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Review #26, by lizzy All We Need Is Love

27th August 2007:
i've been coming back every so often to look for this story and then i clicked back today and found a little treat!

i'm so glad the story is back up, as i'm sure every one else is too!

i was bitting my lip at times trying not to get emotional, and it made me think what would i do? it would be awful if that ever happened to someone close to you, and you made all these emotions so real!

i'm just willing charlie to remember, but i known you wont be kind and grant that as there wouldn't be a story other wise! so i think if charlie does ever recover we will be in for a long wait!

oh no, please don't let anything happen betwen charlie and the healer! ... i kind of want to see something between bill and hermione, but only a small 'fling' and then i want hermione back with her charlie!

You did a lovely job on this chapter, hope to read more soon!

Author's Response: First of thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am so happy that you kept coming back to look and see if it was updated, I know I took a horrendously long time, and I am so sorry!

It was definitely an emotional chapter to write, and that was what I really wanted to the readers to feel, that sense of what would I do if I were here? I am so pleased that you found the emotions to feel real.

Charlie, poor Charlie! I know, part of me wants to make him remember, but I also really want to explore Hermione without him, and how this effects here, I daresay it shall be an emotional story.

As for Charlie and the Healer, no worries, what he feels for her is a special bond, she was the last person to see him as himself, so naturally he feels a connection to her, but nothing romantic, and same goes for her, she has her eyes on somebody else. As for Hermione and Bill, get ready for some fireworks, I do believe Bill will be a roadblock in the Charmione relationship, but a delicious one at that.

Thanks again for reading and reviewing!

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Review #27, by fruitsmis All We Need Is Love

26th August 2007:
Yay! You updated!
Now I want to read what you'll conjure up for Chapter 4. Keep up the great work, and keep on smiling!

fruity :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am so pleased that you are enjoying the story! I will do my best to conjure up something splendid for the next chapter! Thanks again!

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Review #28, by hgelman All We Need Is Love

26th August 2007:
I am so sad! First of all - Bill - this has just got to be torture for him. Then there's Hermione - it's interesting, I thought you might be taking the Bill/Hermione route but I guess not. Of course, she can't just toss everything she had with Charlie.
Great chapter! I was so happy to see an update! Keep on writing!

Author's Response: Awww! I am so sorry that this chapter made you sad! Yes, this chapter was very hard for Bill, and Hermione is in lots of pain right now. As for the Bill/Hermione aspect, I wouldn't discredit it quite yet, this sort of thing would most certainly take time to develope considering everything she had with Charlie. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I will do my best to update sooner than last time ;)

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Review #29, by hermyemma All We Need Is Love

25th August 2007:
OMG! Update son! Its goin really well

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Glad you enjoyed the chapter!

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Review #30, by essenni All We Need Is Love

24th August 2007:
This chapter was the biggest surprise of the day, it is a true miracle. I still can’t believe that I finally red it! Well, hurry up a bit with the next one, please. ;)
I can say that chapter was very emotionally strong. I don’t know how it’s possible to put so much emotion and pain into the story – you are a true master of that.

Author's Response: HAHA! I bet it was quite a shock to see an update, it really had been way too long since I updated! I do really feel quite horrible about that! I most certainly will make the next one come out much sooner, I promise! This was an emotional chapter, and I really wanted that, because this is such a heartbreaking situation. Thank you so much for your kind comments, I am glad that I can get the emotion and pain to come through. Thanks again!

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Review #31, by Pure Muggle All We Need Is Love

24th August 2007:
Eek!!! YAYAYAYAY for an update!!

OMG! And I'm so glad Hermione is her stubborn self!! Don't let anyone tell you to give up on Charlie!!! *cough* Yeah, I know... talking to a fictional character here... but... I mean it! LOL

And Bill!! *hugs him tight* How could he possibly think nobody wants him?? *points at self who's really Healer Mona in disguise* =D That made me sad that he thinks like that... must show him some TLC in the next thing to write LOL

Great to end the chapter like this - makes me want a LOT more... Loved this!! *huggleglomps* & *SMOGLES*

~Mona =D

Author's Response: MONNN! Yes! Finally after so long I updated! *hangs head in shame* I have been so horrible about this story, and it's quite sad because I truly do adore these characters!

Hermione is her stubborn self, and we should all be so thankful for that, especially Charlie. Don't worry I talk to the fictional characters quite frequently when I am writing and the refuse to do what I want.

