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Review #26, by harry_ginny_fan01 The Final Battle

12th July 2007:
So there is a prequel, but no sequel? Come on! I think you should do another story and watch defeat Voldemort!!

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Review #27, by wolftracks The Final Battle

12th June 2007:
this is awsome!! I'm usually not a supporter of Draco/Ginny but you did it really well
a big 2 thumbs up for you

Author's Response: EEE, thanks. =0)

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Review #28, by don't have a name The Final Battle

22nd May 2007:
Why does this story keep on reappearing as update when it is already done. Will you be starting a sequel soon??? Please do because the story is great.

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Review #29, by The Leonater The Final Battle

17th May 2007:
WOW! Amaxzing story (and chapter) I liked the part where Voldemort was werring an aprion. It was lmao funny! Great story please write a sequal. :)

Author's Response: There will be!! That's why it may seem a little cut off. There will also be a prequal!

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Review #30, by The Leonater Snape's Apology and Sirena White

17th May 2007:
HA HA HA lol. Halreaous. (srry probobly misspelled that)

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Review #31, by The Leonater The Rebirth of the Dueling Club

17th May 2007:
Sorry I havent stoped to reweiv I just kept reading. Anyway, great chapter! Good job!

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Review #32, by The Leonater Good Bye, Dursleys

17th May 2007:
Okay... Not bad but might want 2 include more jokes k?

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Review #33, by AliKt716 Weasley Quidditch

28th April 2007:
I absolutely love that last line!

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Review #34, by Anonymous Walking in a Winter Wonderland

27th April 2007:
I like the story but All the teams seem pretty good except Slytherin... I thought Season was a good player . Wouldn't she know to pay attention to the game? And it seems like Azura's made out to be all high and mighty. I wish we could at least see like a typical class with Season not just, "you're getting a new fish."

Author's Response: Slytherin is a good team, and just because they didn't have a victory doesn't mean they don't have the ability. Plus the story didn't have room for any victories; Ravenclaw needed the win (they tied here!) to show why they practised the way they did. Gryffindor (also a tie) needed the win for Harry's sake and they needed to lose against Hufflepuff in order for her to admit her feelings for Ethan. See. I have my reasons. ;0)
I didn't mean for Azura to sound all high and mighty; remember, she stuck up for our trio a couple of times and gets vulnerable around Oliver- he's her week spot.
And as far as Season's classes, she's obviously not a very good teacher since she's not a Seer, so the rest of the classes would have been like the first one: lots of guessing and making up. The only reason why I gave Azura more scenes is because Defense Against the Dark Arts has always been an important class for Harry.
Everything written here has been thought out.

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Review #35, by Ginger98 The Final Battle

25th April 2007:
Ok. So the final battle really wasn't the final one after all. Are you planning a sequel? Over all, a very good read. There were parts that felt a bit too rushed, maybe a little more description was needed to fill it out, but the dialogue was excellent. I have a feeling that my next cake-decorating class will bring me visions of Voldemort in my apron happily baking away!

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Review #36, by Ginger98 Halloween Magic

25th April 2007:
I normally only comment on completed works, & after I've read the full story, but as I'm going through this a few things have bugged me. You keep saying 'defiantely' instead of 'definitely'. There is a big difference in these 2 words. You also, in this chapter, use the phrase 'blow a casket', but the correct phrase is 'blow a gasket'. You have also not spelled Legilimency correctly, which I can't understand, unless you don't have a copy of any of the HP books, or know how to look it up real fast. One last thing, I've noticed people saying 'as-a-matter-of-factly' which looks ridiculous, but I believe if you're going to try to use this, you need to take off the 'as-a'.
Other than those little nit-pick things, I think the story is very good so far. I will... definitely... let you know what I think when I'm done!

Author's Response: Others have corrected me on the "defiantely" mistake, and, like I have mentioned to him/her, it's an automatic Word spellcheck mess up and I am currently re-reading the entire story to fix all the spelling errors. Thank you so much for correcting me on the word "gasket". My slang must be off. Yes, I do have copies of the HP books, otherwise I would not be a meber of this site. When you're writing in the wee hours of the morning, sometimes, things are over looked, and I thank you for your arrogant finger pointing at an obvious word, that, you are right, should be spelled correctly.
And as for "as-a-matter-of-factly", if you read other books, this phrase is used frequently.
I did state constructive critisism would be welcome, but not with attitute.
I will now continue to finish the corrections to better satisfy your reading experience.

