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Review #26, by Dragonsheart Harry's Fight

30th April 2010:
This is one of the most well put together stories I have read in a while. You are quite the writer. Thank you very much.

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Review #27, by edjwha Harry's Fight

25th March 2010:
i loved this story, omg i think i cried a little

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Review #28, by tom_feltonbabezz90 Harry's Fight

9th January 2010:
I loved this story! And the science of it makes perfect sense to me! I do love a happy ended. :) Draco seems perfect in this story. And Carrina Naidia Malfoy is a perfect name, very beautiful. x

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Review #29, by Lady Angelique Harry's Fight

16th November 2009:
oh my gosh the end freaken confused me for a while
it was a really good stroy though
keep writing
send me a message if you write another dracohermione

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Review #30, by Lady Angelique I will not diet!

14th November 2009:
i love this chapter :)

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Review #31, by HarryPotterLover101 Harry's Fight

2nd November 2009:
One word. WOW! 10/10

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Review #32, by hannah Harry's Fight

9th August 2009:
i think this story was amazing! i read the entire thing straight through without stopping. the ending confused me a little bit, but your explanation made more sense. i thought it was great!!!

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Review #33, by Hermione_Draco_Together_Forever Harry's Fight

8th August 2009:
Hi!! Nice ending to the story, yeah I always like a happy ending, if it's sad, then I get depressed... so I'm glad you chose to end it this way... =)

I was annoyed with Hermione though, sure someone can be sacrificed, but I didn't think it was in her place to sacrifice someone's life for Harry (they should agree to being sacrificed, like how Lily died because of her choice), Hermione doesn't have the right to decide who lives and who dies... and it sort of disturbed me that she would be willing to sacrifice her 2 month old daughter even if it was for Harry... anyways, other than that, I thought it was well written... nice job!!! Write more stories soon, if you haven't already... =)


Author's Response: Well it is sad, but while sacrificing yourself for something is definitely noble, can you even imagine the absolute anguish someone would go through when sacrificing their kid? It doesn't even begin to compare. What Hermione did was 10 times harder than what Lily had to do.

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Review #34, by Breatheonme Harry's Fight

6th August 2009:
great story and i loved the twist.

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Review #35, by Breatheonme I will not diet!

5th August 2009:
awww i love the "your little dragon" it shows his sweet side.

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Review #36, by Breatheonme Meeting in the Dungeons.

5th August 2009:
great chapter, cant wait to read more.

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Review #37, by Breatheonme Granger is getting expelled! (maybe)

5th August 2009:
Great chapter again, cant wait to read more.

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Review #38, by Breatheonme DNA test

5th August 2009:
Loved the chapter, cant wait to read more.

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Review #39, by Breatheonme Time To Tell

5th August 2009:
Loved this chapter too. Great story so far.

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Review #40, by Breatheonme The Night it All Went to Heck

5th August 2009:
great chapter, Love the story so far.

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Review #41, by Isa_bell Harry's Fight

13th July 2009:
WOW! For a second I thought the baby had really died. Thank god! She didn't because I'm a person that loved happy endings. So, I'm happy you made it a happy ending. The only thing is that the ending seemed a bit rushed, but other than that I loved it.

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Review #42, by lizzziiiieee Harry's Fight

21st May 2009:
are u plannin on writing anymore to this? - really gud

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Review #43, by Katherine Mare Harry's Fight

6th May 2009:
Will there be a sequal?

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Review #44, by acciohogwartsletter I will not diet!

29th April 2009:
"Your Little Dragon."

Heehee.. :3 just so cute! I couldn't help but giggle.


Great story by the way, lost of drama, but good things things to balance it out.

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Review #45, by Fleur_Weasly  Harry's Fight

21st April 2009:
I LUV it! its a seriously good story :D

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Review #46, by GreenifyME Harry's Fight

14th March 2009:
the fact that carinna had polyjuice in her blood does kinda make sence seeing as when she was concieved hermione had drank polyjuice otion. :D i love this story very sweet and though out

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Review #47, by Katherine Marie Harry's Fight

14th January 2009:
I loved every second of this beloved story.Hopefully you are gonna make a sequal. I know that just by reading this story that if you deside to make a sequal it will be fantastic!

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Review #48, by kayla Harry's Fight

25th December 2008:
i really loved the twist at the end! i didnt reely get it though

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Review #49, by Princess Lea Harry's Fight

18th May 2008:
Okay, well I have one BIG problem with the idea of Carrina dieing to kill Voldomort.well lets see...if that were so, then Voldomort would have died if he had gone after Harry and he would have known that one so he wouldn'tve ever tried to kill harry wouldn't have that scar, and the whole begining of everything wouldn't be around...although, I do love how you made the polyjuice potion be her saving grace. Its good to have the whole reason for her being add to the effect of her live and death. I loved that. But the logic doesn't make sense with the story being what it is. Other than that the whole thing was amazing!

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Review #50, by James and sirius 4 eva Harry's Fight

5th April 2008:
Loved it absolutley loved it! ecspecially teh ending no matter how far fetched it was!

Great Job! 10/10

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