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Review #26, by Miss Hippydoggg Timebomb.

5th January 2010:
Hehehe, ahhh I loved this one-shot, too. I also wish this went longer :( (It was really REALLY long already but, uhh, hehe.) "I'm not that kind." Awesome, lol.
10/10 deserved.
-Sarah :)

Author's Response: Haha, I get what you mean. You wish it never ended. Don't worry though, I have two more Rose/Scorpius one-shots you can feast your eyes on. if you haven't already ;]

=] thanks for reviewing! and for the great rating, i don't deserve it!

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Review #27, by georgina_bass Timebomb.

30th December 2009:
*SQUEALS*AWW.TOTALLY ADORABLE...TOO ADORABLE,IN FACT...Rosie is aww...such a sweetie!her thoughts.killed it:D and scorpuie?!where shud i start?he is absolutly AWSOME, in whichever story he sirikins:*and yumm!AND I TOTALLY AGREE!there shud toally be a crayon called Scoropius...and then you could say "ive got Scorpius walls!" :Dok,.im in my crazy mood, and since EVERYONE is skiing and noone is here (atleast noone i can talk to)...weel.i just talk random and crazxy to anyone:)i apologize!:)weel...back to the story...oh,yeah

"You also make up excuses to get out of awkward situations, when really, they aren't awkward at all.You just make them awkward," Scorpius adds on.

THAT PART?!absoutly amazing!*squeals*:),the whole thing was funny:D rosie is totally my person:)awkward..oh, i could totaly empathise (thats how its called in english,right?!like...sympathise...but,you know...oh,watev:D) when she fell of the bed.TOTALY a thingt id do:D oh well.someone has to be clumsy:)

anywaaay..loved it:)im so,so,SO sorry you had to listen to my rambling...

oh,yeah...and i have a few Q's...
1)r they gonna hook up? (as in,right now?!on the moment u ended the stry?!)
2)r they gonna b 2gether?marry each othr?have kids?...etc.,etc,etc
3)CRY FOR U!siriusly...i tink u left it w a cliffie!who does THAT?!:'( dont u love us(crazy,rambling,addicted readers)?
4)not much of a Q,but i just remembered...i tink there r a few mistakes therer...not sure though.
5)did u have a merry christams?
6) do u get lots of reviews like this?

ok..ill go now...lay off the sugar:)

P.S.S (or is it P.P.S?! who cares...:D) u dnt siriusly tink ill lay off the sugar,do you?!
P.S.S.S /P.P.P.S y is it saying that tghis reviw contais links?!it oesnt,does it?
P./P. i just gottit!they count the w's in a link!how cute;)

Author's Response: Don't apologize for your rambling. I thoroughly enjoyed it :]

1. Yes!
2. It's just a one-shot, and I'm not continuing it, so no lol.
3. I love all my readers :]
4. haha.
5. Yep :D
6. Yes, every single one is unique.

Happy new year as well, you crazy fun reviewer, you ;D

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Review #28, by NorahGP7 Timebomb.

4th December 2009:
Cough*sequel*cough... sorry I had umm something in my throat.Yeah so Wow! I wish I could read more! Scorpius is not that kind... wow that makes him more sexy! Awesome one-shot!


Author's Response: hahahah he's always sexy to me ;D

thanks for reviewing!

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Review #29, by SimplyStupified77 Timebomb.

2nd December 2009:
aww that was great! I love Rose/Scorpius. They're so cute, and I can totally imagine them being like this. loved it! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thanks! I personally think it's not long enough and a tad too immature, but eh, I wanted to try something new :]
thx for the review!

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Review #30, by haley_baby_girl11 Timebomb.

2nd December 2009:
Oh my. I loved this story, great job :]

Author's Response: Awe, thank you so much!

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Review #31, by HarrietHopkirk Timebomb.

2nd December 2009:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love this one-shot!

Author's Response: hahah thanks, babe! =]

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Review #32, by Jen Timebomb.

2nd December 2009:
Loved it. brilliant story about teen emotions.

Author's Response: Haha, yeah, a tad too immature though :P but I wanted it to sound that way, you know? It's more entertaining. Thanks for the review!

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