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Review #26, by abbster Chapter 3

23rd March 2008:
o I just love the tension between those 2 :)

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Review #27, by abbster Chapter 1

23rd March 2008:
Awww I feel sorry For Ron, he is soo frustrated

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Review #28, by Janhavi Chapter 12

7th August 2007:
Wow, its just sooo sweet and romantic. I loved the story!

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Review #29, by Janhavi Chapter 11

7th August 2007:
another nice chapter! I really like your story

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Review #30, by Janhavi Chapter 10

7th August 2007:
Hahaha, I like your author's note, and I love your story! You have tied everything together so wonderfully well, making everyone a good guy, with all the human flaws we all have..

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Review #31, by Janhavi Chapter 8

7th August 2007:
I love the twist! This way, everyone can win :)

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Review #32, by Janhavi Chapter 6

7th August 2007:
Wow, this is starting to get complex with all the relationships between everyone! Very interesting!

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Review #33, by Janhavi Chapter 5

7th August 2007:
Wow, great chapter. Its so intense! It is really well written and realistic in the context of your story.

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Review #34, by Janhavi Chapter 4

7th August 2007:
oooh, what a twist! this story is great!

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Review #35, by Janhavi Chapter 1

7th August 2007:
Nice, but I would have thought that Ron would have learnt something by now! :)

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Review #36, by be_happy Chapter 10

15th July 2007:
Such a good story!!

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Review #37, by taylorj828 Chapter 12

26th March 2007:
Wow, a great final chapter, but I'm definitely glad that there's a third part. (o: Well, wow Lavender Brown is leaving Draco. Poor kid, he just can't catch a break. It's so amazing what you've done with the characters in this story. I actually sort of like Lavender - er, sort of. I like Draco and want the best for him, feel bad for him, see were justice sort of evades him.

And Ginny, well I liked reading about the moment with her and Harry. I was just getting curious as to whether you favor the Harry and Ginny relationship, because it doesn't really seem to be in your stories? I think even if you did have them get together next part or something, that this is a great a very believable line to follow. I'm not really a fan of Ginny, but you've made me actually like her in this story. She's obviously grown up and matured. Her time away from Harry has been good. She makes a better companion this way, even if they only stay friends.

I think your description of Harry being as affected as Ron when Hermione disappeared is very right on for character - though obviously they miss her in different ways, they're both very attached to her. I also think you're completely right that Ron lying between life and death would affect Harry in an even greater, different way. It would really tear him up... I can definitely see the Ginny and Harry moment, the awkwardness, the tension, should she do anything? Can she touch him or will he freak out? Should she just watch him? Offer a tissue? Try to hug him? And when she does hug him, I can see it in my mind - Harry's falling into her, letting someone comfort him, hold him for a change. Excellent work. (o;

And the final scene, Hermione with Ron. Wow, powerful and touching. Really sincere and special, as she recalls memories. So sweet, so sad. And then he wakes up! Oh yay! I can't wait to read the next section. You're such an amazing author, and I'm so in-love with your stories and your writing! (o:

Author's Response: you always bring to tears with your reviews, you crazy girl. They're stories completely onto themselves. Thank you again.

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Review #38, by taylorj828 Chapter 11

25th March 2007:
Another great chapter! Can't believe I've been away from this story for so long! *breathes contentedly* So good to be back! (o:

Wow, well the memory with Bill and Fleur and their baby was cute, just to see his family, get a glimpse and all. All the Weasley reactions seem very realistic. Poor Ron, I do hope we see him alive and well soon! And Draco, wow.

Oh, dear! Lucius! What is he up to! AHH! I'll be so angry if he does anything horrible. How could he! Grrr!!!

The images of a bloodied Ginny and Draco were quite vivid and shocking in my mind. Good work there. Oh so excellent! I want to read more now but I have to go! Ah! Guess I'll hafta wait for tomorrow. (o;

Author's Response: lol. Thank you again for all of your wonderful reviews. They're always such a gift.

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Review #39, by ron_hearts_hermione Chapter 3

13th March 2007:
Sorry I have to review here, but yea, I'll definately see what you've got in mind, for the Percy/Pansy. :]]

Author's Response: Sorry, they really just wouldn't leave me alone. Had to start writing it.

