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Review #26, by AC_rules Below the Brine

10th April 2012:

Wait, its a healy plant! Heal him! Heal him!

This chapter was incredible and crazy and I can't write anymore because I need to finish it.

Author's Response: It sounds stupid now that I didn't have them use the plant. There is a certain irony, though, in nearing death; they forget completely about the plant that they have on them! To be honest I didn't think of it at the time but thinking about it now it seems there'd be a lot of complication about how to use it. And I don't even have any idea and the plant is...mine. Ahem.

SO. Glad you're moving on, sorry about the stress :P

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Review #27, by AC_rules Promptly Meandering

10th April 2012:
Okay, as a future philosophy student I just loved the bit about Plato and about how Herbology became more interesting as Neville was teaching it, that put such a smile on my face and I really loved it. Ah, I love Neville.

Hugo becomes more and more endearing with every chapter, honestly, his desire to prove himself is so natural and beautiful and n'awwhhh... I just want to give him a big hug and what not. I want my won pet Hugo. And really, he is rather sharp with that abstract intelligence of his - and so surprising, ahha. Your characterisation of Hugo is just, well, I just love it to pieces.

Given you've given us a bit of cliffie I don't think I can physically not move onto the next chapter immediately, so... well, I guess I'm moving onto the next.

But I've loved everything about this :D


Author's Response: Haha, a bit of what I'm reading in school always worms its way into my writing, whether it be Plato, James Dickey, Descartes, etc... Anyway. Neville is well-read. I didn't have time to talk about his post-Hogwarts life, but in my head he wasn't sure what he'd do right at first--he still wasn't confident in his Herbology expertise/potential, so he got permission from his gran to take classes at a Muggle university. They had to do all kind of shenanigans to get him accepted since he obviously didn't have any sort of applicable transcript. SO. That's how he knows Plato!

Hugo is like a lot of people who act crazy and weird; he's a person of incredible potential, and it's a lot more surprising given that he acts how he does and usually has drool all over him, bribes his professors, etc. But the point of it is basically that anyone, no matter how...special...can live up to what's inside! (Which sounds incredibly cheesy but you know what, let the cheese river flow basically.)

And I'm sure Hugo would find a hug and being a pet equally acceptable :P

I'm so glad you've enjoyed this! I am loving responding to these reviews as well :)))

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Review #28, by AC_rules But Straightens Out Eventually

10th April 2012:
Oh gosh, Hugo. I mean I've wanted to jump right in and give him hug from the beginning, but after this chapter I want to like... I'd usually say marry him, but I'm thinking adopt him or keep him as a sort of adorable pet works better in this case.

And they've all got such a beautiful bond!

What they should do, is, take the healy-bit of the plant back and leave the rest of it all in the forest and... well, I really hope Longbottom doesn't lose his job but then, Hogwarts doesn't tend to be exactly strict about what it lets Hogwarts teachers do but, oh.

Well I'm still loving this story and can't wait to read onwards, so I'm just going to read onwards :)

Author's Response: UM. YOU CAN MARRY ME INSTEAD. Because you gave a perfect description of how Hugo should be received into Muggle society. Think of him, he'd love to be a pet! Laying in the sun all day, chasing after moving things, barking at the mailman. Etc.

I thought of that course of action myself. At times I almost wish that as a writer I'd made it harder and more complicated for myself that way, because it would involve a lot of regulation issues, etc, but it usually came back to the bottom line; human greed.

Don't know if you remember what Flitwick is like but, eh, Neville will be fine for his job :P I can tell you this since you're done. ALTHOUGH in the sequel some in between stuff will come up, since the sequel is set Hugo's seventh year, and this is his fifth.


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Review #29, by AC_rules By Close Encounters

10th April 2012:
This just gets better and better, ahha. So good that I just tried to take a cheerful and delighted sip from my can of coke and split half the thing down my top and a little onto the keyboard - and now I feel a little like Hugo because I feel like that's something he'd do. Although I'm not sure he'd notcie.

I loved the acromantula. I thought you did a fantastic job with them and they were really, well, like they were in the books. And, the idea of Scorpius ripping off a pincer from one... wow, he is the embodiment of a Gryffindor. He needs awards.

