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Review #26, by lightning One last note

29th May 2007:
this had better not be the last chapter. If it is I'll just be.AH! Please say that this is not the last chapter!

Author's Response: It is srry but u know i might get insperation out of nowhere *aka my cookie jar* and write more.

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Review #27, by PirateForever One last note

29th May 2007:
oooH one can SMELL the chese.
Nazo is a cool character
sirius shud be more up himself (yh being up urself is a BAD thing but tht was wat sirius was like okay?)
james n lily need more fighting
professors need be more PROFESSORY
im well fussy
yh i suck
=] gr8 story tho, very good last 2 chappys
luv PiratesForever XXxx

Author's Response: Yea
sirius well this is how i wrote him in a few others i write him diffrent
yea they dooo need more fighting.
I didn't really want to go into professerness.
Yea for fussyness it keeps stories good.
ur rite we allll know it.
Yea my story was great!

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Review #28, by asian One last note

29th May 2007:
Aw that's so cute! Was Peter the Zink imposter?

Author's Response: naw, he was just the only one not accounted for that day....Okay I can't lie any longer! yes yes it was him. And he'd do it again too!!!

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Review #29, by asian Disenchanted sleep

29th May 2007:
Who conjured the fake Zink?

Author's Response: hmm oldy voldy perhaps then again.... it was me!

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Review #30, by asian Mallets and cabbage patch

29th May 2007:
Who's the girl? Is it Zink? I bet it is. Oh yeah the mallet part was a nice touch! LOL I laughed when I read that part.

Author's Response: yea again with me likeng to lie no it wasn't her!!!! I know I love my mallot.... *stares loveingly at mallot in corner*

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Review #31, by asian let the games begin

29th May 2007:
It was Sirius wasn't it?

Author's Response: ummm sense I'm a cronic lier sooo no...

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Review #32, by asian chapter five confussing day and a new face

29th May 2007:
Since when did her sister get there? And why haven't we heard about her before?

Author's Response: her sister got there in well a *Poof* you could say. You haven't heard of her casue well Zink doesn't really like to show her off much.

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Review #33, by asian Taking James Advice

29th May 2007:
Why is there gonna be a Halloween party in September? It's a little early isn't it? Or is it due to James' and Sirius' IQs like Zink thought.

By the way, what made you decide to name your main character Zink?

Author's Response: I love you.....okay not like that.... yes it's becasue they're combined Iq adds up to be -3 i decided to name her zink because I have brain damage. I made up the name in fourth grade. and well I still have that brain track soooo shhh!!!! I like that question though....

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Review #34, by asian Sirius first crush!

29th May 2007:
I think that both Sirius and James have brain damage. Seriously, what girls has James been getting if he thinks that staring at her helps. It seems very stalker-esque.

Author's Response: yea actually see James doesn't have lily sooo. yea.... maybe I shouldn't have hit him either.

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Review #35, by asian we have no brooms

29th May 2007:
Wow sounds like Sirius has brain damage or something. LOL

Author's Response: about that maybe a shouldn't have hit him sooo hard on the head.

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Review #36, by asian To make a short story long..

29th May 2007:
Interesting. I must read more.

Author's Response: yes you must you must!!!!

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Review #37, by the_zerbiac One last note

28th May 2007:
that was cute.
cliche', but cute all the same.

Author's Response: I warned of chessy-ness still. yea i want to huggle it....

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Review #38, by deadgirl11 To make a short story long..

28th May 2007:
i really like this story so far...i like that she's not falling for Sirius like most people and that she's kinda me lol. anyway great chapter.

Author's Response: Lol yea I have to say I love when the char. don't fall for the hero like that*snaps fingers* anywho yea anti-social......not really me but i have anti social friends. They rok. I think they don't consider me theri friend but more of an anoying girl who won't shut up.....

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Review #39, by Winni3 One last note

25th May 2007:
Aw, sad but cute! ^^

Author's Response: Thanx :)

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Review #40, by AshHa One last note

12th May 2007:
Actually, I like the ending. It's different than most, which makes it unique and very good. 10/10!! Brilliant story.

Author's Response: Thank you!!! I wasn't sure if I liked this ending I wrote like eight diffrent ones. I finally got a 10/10 out of you!!! I'm so proud...of myself...yea shutting up now...

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Review #41, by AshHa Disenchanted sleep

12th May 2007:
b-day for you then.
do not like cliffy

Author's Response: thank you it wasn't the best bday but.... THANKS FOR WISHING ME ONE maybe next year will be better

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Review #42, by AshHa Mallets and cabbage patch

12th May 2007:
WHAT HAPPENED? I really must know.

Author's Response: Then you Really must read. I really am happy with the reviewing each chappter thing:) Im have no entertainment and so right now I'm very happy:)

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Review #43, by AshHa let the games begin

12th May 2007:
I bet it's. . . . . .Um, Sirius?

Author's Response: hmmm DARN every one knows that!!!! Im not a very good keeping things secret-er? yea Jk totaly beats me at that

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Review #44, by AshHa chapter five confussing day and a new face

12th May 2007:
Come on! I need to know what's up with Zink!! 9/10

Author's Response: You'll find out young grass hopper

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Review #45, by AshHa Taking James Advice

12th May 2007:
I have a feeling that Zink shouldn't have agreed to go to the party. I think something will happen and she'll be very confused, angry, and happy. Anywho, Zink... I like it. 9/10

Author's Response: Yea something to that allusion happens..... Zink....I like it too

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Review #46, by AshHa Sirius first crush!

12th May 2007:
Ha, Sirius has the Marauders map, he has to know! AND, Lily loves the library so James has probably drug him off to it before. 9/10!
I didn't even notice any spelling mistakes! YAY!

Author's Response: WWOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT-ness no spelling mistakes!(the woot just counted didn't?) Yea. Im soo glad ur likeing it and reviewing ur raiseing my moral several bars

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Review #47, by AshHa we have no brooms

12th May 2007:
Interesting chapter. You still have a few spelling mistakes, but they aren't big. 9/10!!

Author's Response: Yea I'm gettign better at that :)

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Review #48, by AshHa To make a short story long..

12th May 2007:
Cool start! I like it so far. Now, you do have a few misspellings.
1- "... and maybe I'll spear you." spear is spelt spare.
2-In the disclaimer, emit is supposed to be admit.
3-"It seemed the red head had not released her..." released is spelt realized.
Anywho, great chappie! 9/10

Author's Response: thanks so much for the review I truely appreate it:) AND EXTRA kudos for the spelling hints! I plan to make them emended.

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Review #49, by the_real_diamond One last note

24th April 2007:
i tended a little fast but it was pretty good.

Author's Response: yea i was getting bored with it and i didn't want my writting to showit

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Review #50, by ShadowOfARaven One last note

20th April 2007:
I LOVED IT! You should've made it longer though.Still good!


Author's Response: i would've made it longer except....i got bored with it ain't it sad?

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