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Review #26, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap chapter two

10th May 2012:
Apricot sometimes made fun of him, but only to Charlie: my brother works with a bull rehabilitation center in Madrid, and he thinks those are scary! What a cry-baby! Wah wahhh.

^ Bahahaha! THOSE BULLS ARE SCARY! I went to Spain and my tour guide was like, 'Want to see bull fight, eh?' I said NO but then instead of seeing it live I had to watch it on the TV and I just wanted to go crawl in ball and cry. SO TERRIBLE!

Anywho! I cried a little when Molly was telling them what 'serenity' means. I just wrote a one-shot with a character named Serenity and it just really described her beautifully. What connections!

Oh, and I don't think it's confusing. I understand the time jumps, you know? I actually REALLY like it because it gives this kind of 'Oh no, where is she going next?' type of feel.

FEEL BETTER! GOOD LUCK ON YOUR EXAMS! I'll be here patiently waiting for the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: I am also terrified of bulls. At least by the ones that go crazy! Apricot is crazy herself so fear is a bit lost on her. Also, I have to wonder what kind of conditions people keep the bulls in that they can be provoked so easily. I've worked with cows (funny sounding but so true) and they are not, by nature, snarling ferocious I-would-love-to-carve-you-through-with-my-horns animals, though cartoons would tell you otherwise.

I'll have to check out your serenity! I think it's just the power of the word. To me it is more important and less attainable than peace--it comes with something attached that I think it takes great patience and discipline to tap into. Hence the potion to induce it, rather than a spell.

I'm glad you liked the sections I used and that it wasn't hard to follow for you! :) Well. I know you've read some of my more--crazy--pieces so I can understand the slight wariness haha.

Thanks so much! I got better quickly and exams were, well, not great, but I'm still alive :P Thanks for your reviews, they always make my day!!

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Review #27, by TenthWeasley chapter two

6th May 2012:
The blue flames from the small jar on the bedside table cast the illusion of stars on the ceiling, and walls -- Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful. I literally took a moment from my reading and just sat there with my arms hugging myself because that is straight-up gorgeous imagery. And I am forever jealous. ♥ I WANT TO SEE THE WORLD AS YOU SEE IT.

Charlie elbowed Percy in the ribs for breathing loudly. -- And again with the fabulous characterization of small children! I was giggling so much at this my dog came over and poked my calf with her nose. Which was very wet and cold but she likes to be in with the cool kids, and apparently cool kids giggle.

And I'll take another really brief moment here -- that bit at the end, about Charlie's nameplate and how his fingers made the letters disappear and reappear? I reiterate: I want to see the world as you see it. ♥ That was fantastic!

I already love Apricot. And I think it's because she legitimately breaks the mold -- she is completely unlike every other OC I've ever read. You make her different enough to be relatable, and by definition that makes her even more likable than she already would have been (because, of course, Charlie likes her, and that's good enough for me!). She's got such a strong, admirable feisty personality, and she's such a good match for Charlie. I'm a bit in awe of how well you've characterized her!

I don't know about others, but it completely makes sense to me that the story's flipping between snippets of Charlie's life, and an old bedtime story. :3 I caught onto it without much difficulty, so no worries on that front, Lily! I just. I love this story so much already and I cannot believe there are only four chapters. AND THAT MEANS IT'S HALF OVER, OH MY WORD. THAT WAS A HORRIBLE REVELATION I JUST HAD.

You could always write more. I wouldn't mind. :3 I cannot, cannot, cannot wait for updates on this! This story is so good! ♥

Author's Response: Gah. I'm sorry it's taken me forevs to respond! It's just this is so pristine as a review and my response can only muddy it up. But here we are.

UM OKAY. I worked really hard on physical description this year throughout creative writing classes so it's the best news ever to hear that my imagery is working for youuu~ I mean, I was always pretty detailed but it's more of the internal/metaphorical detail that is random but issues forth if unchecked. #writergirlprobs

But anyway. The world in here is mostly crazy so I'd say this is a rare concatenation of a lucky solemn moment and ability to write like the wind. And you know that I did as I was updating you.

Small children are awful. Like I love them but they have the strangest motivations. I think I am a small child still so it's not too hard to "get into character" huhuhuh. All da kool kids giggle, yo!

The nameplate sort of came out of nowhere and I was like, okay brain, I can work with this! I don't know if it's so much seeing as perceiving; but I won't get into that. And again. Do I even need to tell you how crazy my brain is? You should not be jealous or, if you cannot help it, don't be /too/ jealous. (Ahem.)

Apricot was sort of unconsciously shaped by the dragons around her. There are only certain types of people, and this will sound v. obvious, who will give up their lives to go live with dragons. I figure one kind of person would probably rather be like dragons herself. So here you are. Also Charlie seems so mild to me, so there should be something to temper his normalness. Relatively speaking, of course.