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Review #40, by taylorj828 Chapter 10

9th March 2007:
Wow. I like Harry's idea - Draco just started his community service. hehe. *sings:* This is such an amazing story...!! (o:

Author's Response: lol. thank you love :)

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Review #41, by taylorj828 Chapter 9

9th March 2007:
RON CAN'T DIE! I'm SO glad that I don't have to wait for the next chapter.

He can't, he can't!

Ah, I was gonna stop reading here, but now I HAVE to go on!!! hehe Okay, some thoughts from this chapter:

I like that Mr. Weasley knows Harry too well, mentioning some stunt Harry might pull. That's Harry for sure! I do like him though, hehe.

Then I had the idea that Mr. Weasley didn't know Ron's plan, eh. Think I was right about that, how it seems? Or was he in on it? That's a little gray to me.

And, wow, Ron IS smart, hehe. I love when Ron comes through. Sometimes stories or even the movies make Ron out to be the comic relief, but that's not all he is! He's brave and smart and loyal (when he's not being stupid!) Anyway, thoroughly smart in this chapter!

Wow, the conversation about Ron considering Draco as a son. Well, the last thing I expected to hear, but it was so sweet, really. Yeah, it's awkward, picturing Draco like Ron's son, but I totally get it. Hermione loves and cares about Draco. If Ron loves her, then he has to love and care about what Hermione cares about. Thus, whatever Draco is to her, Draco has to be to him. Really speaks of Ron's love for her. Beautiful, and perfect!

And Great scene, Draco holding Ron. I love male/male affection. (Mind you, not slash, not anything like that, but I truly mean affection.) I think it's so beautiful when males are not afraid to be affectionate to other males. I think you know what I mean, because you wrote this scene. I mean, it's not even like Harry and Ron, who've been best mates forever. Draco's a new pal, a new friend, but still, he holds Ron and brushes his hair away. I love things like this, they're beautiful, because the care or love, whatever, it's so... pure. Even more pure than with girls, I think. Sometimes girls can have so many ulterior motives, but...

Well, I'm rambling. Simply GREAT and now I HAVE to read the next one!

Author's Response: I love when you ramble. It's always such a tale onto itself. I could listen to you go on like that for hours. lol.

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Review #42, by taylorj828 Chapter 8

9th March 2007:
Wow. Ron's smart after all. Was this his secret plan? Can he really lessen Draco's punishment? I really hope he can. Oh dear. Who ever thought I would care about Draco Malfoy? Or Harry or Ron or Hermione for the matter?! You are TRULY BRILLIANT Aimee! Just Amazing. I could go on and on about the beauty of this story and all its many layers. I've never read a story that' made me *like* Draco Malfoy, and you're not even hooking him up with Hermione!! Wow wow wow. You're an awesome author, brilliant, stunning, incredible, talented! I just have to keep reading! (o:

Author's Response: oh, stop it... you're making me blush... lol.

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Review #43, by taylorj828 Chapter 7

9th March 2007:
Wow. Alright, first, WHAT is Ron's secret? What's he gonna do? Kill Malfoy? No... ? Er, Obliviate him again? No, he'd still be in a bad spot. Help hims escape? AHH! I have to know! hehe.

Wow what Draco did... insane, can't believe it. Hurting them and pushing them away "for their own good." Didn't think he had it in him - Peter, or the Old Draco. But this might be a New Draco. A mix of the two? Wow.

I hope Ron doesn't rub it in Hermione's face. She doesn't need him reaffirming how terrible Draco is. He just needs to keep his mouth shut and love her, lol. Oh I'm so anxious!!! (O:

Oh, and I can't believe Ron and Harry split up. (Hehe, sounds like a break up, but you know what I mean!) They're the Trio. They lost Hermione. Now she's sorta back, but Ron's losing Harry. I mean, after ALL the secret things Harry ALWAYS confided to Ron and Hermione, why would Ron hide something? Silly goof.

Author's Response: He has his reasons.

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Review #44, by taylorj828 Chapter 6

9th March 2007:
Wow. Harry's ticked. Wouldn't want to meet him right now!

Well, first of all, maybe Ron doesn't come to see Hermione much these days because they always end up fighting, every time! LoL!