Anyway, I'm loving this so much and I'm so glad it's finished so I don't have to wait and stuff :)

Author's Response: PAHA. And I always thought that was just something that happens in movies/TV shows! And you're definitely right. Hugo would do this, because he is not too coordinated even around the jaw/mouth/lips, and I'm sure you're right, it wouldn't quite phase him. He'd continue on with being concerned about whatever made him spit it out in the first place, not noticing the belts of steam and chimes of death issuing from his computer.

I was surprisingly fearless in writing the spiders. I knew it had been in my plans from the beginning so I was just like, LET'S DO THIS and got them onto the page. A lot of their history I had concocted ahead of time, but they also evolved into friendly, regal creatures here--that is, until the attack. Because they're creatures, after all. But they've made peace with those who will leave them, and the state of the magical world, in peace...and in a way they're doing that because they want the world to stay how it is.

I'm glad you're liking it!! This has been such a milestone in my writing; I like to take a drop out of my experimental prose-poem-esque/badly-received original fiction for school and have a lot of fun with this stuff.

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Review #30, by AC_rules That Goes Horribly Awry

10th April 2012:
So I've been dying to read the rest of this story for a really long time, because it's one of those truly fabulous and original stories that have just sort of grabbed hold of me. So, this is on day two of my Easter reading list, and it's now day four but we're going to ignore that because, well, I'm not sure exactly how I'm going to catch up.

I loved this chapter.

This Hugo has become the canon version of Hugo for me: a sort of abstract intelligence, a innate tenancy towards adventure (very much like Hermione and Ron, in that respect) and a touch of the hilarious and the pathetic.

I love Scorpius too and this chapter was full of exciting plot development and what not.

And the last bit really put a grin on my face :D

Author's Response: Heh. I'm so glad you came back!

This Hugo is /definitely/ my canon version, although, duh, that would only make sense I guess. I'm glad you're liking Scorpius too! I got some complaints about him being a bit bland at first. To be honest, it was just me not wanting to give away everything at once. It's like that in real life and also in writing. You don't use up all your "ammunition," so to speak, right at first, but instead you save it for when the zombies pop up from around the corner later in the story. For me the zombies were going to be the real, defining bonding moments in the story when Scorp would realize how it was he was trying to reconcile himself with his parents and peerage through Hugo's own coming to terms with his differences, weaknesses, and strength.

ANYWAY. Thanks so much for your reviews! I'm going to try to respond to all of them tonight, let's hope that a little of your own review-responding luck transfers magically to me :)

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Review #31, by Tonks1247 Prologue

27th March 2012:
Ahahahha, this was absolutely great! I love Neville. His character has always fascinated me, yet now thinking of it, this is one of the few fan fiction pieces I have read with him as the main character. But I loved it! Everything about it!

You really give Neville a unique voice and that’s really great. I feel like I know his character very well after only one chapter and it really fascinates me and makes me want to read more. He also has amazing observation skills, which is actually something I can see coming from Neville. He takes in the body language of others, and while he can’t necessarily read where it comes from, he takes note of it. Also, Hugo’s character is great. You do a fantastic job of characterizing him thought your beautiful description and details. And just…I don’t even know what else to say!

I guess I will mention that I like the start of the plot here. At least, I would assume it is the start of the plot, and it really makes me want to read more. I want to know more about this plant and just…Gah! Hopefully I’ll be back to read more soon!

But before I close, I have one line that sounded awkward and then my favorite line and then I’ll be done.

“(but Neville wasn't as powerless to licorice wands as some might lead one to believe)” –This was just awkwardly worded…I know what you’re trying to say but the wording is weird.

"Oh, yeah. Er—is it possibly found anywhere else? Like…in the Forbidden Forest?" –Ahahaha, this line was great. Could he have been any more precise? Hahah!

Great job!


Author's Response: Hello! Thanks so much for your review!