I was pleased to hear that the "crots" worked well for you. They did for me, too. I was tempted at first to write out Mrs Weasley's story lineraly but then I realized how much of it was being shaped by the present lives I'd written, even though basically the whole story derives its power and cohesion from the bedtime story bits.

Bahhh. I tried to leave it open-ended enough that it never really ends, though. I'm so pleased you like it ♥

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Review #28, by TenthWeasley chapter one

6th May 2012:
Lilyyy! ♥ I can remember reading bits of this story, many months ago -- and, in fact, I'm fairly confident that I read the entirety of this first chapter -- and every now and again, it would pop into my consciousness and I would mourn the world's lack of Charlie and Apricot. And now I'm so, so glad that it's finally manifested itself for the world to see! (Taking one more brief moment here to drool over your banner. SO GORG.)

I already love the way you've got Charlie characterized -- in my admittedly narrow mindset of his personality, it's perfect. He's a quiet Weasley, perhaps quieter than all the rest of them (with the dubious exception of Percy), but there's a sort of innate strength to him. And it's so easy to glean that just from the bits of him we see here. I simply adore the fact that you opened up with his views on the world and his reflections upon it from the hill -- there's a sort of indescribable, warm feeling that creeps through me at that. It's just seriously good writing.

And the bedtime story! Oh my gosh, how cute is that? I mentioned this briefly, but now that I've read it with fresh eyes, I know that it was massive inspiration for at least a bit of "Growing Up Weasley". I can't imagine how my brain let that fall by the wayside because it's so crystal clear to me now -- but anyway. You completely nailed the childlike perspective, and I'm just in perpetual awe of how you can switch between so many things, drama and humor (and yes, even a bit of romance!) and still maintain your distinct LILY voice.

I am legitimately so excited for this -- well, you remember my earlier metaphor, which I will not repeat here for the risk of sounding as if I've lost my marbles. ;) And I also suck forever because I've stopped and started this review about ten times, and I wouldn't blame you if you never spoke to me again. BOTTOM LINE. I am legitimately so excited for this story, and for Charlie/Apricot, and I cannot even begin to express it properly. Onto chapter two! Brilliant job so far! ♥

Author's Response: It has been many, MANY months. (I wrote "mothers" the first time instead of months HALP.) But I finally blitzed through it last sunday and I am still, ofc, ironing out the edges, but I'm generally really happy with how it turned out. I'm thinking of writing a Charlie/Apricot ROMANCE FOR REALS one-shot, we'll see.

I'm so glad you like Charlie! I always really liked him throughout the books, he was so friendly and quiet and strong. I see him as very, very invested in his work, so this personality comes from a work-centred personality. You obviously have to be quite brave and a bit mental to want to work with /dragons,/ so I tried to play that up with how he works well with Apricot.

Also that feeling you say you get, the warm etc, is perfect, because it's everything I want from this. It's a story about hard things, but also, it's a story about love and childhood and goodness, too, I think :3 For my birthday last year, my sister bought me a journal with a bible verse from, oddly enough, Lamentations on it, about how good God is etc, and I was thinking, that's really a strange thing. The book is /called/ Lamentations, but there's this verse in there that's totally alight with hope and joy. I wrote the opening pages of this story in that journal until I needed to switch to typing. I don't know if that sheds any light on the tone for you, but to me, it makes sense.

I'm really rather proud of myself for the bedtime story, and prouder still that all these months later I still remember what it was and was able to finish it haha. I think because all my writing stems from things that are important to me, whether it be accepting crazy people (humor) or really steeping in the emotional charge of a moment (drama), so that is the only thing I can possibly imagine that could translate my voice as it does. I don't think of myself as someone who writes genres, just stories. More that I write about people, you know? I know you know.

YOUR METAPHOR WAS COOL BEANS. Also I'm laughing so much right now. ALSO HOW COULD YOU EVER SUCK AT ALL. You are perfecta. I am excited for YOU to read this, I really do hope you like it and thank you so, so much for reading. Your feedback always means so much to me! ♥

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Review #29, by Onomatopoeia chapter two

5th May 2012:
So, okay, one of the first things that attracted me to this story was how you described the landscape on tda. Like, it was totally obvious that you were a brilliant writer from just the way you were describing the colours and the mountains and oh it gave me shivers.

Your writing has this really beautiful touch to it - it's quite soft and sweet sounding but at the same time is also quite solid and strong. I don't know how you pull it off but it really works.

And okay, me being a creeper aside, i just wanted to tell you that i'm really getting into this story and that I now look forward to Fridays even more!


Author's Response: marney! i'm absolutely overjoyed to hear from you, one because everyone is squeeing over your banner and i hope that because you're here you're seeing that, and second because i sort of find validation in my creeping on you through your being here. i don't know if that makes sense at all but erm there you are.

i had to go look at my request after this because lol i was literally just trying really hard to give you a good material/landscape (AHEM) to work with. i'm really glad that you've said this though, one because i love getting complimented, and two, because focusing on the exterior world has up until this year been something i did not think about except when it was like, i don't know, a frozen lake with magical plants in it. so this story was me really trying to get landscape into it. ahem.

what you say, the softness of it but also the strength, is exactly what i wanted. ARE YOU A MIND READER BECAUSE I THINK YOU ARE. ♥

feel free to be a creeper anytime, though, and i look forward to seeing you around... . . .. . yep.