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Review #37, by NoLifeKing The Final Battle

23rd April 2007:
loved it. was amazing. and the slang was funny, plus the way u put in sexual scenes was good. not to graphic, but still there. it was amauzing as well as passionate and captivating, if thats the right word. good job

Author's Response: LoL, thanks. =0)

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Review #38, by tigerlility Defense Against the Dark Arts

16th April 2007:
ummm... i love the story so far but you should know that griffindor is a lion not a griffin- just some constructive criticism

Author's Response: Thanks, someone else caught that and I keep forgetting to change it. ;0)

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Review #39, by Regina Noctis The Final Battle

15th April 2007:
Oh wow! This was good. Your plot twists, descriptive talents and wonderful sense of humor just flattens me. ^_^
So. . . will there be a sequel??
Please, stop by my page to check out my stories and let me know what you think--I'm asking everyone I admire on HPFF to do this! ^_^ RN

Author's Response: I have an interesting sense of humor anyway, so I love to have fun with my stories.

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Review #40, by Regina Noctis Good Bye, Dursleys

15th April 2007:
Aww, I liked that paragraph! :P RN

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Review #41, by AceShooter Snape's Apology and Sirena White

14th April 2007:
What the??? Dobby??? Thats just wrong! Shame! Shame I say! haha

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Review #42, by AceShooter First Day Exhaustion and Lord Betty Crocker

14th April 2007:
Voldemort and Shortcake? Brillian! LOL!!!

Author's Response: Ha! I thought so. =0)

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Review #43, by SD Blum The Final Battle

2nd March 2007:
I love it! is there going to be a sequel?

Author's Response: Yes, and a prequel!

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Review #44, by Stealth Wizard The Workshop

20th February 2007:
Your story is shaping quite nicely, but maybe you could pace it just a little bit faster.

Please - the word is 'definitely' not 'defiantly' - and it's 'of course' - not 'of coarse'!

Author's Response: my spell check on word wouldn't let me use "course", but thanks...don't know why it didn't catch the other mistake...

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Review #45, by BlackFaerie The Final Battle

10th February 2007:
dang. cant you at least kill voldie while youre at it?

Author's Response: And give Harry an easy 7th year? That would have been too easy....;0)

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Review #46, by BlackFaerie Defense Against the Dark Arts

10th February 2007:
Good, but Gryffindors mascot is actually a lion, not a Gryffin.

Author's Response: Yeah, I feel kinda stupid that I didn't know that...and now that you mention it, I remember Luna's hat...

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Review #47, by BlackFaerie Halloween Party, New Professors and Aunt Minerva

10th February 2007:
Well, that ws a bit spooky. I was listening to the Phantom of the Opera soundtrack when I read that. How odd. Lol. You forgot to mention that she falls in love with someone else, and he kidnaps them, then lets them go and runs away. Lol.

Ah well, on with the story.

Author's Response: LoL, ooops. Honestly, I've never actually seen the show, so I just put in what I remembered. =0)

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Review #48, by pandalover32 The Final Battle

10th February 2007:
well that was fun. i kinda loved it. i would go into further detail about how wonderful it is, but it's midnight so gnite and keep on writing! ;D

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Review #49, by me Good Bye, Dursleys

1st February 2007:
I like the story but it doesn't read well in some places. A once over by you might be able to fix that. There are several places where the sentences have to be figured out by the reader. For example, in the 28th paragraph after the split you say, "He said it in a whisper loud enough to where the Dursley's could hear..." While the meaning of the sentence is clear, it interferes with the pacing of the story by requiring the reader to go back and read it twice.

Like the story so far, have read a couple of chapters and am picking it up again where I left off.

Author's Response: OOOPS. Thanks for checking that for me.
I've read this thing umpteen times over and sometimes the sentences all run together and I don't catch mistakes.

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Review #50, by Bonza87 The Final Battle

31st January 2007:
I'm impressed :D

i love the characters you created to play alognside the original HP characters, the twins have such a vibrancy to their character and ethan is a good laugh for his egotistical nature.

brilliant job my friend.

Author's Response: Aw, now I'm blushing

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