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Review #26, by polkadots_7 Itís not a Side Effect of the Drugs, Iím Thinking It Must be Love and Death

25th January 2007:
That was hilarious!! I love how you added in the death of Proffesor Binns(i think it was Binns). And then James fainting. lol. Great Chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks >.<

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Review #27, by nazozink Itís not a Side Effect of the Drugs, Iím Thinking It Must be Love and Death

20th January 2007:
OO Jamesey wamsey likesey wikesy (okay lets stop that shall we?) Lily. Gasp I never saw him likeing her! haha baby wipes for the .1% of germs!!!im so happy!! update soon!!! that will make me happy-er-er yea!!

Author's Response: lol, i'll try!!!

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Review #28, by Sirius_babe Itís not a Side Effect of the Drugs, Iím Thinking It Must be Love and Death

16th January 2007:
LOl, how cool... :) Lily is like really funny in this story... and the professor being dead... ;) great chapter! As always :)

Author's Response: hehe thanks, i love making Lily do incredibly weird stuff...

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Review #29, by allisyn_weasley Chapter 2: When Dealing with Deer, remember to kick Markís butt-hind.

11th January 2007:
wow this is an awesome story

Author's Response: thanks! :D

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Review #30, by Lovin_your_eyes Trick or Treat, Not that Your Opinion Matters

7th January 2007:
Long title dont chyeah think? haha oh i feel so bad for Teely right now you have no clue. James and Mark better watch out.

Author's Response: haha thanks

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Review #31, by Sirius_babe Trick or Treat, Not that Your Opinion Matters

26th December 2006:
wow, this story is SO funny, Teely and Sirius and James all have so great comments... oh and Lily of course =) love this story! update soon!

Author's Response: haha thanks :]

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Review #32, by nazozink Trick or Treat, Not that Your Opinion Matters

25th December 2006:
PUPPY I WANT ONE!! AND IT DOES MAKE SENSE. Sirius is befuzled.okay so yea great ch u say ur going to update soon so please do!! I cant wait bye

Author's Response: me either. lol. :] *hand you a spotted brown puppy* awwwwwjhresjthr

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Review #33, by CaRuNdErWaTeRR Trick or Treat, Not that Your Opinion Matters

24th December 2006:
whoo!!! first to review :D this is like my first time ever.
anyways...long chapter title. lol but loved it alll the same. James and Mark are PURE evil >.< they need a big helping of...uhh...gum :D

Author's Response: YAY you.

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Review #34, by Kaley Black (too lazy to log in) Setting the Scene for Disaster

16th December 2006:
hahah... James doesn't like gum! hahaha... but I have to agree with him on that one, chewed gum... ewww. and when Mark shot it in his hair I was laughing really hard. don't worry, I've learned from last time, and I have learned to control my breathing. lol...
Sirius has changed side?! and I thought Peter was the traitor here. well, Sirius is excused. why you might ask. because he was... ummm... young and stupid.. yay... that's the one... hahahha
Can't wait for the next chapter... will you post it before christmas? ^-^

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Review #35, by Lovin_your_eyes Setting the Scene for Disaster

16th December 2006:
no! sirius has gone to the dark side? or has he? please say he hasn't betrayed teely? they work so good together! update sooon!!!

Author's Response: dont' worry i'll update soon!!!!

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Review #36, by dracoslover1 Setting the Scene for Disaster

15th December 2006:
Please tell me this is when the Mauraders meet. Please, let there be a God of fan fiction and let this be when the Mauaders meet!

Author's Response: it certainly does seem that wayy...:D

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Review #37, by dracoslover1 This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

15th December 2006:


Author's Response: lol, thank you! :D

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Review #38, by CaRuNdErWaTeRR Setting the Scene for Disaster

14th December 2006:
What?!?!?!?!?! sirius? sirius? not...sirius? :D lmao, please don't let sirius actually be siding with James. update soon must know answers

Author's Response: answers coming soon, i promise and yess.....sirius. :]

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Review #39, by nazozink Setting the Scene for Disaster

13th December 2006:
O BETRAYER WORMS I SAY NO I SCREAM WORMS! WORMMS FOR THEM ALL and mark well he can just get kicked in the face by a deer gr! I think we could take um if telly helped grr I hate them. They're going to regret this arent they? was Mark flirting with telly? I cant tell if so .pervy Mark if not heehehe ignor last state ment Okay hurry up write more I have to know everything 10/10

Author's Response: haha mark was indeed flirting with ms. teely but of course she's oblivious to it :D

mark getting kicked in the face by a deer...lol interesting.!!!!!!!!!! :D i like it:]

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Review #40, by Sheri's friend again Setting the Scene for Disaster

13th December 2006:
love it!!

i want a _insertwhateveryouwanthere_ sounds exciting

: )

Author's Response: haha :D very exciting!!!!

