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Review #26, by Me Encounters;

5th June 2011:
Yay! They're totally already falling for each other! That was a really cute moment. :D This story makes me happy.

Author's Response: I'm glad it makes you happy!

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Review #27, by Potterislove Alter-Egos;

21st May 2011:
EEEP! YOU PUT MEEP AND QUEEN OF HYPEBOLE IN HERE! gosh you have some sick-a.s.s. writing skills dude! i wouldve reacted the same way Nat did when she was confronted by Amos. and i, a horrible person, felt slightly bad for him until he said "and i havent kissed a girl in 2 weeks". i mean PUTA POR FAVOR! i hope you speak spanish. and Sirius and Nat are the ideal super cute couple. 10/10


Author's Response: LOL. I don't speak Spanish but I def. know what that means hahah. And yes, I agree. That boy is a horndog. Thanks for the review! I think Sirius and Nat are cute too ^_^

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Review #28, by Potterislove Encounters;

21st May 2011:
YAY!!! MEEP! 10/10 for the most realistic fake date in the world. seriously girl, you should write a real book. youd get so many hits and youd be rich! p.s.- i love you

meep and butterfly kisses


Author's Response: Hahah, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #29, by BlueFairy Confrontations;

17th May 2011:
awe sirius is adorable XD and i think that he's starting to fall for nat :O like for real and she doesnt even see it :O poor guy. overall i love this story and cant wait until you update next :D totally looking forward to reading it. oh and sirius and nat are so cute *giggles* great chapter, keep em coming :)

Author's Response: Haha, we'll see ;) We'll get more of an idea of what Sirius is up to in the next chapter. Keep a look out! I'm halfway done with the next chapter!

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Review #30, by Loony_Scorpy Confrontations;

10th May 2011:
Ahh so cute :D I love it. Lots and lots. I think I've said that for all of your stories I've read...but I think this one is my fave :) maybe...hehe I love Sirius, he is so flipping cute :) and macho all at the same time haha and he is so whipped lol I can't wait til nat realises that it's real,, or will be anyway :D yay! Haha but now I guess I'm getting ahead of myself :) oh and Remus and klara are so cute and oblivious haha although I feel a bit bad for Amos, just a bit...
but I'm curious for what comes next with everyone ;) anywayy I shall stop rambling my nonsense to you and just say that you are awesome and a fantastic writer :D byee :)

Author's Response: You are the cutest! Thank you for your review! I agree, there's definitely something there between Remus and Klara ;D but they are both such powerful people within themselves and they are both very strong.. and stubborn hahah. As for the Sirius/Nat situation.. you'll just have to wait and see ;)

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Review #31, by PineappleGoddess13 Confrontations;

10th May 2011:
awesome chapter...Looking forward for the next!

Author's Response: The next chapter is in the works! :) I honestly forgot about this fic haha.

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Review #32, by HP fly on the wall Introduction;

9th May 2011:
this is SUPER good :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you think so!

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Review #33, by madness Confrontations;

13th January 2011:
This whole story is hilarious, but brilliant. I love it all

Author's Response: Good! Expect at update next month! ;D

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Review #34, by fromBooks_toMusic Confrontations;

8th December 2010:
Gosh! I love this story!
Everything's so well described and phrased and expressed and...Oh well! I love your story! Hopefully there'll be another chapter soon.
Sirius is so cuteee! He wasn't even thinking of the plan as he invited her to the banquet. He likes her! A big hooray!
Great work!

Greetings! :)

Author's Response: Hahah, thank you :)

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Review #35, by shaketramp Confrontations;

26th November 2010:
Aw I love this chapter! Amos is pathetic, but I feel sort of bad for him since he hardly has any friends left. Sirius and Natalie are adorable.

Author's Response: Adorable happens to be everyone's favorite word when describing those two :P thanks for reviewing!

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Review #36, by Ladysphinx Interrogations;

22nd November 2010:
I had to first comment on the picture that you had in the beginning of the chapter, as soon as I saw it I burst out laughing. I think you are the first author who I've come across that actually uses an attractive person to represent Peter, amazing.

Now on to the chapter I really liked Natalie's interactions with her friends, and of course with Sirius, but the best part was with Amos banging on the window...I smell jealously.

Author's Response: Oh. Hahahah. Well, I mean...they're marauders people :P they need to be hot! And Amos is just a rotten scoundrel hahah. thx for reviewing!

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Review #37, by Julie the Ruler Confrontations;

22nd November 2010:
Love it! This story is just so original! But come on Natalie, he obviously really likes u! And like like how in this u actually make sirius a nice person and not just some school heart break. Anywho, sorry i havent reviewed b4, im kinda new.