I love Neville obviously and think he has great potential for being the main character of stories. My reasoning for this all comes out in later chapters so I'll spare you for now ;)

Hugo was a bit of a mystery even to me when I started writing this. You know I've said this before but I forget where--anyway, I started this story and its first two chapters (prologue included) a year before I came back and finished the rest. I think you can see that but also within that time the ideas of these characters really crystalized for me.

You will DEFINITELY find out more about the plant. Neville isn't a herbology professor for nothing! And yes, Hugo has to learn a little bit about pointed questions lol.

Ah, the awkwardness. I can see that it's a bit stiff. I was generally going for the whole early twentieth-century vibe, so some of my sentences get wordy / confusing. I'm not sure if I really want to change too much, though. It's sort of a reminder of what my writing was like two years ago :) If you had said that the meaning was completely lost for you I'd be a bit more concerned, if you know what I mean!

THANK YOUUU so much for the lovely review! I hope that you will stop by again, and I really appreciate you telling me your thoughts :)

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Review #32, by julianna ls Of Action

25th March 2012:
Good . I take it back:-) that about Hugo .

Author's Response: hi! i haven't actually read this in a while so i'm not quite sure what you're referring to, exactly, but...good?! i'm going to take it as good :P

thanks again for the review :)

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Review #33, by julianna ls Plan

25th March 2012:
i love your story. but i am little bit disapointed about features of hugo. but never mind. i enjoy it anyway.

Author's Response: hello! i'm glad you're enjoying it so far, though i wish you had specified on which particular features weren't living up to your liking! i am working on a sequel and i'd appreciate any feedback you have while you're reading through the rest of this novel if you decide to keep reading.

thank you for the review :)

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Review #34, by AC_rules And a Little Bit of Conversation

18th February 2012:
AHHH. So I've been wanting to read this story for a very long time. Well, I've read part of it but I really really really want to read the whole thing and I swear that I will one day.

I'd read this chapter before but completely forgotten all the hillariousness it entailed. You have such a wonderful grip on the characters that your writing about and you've given them so much depth and put so much thought into them - they really are wonderful. I'm incredibly jealous at how well thought through this whole thing is.

And, of course, it's absolutely hilarious. I don't laugh out loud a lot in fanfiction, but... definately do here.

You'll see me return here... at some point 0.o


Author's Response: HI! Sorry it's taken me ages to respond :(

Please take as much time as you want to read it lol. I know the chapters are really meaty. I'm thinking of breaking them up, actually, eventually but right now it's sequel-writing season and I not in editing mode :P

Don't fool yourself into thinking I had /too/ much planned--think of it like I had an idea and then I kept it around and kept working at it and things happened. Ofc I like to think that I am one of those writers who can plan things out in advance--I often do keep a notebook with the "plot" kept in it but it's more like a safety net as a gesture and I'm not sure that in the end it all comes together like I had suspected it would.

The characters, well, I don't completely understand how they happened, to be honest. I get in this creepy mode where I almost 'become' them while I write their perspectives--my parents would come into the room and distract me and, while I'm American, I'd tell them to leave with a British accent without realizing till they asked me why I did it. I'd start saying stupid things like Hugo says randomly. It's fair to say the story was more important to me than I realized at the time :D

Also glad that you're laughing! Initial reviews for this story were talking about "subtle humor" and that always gave me a funny feeling because I would literally be laughing out loud while I wrote it--because I thought it was outwardly and blatantly hilarious. Ofc you have to factor in the idea that I am my own favorite comedian and downsize the actual humor from that but still. Glad you're laughing :)

Whenever you are able to return I will gladly welcome you back to the forest! :P


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Review #35, by luna_lovely Epilogue

20th January 2012:
this story was so heart warming, i really enjoyed it, i will definitely be checking out some of your other fics!

Author's Response: aw thank you! i worked hard on this epilogue--a couple people who i had read it before this edited version went up can tell you i had some problems, too :P but i'm glad that it ended in a satisfying way to you, because that was an important factor i took into consideration when attempting to wrap major points up in this chapter.

thanks for reading, and letting me know what you think! your interest in my other fics is also something i appreciate :)

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Review #36, by FoundriaPenguin Epilogue

25th December 2011:
ajsafjkds;jz BROMANCE.
everything is the same, yet everything is different. Hugo has figured out who he is. They're all having tea together. It's absolutely lovely.