I'm SO glad Harry over heard the conversation. I hope he does something. I wish Ron could understand what's happening with Draco. He's a mess. No that doesn't excuse him, but for the love of pete, just imagine what he's going through at the moment. Let him deal with that before you haul him off to court! Great chapter, gotta head to the next!

Author's Response: oh, there's so much more going on under the surface, but you'll see :)

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Review #45, by taylorj828 Chapter 5

9th March 2007:

What a chapter. Okay, so first... well. I love the mental directions this story takes you. It's mind boggling trying to figure out this scenario. Course I've already mentioned it in previous reviews but still this huge problem lingers. What can be done? Draco's alright, you know, even Harry's starting to like him. They could really be alright together. But then he remembers these horrible things he's done. Gosh.

I guess I think Draco's only shot is to run away, but they'd be forever looking for him.

(By the way, I love the scene with Draco and Hermione yelling across the room, when he discovered he watched her parents die. Just a good emotionally charge scene.)

And what is Ron up to? Sheesh!!

The last scene with Hermione and Ron is sweet and electric, as always. I do hope Ron can help her remember something happy. I gotta read the next one now!

Author's Response: lol. thank you. It's a very difficult situation and it only gets worse.

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Review #46, by taylorj828 Chapter 4

9th March 2007:
Ah! A vicious reporter under a cloak! Terrible!

Another great chapter. I love this story, I do , I do! So Draco is in love with Lavender eh? But the potions seems to be doing quite a number on him. Ron doesn't go and visit Hermione these days, does he? At least not often? A bummer. Is she still angry or keeping her distance?

I liked the scene with Hermione realizing her parent's death. I like Harry comforting her. I really appreciate your handling of Harry and Hermione's friendship. The friendships among the Trio are so important. Harry loves and cares about Hermione, they're best mates, and he would definitely be there to listen and comfort and talk. I like this.

I hate reading stories were just because Ron and Hermione together, then Harry's just someone on the side, he can't possibly love Hermione. But he does. Not in *that* way, but he does love her, and he loves Ron. They have some great moments together in the books, just because they're friends are care about each other.

Well, wonderful chapter, looking forward to the next!

Author's Response: I'd say Ron is the one keeping his distance. But he has a few things he wants to keep hidden ;)

I have so many guy friends that are just that... friends. It's silly really to think that men and women can't be friends. Especially considering how much Harry and Hermione have been through together. In this story, I feel they consider each other family.

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Review #47, by taylorj828 Chapter 3

7th March 2007:
Aw another wonderful chapter my dear! I do so love your stories! Anyway, maybe it's odd, but I want to reply to your author's replies, hehe.

You're right, I don't think Draco's good enough to play at being obliviated for 5 years. He's not very good at pulling things off, anyway. I was just letting the idea stay in my mind, because I was afraid at any moment you might take a big twist and the story would go that way and I'd be caught completely unawares! Hehe.

Ah and for you starting my story, I'll apreciate your reviews as long as you can stomach it, hehe. (o: It stays pretty plantonic for awhile, but there will be a couple hints in the chapters, and then ah... chapter 10 you'll see something, chapter 12 again, and then not again till... chapter 16 or so? I'm taking it slow because it just seems logical, but in the end, you know where it's heading. If I ever get the second story going, as I said, I think you'll perfer that one... maybe. LOL.

Yes, the social dilemma. I see exactly what you've said. I never want to see only one side of the situation. I see that there are definitely two very difficult sides to this scenario. On the one hand, from Draco's POV it doesn't seem fair for him to give up a life as a Good Man, to be thrown into Azkaban for something he no longer remembers.

On the other hand, regardless of whether he remembers, he committed the atrocities and should pay the punishment, because his forgetting doesn't erase his crimes.

On the other hand, will his going to Azkaban bring back the dead?

On the 4th hand, lol, isn't society's greatest desire in criminals, for them to be cured, fixed, and to turn from their evil ways? Or is it for punishment and justice?

Then again, Justice can't exist without mercy.

I think this is one of those issues that can seem so Black and White, but if you really look at it, I think it has more gray than we want to admit. I used to think I had a Black and White view on most things, but later I realized there was more that I DIDN'T know, then I did. Honestly I just have to say sometimes: I don't know. Funny, this should have been obvious to me!

