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Review #26, by jtsoccer Last Train Home

14th August 2005:
Wow, really, *really* good (as always!) You are a very talented writer, and I lovvvve all your stories, you are now one of my fav authors! :-)

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much for the favs, that's very nice of you! I really appreciate your compliments, they mean a lot to me! Glad you liked the story!

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Review #27, by velvet (not signed in) Last Train Home

21st July 2005:
I loved this one-shot soo much! I absolutely adore marauder stories, and i think you did a wonderful one! Thanks for writing it...everyone was so in character...and i loved how you portrayed Sirius. You're a great writer! Hugs.

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Glad they were all in character too, I hate it when people write OOC. >.< Haha, Sirius was a lot of fun to write I'm glad you liked his personality! Thank you for all the wonderful compliments and for reviewing! ^_^

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Review #28, by silver phoenix Last Train Home

14th July 2005:
AAWWWW! I'm sorry! I didn't think you were being rude at all! ^^; I got a hint of sarcasm, if anything ;) I just wanted to clarify some things, lol, and tell you thank you for inspiring me! Because Kansas is a hit and I'm so happy about that! So no worries! ^^;

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Review #29, by silver phoenix Last Train Home

13th July 2005:
I read your response to my review...yeah, about that, lol ^^; Your story "Read Between The Lines" really got me thinking about what would happen if I somehow ended up in my favorite HP book (which, coincidentally, is Prisoner of Azkaban). So in a way, you inspired me to write "Definately Not in Kansas Anymore"! All thanks to you, dear! But definately to my co-writer and friend, Alex aka Wierd_Sisters. If she didn't help me type up chapter two, I probably would've deleted the story. So major kudos and love to Alex! But, yeah, other than that, fabulous story! ;D

Author's Response: Sorry if my last response sounded rude, I didn't mean it to be! It just amazed me how fast like 10 fics like mine appeared out of nowhere suddenly haha. Anyway, my apologies for my rudeness. *bows house-elf style*

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Review #30, by silver phoenix Last Train Home

11th July 2005:
AWW! I LOVED THIS TOO! Such foreshadowing...sheesh! It still rocked the casbah. I love one-shots and songfics. I have one up, you should check it out ;D

Author's Response: Thank you, glad you liked it. I've looked at your stories before, and the plot of a particular "Kansas" one looks awfully familiar to me...hmm, I wonder why? Heh, Glad you liked this though, thanks for the review!

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Review #31, by Amy Last Train Home

8th July 2005:
well i hope you are tickled lol but anyway good story i really liked it, it was very touching i almost cried at the part where sirius is telling james about his future kids!

Author's Response: Hahahahahahehehehahahaha *is tickled* Haha, sorry I'm nuts! ^.~ Anyway, thrilled that you liked this one-shot as well! Yes, Sirius always has a way of making us cry...*sniffs and hugs OotP* He's not dead! I'm so glad you liked it, thanks for the review...again! Hehe! ^.~v

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Review #32, by x_this_sucks_x Last Train Home

28th June 2005:
Wow....that almost made me cry and I never cry from a ficcy. I hate great writer. Nice song to. I loveit...

Author's Response: Haha, sorry about that! ^^;;; Glad you liked it, though!

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Review #33, by Rozanne Last Train Home

26th June 2005:
OMG that was cute and funny and sad and cool and EVERYTHING. That is soooo the kind of writing I idolise. I'm still working on my first fanfic (im 13- yea young) and I'd like you to read it when I submit it. I'll notify you when. -Roz

Author's Response: Thank you so much! ^.^ I would be thrilled to read your fic when you get it up, babe! Thanks for leaving all the reviews! ^.~v

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Review #34, by King Arthur Last Train Home

25th June 2005:
WOW!! Thats one of the best one - shots I have read in a while now! It was brilliant!!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much!!!! ^_^ That means a lot to me, I'm so glad that you liked it!