Now I just want to say, really now that we've come to the end, how great of a story this is...there are so many plot twists and intricacies and little complexies...i could never DREAM of thinking up something so genius as this. I couldn't think of a story on the site more deserving of the Dobby for Best Novel. the fact that you did this and created such a wonderful story like this is so incredibly commendable. and if you could make a fanfic as awesome as this, i'm tingling with anticipation at the thought of you writing genius ORIGINAL fic. yeesh, loly. ♥ ♥

and i apologize in the most heartfelt way for not really supporting this story while it was in progress; i was too occupied with other things, evidently, but your novel deserves all the fangirling i can give. eek. ♥

so in short...
i love this.
and i love you!!! ♥

(your TGS secret santa ;])

p.s. now i have to go check out the sequel ^_^


I can only accept your praise with humility. I can't honestly say it didn't all come out of a dream state. BUT YOU'RE TOO MUCH (h)

The originality--I don't want to come off very hipster or whatever since you know what a nerd I am and all but I just tend to be different than a lot of people; in that I never have wanted to write a romance novel, etc, I am weird and have strange interests. To me this was also about living vicariously through HUgo. You could say I separated myself into three parts and wrote this story as a way of finding out about myself, too. It wouldn't be amiss.

OMG WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU HAVE BEEN SO SUPPORTIVE. Leaving reviews is not the only way of giving support to a writer; you dealt with my craziness, were friendly and puffin-y, and all manner of other awesomeness. I appreciate your fangirling SUPERLY.

In short: I LOVE YOUUU (h)

the sequel is waiting for you whenever you wish to visit more crack!non-crack :P

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Review #37, by FoundriaPenguin Because Sometimes Life Is a Circle

25th December 2011:



flitwick and his speeches. licorice wands. neville. scorpius. hugo.
my thoughts are all a mess. i can't really form coherent sentences at this point, but i hope you can tell from my rambling that THIS IS PROBABLY MY MOST FAVORITE CHAPTER OF THE STORY. actually i'm not sure. i'd have to go back and check the others but by JGL in a SUIT . life should always be a circle. i like my presents wrapped up nicely.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: HUGO IS A SECRET KEEPER HUGO IS A SECRET KEEPER! -prance- This is the ending I wanted but it's also a lot more alive than I imagined it. I felt very moved writing it because I love my characters and I love how the story turned out!

To me the Slytherin/Gryffindor dynamic that appears here is the absolute impossible, more so than all the other stuff in this story. Only unicorns can make this possible.

Yes. I know that life doesn't always make as much sense. In fact, it hardly ever does unless you make it that way. For this story it just /worked,/ you know? I also have great fondness for this chapter :)

(H) (H) (H)

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Review #38, by FoundriaPenguin And Back Again

25th December 2011:
AH TOO CUTE! HUGO/MARGIE YAY. ok i can't help but ship it now :P that was nice of Rose to help out her brother like that :)

and LOL BABY UNICORNS. they sound so absolutely adorable and fluffy. i want to pet one now. :P flitwick ♥ that little man...he's got flair, eh? "Miss Barrows refused to believe that Mr Weasley would not have bragged to her about the opportunity." HAHA. SO RIGHT. but Hugo has learned to find himself now, right? hmm, I wonder what could possibly be in store for the next two chapters. :D

the little things..there are so many i couldn't possibly mention them all in this review. but all of these subtle details are what just make this story so great. i can definitely see why this got a dobby for best novel and everything, and i regret not reading it sooner! but at least i'm on my way now ♥

loved this chapter! and i can't wait to see what happens next :)

Author's Response: Ahah! Rose is nice sometimes :D

Unicorns, I believe, would be the perfect pets. And Miss Barrows understands Hugo quite well :P Hugo...I don't know if it's that simple. He's more comfortable in his own skin, I think.

I've said it a lot but this story, I was literally watching it unfold, and I don't know how some details made it in, and some didn't, but I do sort of love what made it in ;) Thank you so much!! I am still surprised every time I think about the fact that this story got an award like that.


