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Review #26, by Angelica In Her Place

13th February 2012:
Bloody brilliant! Loved it, great idea!

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Review #27, by potter_epic_riddle In Her Place

21st January 2012:

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Review #28, by Loving_Sirius_4eva In Her Place

21st January 2012:
You should so write a review:) It was very entertaining to read :)

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Review #29, by erinelle In Her Place

20th January 2012:
Loved it, very cute and funny :D

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Review #30, by Minnie MacG In Her Place

8th January 2012:
Yet another jewel for your tiara - girl, you're the queen! )))
Really, this MUST become your career with a wee bit of training in lexics and grammar (just to perfect it, really). For a start, try selling plots to Hollywood ))).

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Review #31, by Gigi In Her Place

1st January 2012:
I wish the malfoy in hermiones shoes was longer but it was good.

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Review #32, by darkwonderland706 In Her Place

12th December 2011:
You entertain me to the end. This has been the most funniest one shot.

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Review #33, by Romina In Her Place

9th December 2011:
BEAUTIFUL. Just Beautiful. Congrats!!

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Review #34, by bookwormDunham In Her Place

7th December 2011:
this is one of the funniest harry potter fics I have ever read! This is now my favorite piece to read I laughed so hard I cried!

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Review #35, by Chloe In Her Place

4th December 2011:
My favourite fan fiction ever. So amazing. I have no words for just how good this is.

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Review #36, by VanessaVoiletRiddleMalfoy In Her Place

22nd November 2011:
Oh, my god I love it! I wich there was more! 10/10

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Review #37, by WhiteRose In Her Place

22nd November 2011:
this was cute. I loved it.

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Review #38, by Madame_Malfoy In Her Place

20th November 2011:
I. Am. Dying. From. Laughter. Oh my god, this is the funniest fanfic ever!

I especially like this phrase- I have breasts, you morons! I have a pair of breasts!
I also like this one-
I have mudblood boobs!

Oh my god, I can't stop laughing. You are an amazing writer!

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Review #39, by rainbowsocks In Her Place

20th November 2011:
oh that was the best!
especially the ending.
never ever ever stop writing.
i think your draco is the best draco i have ever read in a fanfiction in my life. he's exactly the way i imagined him in the actual books.
the ending was perfect! the whole entire thing was the best.
loved it
xoxo ~

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Review #40, by A. In Her Place

20th November 2011:
This was HILAROUS, had me laughing out loud - literally - it was a little embarrassing. Will read more of your stories.

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Review #41, by Fluffball1000 In Her Place

19th November 2011:
Loved it. Absolutely loved it. I know it would be quite hard to do, but maybe a sequel where Hermione finds out about what Draco did?
I thought that Draco was a little out of character at some points, but it allowed for a more comedic turn which I thought was really refreshing.
Thanks for the amazing read :)

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Review #42, by Snargaluffpod In Her Place

19th November 2011:
Absolutely hilarious, and very cute. I loved it!

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Review #43, by Yessica In Her Place

15th November 2011:
Amazing, I loved it. It was well-written, interesting & very funny. I got a few weird looks from my mom for laughing while staring at the computer haha. Please keep it up because your writing is very very good =)

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Review #44, by Dragoness101 In Her Place

14th November 2011:
i loved the present Draco left for her. Brillient.

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Review #45, by DarlingDragon In Her Place

12th November 2011:
This piece of writing is HILARIOUS! I loved the way you captured Draco's sort of sarcastic sense of humor. It's so perfect the way he reacts to every sort of situation. I made a trailer for this on Youtube, I hope that's alright. It just inspired me so much that I finished it within an hour. :) keep writing!!

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Review #46, by FallingLeaves In Her Place

6th November 2011:
I literally grinned the whole time. The basic idea was really unique, and I think that you had Draco down to a T. I lol'd so many times, I got looked at oddly. Added to favorites. :)

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Review #47, by Tara In Her Place

30th October 2011:
OMGEEE this was super good could you make another when she figures out that he did that or something?

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Review #48, by Tonks101 In Her Place

28th October 2011:
Please sequel! I love this!

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Review #49, by mindifislytherintom In Her Place

27th October 2011:
Way cute! Loved this, it was really funny!

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Review #50, by EnchantMe In Her Place

27th October 2011:
I got a laugh-attack of some sort while reading this, it was hilarious!
I loved that after his utter mortification at the beginning, Draco spent most of his day standing up for Hermione. All the scenes with McLaggen were also incredibly funny, I must've looked like a right loon while reading them, I couldn't stop laughing.

Anyway, to sum it up, it was funny beyond words, I loved it, 10/10. ^_^

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