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Review #26, by sinwillys822 Chapter 12: Summer's End

1st April 2009:
Happy April Fool's Day!

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Review #27, by raveneye 49: The Man Who Lived

2nd March 2009:
This story made me feel so many emotions! Sadness for tura when harry found out her name, then for harry when...well most of the story that one. Confusion, fear, triumph. It was incredible. I enjoyed this much more than Deathly Hallows. Certaintly rather lucky of tura to die just before the two men in her life discovered each other. Must have saved some pretty long arguments. There are only two points i would criticise though. One is the rather blatant use of Lord of the rings references. I've read good crossovers, but i think that here it wasn't enough to be a crossover, and so too much for this story. There was Arthurian references too, but they fit in a lot more naturally. Although Morgan le Fay is rather a mouthful for a curse. Merlin/Mordred/Nimue slide off the tongue a lot more easily lol... The other thing is that there is a very large amount of muggle references. The one that really sticks in my mind is the one in which you say something about not pulling out the damping rods of a nuclear reactor. I find it hard to imagine any of the characters, except maybe a few muggleborns, actually knowing what a nuclear reactor was...But thats just my opinion. And I loved the way you slid in Heisenburg as a squib. That was excellent. I loved this story. Definatley one of my top three favourite stories/series on the site as of yet. Great work :-) I would love to see another novel-length story from you, not perhaps a sequel though, as this has such a nice ending. It would be nice if you could add a scene somewhere at the end to say what happened to ollivander and fortescue though. right. better stop writing this review so that you won't have to stay up all night reading it. Brilliant story, Absolutely loved it. 10 out of 5 stars :-) *

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Review #28, by .neemo... 49: The Man Who Lived

19th January 2009:
xcellent story, had me captivated from start 2 finish

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Review #29, by anony...... 49: The Man Who Lived

17th January 2009:
a story that kept me on th edge and pushed me down (in a good way) with tht well planed end.made me feel more exitd than DH and that hapenz only once in a blue moon.seriously try casual writing with your own characters and plot(not harry potterrelated) U HAV TALENT.good luck

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Review #30, by Afterthought_btw Chapter 3: Flights of Fancy

1st January 2009:
Just started reading, and you have me interested, which is a good thing for the starting chapters to do! ;) I quite liked Harry's complete lack of understanding of the cell phone. I had never before thought he wouldn't have knowledge of much of the gadgets of the Muggle World, but you could certainly make an argument for it.

A couple of things I picked up upon, if you're interested. First, and most basically, each chapter reads "Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Flights of Fancy". The chapter is in there twice - it's easy enough to do, and you might like to edit one of them out.

Second, the Horcruces were a well guarded secret, with no-one from the Order knowing about it. And yet everyone seems to, now - obviously you can't change it now, I accept that, but it kinda grated slightly. (I'm a canon-freak, I tend to pick up on these kinds of things)

Third, it seems a little odd that everyone drops what they were doing to offer to fight Voldemort just because Dumbledore died. It's as if they never rated him as a threat beforehand, and yet people all over Britain, if not elsewhere too, are so scared of him that they won't say his name.

Overall, though, I'm enjoying it!

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Review #31, by granpa harry 30: The Spirit of the Season

13th December 2008:
great line abut the key to his heart.

i am going to try that one out this christmas.

good story,or stories. you haave about three different books in here, so far

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Review #32, by granpa harry 23: From the Ashes

11th December 2008:
i had forgotten about the dusleys house.I almost fell ut of my chair.

The preaching was a bit silly.

terrific bringing in Victor

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Review #33, by granpa harry Santa's Little Helper

8th December 2008:
I have read the first 10 chapters.

not sure if you even want more reviews.

So far really good,

I think you have a lot going on though. Cannot wait to read again

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Review #34, by granpa harry Chapter 3: Flights of Fancy

4th December 2008:
well I got this far before lunch.

a question though cell phones and hitler

terrific story,

5 times longer than mine, how'd you do it?

really great

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Review #35, by LadyGoddess 49: The Man Who Lived

20th October 2008:
so who did Tura go for? who did Harry marry?

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Review #36, by Xtremenish 49: The Man Who Lived

18th October 2008:
no doubt your story was awsm. just the fact that who did tura finally end up with .snape or harry???

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Review #37, by Marvolo Riddle 31: It Tolls for Thee

13th June 2008:
Well...this is an unexpected turn of events on many fronts!

And here I thought that the big secret was that her "angel" was a former Potions Master!

In spite of a very well written chapter and a very informative one, I cannot support Harry's actions just before leaving. Sorry, but its just not done, even if he's in a state of shock it's indefensible.

Bad form, Harry James. Your parents would NOT be proud.

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Review #38, by Marvolo Riddle 22: Awakening

12th June 2008:
It is my normal procedure to review a story at its conclusion. Now, I have been enjoying this story very much. Its got a great plot and excellent characterizations. I am stumped, however, as to the...well..callous is the only word that seems to come to mind - the callous way in which you have Remus assigning a bodyguard to Harry.