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Review #39, by FoundriaPenguin Below the Brine

25th December 2011:

that box thing is really clever! and honestly i don't understand Pythia right now. is she doubtful or not? and why did she plant those doubts in scorpius's mind? whaat.

windmill arms. ♥
and that is all for now.


Author's Response: ;(


She wants Scorpius to be sure I think. I don't quite remember if I had a very good idea of /her/ motivations other than, although she loves Hugo, she's willing to save the world and sacrifice him if she must.


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Review #40, by FoundriaPenguin Promptly Meandering

25th December 2011:

:( I seriously doubt that Hugo is a power hungry, greedy, little scheming boy but . it could happen. you've given me enough surprises :P

when Scorpius said the words "it's called adventure" i actually cheered out loud LOL. HUGO HAS BEEN INTROSPECTIVE. HUGO HAS FIGURED OUT WHAT HE WANTS. AND THERE IS NO TRACE OF DROOL :D

THE BROMANCE ♥ ♥ I hope everything goes PRETTY well from here. I mean, I'm already two-thirds of the way to the end. *crosses fingers*

you know, there might not be any explosions or anything, but this is one of the more exciting fanfics i've read in a long time. so props to you, m'dear.


Author's Response: HAHAH cause I'm a little bit evil? I don't really know.

I MEAN I DO KNOW. Because Scorp is more responsible and it's finally sinking in, what the implications of this are, and that he's only just really gotten close to Hugo. He knows that Hugo in part fabricates how other people perceive him. There's something very creepy about that.

OH GURL. now you know what you were in for, but I still have belated feels for you (h)

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Review #41, by FoundriaPenguin But Straightens Out Eventually

25th December 2011:
I definitely did not see the connection really, between Scorpius and Hugo. But now that I think about it more, it makes loads of sense. Being a child of the Golden Trio, he should be one of the coolest kids in school, but instead, Scorpius, child of the bad, bad Malfoys, is.


OH, CENTAURS! Loly, you just have loads of stuff up your sleeves. always full of surprises. i guess my theory about Hugo suddenly becoming manlier wasn't exactly accurate, eh? oh well. maybe next time ;)

I'm so glad that Hugo has figured out that he's trying to find this fruit for himself...and no longer for Margie. Especially since at the end he says "Because when we're done, I can still tell Mum and Dad that I found it." *shining eyes* i mean, it would be nice if they actually ended up together, Neville said, out of the league. BUT I SUPPOSE I SHIP IT NOW. :P

this chapter was so so lovely. and the entire story so far has been written in such an excellent way. girl, you got a gift, mmk.

♥ ♥ ♥

Author's Response: I basically wrote that part of the chapter because even though I knew why, I realized, sometimes things just have to crystallize.

Well I really loved your theory if that counts for anything :P Hugo shall eventually be a man with actual muscle. Alas for now...

I'm not really a ship writer. You know this now since you finished this, but it's just not part of the plan for me. Marjie doesn't reciprocate the seedlings of Hugo's romantic lurve, so it wouldn't work out well. And Neville-wisdom is sort of irrefutable obvs.

THANKS SO MUCHHH. This literally came out of nowhere. I mean I remember working on it, taking notes, having all these ideas of who was thinking what about who and at what point perceptions changed...but. Still. It's a blur.

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Review #42, by FoundriaPenguin By Close Encounters

25th December 2011:

I KNEW IT. I KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO TRY TO EAT THEM. HMPH. and i bet the queen told them the right directions anyways because they thought that they were going to eat them anyway, so what did it matter? I KNEW IT.

