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Reading Reviews for Lady Malfoy
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Review #26, by Le a leukocyte Into the Sunrise

25th November 2016:
This is was so amazing. Fun journey

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Review #27, by GeekMom13 For What It's Worth - Prologue

13th November 2016:
I like the twist, I look forward to this story!

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Review #28, by Olivia_T Into the Sunrise

8th November 2016:
Hi! I begin to read your story in Russian (the translator claimes to have your permission) but it is not finished yet, so I decided to read the original version as I was eager to know what happens next. It's so twisted! Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure and an adventure to read your story!

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Review #29, by GNcat1 The Cover Up

27th October 2016:
I knew Hermione was going to be Lady Malfoy, but I had forgotten the title by this point. Well done. I'm enjoying this well written story. The characters are real and the plot fascinating. The only jarring note for me is Hermione/Ron. It makes my skin crawl to think of Hermione with Ron and not Harry. Having Harry with Ginny is a problem for me also. Even JK Rowling admitted her mistake in these unnatural pairings.

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Review #30, by Ruby Levesque The Cover Up

9th October 2016:
Cherrypie3601, I love your fanfiction! It is well-written, and it keeps the personality of the characters. I think that the idea for Lady Malfoy is amazing! I'm DYING to know what happens next!!
Sincerly, Ruby Levesque :)

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Review #31, by MrsGreen01814 Into the Sunrise

11th September 2016:
9/11/2016 Oh my!!! Absolutely LOVED this story! The journey was amazing! I laughed, I cried, and I fell in love with #dramonie I never thought that would happen;) thank you! Can't wait to see what else you have in store for the characters! Ron and Pansy? Harry and Ginny? I would also love to see the continuation of Draco and Harmonie:)

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Review #32, by CJ Into the Sunrise

18th August 2016:
really enjoyable, thanks!

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Review #33, by CJ Newman Into the Sunrise

22nd July 2016:
So good! Thanks for writing it.

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Review #34, by christa Into the Sunrise

14th July 2016:
Hi! Just want to comment on what an amazing journey this story has taken me, and want to thank you ever so much for taking the time and effort to write this story. I would just like to ask a little favour-could you please write a story of redemption for Cassius, and his happily ever after ending? I really liked his character and would greatly appreciate it if, i dunno, lets say he found another lover to get over from natalie? Hahaha, if that happens, that'll be great. I couldnt help but feel bad about Cassius :/. Anyway, good luck with your stories... cheers! :)))

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Review #35, by StillOdderthanYou Into the Sunrise

18th June 2016:
*sniffle* that was beautiful. It was intense, dark, and just plain awesome. Also, I love the dark overtones WITHOUT the need for smut. It's a refreshing change. Though it bugs me--how did Ron/Pansy ever get popular? Is it just a switcheroo when Dramione happens? idk.

Anyway, you rock my cotton socks and I consider this one of the best fics I've ever read.

Nitpick: Most canon-compliant, but no mention of the torture scene from DH in Malfoy Manor? And I thought Molly killed Bellatrix.

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Review #36, by cmfisher Into the Sunrise

2nd June 2016:
I know you wrote this a while back but I LOVE it. I always thought that there had to be more to Draco. Thank you for letting us see that.

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Review #37, by fear me101 Telling Them

29th May 2016:
intriguing. i wish hermione explained that if she stayed with harry and ron, she would put them in danger. would have been a nice touch.

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Review #38, by roxyroxtheworld Into the Sunrise

22nd May 2016:
This is a great story!!! I was almost hoping that at the end of all Draco's and Hermione's I do's then Draco was gonna say something like with all that said... well you marry me Hermione Jean Granger and become my one true Lady Malfoy? I may just be old fashioned but with everything she already agreed to then to me it's pretty much everything someone would agree to when they marry someone. But anyways I do love this story and I think it would be ingesting knowing what happens with Ron and pansy and even reading more of Draco and Hermione even tho you said you didn't want to do that... but anyways I loved this story! It was a great read!!!

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Review #39, by roxyroxtheworld Demeaning Thoughts

19th May 2016:
There were lots of death eaters that saw Hermione and Ron during the war. Seems like if this is a party with 100s of death eaters then some of them are forsure going to realize who they are... we will see tho. I am very interested in reading more!

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Review #40, by roxyroxtheworld The Cover Up

18th May 2016:
It is a bit confusing. I thought Lestrange knew what Hermione looked like...

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Review #41, by roxyroxtheworld And so we part

18th May 2016:
Hermione is getting at something but just like Harry I am very confused... great story so far!

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Review #42, by roxyroxtheworld Trust Issues

17th May 2016:
I am very curious to know what Draco is doing with Lestrange... and very interested in this ghost. Great story so far!!!

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Review #43, by roxyroxtheworld The Aftermath

16th May 2016:
I'm very anxious to find out what happened to Adria and what did Draco do to her that makes him say it's his fault she's the way she is? I assumed at first that she's been there for longer then he can remember but it's sounding like that's not the case... anyways great chapter and great story so far!!!

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Review #44, by roxyroxtheworld The Manor

16th May 2016:
It does seem a bit strange that when all the decor is described then it's most always gold aND red... I would have thought it would be green and silver. I honestly like green aND silver better especially with Draco. It seems to fit best but who knows :) anyway great chapter!
Also I wonder who's in the dungeons.

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Review #45, by Master of the Quill Into the Sunrise

3rd April 2016:
This fanfiction is absolutely stunning! I would strongly advice you write your own story with your own characters to be published. You have a real talent for writing and from what I can see, you may be the next JK Rowling!
My only criticism is the few chapters where you replaced names with animals. Though it was an interesting idea, I found it rather distracting from the plot.
However, as you can tell from my rating I found more good things then bad in your story! There were so many great plot twists that completely took hold of my emotions. Great work!

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Review #46, by Nadja Into the Sunrise

25th March 2016:
Absolutely AMAZING! I read fan fiction all of the time but this particular story truly felt like the characters held their original essence of who they were in the books. You have also managed to make them grow into what would make sense given their personalities! Everything about this screams perfection. You've definitely made this story worth reading and opened up my mind to possibilities I never thought of before. It wasn't rushed, the transition into it and out of it was smooth and your discriptions of everything wove the whole thing into a beautiful piece. Where you went with the story wasn't at all predictable and very well thought out. I'm so impressed and I hope that everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. You ruined my life in the BEST way possible. Reading this these last few days really helped me with a lot and I hope you fly high with self satisfaction from this beautiful story you wrote. Thank you so much

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Review #47, by Pat Into the Sunrise

23rd January 2016:
This weekend I found this web site and found this story. It really is wonderful. It is well written, amazingly characterized, well plotted and I loved it. Thank you.

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Review #48, by Mina Into the Sunrise

10th January 2016:
This is one the best dramione stories out there. You did an excellent job! I fell in love with every mystery, puzzle and sentence.

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Review #49, by Z Into the Sunrise

25th December 2015:
This fic had more twists and turns than a damn roller coaster and it was incredible from start to finish. One of the best I've ever read, thank you for writing it.

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Review #50, by Ravenpuff Telling Them

18th December 2015:
This was amazing i am going to read a chapter every day

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