Bill, he is in a tough place right now. He has lost his wife *bares her teeth at Fleur* and now he feels this connection with somebody else and she is already spoken for. HAHA! You are Healer Mona in disguise, but don't worry, Bill will have some adventures of his own ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review, and most certainly I will do my best to update soon!

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Review #32, by Jessi_Rose All We Need Is Love

24th August 2007:
*goes to grab hot chocolate to help soothe the tears* *sobs more*

You do realize that you're evil, right? I mean... Satan or not. Y ou're like... supremely evil. She finally has her Charlie back... and you take him away... and now you've gone and made her suffer! Do you like putting Hermione in these situations!? You're twisted!! =P . I guess it makes me really evil that I love it. LOL! *huggle glomp* Eeek!! I'm so glad you updated this story!! Strange enough, I was just thinking about it the other day when I was going through my favorites. Part of me wanted to poke you to death... I see now that it wasn't necessary. ^_^

You did such an amazing job displaying Hermione's emotions. It was written beautifully!! And, to top it all off, when she spoke, I could feel it. Truly amazing writing, Tiff!! Charlie. *sigh* God... it's SO heartbreaking, isn't it? I mean... he knows her somewhat... but not nearly as much as Hermione wants him to... and then there's Bill...who's lonely. *stomps foot* By the end of this I'm going to tell you to make a Hermione sandwich, aren't I? Can I request the type of cheese, though? =P

So.. this Healer Mona... You've brought her in for a reason... now what's that reason exactly, my dear? All I could think when I saw Mona was.. ZOMG!!! Bill found Mon!!! LMAO... but, I don't know if that was your intention, so I'm disregarding it. For now. =P

Holy Moly Macaroni!! You have to keep your roll going with this story!! I can't wait for an update!!! If I know you like I think I know you - you've got something dastardly and awe-inspiring planned. No pressure. *hugs*

Author's Response: Awww! *makes Jessi some nice wonderfully warm and chocolate filled hot chocolate*

I am most certainly NOT evil! I had to take Charlie away! She needed to be upset again, she needed to experience some things without Charlie. *bows head* Okay, I am slightly evil! As for being twisted *raises an eyebrow* I don't think the queen of twisted stories should talk! I am so happy I updated too! I felt horrible looking at it everyday and knowing it had been six months since I updated! No, poking me to death wasn't necessary, eventually I got it done :P

I am so happy that everyone really loved the emotions in this chapter, because that is something I try really hard to get right. I feel you have to understand where a character is coming from to really get them. Heartbreaking, I think that truly is the only word to describe their situation. Bill is very lonely, and confused, and trying to resist making a move, but one can only resist so much :P A Hermione sandwich? Sounds intriquing, and of course you can reqest the cheese ;)

Healer Mona, she does have a purpose, and I think Mon would kill me if Mona doesn't get a chance with Bill at some point, so we will have to wait and see how everything turns out. For right now though, she is another support system though, someone who truly understands Hermione's choice.

I know, I will do my best to update pronto, I just need to write another Her Secret chapter before they blork me to death, and then we will be back to the crazy Mona/Bill/Hermione/Charlie rectangle! Thanks again for reviewing!


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Review #33, by FantasticElastic All We Need Is Love

24th August 2007:
Awww I want to see what happens with charlie and hermione. Please update fast, please? 10

Author's Response: I will do my very best to update fast! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #34, by Cathryn Potter All We Need Is Love

24th August 2007:
=P amazing i am now firmly in the Hermione/Bill nesss want them to get it together xD

Author's Response: HAHA! Just a few short chapters and I have convinced you that Hermione and Bill would be scrumptious together! Wahey for me! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #35, by CareBehrsGem St. Mungo's Drama

20th August 2007:
Are you going to finish this? Or have you gotten bored with it? I enjoyed th first part and was looking forward to part II. Thanks.

Author's Response: I am going to finish this, I promise! Unfortunately my computer cord fried and my work was on that computer, once I get a new one though I will pump out a chapter ASAP thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #36, by FantasticElastic St. Mungo's Drama

19th August 2007:
ARGH!!! Please hurry up with the next chapter!!! This is good i'm strating to get really into it!

Author's Response: I am working on the next chapter right now! I am so glad you are liking the story! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #37, by nicklvr_2 St. Mungo's Drama

6th August 2007:

Author's Response: I am so sorry! I have the chapter started and I really hope to get it posted very soon, I just need to quickly finish it up and then it will be up very soon! I promise!

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Review #38, by esse St. Mungo's Drama

28th July 2007:
have you forgotten about this story???