Let's set aside for a moment the fact that Number Twelve had belonged to Harry and that, for the sake of Remus and Tonks, Harry had made a gift of the residence to Remus.

Let us also set aside the Prophecy and all that it entails; the fact that in the end HP (and no one else) has to kill or be killed by Tom Riddle.

Disregard the fact that Remus must know how Harry feels about having important matters in his life decided for him, as if he were merely an object - a tool, to be honed and used by others who no doubt "know what's best (and please try to see the irony of this point when taken in conjunction with the point just previously made).

This last point, however, cannot be disregarded as easily as the others. Harry is of age. He is, in the eyes of the Wizarding World, a fully matured, adult Wizard. It is presumptuous in the extreme for Remus to act in this manner. Suppose Harry were to choose NOT to take on this bodyguard. What would Remus do? Stun him? Tie him up and keep him from leaving Number Twelve? Decide not to be Harry's friend anymore (which seems highly unlikely, seeing as...well, no spoilers but lets just say that the task Harry took on paid high dividends indeed to Remus personally)?

This is really a tremendouns story. I don't want you to see my one review and think that I am nit-picking. I'm really not. I give the story high praise for creativity and I am enjoying reading it very much.

It would be nice though if the people around Harry started to realize that he can make decisions for himself, and that he is not under an obligation to obey any of them.

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Review #39, by forzabella Chapter 2: The Storm

10th June 2008:
Well I have to say, so far this is a pretty good story! I've already read DH a long time ago, but I just ran across this story, and I'm liking it so far...On to the next chapter!

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Review #40, by hp_writer 49: The Man Who Lived

2nd June 2008:
Very good story. I am guessing that Tura and Snape are the ones that had kids?

I like this alot. 9/10!

Author's Response: Yep. And named their son Harry, and his son Harry Jr. was in the epilogue.

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Review #41, by kkeepes5 26: The Pureblood's Tale, part I

1st June 2008:
IF you want to get the list picture on here you can use photobucket to make it smaller without messing it up

Author's Response: I tried once, actually--the thing is, it's written in the font Sirius uses in the books, and it gets very hard to read if you shrink it down.

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Review #42, by mere mortal 24: Ends And Beginnings

26th May 2008:
Great story so far, but I had to mention something that bothers me. You used this line "But unlike the Triwizard Challenge, Neville was unable to find a solution". Only in the movie was Neville responsible for this, it was really Dobby who helped Harry with the tournament in G.O.F. book. I'm still a little bitter about the fact he was cut from two movies in which he played very important roles, and Neville was given the glory instead. Other than that, great story, can't wait to find out what happens.

Author's Response: NUTS! I do that a lot--when I read, I envision the characters and settings in my head, so I tend to forget which "scene" was from the movie and which was from the book. I'll have to go through and adjust that.

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Review #43, by Red Dragon Thorn 49: The Man Who Lived

25th May 2008:
I'd love to get a copy of the book if they haven't been made yet. The story was absolutely fantastic

Author's Response: I'm still doing chapter art, so yes, it's still possible to order them. Glad you liked it!

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Review #44, by Buttonlady 49: The Man Who Lived

24th May 2008:
Very, very good. In fact, it was so good I didn't take the time to write reviews. sorry.

Author's Response: You can always go back and fix that...but anyway, glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #45, by Alex 49: The Man Who Lived

22nd May 2008:
Is there possibly going to be a sequal.

Author's Response: I really doubt it. If I'm going to put that much work into a book again, I'll write something I can actually publish.

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Review #46, by Alex 49: The Man Who Lived

22nd May 2008:
So please explain who ended up with who please because I can't seem to figure it out?

Author's Response: Let's see: Tura and Snape (son Harry, grandson Harry Jr.)
Ron and Luna (probably)
Herms and Viktor
Ginny and Elias (probably)
Harry and hordes of squeeing Quidditch fangirls

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Review #47, by DUMBELDAVE 49: The Man Who Lived

20th May 2008:
snifff sniff it cant be over :(


Author's Response: Hadda end somewhere, dude.

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Review #48, by Buttonlady Chapter 3: Flights of Fancy

20th May 2008:
Very good story. It is interesting to see another possibility as to what happened after Dumbledore died.

Author's Response: Thanks! I wasn't too fond of DH.

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Review #49, by Captain Charles 49: The Man Who Lived

20th May 2008:
THis story was fantastic Fawks7. I would have loved more details for what happened to everyone after the war but hey its always the writers discretion.

Author's Response: I think it's more fun to have hints, and imagine how things might have gone.

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Review #50, by crookshanks_kitten 49: The Man Who Lived

20th May 2008:
Great end, liked the idea of the chocolate frog cards.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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