Author's Response: Yeah, I always thought Sirius was a bit more intellectual than he was a heartbreaker anyways. And welcome newcomer:) thanks for reviewing!

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Review #38, by cozitsworthit Confrontations;

21st November 2010:
Aww man, Nat, don't be so oblivious... And Sirius. is just... wow! And thank you for actually making him what the books make him out to be - fiercely loyal and caring of the people he loves. Him and Nat are gonna make a great couple (*if* they are going to be a couple that is.;) Thank you so much for the update - every wait seems like forever in this story :). You do a fantastic job though, so please keep writing.


Author's Response: Thank you ^_^

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Review #39, by Ray Confrontations;

19th November 2010:
I love this! please continue because I don't know if I can handle this suspense. I am in love with this Sirius because you made him seems really in character. Some people just make Sirius a womanizing git without many endearing qualities, but this one seems so genuine and truly Gryffindor--he is loyal to his friends and girlfriends. You do an amazing job of writing his character and Natalie's character. Please continue to write because you are doing an amazing job

Author's Response: I am going to continue, don't worry ^_^ And your words mean so much to me, you have no idea! I really tried to make Sirius seem exactly that: loygal and genuine. I'm so glad you think so! That makes me all arm insite :D Thank you for this review. I'm going to update within the next month if time allows it!

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Review #40, by RUMBLERORE Confrontations;

18th November 2010:
aahhh! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! :) ill try to keep this review short since i have to catch up on a lot of other stories right now, but this was a very excellent chapter! i really cannot wait for the next one!!! ah yay! :) oh, and I LOVE SIRIUS! :D

Author's Response: I love Sirius too! ^_^ Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #41, by SimplyStupified77 Confrontations;

13th November 2010:
aww I loved the chappie! Sirius is BEYOND perfect

Author's Response: :) Sirius is such a hunk, isn't he?

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Review #42, by B Sirius Confrontations;

11th November 2010:
I absolutely positively cannot put into words how much I adore this story! You've written Sirius wonderfully and I'm always on edge waiting for more :) Chapter nine soon? Please? I think I'd love you forever!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like this story! Really, it makes me all giddy inside ^_^ hopefully I'll be quicker with my next update.

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Review #43, by Blue Biro Confrontations;

11th November 2010:
aw, they SO like eachother as more than just the plan!
loved it!
please update soon!
becky ;p

Author's Response: Someone's a bit presumptious ;P We'll see... muahahahah.

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Review #44, by naflower05 Confrontations;

11th November 2010:
great great chapters!!! they are really good, i cant wait for more!!! update again soon!! =]

Author's Response: Thank you ^_^ I'm gonna start working on the next chapter real soon, I'm really quite excited to show you guys what I have in store for the banquet!

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Review #45, by Emandem Confrontations;

11th November 2010:
Amos is such a slug he makes me want to fork my eyes out, too. Klara is the best. She is so confident and good with words she should be a politician. Yes, I could totally picture that. I'm so lad you updated! Though it would be cool if you update some of your other stories as well. Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hahaha forking your eyes is a emotion you are constantly going to feel because that is NOT the last you'll see Amos :P Klara is definitely wonder woman, I agree that she needs to be a politician! Just imagine a sex kitten in retro black glasses and a pinup hairdo and that's basically her hahah. The ultra-femme :)

Don't worry, my stories are all going to be updated this month! So stay tuned. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #46, by The Blunt Phoenix  Confrontations;

10th November 2010:
I love Sirius! This chapter was excellent! Can't wait for the banquet!

Author's Response: Really? I think this chapter was a load of poo. lol. I re-wrote it like 246243 times. Thanks for reading and reviewing though ^_^ I can't wait for you to read about the banquet either!

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Review #47, by MidwinterMasque Confrontations;

10th November 2010:
Argh!! He's falling for her, I know it!! *Use of superior skills of deduction*
Great chapter, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Hahah, those are a great set of skills you have there. Sirius will seduce her slowly :P

Thanks for the review!

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Review #48, by helenpotter94 Alter-Egos;

2nd November 2010:
aww poor sirius!
hes way too good for his family!
stupid pureblood mainiacs!
please write more!

Author's Response: I felt like you were yelling at me as I read this haha. An update is on its way ^_^

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Review #49, by brea10 Makeovers;

20th October 2010:
some1s been reading twilight! the waitress the ignoring sneaky ;) more more!

Author's Response: Hahah, I read it a while ago. But I thought it would be a good thing to include; it shows Sirius Black's character ^_^

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Review #50, by PineappleGoddess13 Alter-Egos;

3rd October 2010:
Loving your story you got going on here...keep it up...

Author's Response: Definitely :) Next chapter is in the works!

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