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Review #41, by Wolfie Setting the Scene for Disaster

13th December 2006:
Spawn of Satan? you, girl, need to chill out about your teacher =P At least this long-term sub is leaving right? Oh and I get the feeling you stole the whole buttering toast is so fun from my essay I wrote for Mr. Murray last year =PPP Theif!! lol, it's still just as funny like always...so..yeah...=D

Author's Response: i will never chill out about that teacher because where she comes from it's hot!!! -insert laughter here because that was a joke-

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Review #42, by the_spladle_of_doom Setting the Scene for Disaster

12th December 2006:
uh-oh ._. I didn't see that coming. will black betray teely or go through with her plan on revenge? Is Mark simply sucking up to Potter so he can retaliate with a go-teely plan, or is her annihilation at hand? Will Pettigrew ever not be... erm... chubby...? O.o

these answers and more on the next episode...!

10/10 by the way. =D This has to be one of the most twisted, hilarious, out-of whack fic I've read here. notice, those words are not in alphabetical order. ;) heh... keep it up, I look forward to more! =D

Author's Response: :] haha i like the beginning of this, you should like the guy who announces movies...but with hp stories o.O lol

and you really should put those words in alphabetical 0rder. it's funn :D

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Review #43, by polkadots_7 Setting the Scene for Disaster

12th December 2006:
This chapter is hilarious!!! Lily is so funny with the whole germ thing. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: hehe, thank you! you deserve a cookie or something..

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Review #44, by Sirius_babe Setting the Scene for Disaster

12th December 2006:
it was a funny chapter; James is so cute! With his screaming. he is a little bit girly, I've always thought so ;) and the Lily Teely friendship is cute =) but the end there I didn't get. James and Peter and SIRIUS?!?! what happened to Sirius being on Teely's side? He helped her write all those notes in class, which brought James in detention in the first place. And it was funny with Mark wearing a seashell necklace... =0) update soon then =P it's a funny story!

Author's Response: haha, it's a mystery with sirius that evil laddie :D and i always thought james was...a little conceited :D

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Review #45, by Lovin_your_eyes This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

29th November 2006:
so basicallly here's the rundown:
ilovethisstory!! it's just so...funny. i don't know how you can think of all these ideas for revenge and still keep a "flow-ful" plotline. lol flowful. wth? anyway...update soon!

Author's Response: hahah, thanks.

will do :]

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Review #46, by Taryn-Sheri's-friend This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

28th November 2006:
i LOVE this its awesome

Sheri gave me the link - i love!

~Sheri's-friend-Taryn (from Halloween : P)

Author's Response: :Dawesome! thank you thank you *takes bow*

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Review #47, by Wolfie This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

27th November 2006:
*cough*cough* mild language?. you.are.still.crazy. yeah, I said it ^.^ boo and yah. You should become a writer, it's rather...interesting. see yas at school

Author's Response: me crazy? psfft. and you should become a comedian. me crazy..haha hilarious. xD

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Review #48, by polkadots_7 This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

27th November 2006:
Oooh, things are getting tense! Great chapter!

Author's Response: i know! lol, thanks!

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Review #49, by CaRuNdErWaTeRR This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

27th November 2006:
lmao seriously. i think i might just have to write down those yo momma jokes and use them at school. :D

Author's Response: lol nicee! thanks for reviewing!

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Review #50, by Miranda This ainít a Scene, Itís an Arms Race.

26th November 2006:
The stupid computer cut off my review. To summarize it for you, b/c it was SUPER long, this chapter kicked butt. I love how Sirius and James aren't best friends, Lily really does seem like a germ freak, how do you think of all those words for that note? And what is my reward? I'm really slow, so you should warn me before i get it. lol And...hmm what else.. Oh now i remember Is this story only first year? If it is, you NEED to write a sequal! Or else...or else...or else i'll throw potatos in a sock at you! 10/10!


Author's Response: or else you'll throw potatoes in a sock at me? you're using my story against me?! NO!!!! :] yepp it's first year...

i might consider a sequal but it wouldn't be like 2nd year, maybe 5th. i dunno...

as for the words and the note lets just say my english teacher is to blame, she likes giving us loads of vocabulary. *nods*

your reward is a....*looks around* ps3!! playstation 3...yepp

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