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Review #35, by MoonyLover Last Train Home

11th May 2005:
Brilliant story! i was almost crying at the i wish i had an emu to kill all the preps........

Author's Response: Thank you! Haha, yay for the emu!!!

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Review #36, by Adara Last Train Home

24th March 2005:
You have captured the feeling of finality so well. It’s like I am leaving school and all my friends behind right now! I just want to cry! This is an AWSOME FIC! You are an awesome writer! If you ever have time could you please read my fic All For One and One For All. I would love to have your opinion on it. Anyways, this is awesome writing. Well done!

Author's Response: Glad to hear that, that's what I was going for! ^.^ Yay! Thank you SO much, that really means a lot to me! Ooooh I've seen your fic on a LOT of peoples' favs list, I will def. check it out!!! Thank you so much for this lovely review, I'm really glad you liked it! ^.~v

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Review #37, by dissendium Last Train Home

21st February 2005:
well I read you 'As lovers go' and I couldn't help checking out some of your other work. Emotional but brilliant. I loved the clues and little hints that you dropped but I must admit that the last one did push the tears a little..... Congratulations on another great story. All the best

Author's Response: Aw, thank you for checking out some of my other stories, very nice of you indeed! I'm glad you liked the hints, I was hoping those didn't turn out too cheesy. >_< I hate cheesiness! Thanks so much for all the reviews, you rock my socks! *hugs*

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Review #38, by Sissalie Last Train Home

20th February 2005:
tut tut. i clearly remember reading this story before, but i didn't review? now that's not nice! i think you are an awsmazing writer (that being awesome and amazing mixed- if you think that's dumb you should have seen my friend try to combine nerd with geek...) good job! round of applause to you! *tries to run around the room in a ring clapping her hands but falls over the couch* hee hee hee -Lazagna

Author's Response: Haha, that's okay, m'dear! The thing that sometimes sucks about this site is that you can SEE how many people read it and don't review--it tells you!! Haha, I like that word "awsmazing" I might just have to start using that daily now! ^.~ Thank you so much for the compliment though! *picks you up after you fell over* Please don't hurt yourself!! Thanks for the review, Lazagna! -Babe

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Review #39, by hope cat Last Train Home

10th February 2005:
That was such an amazing story! *Tear* How come your stories always make me emotional? If that was your intention, you sure succeeded.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! *hug* Sorry about the tears!! *hands tissue and a cookie* I'm glad you liked it though!

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Review #40, by nicecupoftea1107 Last Train Home

12th December 2004:
*sniff* omg that was so good, i seriously started crying when sirius said that whole little speech and when james said that thing about azkaban at the end but other than that it was good-i liked the humor you threw in there twas very good, i'm going to go read your other marauder fic-if i havent already lol

Author's Response: Thanks KB! Aw, sorry, didn't mean to make you tear up there! (Were you in class?! Haha, sorry if you were!!!) Thanks for the reviews I love ya more than I love Harry and Ron--AND THATS A LOT!!

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Review #41, by meluvshp Last Train Home

20th November 2004:
*cries 4eva and eva* luv it!

Author's Response: *hands tissues* Thank you so much! ^.^

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Review #42, by lunaJ Last Train Home

12th July 2004:
aja, babe I luv it! u know I luv l/j (heck its all I write) but this was amzing!! defintaely surpassed my stuff! I luv ya babe!

Author's Response: Thanks, Mags m'dear! Haha, I know you love L/J!!! Omg, NO IT DIDN'T SURPASS YOUR STUFF YOUR STUFF IS BOW-DOWN AMAZINGFUL! (new word hehe!) I love your fics and I hate romance, so that's def. saying something there, stud! ^.~v I love ya more!!

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Review #43, by Kavindra Karitose Last Train Home

10th July 2004:
*long silence interrupted only by an ocasional fit of hysterical sobs* Oh, God, that was horrible. NO it was amazing but so horrible. I hate reading about James and Lily but I love it SO MUCH! sigh, JK Rowling is so depressing! Amazing, to say the least, i'm having trouble breathing right now.