Author's Response: I haven't forgotten about this story. I know it has been awhile since I updated and I really hope to update soon. In fact I will make it my goal to update this chapter before the end of July :D

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Review #39, by hprwhggw_hogwarts St. Mungo's Drama

25th July 2007:
whats going to happen. i cant wait to read the other chapters. i love this story.
plz email when the next chapter is up thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am hoping to get started on a new chapter here very soon, and will e-mail you when I do!

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Review #40, by World_is_my_Stage St. Mungo's Drama

24th July 2007:
Wonderful, as always!

Update soon!!1

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I will update soon! I promise!

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Review #41, by Mrs Granger Weasley St. Mungo's Drama

18th July 2007:
Ah, I love this story!! I hope you will update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I am so pleased you like the story! I will do my very very best to update soon!

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Review #42, by lizzy St. Mungo's Drama

17th July 2007:
no how can you do that to hermione?!?!?!?!?

Author's Response: *cackles* Apparently you haven't heard yet, I am evil that way! :D

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Review #43, by PrincessMalfoy101 St. Mungo's Drama

7th June 2007:
this is a great story and a great chapter. It sad he doesn't remember her? Will he in time or will she move on to some one like maybe bill??? Well i hope not. Update soon please

Author's Response: Thank you so much I am pleased you are enjoying this so far. It is sad that he doesn't remember her, and sometimes that is what is difficult about planning the next chapter. As for Hermione, you will just have to wait and see. Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #44, by hgelman St. Mungo's Drama

21st May 2007:
OMG! Please - Please update! I NEED to know what happens next!

Author's Response: I will update! I shall start working on a new chapter soon! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #45, by just another fan St. Mungo's Drama

19th May 2007:
please update this story it is so good i also read just one night and it was good too please i need to know what happens!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! I am so happy you like Just One Night, that story is my pride and joy. Thanks again, I will try to update soon!

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Review #46, by fruitsmis St. Mungo's Drama

13th May 2007:

Just wanted to say I love your stories... not sure whether or not I already commented, if so I'll do it again.

I find that all your stories just have a way with grabbing my attention and not only hang onto it - but place me on my seat.
Although, your stories are mainly romance and there isn't a lot of "evil", the way you grab my attention is admirable.
However, I find that sometimes your twists, and surprises, can be quite obvious - I'm still deeply interested that I really don't care, just wanting to find out what will happen next.

I love both "Lost and Found" (so far, can't wait till the next one...) & "Her Secret" (again, can't wait...)

So Keep up the GREAT work, and when you get the next chapters, of both stories, out I'll be one your faithful readers!

Keep on smiling!

Fruity :D

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for reviewing and for this lovely review. I am so touched that you love my stories, that makes me just so incredibly happy. I am so happy that they seem to catch your attention, I know that they are mostly romance and not a lot of "evil" but I just cannot seem to write that way.

I realize that sometimes the twists and turns are predictable, I never have been one for surprises, mostly because I cannot keep a freaking secret :P

I am just so pleased you love both of these stories, and I will continue to keep pumping out the chapters. Thank you again so much!

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Review #47, by spinning out of control St. Mungo's Drama

8th May 2007:
new chapter soon please!

Author's Response: *blushes* I will try to get it out soon!!! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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Review #48, by HermioneGronaldW St. Mungo's Drama

28th April 2007:
OMG love the story! I had read the other one a few weeks ago and thought it was amazing. Im not much of a Hermione/OC person, I mostly like Ron/Hermione. But this story changed my mind, just this one. You are a brillant writer and I really hope that Bill and Hermione don't get together cause Hermione and Charlie fit perfectly the way you explained it. Keep writing!

Author's Response: I am so happy you love this story, nothing makes me happier than people liking what I write. Just One Night is my baby, so I am pleased you enjoyed that as well. I understand what you mean, Ron/Hermione is wonderful, so it's hard to imagine her elsewhere, but Charlie/Hermione is my new love. As for Bill and Hermione, just remember that I love Charmione, so we'll see what happens :D Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #49, by _Martha_ St. Mungo's Drama

21st April 2007:
This story is so great!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!

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Review #50, by elvengirl St. Mungo's Drama

11th April 2007:
Okay, now the story is getting interesting... already!!!
I loved the first story and now that I am reading the sequel I want to continue reading it!

Author's Response: YAY! The story is getting interesting, I am so happy! I am also very happy you liked the first story, that is my pride and joy! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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