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Review #30, by MagicalInk chapter one

3rd May 2012:
Hey there!

This is beautiful. I love poetry, and so loved your descriptions. Metaphors and comparisons really get me, it was really soft, I could alost feel the words flowing in my mind and drawing the picture; great imagery! I can't wait to know more about Charlie, read how you link his physical traits and character.

Which leads me to characterization. Well, we don't know lots of Apricot, but I already like her and can imagina getting to know her slowly, just as your nice flow generally ^^ Percy was perfect; all contrarian and perfect haha. Mrs Weasley was her lovable self, who knows how to keep her children in line and be sweet and caring at the same time.

You really hooked me, I loved your style and The Wizard tale. It was somehow hard to follow at times, the descriptions I mean, but then I slowed down my reading and it's better, don't know if that can be fixed any other way though. Grammar/errors were so minimal it was a very peculiar feeling reading your A/N, not a bad one anyways.

I can't wait to read more about this story, where you'll taking it and how did he get from a dragon's place to Serenity Hill.
Incredibly enjoyable read!

Author's Response: Hi!

This is a perfect review, because I was really wondering if the description was understandable heh. I usually don't write things that I mean for a reader to rip through; but I'll look at this and see if I could make it clearer. This is meant to talk about serious things in a light sort of way, so I'd like it not to feel too distracting to try to figure out what I'm saying. That's a continual problem with my writing. I like words a lot and forget it has to make sense :P

Apricot will hopefully become a bit more clear throughout the chapters. It's a short story but I tried to give her background because a story being short is not really an excuse to skimp on characterization. Percy is a lot of fun to write because he's allowed to be a bit daft. Especially as a child. I see Mrs Weasley as this very formidable mother, like, you're loathe to cross her, but also we see how caring she is and lovely.

I'm not /quite/ sure what you mean about the a/n; could be that I'm very casual/slang-ridden when I'm not writing a story and I don't like to use capitals...but I assure you, I could if I gave it a bit of effort.

Thank you for the review! I'll look into the descriptions and try to work on them for the next three chapters.

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Review #31, by MercyWaters chapter one

2nd May 2012:
This is amazing! I loved reading it. I've never read a fic centered on Charlie before, so I find it really interesting. I love the way you portray him! The scenes with him and Percy as children are adorable :) I loved the little reference to Molly's latest pregnancy as well. Little Fred and George!

Anyways, I really enjoyed this. Your writing is excellent and pulled me in immediately. The intro was beautifully written. You definitely have a way with words. I was enthralled the whole way through, and I must say I can't wait for Chapter Two. I'm adding this to my favorites :)

Bri, xx

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! This is different than the few Charlie fics I've read, so I'm glad that you like his portrayal here :) I feel that because I had a good childhood, I appreciate the impact that it has on a person throughout life, and that it's important to remember that, even in fic. Especially, perhaps. And especially where the war is concerned, I feel that Charlie would remember his childhood as a lot of us do in times of trouble.

I'm so pleased to hear that you enjoyed the writing, too. I really love writing and although this is fun for me as much as it is for anyone, I do try to make it nice stylistically. If only for my own tastes :P

I should be updating in a couple days :) Thanks so much for your review!!

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Review #32, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap chapter one

1st May 2012:
Amazing. I don't read Charlie stories because I really never see them or if I do I pass over them but your summary and banner was too interesting and your writing is always amazing so I had to check this out. This is such a mystery to me, a story about dragons, Charlie, Apricot and a war. The way you had Mrs. Weasley tell the story intrigued me. I felt like I was a little girl again and my uncle used to read to me and he would give the characters a different voice for each of them and the story would come alive. I kind of felt that here so that was really nice.

I can't wait to see what the other three chapters are all about.

Author's Response: I don't really read Charlie stories, either. I don't like how people characterize him usually. I've always seen him as this easy going, good natured but quiet person, not a playboy. I know that's usually how people think of Quidditch players but it never works for me.

To me this is mostly a story about decisions and relationships. You'll see that as the chapters progress, and Mrs Weasley's story becomes more clear. My parents used to read stories to me, too; my dad read my family the entire "The Hobbit" and I remember it as sort of a capstone of my childhood. I think it's an important part of teaching children and also fostering a whole kind of mindset for the rest of their lives.

I'll be updating this regularly each week, which is a real test for me! I've never finished a story before I posted any of it so this is an exercise in patience for me :) Also this means I should have chapters largely edited before I post which may be nice.

Thank you so much for your reviews, it made my day to see them!! x

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