Author's Response: oh my goodness! *runs and fetches and oxygen tank and hands it to Kavindra* sloooooow easy breaths now dear! the purpose of this lil fic wasn't to kill ppl after all ^.^; i'm very very very glad you liked it, thanks SO much for reading!

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Review #44, by Caitlin Last Train Home

9th July 2004:
Well, I love Lostprophets, so of course I had to read this fic. And the only thing that can't ruin a perfectly good song is a perfectly good song-fic, which this was. I enjoyed it... just the happiness that was involved, especially knowing that their futures held little of that emotion. Bravo, it was darling.

Author's Response: i kno aren't Lostprophets AMAZING?! i love 'em! thanks very much for reading!

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Review #45, by Joda Last Train Home

6th July 2004:
Wow... That was... that was pretty damn good. I really don't know what else to say... good job...? umm.... I'd say Update soon but... I'm pretty sure you're done... though you should write something more with it... later!

Author's Response: thank you ^_^ i was thinking about maybe after i finished writing "Reading Between the Lines" that i'd write a Marauder fic, but idk if i'm going to do that or not. RBtL is gonna be pretty long anyway, so i don't really have to worry about that for a while. thanks for taking a minute to read this, i'll be updating my other story soon! *waves* ta!

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Review #46, by hp fan numero uno Last Train Home

1st July 2004:
Wow, the only time i ever get teary- eyed while reading fanfiction is when it's bad but that was so sweetly sad. This is probably the best fanfiction i've ever read. You keep the characters personalities as they should be and the love story is not cheesy (opposite of cheesy!). i love how you foreshadow some of the events in the future, awesome! keep writing, PLEASE!

Author's Response: *happy tears* wow, really?! the best u've EVER read??? i'm so touched! *sniffle* siriusly (i've taken that it helps me deal with my loss if i spell the word this way lol ^.~) that means a lot to me! thanks so much for reading this, i'll be writing more one-shots in the future! *bows in house elf fashion to the nice reader*

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Review #47, by Katie Belle Last Train Home

1st July 2004: god I love that song, and lucky you, getting the idea before I did....god I love the marauders....oh, Sirius....James.....brilliant, and if I was one of the uber-sensitive people, I guarantee that would've had me bawling. You were absolutely wonderful. [sings chorus over and over iwhtout realizing] Think I'll have to go listen to that now...

Author's Response: i kno isn't it the best song EVER?!?!?!?! i loo0o0o0o0ove Lostprophets--they're nice and loud! *can't stand quiet things* i'm so glad you liked it! thanks a bunch for reading! enjoy the music *plays the song over and over for her own enjoyment* ^_^

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Review #48, by Elandili Last Train Home

30th June 2004:
Oh God, that actually left me tearing up! That's so much better than my fics!

Author's Response: er--thanks. lol! i'm glad you liked it! thanks for reading! ^.~

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Review #49, by moonflower Last Train Home

29th June 2004:
wow...i have never cried over a songfic before...that was beautiful....WOH!!! i loved how sirius said the thing about where hed be w/o true!!! also i loved how at the very end they were planning for the finished it off perfectly! i loved it so much!!!! please keep writing!!

Author's Response: hehe i'm glad you enjoyed it! sry about the tears, it took me forever to write this lil story cuz i kept remembering that they all die and then i had to go in search of tissues. i'm pathetic sometimes ^^; but i'm very glad u liked it! thanks so much for reading! ^_^

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Review #50, by Totally Ravenclaw Last Train Home

29th June 2004:
Cute. I have to say I had a slight problem following everything. James answer to Sirius's question, 'Where would I be without you?' is so true. When James and Lily are dead. Sirius winds up in Azkaban.

Author's Response: yeah i'm sry sometimes i'm kinda hard to follow ^^; i'll try to work on that. thanks for reviewing, much apprcieation!

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