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Review #26, by Jellyman Strange/Beautiful.

26th May 2009:
I was so unbelievably excited when I saw this! You have no idea :D First off, I absolutely adored this. It was marvelous and brilliant and fantastic and any number of lovely adjectives. Anyway, to the review (it may get a little long :|)

Loved your characterisation of Dominique! Even though she is only a secondary character to Victorie, she really is amazing. Descriptions like unstable and fickle with her emotions are really brilliant and I can really see her as one of those women who are just different, you know? You expressed that so well in this line: When she fell in love with Lysander, I think she finally realized how unimportant it was to be so different from everyone else, because once you are born you are automatically an original.

I loved Victoire's refection on life partners too, this line really stuck out for me: He's the accessory that is always in season at the fashion stores. The bracelet that you know you will never return to the jewelry store, because it's made especially for you.

Actually everything you wrote for Victoire's reflections on love just stuck for me. Everything you wrote was so unbelievable true and it just stunned me for a second; everything held such meaning and every line had a point you made really clear. You write with such authority, it really stuns the reader and leaves them thinking :)

Victoire's reaction to her 'mistake' also was brilliant - they way you had her compare her desire to that of a child wanting a 'shiny toy' really showed how she didn't really know what she wanted.

Her conversation with Rose was brilliant - it really had a double meaning behind it. I wanted to yell, Take your own advice, you silly bint!... But it seemed kind of pointless :)

And Fredericka? Honestly, that name is such a HP name...undoubtedly, erm, unique XD Kind of like 'Albus', haha.

Teddy was FANTASTIC! You really captured him in a different light in this one - so unsure of himself and it contrast with what we knew with Victoire, it was so frustrating to see him worry! And I loved how his reaction to Victoire walking away was so mixed in with the boring drabble coming from the Ministry officials. It really created a great effect :)

I loved the way you put 'strange' and 'beautiful' in bold, it gave a great effect - it really made me think about the aspects of those words in the story and made it all a bit contrast-y. And the way you flicked to Ted's POV half way was great - it gave insight into just how painfully pointless Victoire's worries were.

Oh, I laughed hard at James interaction with Scorpius. You write him really well; overprotective cousin, indeed XD And Hugo is so adorable! I love him.

And, finally, I loved, loved, loved the ending. The way you brought it back to your metaphor about love and life partners as a custom-made bracelet was a stunning final touch. Bravo, my dear, on a completely perfect one-shot :D And sorry if I got a bit repetitive in this, I just had to convey my great love for this one-shot XD Easy 10/10

Author's Response: I just pissed in excitement. Thought, not really. But you know how I am with exaggerations ;P

Wow, every single line you wrote in this wonderful review totally summed up what I was trying to get across! Nothing gets by you ^_^ The bold was, of course, for dramatic effect. It makes me happy that you caught on about the bracelet! You have no idea how happy this review has just made me. I tried really hard to make every line as perfect as I could make it. Oh goodness, James and Hugo XD I had to put that in there! No matter what I write...I NEED LAUGHTER SOMEHWERE. It's impossible. It's second nature to me. And I knew that people would appreciate Hugo's gentleman-ness and James's overprotective-ness.

Love you, Jellyman! Thanks for this review, and the rating!

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