Maybe the best way to handle things is a Case by Case basis. But I fear that most people would think this is highly unfair and unjust. However it could probably be the most just and most fair method, if it could be carried out properly...

I love that you can write a good story, but put in wonderful ethical and philosophical topics to be considered. Bravo! For that you get 10 extra points! (o:

Well, lastly I just want to add about this chapter. I love that Ron and Hermione can't be in a room together without feelin' a bit of heat. It's so cute and endearing. ha, I love it! (o: Beautiful work, as always!

Author's Response: That's a lot of hands you have there... lol. I can't help it with the questioning of ethics and philosophy. Dad was a lawyer and Mum was a teacher. Goes with the territory. Dinner chat was always interesting... lol.

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Review #48, by taylorj828 Chapter 2

5th March 2007:
Well. so I've had this thought swimming around my head as I've been reading this story. I know Draco was a right git, but honestly if he's changed to this Peter person... well.. then it's really unfair that they would want him to remember all his memories, to be Draco again, and not even tell him what he's getting himself into! He's walking blindly into learning that his history is purely one of evil, or... near evil. And, not only that, but as we just saw in this chapter, I've suspected that if he "returned" they'd surely throw him into Azkaban! Now personally, if he really is "innocent Peter" it seems really wrong to allow him to return just so he could be thrown in Azkaban. How terrible.

So, I've been thinking that, and now it seems that really is what might happen! Ahh!

Next, I like the confrontation with Hermione and Draco. Peter certainly seems more Draco-like in that one. Less dependent, more strong willed, not wanting to be coddled. Think he must be remembering something of who he was...

Ah, also, I loved the scene with Molly and Arthur. First of all, very in character, that whole bit, Ron and Harry included! Hilarious and cute, too. Just like a normal family, is what it seemed. Brilliant. Loved the dialogue and interaction! Oh, and I loved the line about Ron doing a great imitation of a fish! (o: That stuck with me!


Author's Response: Here's the problem, or social dilemma rather. If Draco remembers who he was, but retains who he has become, what should happen to him? Just because he's reformed, does that mean he should not be punished for all the wrongs he has committed? Because we all know he did do horrible things in that other life.

Look at our own society. If people in jail become truly remorseful, should we just let them walk? What would happen in the real world with Draco and his past, and who he has now become. Would he escape conviction and punishment just because he's turned over a new leaf? Should we as a society be reexamining how we treat convicts on a case by case basis?

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Review #49, by taylorj828 Chapter 1

5th March 2007:
Hello dearie, I'm back for round two! hehe. I do love this story. And I'm so anxious, wondering what's in the background, what really happened, what next twist is gonna come flying at me...!

The journal entry at the beginning was cool. I liked the mention of the elusive "they" that we speak of, hehe. I'm just so torn. I really think, yano, Draco's a new person and doesn't remember... I mean, it seems that way. But what if he's been playing at it? Nah, I don't think... Whatever will happen when they start remembering??

Ah, and Ron, well can't leave well enough alone can he? Hehe. But I suppose he's mad for Hermione, even if she still can't rmember him. I think he really could help her remember. Guess I'll hafta keep reading..!

And by the way, thanks for visiting my story. I know you're not into H/Hr, so I don't expect you to keep reading my story, really I don't mind! (o: We all like reading different things, so it's cool with me. But, in case you're interested, I have another story I'm working on that I'll start posting when this one finishes (or else if I reach TA!) And I think you'll like Ron's part in that one better than in this story. Course the story is mostly about Hermione, but... well... for you I think that'll be a better read. Hehe. (o:

Well dear, I'm off to another chapter!

Author's Response: Would Draco really play at something like that for five years? Would he live with Hermione knowingly and develop that level of friendship and closeness? He's a schemer, or at least he was. But I don't think he's that good... lol... As for what he'll remember if he doesn't actually already. Well, won't that be a nasty surprise for him.

The problem with me is once I've started a story, I have to keep up with it. I'll be honest and say that I'll probably end up dropping off when Harry and Hermione start becoming romantically involved. Until then, I'll keep reading and reviewing.

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Review #50, by sambina8051 Chapter 12

17th January 2007:

Author's Response: lol...

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