SO THEY SHALL HOPEFULLY FIND THE QUIDROPOPOT, YES? i always have to double check that spelling, haha. wow, already halfway through the story...and so much has happened. GO SCORPIUS FOR GETTING SOME VENOM FROM AN ACROMANTULA. that's how it's done, obvs. and many cheers for Neville's quick thinking. I like how you linked his assertion now to how he lead everyone back in the war days and stuff.

more comments in the next review, mmk. ♥


Author's Response: OMG THAT'S THE BEST INTERPRETATION OF THIS SCENE EVER. -puts it down in the proverbial books-

In a way it's kind of a reflective move. Like, they're evolved enough not to need to eat humans, but then again they're animals and humans are a good source of protein and all that. TRUTH. You have discerned the queen's plans :D

The Quidropopot basically was keyboard smash on my part haha. When I look back at this, I don't even understand how I put in so many details and it all made sense. Well, most of it. I mean, Scorpius getting the fang was obviously integral to how the story ended, so that was completely on purpose, but other things came together strangely.

TO me, I mean, I imagine...that if you've gone through something like Neville has, having to face your collective worst fears at the most impressionable time in your life, it never leaves you. It becomes a part of you, like an extra heart, lung--he's going to think of it in situations that remind him of it because he can't ever not think about it in those situations, if that makes sense at all.


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Review #43, by FoundriaPenguin That Goes Horribly Awry

25th December 2011:

dang, ACROMANTULAS. i had no idea they would appear in this story! what a twist. i the acromantula going to actually lead them to the fruit or are they going to feast on them? i would totally not be surprised if this was just a lure, a trap. and a QUEEN acromantula? interesting, very interesting. i remember in canon Aragog was the basic head of the acromantulas, right? something like that. :)


so basically there's a tropical island in the forest...and they're going to find the quidropopot now. i can't believe it's already been 3 days! aren't the people at hogwarts concerned about any of their whereabouts? lol.

this is officially going on my favorites now. :P

Author's Response: ALL THE QUESTIONS lol. I think Aragog was the head of them because they all didn't eat people cause he asked him not to. I don't really know, though. I just kind of assumed and went with the queen idea ;)

Scorpius mostly has an earring because the model I use for him has one. But also because I could use it as a sign of ~teenage angst~ etc.

The people at Hogwarts are pretty oblivious and they also believe Flitwick when he says nothing's wrong even though that's probably not a very safe assumption for anyone to make as it's HOGWARTS and three people have gone missing...

I'm so grateful for your reviews! :D Thanks so much (h)

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Review #44, by FoundriaPenguin And a Little Bit of Conversation

25th December 2011:
AHHH HHH HHH HHH. i have to put spaces in between or else it won't show up on the review :P

but anyways, THE BROMANCE! I LOVE IT ALL SO MUCH. SO, SO MUCH. AND THE DROOL FINALLY CAME UP AHAHA. also, i'm glad that you finally developed a bit more about Scorpius's character. Before, he was kind of just there, tagging along, but now I finally know more about his background and stuff. It wasn't that well defined before, but maybe you did that on purpose? I dunno :P

the hinkypunk in the balloon thing as a lamp was so incredibly cool. and clever! plus, I could totally picture Hugo as part of the gypsy-centaur gang. partying with the centaurs...all day everyday. ;)

HUGO AND SCORPIUS ARE OFFICIALLY FRIENDS. gonna jump up and down with glee now.

♥ ♥ i lurve this, loly, and i lurve you, too.

Author's Response: Look at you outsmarting the archives :P BUT YES. The bromance continues.

It's funny, because I consider myself very much a feminist, that I like to write about how boys are constrained by society. Hm. I don't know if it's weird since feminism is only about whole and complete equality. But you'd think something in my would be like YOU'RE A WOMAN LILY LET YOUR WOMAN FLAG FLY AND WRITE ABOUT WOMENNN!!! But maybe because I'm so, so close to that, it's easier for me to write it through someone else, who happens to be male.

I have this thing about giving up information on a character. Despite what people told me, I knew there was a reason for withholding Scorpius's story; you have to be smart about these things, not just pander to an audience's curiosity. All this to say, there was a reason I waited to give Scorpius's history up. I waited until I found it appropriate with regards to the story as a whole, not just Scorp as a character. After all, this was very close to them mentally, he's not going to think of his whole history at random moments. So. THere you are :P

I am actually a bit sad that I didn't have Hugo tote along the Hinkypunk lamp :( It was the first real marker of his ingenuity! But I just totally forgot about it haha.

