really good.
I still don't understand the reason for the arranged marriage, but hopefully you answer that.
I liked this line: (“Well, if you need help with dragons, you could call our brother Charlie in Romania.” George offered.)-hehe!

Author's Response: The Twins are my favorite Canon character. They make up for all the drama.
The reason for the arranged marriage is coming up and I'm actually going back and putting some subtle hints in the first couple chapters...

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Review #49, by quidditch77 Ambiguous

14th January 2008:
I like how Aolani notices the good in Estelle that she doesn't notice herself.while I adore the Oliver/Estelle story-line...Aolani and you using her as a way to show what Estelle is really like and to show that Aolani might be just like her is very creative and cool.
I hope that Estelle is still on the quidditch team, I want her to play Oliver. haha.

Author's Response: By far, Aolani is my favorite. She's just so mature and she really completes Estelle. Thanks for the review!

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Review #50, by quidditch77 He Doesn't Deserve Me

14th January 2008:
Aw...the ending was really sad, I liked it though. It adds so much to Estelle's character. That was definitely my favorite part of the story so far.
Is Aolani sort of like a Younger Estelle in a symbolic sense? Hmm that'd be interesting.
This line was really great: (How can someone be so…pure and wholesome?)- Its so interesting because her dad and brother believe that being "pure" is only about blood, but Estelle is seeing Oliver as pure because he has a good heart. Very good line!
Great chapter.

Author's Response: So I just realized you've reviewed for every chapter. You have no idea how special I feel for that! Thanks!
Aolani is generally supposed to bring out that childhood Estelle didn't really have, if that makes sense.
lol thanks for the compliment on the line. I'd thought more people would say something but obviously not. lol thanks!

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