Ahhh thank you so much! I LOVE YOU JORDON (H) (H)

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Review #45, by FoundriaPenguin Of Action

25th December 2011:

HUGO IS SMART BUT HE FAILS ALL HIS CLASSES ON PURPOSE. WHY. :( I knew it -- well, I didn't know it, but figuring he is Hermione's son he's got to have loads of her brains and natural talent in him. :D But he is FINDING HIMSELF! COMING OF AGE, IN A SENSE! I love these types of stories.

SO MY PREMONITIONS WERE RIGHT? Neville sees some of himself in Hugo? Because he says "he wasn't sure he'd felt it for a very long time." That is so awesome. And then when Scorpius says, "What, you fail them on purpose?" about the classes...MY HEART WENT OUT TO THEM BOTH. BIG BROTHER SCORPIUS. AW. Plus, Flitwick is so laid-back, I love it.

I love it I cannot help but continue! ek :)


Author's Response: YES IT'S A COMMUNING OF THE BROS. They're like their own little stupid fraternity and their version of partying is running through the Forbidden Forest at night when all the creatures come out to sharpen their teeth on metal tree bark etc. Because there are metal trees in this Forest, yah.

Yeah. Basically any offspring is going to be capable of smartness. In a way Hugo is really mysterious and disjointed. Like, he shouldn't be smart enough to be able to know he's smart but he just doesn't try because he doesn't want to be his parent's kid only, though they're dear to him...and drool. But, hey, THIS IS A STORY and whatever, he is definitely coming of age :P

YEP YEP. You are basically a seer! Neville basically uses (for lack of a better word) Hugo's experience to come to terms with his childhood, too. Scorpius really rises to the challenge of a friendship with Hugo rather nicely, considering at first he kind of looked at him a bit condescendingly.

HEE THANK YOUUU (heart heart)

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Review #46, by FoundriaPenguin Plan

25th December 2011:
Honestly, not quite sure I ship it yet. As you've made it quite evident, Marjie is so far out of Hugo's league after all...but they're just so cute together. However, it seems more like a brother/sister relationship at this point, at least from Marjie's standpoint.

HUGATRON. hahahaa. i love it. and the suit! he is so incredibly endearing ajflkdjsl. i hardly know what to do. i am flailing my arms around in support for him. and SCORPIUS FINALLY MADE AN APPEARANCE. i was definitely waiting with bated breath for that ;) you made such smooth changes of POV there btw, from Hugo to Neville and back to Hugo, and then to Scorpius to Neville. that was very, very admirable indeed.

also, just wondering, but why does Hugo always drool? at 15, you'd think that he'd be over that by now hahah. I guess it just adds more to the appearance, though.

i have a feeling that Hugo's going to ask Neville to help him find the Quidropropots in the forest, yes? :D yayyy the adventure shall begin soon, then!

totally enjoying this right now ♥

Author's Response: D:

That is for how long it's taken me to respond ugh. ALAS REAL LIFE AND MY INABILITY TO FIGURE OUT METHODS OF ORDER OF RESPONDING ;A;

But now, I have to thank you again for leaving me AAALLL these reviews! I seriously loved them so much, they were one of my best Christmas presents this year :)

You're totally right about Marjie. She sees Hugo as more of a little brother or a very, er, I don't know, special friend. (I used to have little dress-wearing bears who would say "I'm your guardian angel, I'm your special friend!" whenever you squeezed them and I can't help but think about that when I say special friend heh.)

I think I was more fond of HUgo than I even realized writing this. I haven't read back on these chapters since I swept through and mass edited a while ago, but I can tell from reviews that he didn't get likable on accident hehhh.

I don't know why, now, I initially made the POV changes. I think it was because the story just needed them, and I listened, but thank you v. much :P

Hugo drools because this is a story that I sort of did whatever with. It's one of those things that was easy to write, was funny and weird and like EW STOP but also...I liked him for it. It was kind of for appearances but it's also a really severe not knowing what's going on with your body to not realize you're drooling. Fifteen is rather old but I say Hugo's stunted a couple years at this point anyway ;)

You're very perceptive haha. Anyway thanks for these reviews (h)

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Review #47, by FoundriaPenguin Prologue

25th December 2011:
So of course, I have heard a HUGE amount about this story, but...and this is embarrassing for me to say, but I have NEVER gotten around to reading it until now. *hides* But I couldn't have expected any less! It's fabulous already, and it's only the prologue.

I loved how Hugo was kind of like a second Neville in a least JKR often portrays Neville as the gormless type of boy, the one with the "gooberish" air about him, as you so nicely put it. also, YAY for grown-up Neville!! :D I ADORE NEVILLE. but LOL "can you use it as a quaffle?" oh dear, I already have a sense of foreboding here. xD

Your description is wonderful and jealousy is positively oozing from my pores at your way with words. ._. I can totally picture Hugo in my mind now because you've described him so well. :P

so onward i shall go!! i'm so glad this is a completed work so i don't have to hop around waiting for chapters now ^_^

♥ ♥


When you were leaving them at first I was like...HOLY CHEESE this girl is a fast reader! Then someone pointed out to me you'd probably stored these up over a period of time and I felt dumb but also so glad that you seemed to have enjoyed this little adventure of mine.

You know honestly I think this story gets a lot more spoken about than it deserves--it feels like I spent eight months doing keyboard smash and everyone has been like OOOHHH LOOK AT THE MASTERY OF THE COMBINATION OF VOWELS AND CONSONANTS~ and I have been over here like no, you don't understand, I have not done this for that purpose.

Of course I do appreciate all the attention and fangirling and promos and stuff. I guess I just don't really believe it, still :P

You've basically got this down pat--Neville was super awks in his childhood and now he's seeing this in another kid and even though he doesn't realize it he knows just how that feels.

Also, thank you, haha I had these really clear images of the characters in my head so in a way I felt like I was just keeping track of something I was witnessing. Which is sane-person behavior, obvs.

♥♥♥ much love, and so sorry again it's been forever since you left these reviews!


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Review #48, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Because Sometimes Life Is a Circle

4th December 2011:
This is the end! I know there's the epilogue but still it feels like the very end. I can't believe the transformation that Hugo has made. In the very beginning I wanted to hug him and have him as a pet but now he's...well...he's a sem-mature young man! He has grown up and I really enjoyed that about the story. It was a true coming of age piece filled with adventure and friendships. This was a wonderful read and I'm so glad I decided to read it. Thanks so much for filling these past two days of my life with adventure!

Author's Response: When I wrote this chapter, it actually /was/ the end. My dad was like WAIT UP NOPE THERE'S MORE RIGHT so there's an epilogue, but for me, the story could have ended here.

Hugo's only fifteen, so an experience like this isn't going to completely change him. In many ways he's the same, lovable, pet-like boy who we met at the opening of this story. He's decided some things about himself, but he's not quite grown up yet :)

thank YOU for reading and reviewing so faithfully! it made my day to see so many reviews and, to read them and see that they were good ones!

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Review #49, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap And Back Again

4th December 2011:
SERIOUSLY! I feel all fuzzy. Hugo made me laugh throughout this chapter. I can't believe he fainted. I adore their bromance. I really do. I was a bit sad that Hugo wouldn't be able to tell the true story about what happened (Scorpius almost dying) because years later I'm sure they'd be able to laugh about it, add some more comedy in the sense as they sit around the Burrow during the christmas holiday but maybe that's just me.


I really didn't expect that! Clever Rose!

Author's Response: Hugo's so earnest about his feelings that fainting on the spot only seemed appropriate :D

It will be hard for him, which is something I hope to explore in the sequel; but for now, i'm sure he is really content enough with himself to resist the urge to talk about it with everybody! after all, he does have neville and scorpius to talk to.

yes, Rose, always thinking! :)

thanks for the review!!

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Review #50, by dirtydeedsdonedirtcheap Below the Brine

4th December 2011:
What just happened! I can't even wrap my head around this. You have taken adventure to a whole NEW LEVEL! The ending! REALLY! This is a crap review but my mind has been BLOWN!

Author's Response: hahah i like this review as much as the others :) expresses what you're thinking/feeling just as well!

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